Ukraine Import Data of Structure Sheets | Ukraine Import Statistics of Structure Sheets

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of structure sheets collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of structure sheets imports.

Structure Sheets Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Structure Sheets

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177005293590"1 colorless glass sheet marks M1, 4mm thickness, size 2250h1605 -794.48kv.m / 220sht, size 3210h2250 -2426.76kv.m / 336sht, colorless glass sheet mark M4, 4mm thickness, size 2250h1605 -794.48kv.m / 220sht ; size 3210h2250 -808.92kv.m / 112sht; total: 4824,64kv.m / 888sht, GOST 111-2014, glass - thermally polished, in sheets, unreinforced, absorbent, reflecting or nevidbyvalnyy layers are missing, not colored in the mass, hlushenym, invoices, polished, intended for Glazing svitoprozoryh building structures; ".BELARUS482464UA1100804643214377.70995 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201773089059001. Metal structures made of steel: Sheets of metal are modular mayutZ-shaped castle for hidden com ing, these types of connections are considered lystivmetalocherepytsi fastening devices specially designed dlyaskladannya metal roofing construction elements covered kam'yanoyukroshkoyu: 84201111 Gerard roofing sheets Classic Textured Charcoal -450sht.80101125 roofing sheets Gerard Diamant Textured Chestnut -1050sht. 80101485Pokrivelnyy letter Gerard Diamant Tile Tex 350 Dark Silve -1400sht. 82101121Pokrivelnyy letter Gerard Milano Textured Chestnut -700sht. 82101161 Pokrivelnyylyst Gerard Milano Textured Redwood -1400sht. 82101201 roofing sheets GerardMilano Texured Rosso -350sht. 83801727 roofing sheets Gerard Shingle TexturedRavine -178sht.Torhovelna Mark: GERARD ROOFSKrayina production: HUVyrobnyk: AHI ROOFING Kft.HUNGARY0UA1000501637126813.31546
27/Apr/201773089059001.REKLAMNA products (exhibition samples) Metal structures made of steel, modular metal sheets which have a Z-shaped lock for pryhovanohoz'yednan tion, these types of sheet metal compounds vvazhayutsyakripylnymy devices specifically designed for assembly metalevyhkonstruktyvnyh roofing elements covered stone ' Jana Kroshko: 81602981zrazky metal Sierra mini Tile TEX (export Set Europe) -10sht. 82102981zrazky metal Sierra milano Tile TEX (export Set) -10sht.Torhovelna Mark: GERARD ROOFSKrayina production: HUVyrobnyk: AHI ROOFING Kft.HUNGARY0UA10005069.839829258
26/Apr/20173916901090Profiled sheets of polycarbonate, MO nolitni with povtoryuyuchymsya constant cross-section, where the length is greater than the width ynu 76 * 16 * 1060.Vyhotovleni extruded by a porous operatsiyu.Ne is not laminated, without lining, reinforced, with technological nesamokleyki.Ne otv Hur, fastening elements tazamkiv.Vykor ystovuyutsya construction. LONGLIFE CSX POLYCARB CLEAR PAT GRECA76 * 16 * 1060 art. PX1855LS08 / P4 / NAS-1526,4m2. LONGLIFE CSX POLYCARB BRONZE PAT GRECA 76 * 16 * 1060 art.PX1855LA08 / P4 / NAS -492,9m2.Torhovelna mark: Marlon CSXKrayina production: GBVyrobnyk: Brett Martin LTD profiled sheets zpolikarbonatu cellular structure produced by extreme ziyi, we pryamokutnoyifor without figure, hopelessly snennya, cellular polycarbonate sheet LONGLIFE FOUR WALL POLYCARB CLEAR 8MM * 2100MM art.P084S15L2100 -123,9m2. LON GLIFE FOUR WALL POLYCARB BLUE8MM * 2100MM art.P084GL15L2100 -495,6m2.Torhovelna mark: Marlon STKrayina production: GBVyrobnyk: Brett Martin LTD.UNITED KINGDOM0UA100010284413807.32651
26/Apr/20174814200000"1.Shpalery nastinni and similar coatings. Photo wallpaper set of 40 sheets, 29.98 M2 structure covering lytsovohosharu" "Lights". ""ITALY0UA11018020886.2987721
26/Apr/20177005103000"1. Glass is thermally polished, sheet transparent, non-reinforced, colorless, non-toned, with a reflective layer, with a low-emission soft coating. Emicon cristal Gomel in the sheets of the groove -4.0 mm, the size 3210x2250mm-585.03 m2- 81 pc. GOST 111-2001 Applies to the architectural structures of the TV.This non-military purpose.Signs and signs are not available.Producer: "Gomelsteklo" "Country of production: BYTagazine brand:" Gomelsteklo "."BELARUS58503UA80718056312006.650162
24/Apr/20178536419090"1.Shpalery nastinni and similar coatings. Photo wallpaper set of 40 sheets, 29.98 M2 structure covering lytsovohosharu" "Lights". ""CHINA0UA1000200.35343.88320257
21/Apr/201744089085001. Lines for lining, planed, not polished, not having end connections for hardwood species. Sheets of veneer are not more than 1 mm. From wood-nylon rocks. Single-layered shingles, planed from wood-like ash rock. A smooth structure, without color change, humidity 12 +/- 2%, width of a veneer from 110 mm, a width of 100 mm is allowed. Not more than 3% and width 80 mm., Thickness 0,55-0,6 mm, length from 2,80 m. Up to 3.30 m.Packing number DUDA170307 -4900,97m2 Packing numberDUDA170305 -4943,31m2 Packing number DUDA170306 -5094,33m2 Packing number DUDA170308-5122,57m2 Total: 20061,18m2Manufacturer: CZ.Producer: Danzer Bohemia Dyharna sro.CZECH REPUBLIC1053UA100110637522078.97085
20/Apr/20176806100000"1. The insulating plates of mineral wool: - Front 12 - 9,600 m3 - 64 packs density of 135 kg / m3 +/- 20% size / mm / 50 +/- 1 mm x 1,000 mm +/- 1 mm x 600 mm +/- 1mm. - 64 packs. - Front 12 - 21.600 m3 - 144 packs density of 135 kg / m3 +/- 20% size / mm / 50 +/- 1 mm x 1,000 mm +/- 1 mm x 600 mm +/- 1mm. -144 pachky.Vmist organic matter is: 4.0% + / - 0.1%, chemical composition: Si02 (silica) - 46,88%, Al2O3 (aluminum oxide (alumina) - 14.73 % alkali metal oxides: Na2O - 2,41%, K20 - 0,63%, boron oxide B2O3 vidsutniy.Vykorystovuyutsya as insulation of building structures. brand "" Homelstroymateryalы "" country of production - BY. Trademark - BE TEP.Substrat mineral wool in the form of rectangular sheets (plates): -BELAHRO 90 - 18.848 m3. - 76 packs density of 90 kg / m3 +/- 20% size / mm /: 100 +/- 1mm x 1mm x 1000mm +/- 600mm +/- 1mm. - 76 packs. -BELAHRO 80 - 19.840 m3. - 80 packs density of 80 kg / m3 +/- 20% size / mm /: 100 +/- 1mm x 1030mm x 600mm +/- 1mm + / -1mm. - 80 pachok.Vmist organic substances sk Lada: 2.4% + / - 0.1% Chemical composition: Si02 (silica) - 46,88%, Al2O3 (aluminum oxide (alumina) - 14.73% oxides of alkali metals: Na2O - 2,41%, K20 - 0,63%, boron oxide B2O3 vidsutniy.Pryznachenyy for growing vegetables for maloob "" integral technology in shops with greenhouses / g organizations and. Trademark - BELAGRO. "BELARUS0UA10215075102340.859673
20/Apr/20177602009000"1.Bruht aluminum - aluminum 15000kh.Bruht with an average content of Al in the party 70-99.8%, other domishky.Bruht of unalloyed aluminum profiles, pipes, sheets, films, etc., electrical products, wire, bare live cables and cords, tires switchgear, transformers, rectifiers, deformed aluminum alloys in sheets, spare, profilivtovary consumer, cookware, sporting invertar furniture, elements of building structures, roofing, cladding of buildings, window frames, walls, escalators, aluminum lit. cha (motor scrap) Pistons dismantled without resistance, without bearings, shafts, steel rings and other foreign vkraplen.Bruht purchased by the population explosion zakupivli.Yavlyayutsya acts chemically and radiatsionnobezpechnymy may be allowed for processing and use as a metal charge ( further processing) .Vyrobnyk not vidomyy.Krayina GE Bulk production. "GEORGIA0UA1120801500015899.99986
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Structure Sheets Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Structure Sheets Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
50045 м.Кривий Ріг вул.Окружна 4, Україна
Exporter Name "ОАО ""ГОМЕЛЬСТЕКЛО"""
Product Description
"1 colorless glass sheet marks M1, 4mm thickness, .........
HS Code 7005293590Value 14377.70995
Quantity 482464Unit UA110080
Net Weight 46432
Origin Country BELARUS

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