Ukraine Import Data of Stone Cutter | Ukraine Import Statistics of Stone Cutter

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of stone cutter collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of stone cutter imports.

Stone Cutter Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Stone Cutter

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178207130000"1. Replacement tool for drilling rocks and soil with a working part of cermets: Drilling cutter PU-140 - 500 pcs., Drilling bits RSH183 D32 M16 - 600 units. The working part is made of an alloy of tungsten carbide and does not contain natural or artificial precious stones.. "CHINA0UA50003022815980.4874 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201782032000001.Instrumenty hand, working part contains natural and synthetic diamonds, precious stones notcontains. Pliers, Standard, 180 mm kombinovanishlifovani, plastic handle art. 169709 -360sht. Pliers Econom, 180 mm, polished, plastic handle art. 169939 -180sht.Torhovelna Brand: MTX Pliers Classic, 160 mm, ground, plastmasovirukoyatky art. 16957 -600sht. Pliers, Comfort, 160 mm, polished combined, two-handle art.16964 -180sht. Side cutters Classic, 180 mm, polished, plastic handle tmasovi art.17560 -120sht. Side cutters Classic, 200 mm, polished, plastic handle art.17562 -60sht. Side cutters, Comfort, 180 mm, polished, two-handle art.17568 -60sht. Dlinnohubtsy Mini, 130 mm, nickel-plated, straight, avtorazzhim art.17820 -240sht. A set of tweezers, stainless steel, 2 pieces art.914805 -600nabir. A set of tweezers, stainless steel, 4 pieces of art. 914845-800nabir.Torhovelna Brand: SPARTAKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: MATRIZE Handels-GmbH.CHINA0UA100130455.682205.615612
24/Apr/20178432301100"1.Instrumenty for metalworking lathe: S12M-SCLCL09-16-1sht holder, the holder S08K-SCLCL06-10-1sht; ECLNL12-1sht S40T-holder, the holder EWLNR-2525M06-2sht; 2020K06-2sht EWLNR-holder, the holder S20R -EWLNR06-2sht; Holders SER-2525M16-2sht, Case cutters TS35-C20-10-2sht; 2525M08-3sht EWLNL-holder, the holder SER-2020K16-2sht; C-6-5sht clip, clip WN08-4-5sht. Total -28sht.Ne containing precious stones. Made of steel with a working part of cermets. Designed for fixing the variable turning plastyn.Krayina production: TW. Trademark: ECHAINTOOL.Vyrobnyk: ECHAINTOOL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.. "TURKEY2UA901010430023792.40992
18/Apr/20178207509000"1. Instruments for hand tools, of non-precious metals for drilling (excluding tools for drilling rock slabs), without spraying artificial ornatural diamonds: HSS-Bi-metal - circular saw, 35mm art.625174000-1; Zenker on wood 16 mm, 90 ° Art.623521000-5pcs; Wood cutter 10x20mm; 90o art.625025000-20pcs; HSS-Bi-metal corrugated drill bit, 17mm art.625162000-2st; HSS-Bi-metal coronet drill, universal, 30mm art.625171000 HSS-Bi-metal coronet drill, size: 38x40 mm art.625176000-1; Coronary drill HSS-Bi-metal model, 40mm art.625177000-2st; Crown drill HSS-Bi model, metal, 4 6mm art.625181000-2st; HSS-BiM corrugated drill, size 51x40 mm art.625184000-1; Ring crown, model: HSS-Bi-metal, 83mm art.625199000-1; Set of drill bits for stone "Promotion" "( 8pcs in the set) art.626706000-10pcs; Snake drill, size: 8x230 mm art.627124000-1; more shaft drill, size: 10x230 mm art.627125000-8pcs; Snail drill, size: 12x460 mm art.627139000-3pcs; set Spiral type drill (18 pcs in a set of 3-10 mm) art.627190000-50pcs; A set of drill bits for wood CV (5 pcs in set, sizes: 4-10 mm) art.627200000-2 st;Wood drill 14x160 mm art.627315000-4pcs; Wood drill 18x160 mm art.627317000-2st;Forstner drill model HSS, size: 10x90 mm art.627579000-10pcs; HSD Forstner Drill, size: 12x90 mm art.627580000-10pcs; HS-shaped Forstner drill, size: 14x90 mm art.627581000-10pcs; HS-shaped Forstner drill, size: 16x90 mm art.627583000-10pcs; Forstner Drill Model HSS, size: 18x90 mm art.627584000-10pcs; HSS Forstner Drill, Size: 20x90 mm, Art.627585000-3; Forstner Drill Model HSS, Size: 22x90 mm Art.627586000-2; Forstner Drill Model HSS, size: 26x90 mm art.627589000-10pcs; Forstner drill model HSS, size: 35x90 mm art.627594000-10pcs; HS-shaped Forstner drill, size: 50x90 mm art.627599000-2st; Spiral drill on a tree, the size: 5х86 mm art.627988000-2st; Spiral drill for wood, size: 6x93 mm art.627989000-2; Spiral drill for wood, size: 8x117 mm art.627991000-2st; Trademark METABO Producer Metabowerke GmbH Country of manufacture CN "CHINA0UA12520031.01960.4100513
18/Apr/201768042212001.ABRAZYVNI unreinforced multifunctional SET NASADOKDREMEL (ABRASIVE stones and circular cutter, polishing wheels, abrasive tube in a plastic suitcase KEY) 70SHT. art.2615E725JA-15sht.Vyrobnyk ROBERT BOSCH Power Tools GmbHKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1251106.75334.5259808
13/Apr/201782077090001.Instrument variables for ruchnohoznaryaddya: (not electric, not electric) karbidni cutters for rubber: 52-20-308 (271) -5sht.52-20-334 (270) -5sht.52-20-312 (271R) - 2sht.52-20-313 (272) -2sht.52-20-316 (280) -2sht.62-30-504 (RH104) -10sht62-30-590 (RH300) -5sht.62-30-725 ( RH635 / 8) -6sht.52-20-620 (S1009) -30sht. 52-20-623 (S1011) -30sht. 52-20-785 (S2204) -30sht.52-20-278 (S2045 3pc / pack) -3sht. 52-20-279 (S2046 4pcs / pack) -1sht. (Excluding diamonds, precious stones and artificial) Manufacturer TECH INTERNATIONAL LTDKrayina production USTorhivelna TESN mark.UNITED STATES0UA1000100.41238.974833
07/Apr/20178474909090"1. alternating-spare parts hornorudnoho equipment (cone crushers ser.Hydrocone events. H8800), intended for crushing limestone, sandstone, gravel, granite, made of material similar BrO10S10 bronze GOST 613-79, not military: - Notched lower bowl (442.9248-01) is guiding cylinder eccentric rotation of eccentric and provides valid for planting in the lower bowl cone crusher - 2 pcs. - wear-resistant plate eccentric (442.9249-02) is designed to wear hull design zopobihannya lower bowl cutters and IUT ing the lower bowl, set with bolts between the hub and the cylinder Hydroset - 1pc. - Fixing beams (442.9308-02) designed to prevent wear and dust seals prevent axial movement of the eccentric hub in the vertical direction is set with bolts in dust cuff - 1 piece . - Emphasis main shaft (442.9723-01) is a lower resistance to the main shaft (drive with a spherical surface) is set with pin and retaining ring in the bottom of the main shaft of the cone crusher - 2 sht.- Wear-resistant plates a piston (442.9724-01) is a lower resistance to the main shaft (drive with a corrugated surface) is set with the pin between the bearing washer and piston unit vertical movement of the main shaft (TN System Hydroset) - 2 pcs. TOTAL: 8 pieces. Without figurative marks. Place - 3 (2 plywood boxes, wooden pallet 1) Trademark vidsutnyaVyrobnyk production nevidomyyKrayina CN "CHINA0UA504180117839544.19552
05/Apr/201782055100001.Instrumenty hand, the working part is not istyt of natural and synthetic diamonds, precious stones istyt Nam. Zaklepochnik, 250 mm, resettable 0-90 degrees, rivets 2,4-3,2-4,0-4,8 mm art. 405279 -1080sht.Torhovelna Brand: MTX diamond cutter art.872405 -480sht.Torhovelna Brand: SPARTAKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: NINGBO SANDING EDGE MANUFACTURE CO., LTD. .CHINA0UA100130767.62159.834858
04/Apr/20178205600000"1.Instrumenty hand, of base metal not containing precious stones -pryrodnyh or artificial diamonds, Blow torch, designed for high temperature flame using the gas mixture used for soldering, thermal and other types of work: -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Metal Gas Pen KTS-2101 -60 pieces; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Hestia-M KT-2603M -20 pieces; -BBQ / Gas Grill Kovea Slim gas barbecue grill TKG-9608-T -5 units; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Cyclone Propane KT-2906 -60 pieces; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Multi Purpose Torch TKT-9607 -210 units; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Canon KT-2408 -200 units; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Cyclone butane KT -2,904 -60 pcs; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Hose Pen KT-2202 -30 pieces; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Rocket-1 KT-2008-1 -250 units; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Fire Bird KT-2511 -30 pc; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Cook Master KT-2912 -60 pc; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Twin Brazing KT-2108 -60 pieces, brand - "" Kovea ""; Producer - "" KOVEA CO., LTD. " ", Country of origin -" "KR" "."KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125250220.93577.6498994
04/Apr/201782076050001.Instrumenty hand variables for roztochuv Reference (working part contains natural and artificial diamonds, contains innoho gem stones): Set 5pcs poderevu cutters. art.704999 -400nabir.Torhovelna Brand: MTXKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: MATRIZE Handels-GmbH.CHINA0UA10013054356.6064287
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Stone Cutter Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Stone Cutter Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ДЕТ-ЮА"""
Importer Address
03680, Київська обл., Києво-Святошинський р-н, с. Петропавлівська Борщагівка, вул. Велика Кільцева, 4-А, Україна
Product Description
"1. Replacement tool for drilling rocks and soil w.........
HS Code 8207130000Value 15980.4874
Quantity 0Unit UA500030
Net Weight 228
Origin Country CHINA

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