Ukraine Import Data of Stitching | Ukraine Import Statistics of Stitching

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of stitching collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of stitching imports.

Stitching Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Stitching

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178440103000"1.Obladnannya stitching cardboard boxes. Provolokoshveyna machine 3 TPSH 70C, second hand -1sht. Factory №2499. Year -1992. Max. Tovschynaproduktsiyi -14mm. 250tsykl speed / min. Power - AT 0,55kVt.Vyrobnyk- "" Kyiv plant polihrafich these machines. ' "trademark: JSC" "Kyiv plant printing machines.'" Country of origin: UA.. "UKRAINE0UA807170240444.4958248 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201740169300901. Spare parts (parts) for automobiles: gaskets, oil seals, gaskets, washers from non-hardened vulcanized non-porous rubber: radiator gasket-1pcs. Manufacturer (trademark): LE.MA. SRL (LEMA), rubber stitching - 1 pc.Manufacturer (trademark): LE.MA. SRL (LEMA).ITALY0UA4000300.19.460499205
28/Apr/201754023300001 Synthetic Filament yarn, not put up for retail sale, textured, polyester, nonwoven fabric to stitching, reinforced, with a linear density of 58 detsyteksiv for the manufacture of parts of vehicles for their own production needs. .CHINA0UA3051300.050.380770122
28/Apr/20177019390000"1. Glass fiber mats EMK300-1200. It is a non-woven material roll width 1200mm, manufactured by concluding randomly oriented segments parallnyh filaments of glass E 60-120mm in length conveyor belt and subsequent stitching polyester thread. Glass thread segments can be individually manually extracted from mat without damage. Zvyazuvalni substance or needle-punched way in the process of production is not zastosovuyetsya.Yakisni indicators: schilnst - 309.2 g / m2, moisture content - 0.06%; weight fraction of substances released by prokalyuvanni - 4.06% . Used to manufacture fiberglass pultrusion products by.. "CHINA0UA702020741011203.61021
27/Apr/201782075090001. Tools variables for hand tools, power-driven or without, or for machine tools (for threading, drilling, boring, stitching, milling, turning or screwdriving). Art.0714131150 set for removing broken bolts, complete internal removers, head helical, extension / Marking: EXTR-BLT-KIT-15PCS - number - 1 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand Brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production TW.TAIWAN0UA1000102.14371.08762326
27/Apr/20179018908400"Surgical instruments made from medical-resistant steel and are designed for multiple plastykuta Use cation, namely: 1.Laparoscopic trocar with silicone valve, 12,5 x 95mm, with plain cannula, withpiramid obturator laparoscopic Trocar with silicone valve, 12.5 x 95 , zhladkoyu cannula with pyramidal obturator art. 801.008.01-1sht. laparoscopic trocar with flip-type valve, 5,5 x 95 / 120mm, with spiralcannula, with safety obturator laparoscopic Trocar with mechanical valve, 5.5 x 95/120 mm, with spiral cannula with pyramidal obturator art.801.003.111 -2sht. Laparoscopic trocar with magnetic valve, 5,5 x 95/120 mm, with spiral cannula, with pyramid obturator Troak he laparoscopic mahnitnymklapanom of 5.5 x 95/120 mm with spiral cannula with pyramidal obturatoromart. -3sht 801,003,311. Reducer for laparoscopic trocar with silicone orflip-type valve, 10,5 - 5,5mm Redyuser for a trocar abomehanichnym silicone valve 10.5 - 5.5 mm art. -1sh 801,146 tons. silicone caps for trocars, 10,5mm silicone cap trocar, 10.5 mm art. 810.086.B2 -100sht.Silicone valve for trocars, 10,5mm silicone valve for a trocar, 10.5 mmart. 810.086.A2 -20sht. Stitching-up forceps for trocar wounds and aponeuroses, 2,5mm, up-side clip troakarnyh suturing wounds and sheath, 2.5 mm, top art. -5sht 801,103. Laparoscopic puncture needle, 5 x 330mm, # 22 Holkalaparoskopichna, 5 x 330 mm, needle, number 22, art. 801.027.6 -1sht. Laparoscopicpuncture needle, 5 x 330mm, # 18 laparoscopic needle, 5 x 330 mm needle, №18 art. 801.027.4 -1sht. Laparoscopic needle holder, 5 x 330mm, straight, type BHolkotrymach laparoscopic, 5 x 330 mm, straight, type in the art. 801,023 -1sht.Laparoscopic forceps, 5x330mm, endograsper type, double action Zatyskachlaparoskopichnyy, 5 x 330 mm, type "" Endohrasper "" Two moving Branche art.808.045.1 -1sht. Laparoscopic forceps handle, 5x330mm handle laparoskopichnohozatyskacha 5 x 330 mm art. 801F.009 -1sht. Laparoscopic forceps, 5x330mm, cholecystic clamp laparoscopic, 5 x 330 mm, type "" Babcock "" Art. 801.047-1sht. 2 Laparoscopic curved scissors-action, 5x330mm laparoscopic scissors, 5 mm h330, curved, with two movable Branche art. 801.033.1-1sht. Laparoscopic hook scissors, 5x330mm laparoscopic scissors, 5 x 330 mm, beak-art. -1sht 801,034. Laparoscopic forceps handle, 5x330mm Ruchkalaparoskopichnoho clamp 5 x 330 mm art. 801F.003 -3sht. Laparoscopic forcepshandle, 5x330mm, with ratchet handle laparoscopic clamp 5 x 330 mm zkremalyeroyu art. 801F.004 -3sht. Laparoscopic clip applier, 10 x 330mm, fortitanium clips, action 2, M Klipator laparoscopic, 10 x 330 mm, tytanovyhklips with two mobile Branche, M art. -2sht 801,111. Laparoscopic clipapplier, 10 x 330mm, for titanium clips, M Klipator laparoscopic, 10 x 330mm, for titanium clip M art. 801.001.2 -1sht. Laparoscopic tube for suction andirrigation, 5 + 10 x 330mm, push-type handset for laparoscopic aspiration tairyhatsiyi 5 "CHINA0UA5002104.12046.321176
25/Apr/201761143000001. Non-woven fabric made from synthetic fibers mechanically bonded by mechanical shearing and filing of fibers, complemented by needle-punching, without coating, not impregnated, not duplicated, without stitching in rolls: 100% polyester density 34g / m2 (+/- 10% ) Width Roll of 185 mm (+/- 10%) white - 9366,19 kg. Trademark 'AKINAL SENTETIK TEKSTIL SANAYI VE TICARET.AS' Vir. 'AKINAL SENTETIK TEKSTIL SANAYI VE TICARET.AS' Country of production TR. .CHINA0UA1000101.9643.41467926
24/Apr/201785365019901. Threaded fitting with an internal cut to a valve DN 20 PN16 (alloy of copper) art.065Z0292 -2 pieces. Threaded fitting with internal thread to valve DN 20 PN16 (alloy) art. 065Z0292 -4pcs Threaded fitting with internal thread to valve DN 40PN16 (alloy of copper) art. 065Z0295-3 pcs. Threaded fitting with internal stitching up to valve DN 40 PN16 (alloy of copper) art. 065Z0295 -6pcs. Fitting for pulse tubeAF art. 003G1468 -2pcs. Threaded joints to valve R1 / 2 PN25 DN15 (G3 / 4) (alloy) art. 003H6902-2st. Coupling with outer thread DN 15 (copper alloy) art.003Z0232 -2 pieces. Coupling with outer thread DN 15 (copper alloy) art.003Z0232 -2pcs. Threaded fitting with internal thread to valve DN 15 PN16 (copper alloy) art. 065Z0291 -3 pcs.Threaded fitting with internal thread to valve DN 15 PN16 (copper alloy) art.065Z0291 -18pcs. Threaded fitting with internal thread to valve DN50 PN16 art.065Z0296 -2pcs. Trademark: DanfossCrea of ​​production: SI Producer: Danfoss Trata d.о.о. .AUSTRIA0UA1001100.0093.12238383
22/Apr/20178205700000"1.Ruchnyy tool for stitching conveyor belt is used to secure the maintenance fasteners on the same footing and direction in their fixation clips is a clip of plastic, the kit also includes a manual hammer and Zaklepochnik. Art.R1641008 - 2 sht.Torhivelna Brand: "" Alligator "" Manufacturer: "" FLEXCO "". Country of origin: USA, (USA). "UNITED STATES0UA5000201.2214.1001215
21/Apr/201756031290001. Non-woven fabric is made from a mixture of synthetic and artificial fibers, predominantly in terms of the number of synthetic fibers mechanically bonded by mechanical interlacing and rolling of fibers, complemented by needle-punching, without coating, not impregnated, not duplicated, without stitching in rolls: 40 (+/- 10%) / 60 (+/- 10%) viscose / polyester density 44g / m2 (+/- 10%) wide. Roll of 185 mm (+/- 10%) white - 9707,03 kg. Trademark 'AKINAL SENTETIK TEKSTIL SANAYI VE TICARET.AS'Vir.'AKINAL SENTETIK TEKSTIL SANAYI VE TICARET.AS' Country of production TR. .TURKEY0UA1100309707.0323865.8201
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Stitching Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Stitching Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ВОСТПАК"""
Importer Address
61039, Харківська обл., м. Харків, вул. Виконкомівська, б. 19, Україна
Exporter Name "ООО ""Бупак"""
Product Description
"1.Obladnannya stitching cardboard boxes. Provolok.........
HS Code 8440103000Value 444.4958248
Quantity 0Unit UA807170
Net Weight 240
Origin Country UKRAINE

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