Ukraine Import Data of Swing Clamp | Ukraine Import Statistics of Swing Clamp

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of swing clamp collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of swing clamp imports.

Swing Clamp Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Swing Clamp

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177323990000"1. Production of ferrous metals for cookin ting and warming food pobutovohovykor ystannya (grill): Dual grill with grill clip from derev'yanoyuruchkoyu, art. BQ-002 -480sht, rozm.56 (+3) * 31 * 24 * 5,5sm, double grill grilled zzatyskachem with wooden handle, art. -1008sht BQ-010, swing. 64 * 40 * 30cm; Podviynareshitka grilled with clamp with wooden handle, art. BQ-013 -1656sht, rozm.50 * 34 * 22cm, double grill with grill clamp with wooden handle, art.BQ-014-432sht, swing. 56 * 27 * 24 cm. Prospect nickname Yiwu Jubang Import & ExportCo. , Ltd.Torhivelna mark Zexiang.Krayina production of CN.. "CHINA0UA1001201968.86063.903923 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/201773181691901. Component parts, products and materials used in facade systems and internal structures of public and residential buildings mark SCHUCO. Fittings and Fasteners construction of base metals. art.276150, electric roller lock with mushroom head (right), the number -104 units, art.276742, Electro locking clip ESR5, right, the amount of -4 units, art.276711, drive swing-out windows inner opening A10 I DK 250 , left, the number of -2 units, art.276743, Electro locking clip magnet ESR6, left, the number of -2 units, art.209756, corresponding bracket 235 mm, quantity -1 units, art.227846, protective socket profile cylinder, RAL 9005, the number -1 pack, art.239603, roller loop, the number -5 units, art.239612, Kit tightening elements, the number -1 pack, art.239615, anchor nut KA-51, ilkist -1 pack, art.239616, anchor nut KA-55, the number -1 pack, art.216434, angle connector -1 pack number, art.236208, corner connectors, the number yn -1, art. 216834, LETTER corner, the number -1 pack, art.217875, face cap, the number yn -2, art.218529, fasteners, the number -1 pack, art.228049, REHULOV. Plate number -8 pack, art.238698, adapters dowels 13 mm, the number of -2 pack, art.268609, additional support plate, the number yn -2, art.268642, Standard glass support, the number of -2 pack, art.240543 , corresponding lock plate, the left, the number of -1 units, art.268613, under standard substrate glass, max 250 kg, the number -1 pack, art.268034, suspension clamp, the number -7 pack, art.276181, locking plate, the number of -11 pack, art.276215, scissors sliding parallel structures TipTronic (100 kg), the number -25 units, art.276221, adjusting unit nozhnychnoyi 276,222 pairs (parallel opening windows), the number -9 pack, art .276222, scissors sliding parallel structures TipTronic (200 kg), the number -41 pack, art.288377, angular connector frame outer bowl 3h28 mm, the number -25 pack, art.288382, angular profile connector for internal doors bowls number -5 pack, art.288391, Corner connector for frame, the inner bowl, the amount -5 pack, art.288417, Corner connector for frame profile inside the bowl, the amount -5 pack, art.247083, fixing Socket A EV1, the number of -1 units, art.242773, Extra lock number -2 pack, art.236157, Angle connector number -10 pack, art.233955, Key components for fixing framework aluminum pack number -30, art.229333, PRYTYAZHNA DOOR HANDLE, the number -15 units, art.247002, window handle 9005 S, the number of -7 units, art.247010, Knobs 9005 SA, the number yn -3, art .247083, fixing sockets EV1 A, number -7 units, art.275647, folding scissors, the number -4 pack, art.277001, basic fitting kit V130 DK 300, left, the number of -1 units, art.277003, basic fitting kit DK 400 V130, left, number -20 units, art.277004, basic fitting kit DK 400 V130, law number -25 units, art.277034, Chamber reducer 23 mm, right, number -6 units, art.277036, Chamber reducer 23 mm, right, the number -4 pack, AR t.2770GERMANY0UA1001102.0629.90399119
10/Apr/20178205700000"1. hand tools, clamps.-baby vice, fixed base Sigma / non-rotating vices for small works Sigma25mm-60sq.40mm-280sq.50mm-280sq.60mm-340sq.70mm-460sq.-bench vice, swivel base sigma / vise Swing for small works Sigma80mm-20p.100mm-38p.1.150mm-22pcs.200mm-42pcs. -lock grip plier Sigma / clip Sigma175mm-528pcs. Manufacturer: "JCBL INDIA PVT LTD." Trademark: "Sigma" " . Production system: IN. "INDIA0UA8071702351.555878.88001
03/Apr/201773259990001. Steel products, not of metal, alloy tube bending machine tool to: -prytyskni devices (slats) art.152-76, swing. D-76mm-2sht.-clamp device (plate) art.BPD 88.9, swing. D-88.9mm-1sht.Pryznacheni exclusively for installation to the machine tube bending 100 NC2, model-TB100T-T1 ser.№9915017Ekspluatuyutsya in potentially explosive seredovyschi.Bez figurative marks. Manufacturer: CML INTERNATIONAL SPAKrayina production: ITTorhovelna mark: ERCOLINA.ITALY0UA504170151063.458707
03/Apr/20178448490000"1.Chastyny ​​to kruhlotkatskyh machines HDN- 4, LSFS-4, LSL-6 (EIT tsyfichni details): commercial copier (CAM ROLLER (BRG.6001)), ar t. N4060004 - 1100sht; lever (SWINGINGLE VER (10 MM PIN)), art. N4060016 -200sht; pulley (BELT pULLEY), art.N4060012- 800sht; axis (SHAFT), art. N4060020 -400sht; yn arable lever (JOCKEYLEVER), art. N406002 2 - 30sht, the shuttle assembly (COMPLETE SHUTT LE BODY) - 16sht, the lower curve (BRAKE ARM), art. N4090110 - 60sht, arc shuttle (top tion) (SHUTTLEBRACKET), art. N4090108- 50 pieces a cover (cOVER), art. N4091508 -60sht; shpulderzhatel front (BOBBIN hOLDER (BRG.6000)), art. N4091502 - 200sht, sheaves holder back (BOBBIN hOLDER (BRG.600 0)), art. N4091512 -200sht; axle (aXLE), art. N4091507 - 50sht; axis (back) (AXLE (FIXED END)), art.N4091513 -40sh t; Conch yidnyy roller (CHONCHOID ROLLER), Art. N40 90,406 - 200sht; rolykchovnyka (SHUTTLE WH EEL (BRG.6001), art. N4090408 - 300sht; t ulka (SPACER), art.N4090418 - 50sht, Olt eccentric (EXCENTER BOLT) -element circle lotkatskohostanka designed fo I regulated wording of movie clip to the frame, art. N4090415 -200sht; Gal MA holder spring (SPRING STRETCHER), art. N4090911 - 20 0sht, bearing socket (BEARING OUSING), and Hg. N40231005 - 300sht; upper pulley (DEFLECTING PULLEY), art. N40245006 - 300sht; Copier (eccentric) (EXCENTER), art.N402 411001 - 16sht; funnel TRUMPET), art.N41 80120 - 10pc; ompensator (COMPENSATOR WI RE), art. N4110008 - 20000sht; MDP holder zhyny ompensatora (SPRING HOLDER), art. N 4110014 - 20000sht; konhoyidnyy Olyka (CHONC HOID ROLLER (BRG.609)), art. FS4090308 - 300sht; stopping lever JOCKEY LEVER), art .FS4060016- 60sht; alyy harness pulley (D EFLECTING PULLEY SMALL), art. FS4070624- 300sht; bandage (BANDAGE (BRG.609)), art. FS4080111 - 200sht; guide (FOLLOW ER GUIDE), art. L202412027 - 100 pieces; G K for thread (THREAD EYE), art.L202412016-2000sht; lever (LEVER), art. L202412019- 200sht; clamp (CLAMP ELEMENT), art. LE NO2241410 - 100 pieces; cholnyka body (SHUTTLE BODY), art. LSL6992218 -12sht; pol deviating pulley (DEFLECTING PULLEY), art.LSL6 071606 - 200sht; This holder inserting piles (INSERTION FINGER HOLDER), art.LSL69 92601- 400sht; Trademark: N manufacturer: M / S MOHINDRA SALER, AMRITSAKrayina production: IN. "INDIA0UA8070701585.38617581.01744
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Swing Clamp Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Swing Clamp Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТД"" Діамант Експрес"""
Importer Address
04070 м. Київ, вул.Набережно-Хрещатицька 25
Product Description
"1. Production of ferrous metals for cookin ting a.........
HS Code 7323990000Value 6063.903923
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 1968.8
Origin Country CHINA

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