Ukraine Import Data of Superflex | Ukraine Import Statistics of Superflex

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Superflex Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Superflex

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/20177210122000"1.Nevohnetryvki mixes for building: -weber.floor HB PLUS 25 kg (Cerinol HBK) -13650kh-546 25 kg bags, ready to use dry solution is mixed with water in the form of powder, consisting of: from Portland (89 9%) and solid filler alumina (2.5%). used to seal the surface layer of fresh monolithic pidlohy. weber.tec-824 (Superflex D1) -1680kh-84 bag 20 kh.Sklad: cement 20% quartz sand (silicon dioxide) -60% additives, polymer and 20% for insulation .Vykorystovuyetsya internal surfaces in wet areas and baseynah.-weber.xerm KM Flex 25-kg bag 1050kh-42 25 g is an improved hydraulic impurities easy to use, flexible material with the addition of synthetic substances. The composition of materials: silicon dioxide (quartz sand) 50-60% gray cement - 15-30% synthetic substances (additives) -5-10% .Pryznachenyy for solution, based on sand, cement and polymer glue for universal implementation tiling work. -weber ZK557 F22 Natur al - 1050kh- 42 bags of 25 kg-colored solution grouting brick structures. Ingredients: filler or sand-lime 80-90%, -10% binders, pigment impurities 0,25% .- weber.rep 750 450 5 kg-bags kh- 90 5 kh- one-component, modifikovane resistant coating of polymers osnovi.Sklad cement: gray cement 25 +/- 10%, +/- 10 sand 60% impurities (polymeric resin, mineral filler) 5-10% .Vykorystovuyetsya to protect steel reinforcement corrosion in reinforced concrete konstruktsiyah.-weber. rep 751 25-kg bag 1050kh- 42 to 25 kg, no concrete mixed with water as a powder material based on cement. Ingredients: silicon dioxide (quartz sand) - 30-50%; Gray cement - 30-50%; Regulating impurities - 5.10%; ash (waste) - 2-5% .Pryznachenyy connecting layer to perform on the elements of building structures exposed to high-navantazhen. weber.rep 754 25-kg bag 1050kh- 42 to 25 kg, one-component, polymer solution modifikovanyy cement based synthetic fillers (improve workability, adding water resistance and shrinkage compensating additives mixture). The composition of materials: silicon dioxide (quartz sand)> 50%; Gray cement - 10-25%. To repair concrete, concrete surfacing outside and inside prymischen.Torhovelna WEBER brand. Whirlpool-to: "" Saint-Gobain Construction Products Polska Sp.zoo "". Country of PL. "GERMANY0UA1001101856318207.10181 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
12/Apr/20173922900000"1.Vyroby sanitary purpose plastic: Shower Lake Optima Lake Bide art.622001-300sht.Dushova art.622003-10sht.Dushova Kobra art.622005-120sht.Dushova Lake Lake Lake Fresh Sweet art.622007-10sht.Dushova art.622008-200sht.Dushova art.622013-160sht.Dushova Snow Lake Lake Lake art.622030-20sht.Dushova Aqua Venus art.622031-10sht.Dushova Lake Comet-Top art.622032-10sht.Dushova Lake Delta art.622045 Rain art.622122-50sht.Dushova -300sht.Dushova Lake Lake Lake River art.622144-5sht.Dushova Slim art.622B39-40sht.Dushova Accord art.621001-10sht.Dushova stable stable stable Practic art.621009-110sht.Dushova Varianta art.621010-10sht.Trymach shower Rondo art.623002-100sht.Tryma Shower Fix art.623003-160sht.Trymach Shower Duplex-Metal art.623004-60sht.Trymach Shower Grand art.623005-375sht.Dushova system Accord-Aqua-Superflex (WT) art.624025-30sht.Dushova system Varianta -Delta-Con \ Imp (SS) art.624101-36sht.Dushova column column art.624125-10sht.Dushova River Stream art.624127-25sht.Nabir Delta + Con / Imp + Grand art.625018-10sht.Aerator 22x1 art .636702-100sht.Aerator 24x1 art.636705-200sht.Aerator UNI art.636714-50sht.Aerator F22 Neoperl SLC art.636717-10sht.Aerator M24x1 Neoperl SLC art.636718-10sht.Aerator M20x1 art.636735-10sht.Aerator M24x1 Neoperl Spay SLC (with key) art.636747-10sht.Torhovelna mark RUBINETA. Producer UAB "" RUBINETA "". Country of LT. "LITHUANIA0UA100110348.177436.599943
12/Apr/20173917330090"1.Shlanhy of flexible plastic fittings, shower hose 150 cm silver Con / Con (360 °) art.600034-68sht.Dushovyy PVC hose 150 cm Superflex Con / Imp PVC (WT) art.600044-50sht.Torhovelna mark RUBINETA . Producer UAB "" RUBINETA "". Country of LT.. "LITHUANIA0UA10011028.79678.1399494
12/Apr/20174009220000"1.Shlanhy of vulcanized rubber combined with metal fittings, shower hose 150cm Con / Imp (SS) art.600014-150sht.Dushovyy hose Con / M15 150cm (PS) art.600019-10sht.Dushovyy 175 cm hose Con / Imp ( SS) art.600025-250sht.Dushovyy 200 cm hose Con / Imp (SS) 150 cm art.600026-100sht.Dushovyy hose Rus / Con (SS) 150 art.600027-50sht.Dushovyy hose Con / Imp (360 °) (SS) art.600032-200sht.Dushovyy hose Superflex Con / Imp PVC (BK) art.600045-30sht.Shlanh flexible water 20 cm FF (NP) art.610020-100sht.Shlanh 30cm flexible water FF (NP) art. 40cm flexible water 610030-100sht.Shlanh FF (NP) art.610040-100sht.Shlanh flexible water 50 cm FF (NP) art.610050-300sht.Shlan d 60cm flexible water FF (NP) art.610060-100sht.Shlanh 80cm flexible water FF (NP) art.610080-50sht.Shlanh water Flexible 100cm FF (NP) art.610100-50sht.Shlanh water 20cm flexible FM (NP) art.611020-30sht.Shlanh water 30cm flexible FM (NP) art.611030-100sht.Shlanh water 40cm flexible FM (NP) art.611040-100sht.Shlanh water 80cm flexible FM (NP) art.611080-50sht.Shlanh water flexible 100cm FM (NP) art.611100-50sht.Shlanh connection 40cm (pair) connection art.617040-100sht.Shlanh 45cm (pair) connection art.617045-100sht.Shlanh 60 cm (pair) art.617060-150sht.Shlanh connection 70cm (pair) art.617070-50 sht.Shlanh connection 80cm (pair) connection art.617080-100sht.Shlanh 40cm (Kor. choke) connecting art.618040-50sht.Shlanh 50cm (Kor. fitting) art.618050-50sht.Shlanh connection 60cm (Kor. fitting) art.618060-100sht.Shlanh connection 80cm (Kor. fitting) art.618080-100sht. 90cm hose connection (Kor. fitting) art.618090-10sht.Shlanh connect 120cm (Kor. fitting) connection art.618120-10sht.Shlanh 40 cm (lengths. fitting) connection art.619040-50sht.Shlanh 50 cm (lengths. choke) connecting art.619050-50sht.Shlanh 60 cm (lengths. fitting) connection art.619060-50sht.Shlanh 70 cm (lengths. fitting) connection art.619070-20sht.Shlanh 80 cm (lengths. fitting) art.619080 -100sht.Shlanh connection 120 cm (lengths. fitting) ap t.619120-10sht.Torhovelna mark RUBINETA. Producer UAB "" RUBINETA "". Country of LT. "LITHUANIA0UA100110436.215255.89983
10/Apr/201785442000101.Telekommunikatsiyne equipment used in networks of civil cellular antennas for connection to the base station, consisting of a coaxial cable connecting parts and equipped with an installation kit: UMTS feeder Unit for RRU, art.QWMP000JMP03 - 330komp consist zDBS Antenna Feeder Installation Auxiliary Kit Per Sector, Cold Area - 330sht, RF Cable, 3m, DIN50SM-II, COAX50-8.7 / 3.55, DIN50SM-II, 1/2 Inch Superflexible Jumper - 546sht, RF Cable, 4m, DIN50SM-II , COAX50-8.7 / 3.55, DIN50SM-II, 1/2 Inch Superflexible Jumper - 54sht, RF Cable, 6m, DIN50SM-II, COAX50-8.7 / 3.55, DIN50SM-II, 1/2 Inch Superflexible Jumper - 52sht, RF Cable , 3m, DIN50SM-II, COAX50-8.7 / 3.55, DIN50SM-II, 1/2 Inch Superflexible Jumper - 8sht.Krayina pro tstva CN. Trademark Huawei. Manufacturer Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. .CHINA0UA100080796.57658.66606
04/Apr/20173917390090"1.Shlanhy flexible plastic, reinforced, not under pressure to sadovoyitehniky: - Hose Flex? 19mm (3/4" ") 50m Gar (18055-20.000.00) art. 9672454-01 - 8sht.- hose Highflex ? 19mm (3/4 "") 50m Gar (18085-20.000.00) art. 9672499-01 - 11sht.- Hose Flex? 19mm (3/4 "") 25m Gar (18053-20.000.00) art. 9672453 01 - 23sht.- hose Highflex? 19mm (3/4 "") 25m Gar (18083-20.000.00) art. 9672498-01 - 7sht.- hose SuperFlex? 13mm (1/2 "") 50m Gar (18099 -20.000.00) art. 9672509-01 -11sht.Torhovelna mark - GardenaVyrobnyk - Fitt SPA. "ITALY0UA125040468.612004.989965
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Superflex Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Superflex Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name ТОВ 'Арда Метал Пекеджинг Україна'
Importer Address
01133,м.Київ,б-р Л.Українки,34
Exporter Name Ardagh Metal Packaging Germany GmbH.
Product Description
"1.Nevohnetryvki mixes for building: -weber.floor .........
HS Code 7210122000Value 18207.10181
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 18563
Origin Country GERMANY

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