Ukraine Import Data of Steel Press Plate | Ukraine Import Statistics of Steel Press Plate

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Steel Press Plate Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Steel Press Plate

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201773182100901. springy washer plate without thread made of carbon steel, size 70h35,5h3mm. Used in machine building, instrument andother industrial, manufacturing and construction industries together with bolts, pins, screws and pins with the appropriate size for carving zbilshennyazony pressure prytyskayemyy subject and to prevent loosening rizbovyhz'yednan. .INDIA0UA2091401.9129.69479674 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201773182200901.Vyroby ferrous metal (alloy steel), clamp. It is a small curved plate with a hole in the middle, without thread used for thick pressed parts to each other or to fix it at the time of processing. Used on machine tools, type C2RA - 10pc., Type C4RH - 10sht.Torhovelna mark ZCC-CTVyrobnyk ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbHKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1101800.16102.6120848
27/Apr/20177326909490"1.VYROBY ferrous metal stamped: FOR MACHINE TYPE HB # 0908584: - ART. 31 September 0700 LOWER STEEL CHASTYNANAPRAVLYAYUCHOYI chain, is a rectangular plate dimensions 96 * 815 MMTOVSCHYNOYU 10 mm intended for attachment to the frame easel in the manufacture of the workpiece to PARQUET -2SHT, art. 09 33 2100 STEEL delighted chain conveyor, is a plate of 60 * 40 * 30 mm to 10 mm with a hole in the center, designed for mounting to a chain -4 VT planers FOR TYPE VH-120 number 1908220: - ART.39 47 2600 grooved ring for pressure rollers - 3 pieces. With slot groove for POSA CI external to the shaft. DIAM.150 MM internal. DIAM.100 mm, 30 mm, is designed for pressing and transporting Parquet billets on the table in the processing area FOR planers - FOR MACHINE TYPE PAKUE number 208394 -120: - ART.02 67 2600 ring for smooth feeding roller -1 units. From filling the slot for landing on external shaft. DIAM.100 MM internal. DIAM.30 mm, 30 mm, is designed to press AND Tran SPORTUVANNYA Parquet billets on the table in a zone handling for planers - ART.02 67 2500 grooved ring for pressure VALYKIV- 3 pcs. From filling the groove for planting in Val external. DIAM.150 MM internal. DIAM.30 mm, 30 mm, is designed for pressing and transporting Parquet billets on the table in the processing area FOR planers - for machines TYPE S-4. # 5011146: - ART.50 15 2013 Mechanical SET BEFORE steel plate saw blade, is the plate 210 * 60 * 10mm with two holes O6 FOR FIXING-2 units used as PRYZHYMNA slats under which glides PROCESSING - ART 50 15 2200 LEFT lateral sides, is a plate of 185 * 30 * 10mm with two holes O6 FOR FIXING 2 PCS is used as PRYZHYMNA slats on which slides ZAHOTOVKA- ART. 50 15 5600 BASIS rear LIVAYAVLYAYE a rectangular steel plate 100 * 1180 * 10 mm, with six holes O10MM the center for attachment to the frame easel on the left, 2 pieces used for SLIDING piece in OBROBKY- AREA ART. 50 15 5700 POLZUNOK ZZADNIY, right, is a rectangular steel plate 100 * 1180 * 10 mm, with three holes O10MM for attachment to the frame easel on Human VT-2 - ART. 5000 50 15 Supporting plate beneath the slider, right, is a rectangular steel plate 350 * 250 * 10 mm with two holes for attachment to O10MM frame easel on which in turn are fixed PRYZHYMNI moving line of -2 PCS MANUFACTURER "" GEBR.SCHRODER GMBH & CO KG "" Country of Germany DE "GERMANY0UA20607052.054343.299055
27/Apr/20178302490090"1.Vyroby of base metal for fastening, industrial purpose: 2019306 12148599800 press a flat, KS-for gnawing holder for grooves (cutting plate spacer made of steel) -10sht., Press a 12148586500 2029683 KS / KB turning flat drill ( spacer cutting plate, made of steel) -20sht., trademark KennametalVyrobnyk Kennametal production GmbHKrayina NL. "NETHERLANDS0UA1002900.14232.8398538
26/Apr/201782073010901.Zminnyy steel tool doaplikatora press (zapresovkykontaktiv knot at the ends of the wires): nakovalnya plate (matrix). .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA2091400.155.62028177
26/Apr/20178481900000"1. Common components of hydro avlichnyh hirnychohoobla ground connection that work at pressures up to 630 bar: Steel housing with rizbovymyz'yednannyamy for installation of valves Hydac: montazhnaplyt and INLINE HOUSING (R05220-01X-01) - 2 pcs .; mounting plate INLINE HOUSING (R12120A-0 1X-01) -1 sht.Neye product to create weapons, military weapons and ethno cancer. notcontains incorporates emitters, radio equipment, takes are saying, transmitters and radioactive elementary tiv.Torhivelna brand: HYDAC.Vyrobnyk: HYDAC GMBH.Krayina production: DE.. "GERMANY0UA2050202.22190.8832258
25/Apr/20178483602000"1.06407711 Coupling bellows KM-60 D1 = 24 G6 / D2 = 32 G6 -2 pcs. Of stainless steel is a twist-rigid bellows coupling, designed to connect shafts of various diameters and provide a dense synchronous-angular transmission of rotational movements. The couplings provide compensation for non-uniformity during mounting in the radial, axial and angular displacement and are characterized by high rigidity on twisting, small opposing forces, as well as a function of vibration extinguishing, are used for high-precision transmission of torque in precision pr Water. Used in the equipment of cold pilgating KPW 25 LC. Main technical characteristics: Type of product: Silfon coupling Series: KMTimension: 60Nominal torque (Nm) 60M second order (10-3 kg / m2) 0,29Rough hardness (NM / arcmin) 8.7Max shaft displacement (mm) axial ± 0,9; lateral 0,3Rescale elastic stiffness (N / mm) 49Lateral rigidity (N / mm) 260Turning time of the screw (Nm) 35Self stainless steelBlatched high pressure aluminum bolts according to DIN912 nickel plated. "GERMANY0UA1101400.9685.9716521
25/Apr/201784839081001.Lantsyuhovi sprockets, gears and other items, non-ferrous metals, steel: (kat.nomer name, number) 13CL2172 066178 Star \ Baler Part, Sprocket z = 14-2sht.13CL2173 066127 Star \ Baler Part, Sprocket z = 14- 2sht.13CL2086 004978 Gear \ Baler Part, Gear (Polyamid) -3sht.13CL2092 819170 Gear \ Baler Part, Gear z = 14-2sht.13CL2093 066179 Gear \ Baler Part, Gear z = 14-3sht.13CL2108 813680 Fork shafts \ Baler Part, Fork-1sht.13CL2034 818,050 Eccentric \ Baler Part, Needle Housing -1sht.13CL2044 002129 Cam pickup press \ Baler Part, Plate-Tooth 4sht.13CL2073A 808,128 feeder \ Baler Part, Feeder Tine Long 410mm-6sht.13CL2073 812750 Tooth feeder \ Baler Part, Feeder Tine Short 385mm-2 pcs. (Of grain for use in agricultural combines).TURKEY0UA20401027.61231.0905759
25/Apr/20177412200000"1.G 1/2" "A compression fitting to steel / 15mm copper pipe, nickel art.013G4186 -80sht. G 3/4 compression fitting to pipe metalopolimernoyi ALUPEX16h2mm type nickel plated (copper alloy) Art. 013G4186 -10sht.Torhovelna brand: DanfossKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Zhejiang Wins Machinery Co. Ltd. "CHINA0UA1001205100.5608634
24/Apr/201785119000901.Skladovi of threaded accessories (skyborizok) CelmeElectric of stamped steel, plate regulator FA.GPR 25 art.16316- 30sht.Stalna strip AF. 25/30 art.16506 - 30sht.Plastynka fixing axis size adjustment art.16565 AF25 - 60sht.Trymach capacitor art.12102 - 10sht.Plastyna fixing micro art.16315A handle - lid 20sht.Kiltse central shaft CHPZ / MEC art.165622 - 10sht.Plastynka ker.vymykacha handle art.165713 - 10sht.Plastynka tsentr.korpusu art.165720 - 10sht.Dno GE / GPR300 art.16781 - 10sht.Plastynka strap holder art.16782A engine - 10sht.Stalna strip art.16786 AF300 - 10sht.Vykydach high (pcs.) art.505557 - 10sht.Vymykach protected 14 / A art.60169 - 10sht.Vtulka control switch handles TVCH MEC art.745625 - 10 sht.Blokuyuchyy device handles TVCH art.745629 - 10 units. Bloc uyucha sleeve ring shutter cover TVCH art.745640 - 10 sht.Dystantsiynyy slider AF30 TN art.74970 - 10 sht.Napravlyayucha slide 10h138 FY 220T / N art.75121 - 20sht.Shtanha guide 15h348 art.75122 - 20sht.V shelter 20x25 guide AF30 art.75477 - 70sht.Rychah press 12h255 art.75488 AF300 - 10 sht.Vykydach low (pcs.) art.805556 - 10sht.Trymach Lever press DX AF TOP art.80014 - 50sht.Trymach Lever press SX AF TOP art. 80014A - 50sht.Nasadka support panel AF 275 FE art.74005- 2sht.Vyrobnyk: no danyhKrayina production: ITTorhovelna mark: CELMEHUNGARY0UA12511082.051217.890171
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Steel Press Plate Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Steel Press Plate Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""УМП"""
Importer Address
79069 м.Львів, вул.Шевченка,313/606 Україна
Exporter Name """ARGIP"" Sp. z o.o."
Product Description
1. springy washer plate without thread made of car.........
HS Code 7318210090Value 29.69479674
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 1.91
Origin Country INDIA

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