Ukraine Import Data of Surface Grinding | Ukraine Import Statistics of Surface Grinding

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of surface grinding collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of surface grinding imports.

Surface Grinding Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Surface Grinding

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201782077031001. Tools variables hand tools for milling for processing of precious and nonferrous metals, with working part of metal, milling hvostoviyuvelirni in the range, not containing precious metals and kaminnya.Vidriznyayutsya interconnected shapes, types, size of labor, grinding angles and the number of edges cutting surface diameter rods (shaft) .Vykorystovuyetsya in electric hand drill jewelry. Assignment for processing (milling and shaping) the purpose levyh seating surfaces mistskruhlyh jewelry inserts. Working part and shaft (shaft) making zstali. .SWITZERLAND0UA2091008.51597.36049 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20174411149000"1. fibreboards (MDF), medium density 0,78h / cm3, dry process, not subjected to machining (except grinding) surface is smooth without embossing plate surface impregnated with chemicals, face parts need further treatment, subject to unilateral facing decorative and protective material rectangular dimensions mm - color white diamond (8681) -25141: 2800h2070h22-80sht .; 463,68m2; 10,200m3. - color white diamond (8681) -25141: 2800h2070h16-90sht .; 521,64m2; 8,347m3. - color white diamond (8681) -25141: 2800h2070h19-50sht .; 289,80m2, 5,506m3., Total: 1 220sht .; 275,12m2; 24,053m3.Vykorystovuyetsya manufacturing mebliv.Markuvannya: "" Kronospan "" -. "POLAND24053UA400020192707984.115237
27/Apr/201740169997901. Products humy.Art.058590 Circles grinding rubber. To remove residual adhesive and film on metal surfaces in the set - 2 pcs. / Marking: SHTERSR-2PCS - number - 1 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand Brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production TW.TAIWAN0UA1000100.3129.400547808
27/Apr/20178467119000"1.Instrumenty pneumatic rotary hand (for grinding various types of surfaces): pnevmoshlifmashyna complete with attachments, stores Model DG-2236 - 400 units. Trademark -" "FORTE" ". Producer -" "TAIZHOU LUXI TOOLS CO., LTD "", China. Country of origin - China (CN).. "CHINA0UA5000103421780.000027
27/Apr/201784602910001. Grinding of precision positioning on any axis not less than 0.01 mm for grinding cylindrical surfaces, grinding machine for cylindrical surfaces without CNC, model 3/6, a used 1962 r.v serial .. number 16606 - the amount of 1pc. Designed for grinding cylindrical end dyskoyh dust from drill taps shvydkorizaltnoyi steel. Technical data: spindle speed of 3000 rev / min, engine power 1,5kVt, positioning accuracy 0.02mm max. grinding length 375mm. The import for their own needs. General civil use. Scope vykorystannv - steel promyslovist.Vyrobnyk: FRANZ WINTERFELDT BERLIN TEMPELHOF GMBKrayina production: DE.Torhovelna mark: FRANZ WINTERFELDT.GERMANY1UA1101904111000.00015
26/Apr/201768053000901.Strichka grinding rolls, non-woven (non-woven) basis for cleaning the surface machining of parts coated with glue artificial abrasive (corundum), to provide its own production. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA30520037.52101.963169
26/Apr/20179031908500"1. The probe check for cracks KDA-39 H-1993- 3pc. 3.5mm depth control, article 6777, serial number A00Z1B, AOOZ1D, A00Z1Z. It is an ultrasound probe with 6 pin connector with a width of 3.5mm working, the appliance Elotest IS / Box for nondestructive testing of metal detaley- cracks in commercials that were grinding machining. Contained in a plastic case, a probe mounted cable to transfer control results ray tube. Designed for the detection of defects of the parts used within the device Elotest IS / Box to identify cracks on the surface and inside the rollers after the grinding operation. In the probe uses ultrasound reflected from the property boundary between two media. The measure is a distribution of fluctuations from the radiation source to the interface and back to the receiver. Technical indicators: original obmotka- W1, W2; chastota- 700kHts, the depth of 4mm monitored; intensyvnist- 5.0 MHz 15/24; zhyvlennya- AC, 220V, 50Hz; potuzhnist- 30VA; dovzhyna- 16,4sm; diametr- 10cm. Probes were to use novi- year 2017. The cargo will be used for their own production needs (in the manufacture of bearing products). Manufacturer: Gollub Werkstoffprufung GmbH & Co.KG. KG, DE. Trade marka- Gollub. Packed in a cardboard box. "GERMANY0UA2050900.458395.393528
26/Apr/20176804221200"1. Grinding wheels, type zv'yazky- vulkanitova 508h400h305 HK8 / EK1-2-SCHICHT 40 m / s 200MM UND 180MM = HK8 80H 015 + 20MM = EK1 400 M9 REES-2sht.artykul 700491 / 01material- Normal electrocorundum (cleanliness 97-98%) (99.5% purity) tverdist- m "" is an average size zerna- average grain, very fine grain, struktura- opened and closed. Grinding wheels abrasive wheels are intended for the treatment of cylindrical surfaces shlifuvalnoyi metal parts (blanks spots) .Shlifuvalnyy range consists of two zones, which vary in size and are made of the same mat Lou excellent purity: - the first zone HK8 80H-015 width 280mm- EK1 second zone 400 m, width 20mm.Osnovnyy component, synthetic rubber wheels. For curing agent used sulfur mass fraction of 30% of the total weight, vulcanization accelerators (kaptaks, tyuram), mineral fillers and orhnanichni (zinc oxide, magnesium oxide) that regulate the physical-mechanical and operational inherent spine abrasive tools and molding properties of the masses. These chemical and mineral components provide tools hardness, elasticity, samozatochuvanist, kromokstiykist.Shlifuvalni kruhy- new. First issue is 2017. Manufacturer: Atlantic GmbH, DE. Trademark: Atlantic. Packaged in a tree "" yanyy box. "GERMANY0UA2050901812062.654946
26/Apr/201784651010001. machines for machining wood without tool change between treatments, with the lifting and movement details manually between operations: - Calibrating-polishing machine Kombi 650, 3 pcs. b /, 2016 RV Working width 620 mm Working thickness 3-125 mm, sanding belt size 650h1900, feed speed 5,5-11 m. / min., engine power 0.75 kVt.Pryznachenyy for calibration (alignment billet size in thickness) and grinding (obtaining the required surface roughness) planes blanks. The appliance is intended for personal vyrobnytstva.Vyrobnyk Melkuc.TURKEY3UA500310318033431.16651
25/Apr/201784314100001. Abrasive natural rubber on a basis of paper for leveling and clearing of metal surface for dry grinding: 558011 40 Grinding tape, 10X330mm, KK711 - 2000 pcs. .CHINA0UA100070157602.9689098
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Surface Grinding Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Surface Grinding Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""РУНДІСТ"""
Importer Address
81300, Україна, Львівська обл, м. Мостиська, вул. Полуботка,5
Exporter Name """NIQUA Sagen-und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH"""
Product Description
1. Tools variables hand tools for milling for proc.........
HS Code 8207703100Value 1597.36049
Quantity 0Unit UA209100
Net Weight 8.5
Origin Country SWITZERLAND

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