Ukraine Import Data of Steel Bar Chair | Ukraine Import Statistics of Steel Bar Chair

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of steel bar chair collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of steel bar chair imports.

Steel Bar Chair Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Steel Bar Chair

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of steel bar chair. Get Ukraine trade data of Steel Bar Chair imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
10/Apr/20179401710000"1. Furniture for seating, with a metal frame, upholstered, complete with fixing elements partially disassembled vyhlyadiStilets materials: steel chrome / leatherette color: white and chornyyart.V-CH-K / 132-KR-BIALO-CZARNY -4sht, chair, material: steel chrome / imitation leather, color: chornyyart.V-CH-K / 137-KR-CZARNY-4 pieces, chair, materials: stalfarbovana / PVC artificial leather in a color: brown art.V-CH -K / 4-M-SILVER-BRAZOWY-4 pieces, chair, material: steel painted / leatherette color: white art.V-CH-K / 70-KR-BIALY-4 pieces, chair, material: steel chrome / leatherette color: cho tion art.V-CH-K / 74-KR-CZARNY-4 pieces, chair Barney materials: steel chrome / artificial leather color: cream art.V-CH-H / ​​21-KREMOWY-2 pcs; ".CHINA0UA100010136.8487.2403958 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
10/Apr/20179401710000"1. Furniture for seating, with a metal frame, upholstered, vkomplekti of fasteners, partly vrozibranomu as: chair, fabric, light gray / metalart.KRZESLO ARSEN SZARY-8 pieces, chair, fabric / metal color: denim art.KRZESLO COLIN DENIMMATERIAL-6 pieces, chair, fabric / metal, color: dark blue / gray art.KRZESLO DARIO SZARY / GRANATOWYTAP.29-8sht, chair, fabric / metal, color: blue / siryyart.KRZESLO DARIO SZARY / NIEBIESKI TAP.31 -8sht, chair, fabric / metal color: gray / gray art.KRZESLO DARIOSZARY / SZARY TAP.30-8sht, chair, cloth, red / metal, aluminum art.FOTEL DEVON CZERWONY-2 pcs; art.FOTEL DEVON CZERWONY-1pc ; art.FOTEL DEVON CZERWONY-2 pc, Armchair, shtuch.shkira cream / metal, aluminum art.FOTEL DEVON KREM EKOSKORA-1pc, chair, fabric, blue / metal, aluminum art.FOTEL DEVON NIEBIESKI-2 pcs; art.FOTEL DEVON NIEBIESKI-2 pcs, chair, cloth gray / metal, aluminum art.FOTEL DEVON SZARY-2 pcs; art.FOTEL DEVON SZARY-2 pcs; art.FOTEL DEVON SZARY-2 pcs, chair, fabric, yellow / meta l aluminum art.FOTEL DEVON ZOLTY-1am; art.FOTEL DEVON ZOLTY-2 pcs, chair, shtuch.shkira black / metal art.KRZESLO H090 CZARNY / CHROM-4 pieces, chair, shtuch.shkira, brown / Steel art.KRZESLO H-301 STAL SZCZOTKOWANA / BRAZ-8 pieces, chair , shtuch.shkira, gray / steel H-301 art.KRZESLO STAL SZCZOTKOWANA / SZARY-8 pieces, chair, shtuch.shkira, dark beige / metal chrome art.KRZESLO H334 CIEMNY BEZ-12p; art.KRZESLO H334 CIEMNY BEZ-12p, chair, shtuch.shkira, dark beige / metal chrome art.KRZESLO H334 CIEMNY BEZ-12p, chair, shtuch.shkira, gray / metal chrome art.KRZESLO H334 SZARY-8 pieces, Chair, materials : shtuch.shkira / plywood / metal color: gray / white / chrome art.KRZESLO H422 SZARY / BIALY TYL-8 pieces, chair, shtuch.shkira, black with white accents / metal chrome art.KRZESLO H441 CZARNY / BIALE BOKI-4 pieces ; chair, shtuch.shkira cream / metal chrome art.KRZESLO H441 KREM-8 pieces, chair, shtuch.shkira, black / chrome metal art.KRZESLO H456 CIEMNY BEZ-8 pieces, chair, shtuch.shkira, cappuccino / metal chrome art. KRZESLO H604 CAPPUCCINO-8 pieces; art.KRZESLO H604 CAPPUCCINO-8 pieces; art.KRZESLO H664 CAPPUCCINO-6 pieces, chair, cloth, gray / black metal art.KRZESLO HALS SZARY MATERIAL-6 pieces; art.KRZESLO HALS SZARY MATERIAL-5pcs, chair, shtuch.shkira, dark beige / metal chrome art.KRZESLO IGOR CIEMNY BEZ-8 pieces, Bar Stool, fabric / metal, gray / chrome art.STOLEK BAROWY JOKO SZARY-6 pieces, chair, shtuch.shkira, cappuccino / brushed steel art.KRZESLO KEVIN cAPPUCCINO-8 pieces, Bar Stool, fabric / metal, gray / chrome art.STOLEK BAROWY LOCO SZARY-5pcs, chair, fabric / metal color: blue art.KRZESLO LOGAN NIEBIESKI- 8 pieces, chair, fabric / metal color: tsehlyastyy / chrome art.FOTEL MAJOR CEGLASTY-2 pcs; art.FOTEL MAJOR CEGLASTY-2 pcs, chair, fabric / metal color: gray / chrome art.FOTEL MAJOR SZARY-2 pcs, chair, fabric / metal, color: blue / chrome art.FOTEL MAJOR NIEBIESKI-2 pcs, chair, fabric / metal color: yellow / chrome art.FOTEL MAJOR ZOLTY-2 pcs, chair, fabric / metal color: green / chrome art.FOTEL MAJOR ZIELONY-2 pcs; art.FOTEL MAJOR ZIELONY-2 pcs, chair, fabric + shtuch.shkira, with "CHINA0UA1000102482.5713701.52957
10/Apr/20179401300000"1. Chair with adjustable height with" "rotation function" "Chair bar, composition: metal / upholstery artificial leather, quality Basicart.3648465-ULLERSLEV, size 45 * 65/85 * 44cm-1pcs. Bar chair, composition: metal / Upholstery artificial leather, quality Plusart.3645623-HORSLUNDE, size 56 * 80/101 * 50cm-4pcs. Office chair, composition: metal base / plastic / textiles, quality Basicart.3620017-REGSTRUP, size 57 * 82/94 * 59cm- 3pcs. Office chair, warehouse: metal base / plastic / textiles, quality Plusart.3620021-BILLUM, size 63 * 109/119 *, size 60 * 116/126 * 63cm-1sht.Steel Office, composition: metal base / plastic / artificial leather , Price Star series, quality Basicart.3620084-NIMTOFTE, size 61 * 95/107 * 64cm-12pcs. Office chair, composition: metal base / plastic / artificial leather, quality Goldart 3699305-STENDERUP, size 69 * 118/128 * 64cm-1pc. Desk chair, composition: metal base / plastic / artificial leather, quality Plusart.3620031-HORSLUNDE, size 60 * 76/88 / 53cm-4pcs. Art.3620073-SNEDSTED, size 5 3 * 74/84 * 57cm -4pcs. Brand name JyskCara manufactured by CN China "CHINA0UA100050860.6941855.652083
10/Apr/201794036010001. Furniture from a tree for dining and living rooms, in a disassembled state. Commodity, composition: an array of poplars / rattan, quality Basicart.3833206-OURE, size 36 * 76 * 37cm-1pcs. Art.3833208-OURE, size 36 * 76 * 37cm, size 94 * 76 * 37cm-1pcs. Bedrooms, composition: Laminated particleboard / bamboo, quality Basicart.3606117-BROBY, size 70 * 78 * 37cm-1pcs. Br.3606118-BROBY, Size 70 * 150 *, size 35 * 150 * 37cm-3pcs. Pansy room, composition: poplar massif, quality Basicart.3600003-OURE, size 100 * 30 * 20cm-1pcs. , For photos, composition: DSP laminated, quality Basicart.3672198-PRICE STAR, size 60 * 6 * 7см-12шт.арт.3672200-PRICE STAR, size 115 * 6 * 7с M-12sht.Steel kitchen, composition: the chipboard is laminated, the size 55 * 100 * 80cm, complete with 2 chairsarmart 3699600-PRICE STAR, size 55 * 100 * 80cm-1compl.Dinner table, composition: pine mass, size 75 * 118 * 73cm, complete with 4 chairs, Price Starart.3698909-TYLSTRUP series, size 75/42 * 118/42 * 73 / 85sm-2comp. Writing table, composition: Particleboard laminated, quality Basicart.3605301-PRICE STAR, size 60 * 77 * 42cm-4pcs. Stool coffee, composition: Laminated chipboard / bamboo, Price Star series, quality Basicart.3648084-TAPS, size 55 * 55 * 45cm-4pcs. Art.3648086-TAPS, size 40 * 40 * 40cm 2 pcs. Coffee Stool, composition: oak / MDF, quality Plusart.3602023-LEJRE, size 60 * 120 * 45cm-1pcs. , Composition: Laminated chipboard, Price Star series, quality Basicart.3617285-TAPS, size 55 * 55 * 45cm-1pcs. Lumbar bed, composition: Laminated chipboard, quality Basicart.3674090-BROBY, size 45 * 50 * 38cm-1pcs. Bedside table-bedside table, composition: pine-wood, quality Goldart.3674130-STENLILLE, size 38 * 54 * 31cm-2pcs. Trademark JyskCare produced by CN ChinaCHINA0UA100050314.237653.5027533
05/Apr/201794038900001. Furniture of combined materials. Table folding table 70x70 cm, steel base, glass countertops, gray color, art. 898385, bar code 3276000218616, model 701.000.005-15s. Set of furniture for bistro: table O60x69 cm, 2 chairs 42х52х83 cm, steel / glass, color gray / green, art.947062, bar code 3276005132764, model 701.004.000GREEN-40pcs. Garden folding table diam. 60x69 cm, steel base, glass worktop, color gray, art. 949079, barcode 3276005058460, model330.186-60pcs.Table for bistro diam.60x70 cm, steel / glass, color silver-gray, art.955383, bar code 3276004832283, fashion 330.850 GR-250sht.Category of production - CNTorval brand - LETRIGHT INDUSTRIAL Producer - LETRIGHT INDUSTRIAL CORP., LTD.CHINA0UA10002023685943.680053
05/Apr/201794017900001.Furniture for sitting with metal. FrameGarden folding chair 53,5х51,5х82см, steel / textile, gray-brown color, арт.936714, bar code 3276005525917, model 731.033.000TAUPE-16шт. Chair folding garden 53,5х51,5х82 cm, steel / textile, gray color, art. 936716, piece code 3276005525856, model731.033.000 GREY- 28pcs. Chair for bistro 51x52x72 cm, steel / textiles, color rings, art.968172, bar code 3276004371744, model 330.194G-342pcs. Chair for bistro 51x52 x72 cm, steel / textiles, color green, art.968173, barcode3276004371713, modal 330.194V-266pcs. Chair for bistros 51х52х72 cm, steel / textiles, white color, art. 968174, barcode 3276004371683, model330.194W-152pcs. The chair for collar is 59x54,5h71,5 cm, aluminum, art.983227, bar code 3276200282141, model 330.835-32pcs. Production line - CNTorval label - LETRIGHT INDUSTRIALProducer -LETRIGHT INDUSTRIAL CORP., LTD. .CHINA0UA1000202060.75310.205376
04/Apr/20177318151090"1. samostoporni screws with head and flange: WPZM6x12KC-109480sht.; WPZM6x16KC-107200sht .; WPZM6x20KC-103690sht .; metric screw thread diametromstryzhnya 6mm., Carved from bars of non-alloy structural steel, nesamonarizni with head, for the production of chairs. Manufacturer: PPHU "" FRANKOPOL "", Country of origin: PL.Torhivelna mark: FRANKOPOL.. "POLAND0UA8071701471.43205.18176
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Steel Bar Chair Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Steel Bar Chair Importer Sample

Date 10/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АВБ СІСТЕМ ІНВЕСТ"""
Importer Address
36020, м. Полтава, вул. Котляревського, 1/27, кв.731
Exporter Name Halmar Sp. z o.o.
Product Description
"1. Furniture for seating, with a metal frame, uph.........
HS Code 9401710000Value 487.2403958
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 136.8
Origin Country CHINA

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