Ukraine Import Data of Steel Slabs | Ukraine Import Statistics of Steel Slabs

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of steel slabs collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of steel slabs imports.

Steel Slabs Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Steel Slabs

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of steel slabs. Get Ukraine trade data of Steel Slabs imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20173824906500"1.SUMISH slag-forming MARK SCO-T-3 (5k4) -12.35tn, TU 23431197.003- 99 ZIZMINOYU 9, PARTY ROOM 93: Carbon content (C) 7.5-8.4% by weight, calcium oxide (CaO) 33.12-36.0 wt%, magnesium oxide (MgO) 3.42-4.11% by weight, silicon dioxide (SiO2) 26.2-29.1% by weight; sodium oxide + potassium oxide (Na2O + K2O) 7.36 + 0.12-8.85 + 0.12% by weight; AL2O3 2.05-5.82% masses of fluorine (F) 6.7-7.4% by weight, humidity 0.24-0.4 wt%. 17 BIG-bags. MIX slag-forming MARK SCO-T-3 (7k3) -4.75tn, TU U23431197.003- 99, as amended 9, PARTY ROOM 95: Carbon content (C) 7.9-8.6% by weight, calcium oxide (CaO) 30.01-32.09% by weight; magnesium oxide (MgO) 3.01-3.29% by weight; DIOKSYDAKREMNIYA (SiO2) 34.5% by weight; sodium oxide + potassium oxide (Na2O + K2O) 7.9 + 0.12 -8.37 + 0.18% by weight; AL2O3 2.31-2.83% by weight, fluorine (F) 6.0-6.18% by weight; VOLOHIST0.26-0.40% by weight. 7 BIG-bags. USED IN MIRROR forprotection steel industry metal from contact with the atmosphere in the mold in UMOVAHBEZPERERVNOYI casting in steel and Molds, and to improve PROTSESAKOVZANNYA SOLID crust slabs along Povet RHNI mold. "UKRAINE0UA700140171007694.999969 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/201773072910001.Konnektory (fittings, stainless steel threaded image) central lubrication extruder producing hollow concrete slabs 6 pcs. Producer TDM-Engineering OyKrayina production FITorhovelna grade TDM.FINLAND0UA1000800.633.14651134
12/Apr/201785099000901. Parts for household appliances BSH: Rotary hinge unit for kitchen combines art.00653168-1. Plastic, steel. Fixed carriage slabs art.10000298-1. Plastics. BSH Trademark Producer BSH Hausgerate GmbHCircuit manufactured by SI.SLOVENIA0UA1002000.1325.850422319
11/Apr/201784669120001. The parts intended for machines and equipment for processing of natural stone, steel, Tangential / polirovalna head GAM 460/6 granite, Art. TES.TAN.460.6, NR. 2/17/1785 AL NR.2 / 17 / 1792- 8 pieces. Used as the basis for attaching abrasives in the polishing of slabs on polishing lines Breton. Manufacturer: GAM srlKrayina production: IT.ITALY0UA11018071214715.63485
11/Apr/201773269098901.Vyroby Steel Turned processed without thread: lock slider, PSR-1000 - 8 sht.Yavlyaye the steel of complex shapes. Designed for fixing slabs mold system TPA. material: alloy steel for military vykorystannya.Dlya own production needs. .UNITED STATES0UA1100100.384538.293182
10/Apr/201738249065001 auxiliary products for foundry production: exothermic filling ALURIT NP12CB3, is a loose mass of reddish-brown color, which by visual inspection consists of a powdery mass of reddish-brown, small vegetable chips, small metal particles, without a specific smell. The chemical composition and physical properties: SiO2 - 16-22%, Al2O3 - 14-20%, Fe2O3 - 5%, MgO - 3%, Na2O + K2O - 5%, Al - 24,6%, Pb - 0,052%, C (ges./tot.) - 5-8%, H2O (105hrad.S) - 1.86%, bulk density - 0.76 kg / dm.kub, the degree of swelling - 2. Suitable for protyvodiyi occurrence of shrinkage cavities when casting ingots of various types and sizes (blooms, slabs, ingots Kowalski) .Rozlyvochna mixture Termolux K30, is a lot of loose dust dark gray, without a specific smell. The chemical composition and physical properties: SiO2 - 32,6%, CaO - 4,32%, MgO - 1,35%, Al2O3 - 13,3%, Na2O - 6,98%, K2O - 1,00%, Fe2O3 - 3,80%, TiO2 - 0,65%, P2O5 - 0,40%, C tot. - 29.5% Grand cal oxygen index (LOI) - 33,6%, H2O (105hrad.S) - 0.33%, bulk density - 0.64 kg / dm.kub, softening temperature - 1087 ° C, melting point - 1249 ° C, the temperature tyahuchesti - 1296hrad.S crystallization (zernuvannya) <1.00mm. Suitable for casting ingots and serednolehovanyh carbon steels in ingots> 1000 kg.GERMANY0UA7000102000017326.90022
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Steel Slabs Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Steel Slabs Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""НТП ""ТЕХМЕТ"","
Importer Address
61046,м.ХАРКІВ, пр-т.МОСКОВСЬКИЙ, б.273, оф.3/5
Product Description
"1.SUMISH slag-forming MARK SCO-T-3 (5k4) -12.35tn.........
HS Code 3824906500Value 7694.999969
Quantity 0Unit UA700140
Net Weight 17100
Origin Country UKRAINE

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