Ukraine Import Data of Striker | Ukraine Import Statistics of Striker

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of striker collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of striker imports.

Striker Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Striker

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of striker. Get Ukraine trade data of Striker imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20174016995790"1.Zapasni parts intended for vehicles with vulcanized rubber: FE01438Pylnyk SHRUS Opel Astra / Opel Vectra / Opel Zafira-12p; FE06129 Pыlnyk shrusavnutrenneho FORD E scort / Fiesta / Orion >>" "95-2sht; FE08304 Set anther VWGolf / VW P assat / Audi 80-2sht; FE17424 mount muffler Opel Astra / OpelVectra / Opel Corsa-30sht; FE23844 Pylnyk steering rack MERCEDES E (W210, S210) "" 95-03-5sht; FE27079 Pylnyk SHRUS (KT) OPEL Astra F , G, H / Calibra A / KadettE / Vectra A, B / Zafir a A, B-2 pcs; FE27102 Set anther BMW 3 (E90) / 5 (E60, F07) / 7 (F01) "" IN "" "" 03-1sht; FE31056 Pylnyk SHRUS CITROEN / PEUGEOT Berlingo / C4 / 206/307 / Partner IN "" 1,6-2,0 "" 99-1sht; FE31066 stabilizer bushing OPEL Vectra C "" R "" 02-10sht; FE38335 PylnykShRUSa VW / Audi / Seat-2 pcs; FE39227 ylnyk steering rack CITROEN / F IAT / PEUGEOTJumper / Ducato / Boxer "" F "" 06-4sht; FE26564 Striker spring VW Caddy "" 04-2sht.Vyrobnyk: "" Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG "" Trademark: Febi .Krayina production: DE. "GERMANY0UA1002108.29158.881105 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20178205200000"1.Instrumenty hand, ferrous metals, hammers, hammer with round striker GOST 2310-77 Type 1: A 0.4 kg kr.b. Ts15hr.btsv. -50sht. A 0.5-kg kr.b . Ts15hr.btsv. -100sht. A 0.6-kg kr.b. Ts15hr.btsv. -50sht. A 0.8-kg kr.b. Ts15hr.btsv. -100sht., metalwork hammer with a square steel striker GOST 2310-77 type 2: A-0.8 kg kv.b. Ts15hr.btsv. -250sht. A 1.0-kg kv.b. Ts15hr.btsv. -100sht.Torhivelna brand: KZSMYVyrobnyk LLC " "CP media" "Country of origin: RU."RUSSIA0UA807170566.21605.669228
27/Apr/201740169952901.Vyroby of vulcanized rubber, which desig acheni for cars: chastynyhumometalevi (metal-rubber): Striker art. 546261M000 -2sht. VIDBIYNYKAMORTYZATORA art. 546261C000-2sht. Fenders rear shock art. 553483K010 -4sht. Vidbiynykamortyzatora front art. 5462626000-10sht. Fenders rear shock art. 553482H000 -1sht. Vtulkastabilizatora front art. 548133X500-5sht. Bushing front stabilizer art. 5471643160 -10sht. Oporaamortyzatora art. 546101M000 -1sht. Reliance shock art. 546102D100 -4sht.Opora shock art. 546102P000 -4sht. Reliance shock art. 5461036002-4sht. Reliance shock art. 546103X200 -6sht. Reliance shock art.553202D000 -3sht. Reliance shock zadneho art. 553302S050-20sht. Reliance shock zadneho levoho art. 5531029000 -2sht. Oporaamortyzatora zadneho levoho art. 553102D000 -2sht. Reliance art.546101G505-4sht left shock absorber. Reliance shock peredneho art. 5461028000 -2sht. Reliance amortyzatoraperedneho art. 5461 017200 -4sht. Reliance shock peredneho art. 5461017200-2sht. Reliance front shock art. 546102S100 -4sht. Reliance amortyzatoraperednoho art. 5461025000 -4sht. Reliance front shock art. 5461026000-4sht. Reliance front shock art. 546102B000 -8sht. Reliance amortyzatoraperednoho art. 546102E200 -9sht. Reliance front shock art. 546102H300-4sht. Reliance front shock art. 546102S100 -2sht. Reliance amortyzatoraperednoho art. 546102T000 -10sht. Reliance right shock art. 546101G555 -4sht.Opora engine art. 218102T000 -1sht. Reliance engine art. 219503X000 -2sht.Opora engine perednyaya art. 2191017000-2sht. Reliance engine zadnyaya (ATA) art. 219301C250 -2sht. Reliance engine zadnyaya (ATA) art. 219301F100 -2sht. Reliance engine zadnyaya (AIT) art. 21930M2000-2sht. Reliance engine lion (ATA) art. 218302T150 -1sht. Engine bracket art.218151C220 -4sht. Engine bracket art. 218151C220 -2sht. Engine bracket art.219103A101 -2sht. Engine bracket art. 219103F800 -1sht. Engine bracket art.219301E200 -1sht. Support rear shock art. 553302H000 -3sht. POLE KPPart. 218134A021 -2sht. Support ball art. 545303S100 -4sht. Reliance art.545303X000 -4sht ball. Reliance sharovaya Lower art. 545303J000 -6sht. Otboynykamortyzatora peredneho art. 546263X000-2sht. Chippers Lane. shock art. 5462622000 -2sht. Pillow engine art.2193029001 -2sht. Pillow engine zadnyaya art. 2193017000 -1sht. Podushkadvyhatelya zadnyaya art. 219303L800 -2sht. Pillow engine zadnyaya ILAC art.2193035000 -2sht. Pillow engine builds art. 218100Q000 -2sht. Pillow dvyhunaart. 2181026500 -1sht. Engine pillow art. 218102E000 -1sht. Engine pillow art.218102E200 -1sht. Engine pillow art. 2181039800 -1sht. Engine pillow art.219102E002 -2sht. Engine pillow art. 219102H000 -2sht. Engine pillow art.219301F300 -2sht. Engine pillow art. 219301H000 -1sht. Engine pillow art.219302D101 -2sht. Engine pillow art. 219501C700 -2sht. Engine pillow zadnyaart. 218301C800 -1sht. Engine pillow back art. 219301G16KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125250374.897955.9873836
27/Apr/201740169952901.Chastyny-metal cuffs (metal-gu m), which are intended for them motornyhtransport means (for cars): Upper bearing stoykyamortyzatora art. 546102W000 -4sht. Striker art. 546263S000 -12sht. VIDBIYNYKAMORTYZATORA art. 546261C000 -2sht. Fenders rear shock absorber art.553483K010-4sht. Fenders front shock art. 5462626000 -10sht. Vidbiynykzadnoho shock art. 553482H000-1sht. Stabilizer bushing peredneho art. 548121G100 -10sht. The plug amortyzatoraart. 5532307000 -2sht. Bushing front beam art. 621661C000-10sht. Bushing front beam art. 624671C000 -20sht. The plug longitudinal tyahyzadnoyi art. MB584146 -50sht. The plug razdatochnoy box art. 4736139000-1sht. The plug reactive power front / rear / art. 5475143160 -20sht. Vtulkaresory art. 5414645000 -100sht. Bushing rear spring lower art. 5525644000-29sht. Bushing stabilizer art. 548132S000 -30sht. Zadnehoart stabilizer bushing. 555132S100 -10sht. Stabilizer bushing zadneho art. 5557734000-4sht. Vtul ka rear stabilizer art. 555132E000 -10sht. The plug stabylyzatoraperedneho art. 548132Y000 -14sht. Stabilizer bushing peredneho art. 548133K000-10sht. Bushing stabilizer art. 5481317100 -4sht. The plug stabilizatoraperednoho art. 548132C100 -20sht. Bushing front stabilizer art.548133K100-20sht. Bushing front stabilizer art. 548134A501 -4sht. Rulevoyart thrust bushing. 565213X000 -2sht. Stabilizer bushings art. 548121C000 -20sht. Vtulkystabilizatora art. 548131C010-10sht. Plug valve cover art. 2245027003 -10sht. Kolpachek maslosemnyyart. 2222438010 -100sht. Reliance shock art. 546101M000 -4sht. Oporaamortyzatora art. 546102D100 -37sht. Reliance shock art. 5461036002 -4sht.Opora shock art. 546103X200-10sht. Reliance shock art. 546303K000 -10sht. Reliance shock art.553111G000 -30sht. Reliance shock art. 553202D000 -2sht. Reliance amortyzatorazadneho art. 553302S050-8sht. Reliance shock zadneho levoho art. 5531029000 -4sht. Reliance amortyzatorazadneho levoho art. 553102D000 -2sht. Support rear left shock absorber art.553101F000 -10sht. Reliance right rear shock absorber art. 553201F000 -12sht. Oporaamortyzatora peredneho art. 0K9A234380B -2sht. Reliance shock peredneho art.5461017200 -2sht. Reliance shock peredneho art. 5461028000-4sht. Reliance shock peredneho art. 546102B500 -20sht. Reliance amortyzatoraperedneho art. 54610FD000 -2sht. Reliance shock peredneho art. 546111J000-10sht. Reliance front shock art. 5461025000 -10sht. Reliance amortyzatoraperednoho art. 5461026000-20sht. Reliance front shock art. 546102B000 -20sht. Reliance amortyzatoraperednoho art. 546102E200-40sht. Reliance front shock art. 546102H300 -20sht. Reliance amortyzatoraperednoho art. 546102T000-19sht. Reliance front shock art. 546303L000 -4sht. Reliance amortyzatoraperednoho 4016995290 art. 546102F000-19sht. Reliance engine art. 218102T000-1sht. Reliance engine art. 219503X000-4sht. Reliance engine perednyaya art. 2191017000 -2sht. Reliance enginKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125250825.312973.549164
27/Apr/201740169952901.Chastyny-metal cuffs (metal-gu m), which are intended for them motornyhtransport means (for cars): Striker art. 54626-4D000-2sht. Striker art. 55348-3W000 -2sht. Striker art. 54626-1M000 -2sht.Vidbiynyk shock art. 55326-07100-2sht. Fenders Shock art. 54626-1C000 -2sht. Fenders amortyzatorazadniy art. 55326-1C000 -20sht. Fenders rear shock art. 55326-17000-2sht. Fenders rear shock art. 55348-3K010 -2sht. Rear Vidbiynykamortyzatora art. 55348-3K010-4sht. Fenders front shock art. 54626-26000 -10sht. Vidbiynykzadnoho shock art. 55326-1E000-2sht. Fenders rear shock art. 55326-27000 -2sht. Fenders zadnohoamortyzatora art. 55348-2H000-2sht. Fenders rear shock art. 55348-2H000 -1sht. Fenders lane. (Ass.) Shock art. 54626-29100-10sht. Bushing shock art. 55315-07000 -20sht. Bushing bearing ass. Amor-raverhnya art. 55323-1C000 -20sht. Notched rails rulevoy art. 57753-3K000-2sht. IUT lka steering rack art. 57726-2E000 -20sht. Reliance zadnehoart shock. 55330-2S050 -20sht. Support rear shock art. 55330-2H000-2sht. Support rear shock art. 55330-2H000 -3sht. Chippers amortyzatoraart. 54626-2G000 -10sht. Chippers shock art. 54626-2G000 -12sht. Otboynykamortyzatora zadneho art. 55326-1M000 -1sht. Chippers shock peredneho art.54626-3X000 -2sht. Chippers shock peredneho Matrix art. 54626-17000 -8sht.Otboynyk rear pruzhynы art. 55326-0Q000 -2sht. Chippers rear pruzhynы art.55326-0Q000 -6sht. Chippers Lane. shock art. 54626-22000 -6sht. Otboynykper. shock art. 54626-27000 -2sht. Chippers Lane. art.54626-22000 -2sht shock. Engine pillow front art. 21810-1C220 -2sht. Lower Podushkaradyatora art. 25335-2E001 -2sht. Pillow Radiator Lower art.25335-2E001 -3sht. Cushion radiator art. 25336-1G000 -10sht. Pillow radiatoraart. 25336-2V000 -10sht. Cushion radiator art. 25336-1G000 -2sht. Podushkaradiatora lower art. 25336-2B000 -4sht. Silent blocks verhneho rыchaha art.54440-3F100 -2sht. Silent blocks the rear lever / pin / art. 52718-38000 -2sht.Salnyk art. 58232-28300 -60sht. Seal the generator art. 37343-42020 -2sht.Salnyk crankshaft Lane Art. 21335-27000-10sht. Salnik camshaft art. 22144-3B001 -20sht. Cup (inset) amortyzatorazadnoho art. 55311-25000-3sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA12525053.58266.1161758
25/Apr/20178504403000"1. Bushing steering shaft produced from nezatverdiloyi vulkanizovanoyihumy to the car, part, 4001457-8sht. Bushing stabilizer suspension, produced from vulcanized rubber to nezatverdiloyi car Article: 2304022-240sht; 4005153-200sht; 2300044-100sht; 4001476-100sht ; 2304003-80sht; 2304026-60sht; 4005150-50sht; 2300045-44sht; 2304006-40sht; 2304036-40sht; 5613083-32sht; 2304016-30sht; 2304020-26sht; 0945885-26sht; 9001713-4sht; 0945775-26sht; 0,945,695 -26sht; 9001743-24sht; 2300035-24sht; 0945655-20sht; 4001475-20sht; 2300027-20sht; 2300042-20sht; 2300051-20sht; 9001732-20sht; 2306091-4sht; 2306018-18sht; 2306019-16sht; 8003210-16sht ; 9001614-14sht; 2300036-14sht; 4001479-12sht; 4001554-12sht; 4001462-12sht; 5233933-12sht; 2304007-10sht; 9001602-10sht; 2304015-10sh t; 0945895-10sht; 2300034-10sht; 2304025-10sht; 4001517-10sht; 4005134-10sht; 1725435-10sht; 4001480-8sht; 9001784-8sht; 1725425-8sht; 2306132-8sht; 2306105-8sht; 2300016-8sht; 4001482-8sht; 2300006-8sht; 4001478-6sht; 2300026-6sht; 9001728-6sht; 2300041-6sht; 2300032-6sht, 2306 131-6sht; 9001785-6sht; 2306033-4sht; 4001553-4sht; 2300033-4sht; 2300038-4sht; 2300005-4sht; 4001496-4sht; 2306087-4sht; 4001483-4sht; 0945875-4sht; 0945365-4sht; 2306104-4sht; 4001552-4sht; 4001539-4sht; 9001737-4sht; 2306014-4sht; 2304037-2sht; 4001442-2sht; 2306048-2sht; 2300003-2sht; 2304028-2sht; 0945755-2sht; 0945745-2sht; 2300008-2sht; 2300023-2sht; 2306089-2sht; 2306134-2sht; 9001739-2sht; 9001740-4sht.Nakladka suspension springs easily. nezatverdiloyivulkanizovanoyi car made of rubber articles: 2654003-18sht. Striker lever pidviskyavtomobilya nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber articles: 2650012-2sht. Pylnykamortyzatora suspension cars with nezatverdiloyi vulcanized rubber articles: 4001630-40sht; 2654002-38sht; 2656001-30sht; 2654020-38sht; 2650041-14sht; 4001629-14sht; 9006077-26sht; 9006065-10sht; 0664744-6sht; 2650044-6sht; 2545285-2sht.Pylnyk steering rack with nezatverdiloyi vulcanized rubber to lehkovyhavtomobiliv, articles, 4006224-180sht; 9006081-140sht; 4006215-100sht; 4006075-40sht; 9006723-30sht; 2006171-22sht; 0664224-20sht; 4006021-5sht; 0664274-10sht; 0664154-10sht; 0664574-8sht; 0664424-8sht; 2006170-8sht; 0664414-6sht; 9006080-6sht; 9006067-5sht; 4006120-4sht; 2754003-4sht; 4006121-4sht; 2750007-4sht; 9006730-4sht; 0664284-4sht; 2756030-3sht; 2750006-8sht; 0664294-4sht; 0664694-2sht; 2750004-2sht; 2756029-1sht; 2750002-1sht; 2750005-1sht; 4006127-1sht. Remontnyykomplekt suspension stabilizer attachment nezatverdiloyivulkanizovanoyi car with rubber, comprising: Rubber bushings and fasteners, articles, 4005152-350sht; 4001505-160sht; 4005129-4sht. Repair kit anther shrusaavtomobiliv nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber with elements of the installation, including: Pylnyk rubber, clamp mount, articles, 1904038-32sht; 4003408-24sht; 4003432-20sht; 4003440-20sht; 4003470-12sht; 2933423-12sht; 1904012-10sht; 2933063-10sht; 1906027-10sht; 1906058-1sht; 2873813-8sht; 2933983-8sht; 2873793-8sht; 1904003-8sht; 1904025-8sht; 1906047-6sht; 1904017-6sht; 2873783-6sht; 1904039-4sht; 1904041-4sht; 2873883-4sht; 2933593-4sht; 4003472-4sht; 1904 'THAILAND1UA1002304317.2124959
25/Apr/20178467990090"1.Chastyny ​​intended only to hand power tools: hammer mechanism assembly to drill TE 2 kpl SERVICE, Amount: 15 pcs. Art.201568, plug the cartridge assembly to drill TE 2 Qty: 4 pcs. art.201594, striker (striker) steel to drill TE 7 Amount: 10 pcs. art.240908, plug valves to drill TE 7-C steel, Qty: 5 pcs. art.327313; couplings to punch TE 7C, Nb 2 pcs. art.328580, striker (striker) assembly to drill TE 6-A36AVR, Nb 2 pcs. art.427505, LED Protective plastic cover battery haykokruta to SID 14-A, Nb 2 pcs. art.441780, Case haykokruta SIW 14-A layers hexadecimal, Nb 2 pcs. art.2015303; The drive cylinder TE3-C_01, Nb 2 pcs. art.2082380, Case Drivers SFC 22-A plastic, Qty: 1 pc., art. 2010706, switch to speed Drivers SFH 14-a assembly (excluding electrical items) Qty: 2 pcs. art.419991, trademark HILTIVyrobnyk HiltiKrayina production of CN. "CHINA0UA1001109.232329.2599447
25/Apr/20178467990090"1.Parts are intended solely for manual power tools: Boyok (striker) from steel to perforator TE, number: 1 pc., Art.250672; buoy (striker) from steel to a punching hammer TE 60-ATC 230V EUR, k- Number: 5 pieces, art.2014452; Boyok (striker) from steel to perforator TE 2, number: 13 pieces, art.405339; HILTI brand "HiltiCrain manufacturer" manufactured by CZ. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1001101.48187.0801674
25/Apr/20178467920000"1.Chastyny ​​to pneumatic hand vasortimenti = 73sht in t / h: PAL90 element covers, Shock PAL90, PAL90 Holovnaplyta; PAL57 / PAL83 descent, Spout PAL57, PAL57 Magazinchik, PAL57 cylinder, the cylinder element PAL57, PAL57 Shock, PAL57 upper shock absorber; PAL70 pusher element; SKS / M striker; SKS / SPS Body cap; SKS cylinder cover; SLS20 / SLP20 cylinder cover; SCN60 / 65 piston; SCN65 Rip; PC1010 cylinder element; STN64 firing pin to the piston.. "TAIWAN0UA20918015680.9952141
24/Apr/20178413702100"1.Chastyny ​​to pneumatic hand vasortimenti = 73sht in t / h: PAL90 element covers, Shock PAL90, PAL90 Holovnaplyta; PAL57 / PAL83 descent, Spout PAL57, PAL57 Magazinchik, PAL57 cylinder, the cylinder element PAL57, PAL57 Shock, PAL57 upper shock absorber; PAL70 pusher element; SKS / M striker; SKS / SPS Body cap; SKS cylinder cover; SLS20 / SLP20 cylinder cover; SCN60 / 65 piston; SCN65 Rip; PC1010 cylinder element; STN64 firing pin to the piston.. "CHINA13UA12520085.764998.562065
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Striker Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Striker Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Спец-автотехніка-М"""
Importer Address
65062, м. Одеса, вул. Фонтанська дорога 51. Україна.
Exporter Name """OPTIMAL LOGISTIK"""
Product Description
"1.Zapasni parts intended for vehicles with vulcan.........
HS Code 4016995790Value 158.881105
Quantity 0Unit UA100210
Net Weight 8.29
Origin Country GERMANY

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