Ukraine Import Data of Stoves | Ukraine Import Statistics of Stoves

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of stoves collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of stoves imports.

Stoves Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Stoves

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of stoves. Get Ukraine trade data of Stoves imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201785166010001.Pobutovi electric stoves novidlya cooking and heating food items 4nahrivalni Electric zelektrychnoyu oven having a grill, storage capacity 60l., Enerhoyemnistyumenshe 75kVt., Size 85h50h60sm, modelHT5VM4A (OW) EA, art.F087860-1sht.Torhivelna brand-Hotpoint-Ariston.Vyrobnyk-Whirlpool EMEA SpAKrayina vyrobnytstva- PL. .POLAND1UA12511040202.0763233 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201769079080001. paving and tile flooring, stoves, fireplaces or walls keramichninehlazurovani: QR-598X598-1-DURO.NE DUROTEQ NERO GRES REKT. MAT. 59,8X59,8 G1WZ 1,788,484 - 16,11m2. QR-298X598-1-DURO.NESP DUROTEQ NERO ST OPNICA PROSTA MAT.29,8X59,8 G1 wz 1,788,485 - 21.45 m2. QR-298X598-1-DURO.NE DUROTEQ NERO GRESREKT. MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 wz 1788484- 12,87 m2. R-198X198-1-INWE.BI INWEST BIALYGRES SZ KL. MAT. 19.8x19.8 G1 WZ 1788485- 429 m2. R-198X198-1-INWE.BI INWESTBIALY GRES SZKL. MAT. 19,8X19,8 G1 WZ 1788484 - 132 m2. S-198X198-1-INWE.BI-MINWESTA BIANCO SCI ANA MAT. 19.8x19.8 G1 WZ 1788485- 638.40 m2.S-198X198-1-INWE.BI-M INWESTA BIANCO SCIANA MAT. 19.8x19.8 G1 WZ 1788487- 42,56m2. R-SOOX600-1-SONO.GR SONO GRYS GRES SZKL. MAT. 60X60 G1 WZ 1788485- 43,20 m2.MC-298X298-1-FLAS.GR-PF FLASH GRYS MOZAIKA c1eTA K.4,8X4,8 MAT.29,8X29,8 G1 WZ1788487- 100 pieces. SR-295X595-1-PIUM.BI PIUMETTA BIANCO $ C IANA REKT.29,5X59,5 G1WZ 1788487- 19,36 m2. PR-325X325-1-PIUE.BI PIUME BIANCO PODlO GA REKT.32,5X32, 5 G1 WZ 1788486- 5,08 m2. RR-298X598-1-TIGU .BR TIGUA BROWN GRES SZKL.REKT. MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 WZ 1788484- 1,25 m2. C-072X598-1-TIGU.BR TIGUA BROWNCOKOL MA T. 7,2X59,8 G1 WZ 1788484- 7 pcs. RN-298X598-1-TIGU.BRSP-M TIGUA BROWNSTOPNICA PROSTA NACINANA MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 WZ 1788484- sht.l 6-300X600-1-TESS.ZEA TESSITA ZEFIR INSERTO A 30X60 G1 G1 WZ 1788487- 1 sht.S-300X600-1-LATE. BI LATERIZIO BIANCO SCIANA 30X60 G1 WZ 1788485- 36,00 m2.Z-300X330-1-SEMl.BRKP SEMIR BROWN KAPINOS STOPNICA PROSTA 30X33 G1 WZ 1788489-26 pieces. 1-E-600X600-1-CORA.-TU CORALINE PANEL TULIPANY 30X60X2 G1 WZ 1788490- 2 pcs. SR-295X595-1-PIUM.BI PIUMETIA BIANCO SCIANA REKT. 29,5X59,5 G1 WZ 1788490-5,28 m2. RN-0,3X1,2-1-TIGU.BESP-M TIGUA BEIGE STOPNICA PROSTA NACINANAMAT.29,8X119,8 G1 WZ 1788488- 1 pc. RS-600X600-1-PINl.BR PINI BROWN GRESSZKL.STRUKTURA MAT. 60X60 G1 WZ 1788488- 14,40 m2.POLAND143104UA20502021101.798093.882094
28/Apr/20173402209000"1.Zasib cleaning stoves and ovens Series" "Home faberlic" "500 ml Art. 11119 11119 -936sht.Probnyk cleaner stoves and ovens Series" "Home faberlic" "art.11139 -200sht 50 ml. Concentrated universal receivers means of expert cleaning series "" domfaberlic "" 500ml art. 11218-108sht. Concentrated liquid dishwashing with raspberry extract 500 ml series domfaberlic art. -576sht 11,195. The concentrated liquid laundry detergent (gel) for color series "" Home faberlic "" 500 ml art. 11223 -225sht.Ultra kondytsiyoner-laundry "" Brightness and Whiteness "" Series "" Home faberlic "" 500 ml art. 11237 -100sht. 11221 concentrated liquid probe and detergent (gel) for dark fabrics series "" Home faberlic "" 40ml Art. 11241 -40sht.Kontsentrovanyy liquid detergent (gel) for dark fabrics series "" domfaberlic "" 500 ml Art. 11221 -364sht. 11193 Kontsentryrovanyy probe means dlyamyttya dishes from bioenzymamy with the scent of lemon and mint series "" Home faberlic "" 50mlart. 11273-80sht. probe 11192 Concentrated liquid dishwashing (including dytyachoyi0 +) with the scent of eucalyptus series Home faberlic 50ml art. 11272 -80sht.Torhovelna Brand: FaberlicKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO "" Faberlyk "" Not in aerosol packaging "RUSSIA0UA1001101267.9662605.269474
27/Apr/201784145920981. Spare parts for cars: axial fans without additional equipment: radiator fan, art .: D8W001TT-1 unit radiator fan, art .: D8W002TT-1 unit radiator fan, art .: D8W003TT-1 unit ventilator radiator, art .: D8W007TT-1 radiator fan unit, Art .: D8W008TT-1 radiator fan unit, Art .: D8W021TT-1 pc. Engine stoves (fan), Art .: DDW009TT-2 pc. Trademark THERMOTEC Producer INTER CARS SA Production system CNCHINA8UA40003018.479160.4512224
27/Apr/20173402209000"1.Zasib universal antibacterial series" "Home faberlic" "art.11136-2 300ml 448sht.Zasib cleaning stoves and ovens Series" "Home faberlic" "art.11119-2 016sht.Universalnyy 500ml liquid spray stain remover series" " Home faberlic "" 150 ml art.11151-12 150sht.Zasib cleaning bathroom versatile series Home faberlic 500ml art.11220-5 400sht.Ultra kondytsiyoner-laundry "" Brightness and Whiteness "" Series "" Home faberlic "" 500 ml art .11237-4 400sht.Ne in aerosol packaging. prekursoriv.Torhovelna free of FaberlicVyrobnyk brand profile "" Faberlyk "" Country of RU. "RUSSIA0UA1001109741.93620165.77459
27/Apr/20178515809000"1. Machinery and apparatus for soldering abozvaryuvannya new: Hydraulic stykovyyzvaryuvalnyy device without reyestratsiyiparametriv welding elektronnymytablytsyamy welding parameters, artZHCN-315 - 1 rozibranomustani kit that includes: ahrehathidravlichnyy, assembly and syloveobladnannya, heating plate; tortsovatel, stand for tortsovatelya tanahrivalnoyi plate, clamping inserts and technical documentation; Elektromuftovyy welding apparatus without a scanner, art ZHCN-400- 1 set in a disassembled state, which includes: a hydraulic unit, mounting zhno-power equipment, heating plate; tortsovatel, stand for tortsovatelya and heating stoves, inserts and clamping technical documentation; 2017 production, production Country - PL trade mark - Nowatech Manufacturer - Nowatech Sp. z oo. "POLAND2UA20914050611244.02551
26/Apr/20177321900000"1.Chastyny ​​for household gas stoves, 440,816-valvetrain (Part heaters / steel) -1sht., 163,182-plate cooking zone B-D3 (of gas stove / steel) -1sht., 163,181-burner H-D3 (part gas stove / steel) -1sht., Parts and accessories for home appliances brand Gorenje.Krayina production CNVyrobnyk GorenjeTorhovelna brand Gorenje. "CHINA0UA1250601.17720.20852339
26/Apr/201790251980981. Thermocouple: Model 1350 / 193K-300, model 1350 / 193K-500.Chastyna preventive security with hazovymkranom (which is equipped with solenoid valve) .Vstanovlyuyetsya for household gas stoves for avariynohovidklyuchennya gas in the absence of flame on palnykahplyty. They consist of two wires of dissimilar metals, joined together at one end. At the other end, due to potential difference, there is voltage - electromotive force (EMF), which depends on the heating temperature. When connecting the thermocouple to the gas tap and its heating occurs EMF electromagnetic valve core is magnetized and moves, revealing the passage of gas. In the fading flame on the burner plate thermocouple cools, the effect of EMF stops core electromagnetic valve rozmahnichuyetsya and under the influence of the return spring returns to its original position, blocking the flow of gas. .SPAIN36000UA700010536.420575.19287
25/Apr/20174819500000"1.Pakuvalnyy corrugated cardboard letters, which are packed wood-stoves, not for packaging medical devices: SCAT.1282X4200 Hofryrovannыy cardboard art.W65026-308sht; SCAT.1882X4200 Hofryrovannыy cardboard art.W65027-14sht; SCAT.1282X3050 Hofryrovannыy cardboard art.W65028 -20sht; Pennacchioni SPA Manufacturer Country of IT. "ITALY0UA1001107101355.566122
25/Apr/201738160000001. High-zamazka.7060025 Stovex (500 pcs / pod) UA 250 g - 500 units (plastic tyubik) Putty for stoves and furnaces is black, Mass. Underlying - ceramic composition. Designed for zharoprochnoho water heating repair, drovyanyh furnaces, chimneys and other equipment made of metal and iron. Can withstand temperatures up to 1200 ° S.Sklad: sodium silicate (44-52%), mineral fillers (25-28%), Dye (12-20%). Weight Brutus without wooden pallets is 155.00 kg. .DENMARK0UA101070133418.7327313
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Stoves Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Stoves Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ІНДЕЗІТ УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
01001, м.Київ, пр.Музейний, буд.4Україна
Exporter Name Indesit Company Polska Sp. z o.o.
Product Description
1.Pobutovi electric stoves novidlya cooking and he.........
HS Code 8516601000Value 202.0763233
Quantity 1Unit UA125110
Net Weight 40
Origin Country POLAND

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