Ukraine Import Data of Steel Fenc | Ukraine Import Statistics of Steel Fenc

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of steel fenc collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of steel fenc imports.

Steel Fenc Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Steel Fenc

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178302490090"1.Bezkoshtovna delivery: Parts to Word, industrial embroidery machines", "TAJIMA" ": webbed frames are steel fence for keeping plastic frame.."JAPAN0UA1250200.666.22613083 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20177325999000"1.Vyroby made of steel, -Sudno (American model) SURGIWELOMED.Rozmiry 350x270x100 mm art.45-0136-27-3sht. - Sterilization box of stainless steel to SCHIMMELBUSCH SURGIWELOMED. Diameter 125 mm, height 80 mm, art .45-0152-08-35sht. - Sterilization box of stainless steel to SCHIMMELBUSCH SURGIWELOMED. diameter 150 mm, height 150 mm, art.45-0155-15-142sht. - Sterilization box of stainless steel to SCHIMMELBUSCH SURGIWELOMED. Diameter 240 mm, height 145 mm, art.45-0164-14-108sht. - Sterilization box of stainless steel to SCHIMMELBUSCH SURGIWELOMED. diameter 290 mm, height 145 mm, art.45-0169-14-111sht. - Sterilization Box stainless Choi steel in SCHIMMELBUSCH SURGIWELOMED. diameter 340 mm, height 145 mm, art.45-0174-14-74sht. - Sterilization box of stainless steel to SCHIMMELBUSCH SURGIWELOMED. diameter 340 mm, height 190 mm, art.45-0174-19 -91sht. - Tray kidney SURGIWELOMED. Length 16.0 cm, art.88.139.17-150sht. - Tray kidney SURGIWELOMED. Length 20.0 cm, art.88.139.20-200sht. - Tray kidney SURGIWELOMED. Length 26.0 cm, art.88.139.25-498sht. - rectangular tray with lid SURGIWELOMED. Dimensions 300x175x30 mm art.45-0144-28-30sht. - rectangular tray SURGIWELOMED. Length 26.0 cm, art.88.146.22-30sht. - rectangular tray SURGIWELOMED. Length 30.0 cm, art.88.146.28-30sht. - rectangular tray SURGIWELOMED. Length 40.0 cm, art.88.146.37-20sht..Vyrobnyk-Surgiwell (Pvt) Ltd., Defence Road, Ploy Technical staff Coloney, POBox # .290 51310, Sialkot, Pakistan. Trademark SURGIWELOMED.Krayina-production-PK. "PAKISTAN0UA125100923.769362.190094
21/Apr/201773262000901.Vyroby made of ferrous metals: -Drit steel hinges for nasal SURGIWELOMED. Length 10 meters, diameter of 0.3 mm, art.34-5532-30-5sht..Vyrobnyk-Surgiwell (Pvt) Ltd., Defence Road, Ploy Technical staff Coloney, POBox # .290 51310, Sialkot, Pakistan. Trademark SURGIWELOMED.Krayina-production-PK. .PAKISTAN0UA1251000.3529.9999245
20/Apr/20177314390000"1.Vyroby of iron or steel, welded fence at the intersection: Fence '' Rainbow '' 370 * 350mm, 5 pieces included - 50 compl., Fence," "Rainbow", "480 * 450mm, 5 pieces included - 50 compl ., Fence, "" Rainbow "," 570 * 500 mm, 5 pcs included - 50 compl., Fence, "" Rainbow "," 700 * 750mm, 5 pieces included - 50 compl., Fence, "" Exquisite "" 800 * 900mm, in the complex. 5 pieces. - 30 compl., Fence, "" Live "" 450 * 675 mm, 5 pcs. vkompl. - 30 pcs., trademark signature "" COMFORT aluminum "," manufacturers company "" COMFORT aluminum "" Country manufacturing BY. "BELARUS0UA125040678.71247.658853
20/Apr/20178419310000"1.ZERNOSUSHARKA MODEL L205CE -1 pieces. Dryer designed for continuous drying of soybean seeds to reduce moisture content of 5%, the performance of 30 tons per HODYNU.DO OF dryer includes: - drying tower TYPE L205CE, made of bent sheet steel, galvanized aluzinc -1 PCS - base with enhanced design and HORYACHEOTSYNKOVANOYU On the basis, equipped with a mechanism for unloading and bunker FOR ANY Assisted dried GRAIN fall on the lower -1 PCS conveyors - chain conveyors DIAMETER 250 mm and a length of 4.5 m -1 PCS - electro NO centrifugal fan, made of steel sheet and solid profiles, equipped with an engine capacity of 37 kW -2 PCS - leaf against dust FOR Electric -2 PCS - a pipeline to divert gases UTVOROYUTSYA during drying, a modular dashboard made of galvanized aluzinc - 1 pc; - intermediate TECHNICAL PLATFORM FOR tower with the base and side protective fencing made of galvanized MATERIAL -1 PCS - UPPER PLATFORM FOR TECHNICAL AND ELEAVATORA tower with the base and side protective fencing made of Galvanized MATERIAL -1 PCS - ladders OUT platform with side protective fencing made of galvanized steel -1 PCS - gas burners - 2 units - Electric control panels for the control and management of process of drying -1 PCS - electric compressors POWER 3 kW, with capacity for 200 liters of condensate at -1 SHT.OSNOVNI SPECIFICATIONS: - the necessary energy for work - 4034 kW - fuel - methane with the power of 8500 kcal / m3 at a pressure of 300 mbar - Electric power - 82, 1 kW - required to operate the air - 2h110 m3 / hour - number SECTIONS FOR DRYING - 27; - Number of sections for cooling - 9 - DIMENSIONS Dryer - 23000h6300h4000 MM.POSTAVLYAYETSYA disassembled STANI.DATA PRODUCTION - 2017 RIK.SERIYNYY number - 052017. "ITALY0UA90104034397152712.691
20/Apr/20174008290090"1.Profili shaped soft, nonporous, vulcanized rubber, used dlyauschilnennya: - steel overhead handrail D = 42,4 mm thick glass fences 15-17,5 mm section 24h24mm, art.00102415175 - 30m - glass thickness of 10.10 (20,64-21,52mm) in balustrade art.007090JOINT1010G siryy- 5m.Torhovelna mark SABCO.Vyrobnyk SADEV Batiment (SBI) .Krayina production FR.. "FRANCE0UA1001106.928131.1975675
20/Apr/201773143900001. Other netting and fencing, welded at the intersection: Grid Ovinet, 108 cm x 50 m. Designed for fencing for poultry and sheep material production plastics and stainless steel wires. .GERMANY0UA2091406.1849.60525376
14/Apr/20178478900000"1.poz.8, Guide - spetsdetal complex shape, steel, used exclusively for sending shtranhu cigarette in cigarette shtranhu node forming a cigarette machine cigarette SE80ERSS equipment labeling: SPIKKER, commercial name" "Rip fence with steel 5.3-5.59 CM A SE80 / SE100 "";. "NETHERLANDS0UA8060500.13983.3094285
14/Apr/201772172030001. Wire carbon steel, plated or otherwise coated with zinc, with carbon content less than 0.25%, with the largest cross-sectional size of at least 0.8 mm wire warning to pasture Farma, 1,2mm x 1000 m . Designed for use in agriculture - for fencing pastures. .CHINA0UA209140144.3140.7474905
14/Apr/201773143900001. Fence (mesh) garden wire of iron or steel, welded in mistahperetynu.Otsynkovana and covered with a thin stratum of plastic green zdiametrom cross-section of not more than 2.2 mm.Sadova fence in rolls: Eurofence 100cm * 25m- 200 pieces, Eurofence 150cm * 25m- of 5, Eurofence 200cm * 25m- 30SHT, Eurofence (promotion) 180cm * 20m - VT 150, Eurofence 100cm * 10m- VT 300, Eurofence 150cm * 10m- 100 pieces, Eurofence 150cm * 25m- VT 121, Eurofence 60cm * 10m- 2000 pieces, Eurofence 120cm * 10m- VT 171, Eurofence 60cm * 25m- VT 700, Eurofence150cm * 25m- of 24, Promofence 150cm * 25m- VT 181, Eurofence 120cm * 10m- 29 PCS, Eurofence 120cm * 25m - 100 pieces, brand HEBEI MINMETALS CO., LTD.Krayina production: CN.Torhivelna brand: absent.CHINA0UA12525032165.741724.95903
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Steel Fenc Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Steel Fenc Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""АСГ НІСТРОМ УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
79016 м.Львів,вул.Ярослава Мудрого, 9Б,УКРАЇНА.
Product Description
"1.Bezkoshtovna delivery: Parts to Word, industria.........
HS Code 8302490090Value 66.22613083
Quantity 0Unit UA125020
Net Weight 0.6
Origin Country JAPAN

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