Ukraine Import Data of Strip | Ukraine Import Statistics of Strip

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of strip collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of strip imports.

Strip Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Strip

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20177016907000"1.Plytka glass to wall is a glass strip with fonovymmalyunkom.-UNIWERSALNA LISTWA SZKLANA PARADYZ NERO 2,3X60 G1 -12sht.-UNIWERSALNA LISTWA SZKLANA PARADYZ BROW N 2,3X59,5 G1 -4sht.Torhovelna mark : "" CERAMIKA PARADYZ "" Country of origin: PLVyrobnyk: "" CERAMIKA PARADYZ "" Sp. z oo. "POLAND0UA1001104.1259.12171692 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201785051100001. Constant magnets, metal, magnetic strip holder for knives. .CHINA0UA50003021.342.81008651
30/Apr/20176908909100"1.PLYTKA WITH stoneware, glazed with coating on the front surface, no signs characteristic for ceramic tiles such as" "SHPALTPLATTEN". "For walls and floors, ceramic tile Whitehall 15H40 15H40 TILE -KERAMICHNA WHITE BLACK Whitehall -KERAMICHNA 15H40 TILE TILE Coventry lace -KERAMICHNA MOZAYCHNAYA 29,8H29,8 Temari PINK matt ceramic tiles 20x20 White -KERAMICHNA Surrey Surrey -KERAMICHNA 20x20 TILE TILE Darlington 25H40 25H40 beige -KERAMICHNA TILE TILE Darlington stripes -KERAMICHNA 25H40 Darlington ornament -KERAMICHNA TILE 20x30 T GR WHITE TILE -KERAMICHNA TRADITION beige 20x30 20x30 TILE -KERAMICHNA traditions cells 15H60 TIK -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE GRAY GRANITE boards -KERAMICHNYY Malabar beige 60x60 LAPPATOVANYY. "RUSSIA1399656UA40815019466.845912.529533
30/Apr/201762171000001.Dodatkovi clothing accessories: -nashyvka decorative art. CL1029927MTC, model: 1029927, material production, 100% polyester, size: STND - 6 pieces. Total: 6 sht.-stripe decorative art. CL1029928MTC, model: 1029928, material production, 100% polyester, size: STND - 7 pcs. Total: 7 sht.Torhovelna mark COLIN'SVyrobnyk ERK PAZARLAMA VE GIYIM SAN.TIC.AS.TURKEY0UA1251800.4923.40135585
30/Apr/20177604299000"1.Profili aluminum alloys (AlMgSi) for windows and doors, are not elements of building envelopes, sealing strip HST SYNEGO, aluminum, art.13983071001, count-6m .; Producer:" "REHAU" ". Country of origin : AT.Torhivelna mark: "" REHAU "".. "AUSTRIA0UA1001101.029.438157521
29/Apr/20172710194300"1.VAZHKYY distillates, gas oil. Fuel for diesel, Class C - 272.388 TYS.L .; INDICATORS UNDER quality certificate: Mass fraction of sulfur IS 0.00078% Flash point 57.0 ° C, marginal filtration temperature - minus 13 ° C; density at 15 ° C TMPERATURI IS 835.6 kg / m3; fractional composition: volume of distillate at a temperature of 250 ° C is 43% vol .; VOLUME distillate at 350 ° C is 93 % vol .; 95% stripping at a temperature of 360 Celsius degrees MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS FOR TECHNICAL REGULATIONS TO gasoline, diesel, ship AND OTELNYH fuel.. "LITHUANIA0UA903020227607114049.32
29/Apr/20173921131090"1.Polimerni materials, plastic strip made of polyurethanes, porous, flexible, without drawing, stamping and polishing, sealing tape 10/1, art.12413511001, count-1104m .; Producer:" "REHAU" ". Country of origin : DE.Torhivelna mark: "" REHAU "".. "GERMANY0UA10011012.034221.4259988
29/Apr/20176908909100"1.PLYTKA WITH stoneware, glazed with coating on the front surface, no signs characteristic for ceramic tiles such as" "SHPALTPLATTEN". "For walls and glazed PIDLOHYPLYTKA CERAMIC 1 Quality: -KERAMICHNA TILE 30H60 Maharaja beige - Ceramic tiles 30H60 Maharaja brown; -KERAMICHNA TILE 30H89,5 Major White boards; -KERAMICHNA WHITE TILE Whitehall 15H40, 15H40 -KERAMICHNA TILE Coventry lace; -KERAMICHNA TILE 15H40 BIRMINGHAM beige, -KERAMICHNA TILE 20x20 KARNABI Street ornament GRAY, -KERAMICHNA TILE Lazio 40,2H40,2 black; -KERAMICHNA tiles Darlington beige 25H40, 25H40 -KERAMICHNA TILE strip Darlington, Darlington -KERAMICHNA 25H40 PANEL TILE, TILE 20x30 -KERAMICHNA Ajanta WHITE FLOWERS; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 30H60 Tauran gray dark boards, -KERAMICHNYY GRAY GRANITE 15H60 TIK BRIGHT boards; -KERAMICHNYY GRAY GRANITE 15H60 TIK boards, -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE BLACK boards TIK 15H60, 15H60 Tauran -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE dARK GRAY boards; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE GRAY LAPATOVANYY Pomigliano 60x60, 60x60 Tauran -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE dARK GRAY boards; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 30x30 HARMONY white; "RUSSIA1086884UA40815019352.9556123.290432
29/Apr/20173002109900"1.Skladni laboratory reagents obtained using biotechnological yhprotsesiv: (DD001) Arabinose arabinose art. DD001-1VL -1sht. (DD002) DextroseHlyukoza art. DD002-1VL-1pc. (DD003) Dulcitol dulcitol art. DD003-1VL-1pc . (DD004) Lactose Lactose art. DD004-1VL-1pc. (DD005) Maltose Maltose art. DD005-1VL-1pc. (DD006) mannitol mannitol art. DD006-1VL-1pc. (DD007) mannose mannose art. DD007-1VL -1sht. (DD010) rhamnose rhamnose art. DD010-1VL-1pc. (DD011) salicin salicin art. DD011-1VL-1pc. (DD012) Sorbitol Sorbitol art. DD012-1VL-1pc. (DD013) Sucrose Sucrose art. DD013 -1VL-1pc. (DD014) xylose xylose art. DD014-1VL-1pc. (DD015) Bacitracin Vytsytratsyn art. DD015-1VL -27sht. (DD017) FructoseFruktoza art. DD017-1VL-1pc. (DD025) Adonitol al Adonit t. DD025-1VL-1pc. (DD027) Inositol Inositol art. DD027-1VL-1pc. (HX104) Hexa Antimyco Heksadysky Antimyco 01 01 Packaging 10 pieces art.HX104-1PK -10sht. (R092R-1NO) Test Tubes (McFarland standard set) Test "" StandartMakfarlanda "" art. R092-1NO -1sht. (DD009) Optochi n Optohin art. DD009-1VL-16sht. (DD015) Bacitracin Vytsytratsyn art. DD015-1VL -20sht. (DD002) DextroseHlyukoza art. DD002-1VL-2 pcs. (DD003) Dulcitol dulcitol art. DD003-1VL-2 pcs. (DD004) Lactose Lactose art. DD004-1VL-4 pieces. (DD005) Maltose Maltose art. DD005-1VL-2 pcs. (DD006) Mannitol Mannitol art. DD006-1VL-2 pcs. (DD008) ONPG Ortonitrofenil-bD-halaktopiranozyd art. DD008-1VL -2sht. (DD010) Rhamnose rhamnose art. DD010-1VL-2 pcs. (DD014) Xylose xylose art. DD014-1VL-2 pcs. (DD019) Kovac's Reagent Strips Strips of reagent Kovacs art. DD019-1VL-1am. (DD034) Lead Acetate Strips of lead acetate art. DD034-1VL -2sht. (DD032) Spore Strips for Biotest control heat sterilization art. DD032-1PK -1sht.R008) Kovacs Indole Reagent 100 ml Indolovoy Kovacs reagent (reagents Kovacs) art. R008-100ML -2sht. (DD001) Arabinose arabinose art. DD001-1VL -1sht. (DD002) Dextrose Glucose art. DD002-1VL-1am. (DD003) Dulcitol dulcitol art. DD003-1VL-1am. (DD004) Lactose Lactose art. DD004-1VL-1am. (DD006) Mannitol Mannitol art. DD006-1VL-1am. (DD012) Sorbitol Sorbitol art. DD012-1VL-1am. (DD013) Sucrose Sucrose art. DD013-1VL-1am. (DD018) Oxidase Discs oxidase disc art. DD018-1VL -1sht. (DD019) Kovac'sReagent Strips Strips of reagent Kovacs art. DD019-1VL -1sht. (DD027) InositolInozyt art. DD027-1VL-1am. (DD040) DMACA Indole Discs indole drives DMACA art. DD040-1VL -1sht. (DD042) Nitrate Reagent Discs Discs nitrate reagent Art. DD042-1VL -1sht. (DD002) Dextrose Glucose art. DD002-1VL-1am. (DD004) Lactose Lactose art. DD004-1VL-1am. (DD006) Mannitol Mannitol art. DD006-1VL-1am. (DD010) Rhamnose disks rhamnose art. DD010-1VL -1sht. (DD012) SorbitolSorbitol art. DD012-1VL-1am. (DD013) Sucrose Sucrose art. DD013-1VL-1am. (DD014) Xylose xylose disks art. DD014-1VL -1sht. (R010) Nessler s ReagentReaktyv 125 ml Nessler art. R010-125ML -1sht. (DD015) Bacitracin Vytsytratsyn art.DD015-1VL -10sht. (DD009) Optochin Optohin art. DD009-1VL-50sht. (HX104) Hexa Antimyco Heksadysky Antimyco 01 01 Packaging 10 pieces art.HX104-1PK -5sht. "INDIA0UA1251000.365345.6100877
29/Apr/201796072090001.Chastyny ​​zippers, narrow strip of any length, osnascheniplastykovymy clasps. .TAIWAN0UA209140505.453292.810002
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""КОМПАНІЯ ""КЕРАМХОЛЛ"""
Importer Address
04201 м. Київ, вул. Полярна, 12
Exporter Name """CERAMIKA PARADYZ"" Sp. z o.o."
Product Description
"1.Plytka glass to wall is a glass strip with fono.........
HS Code 7016907000Value 59.12171692
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 4.12
Origin Country POLAND

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