Ukraine Import Data of Stainless Steel Furniture | Ukraine Import Statistics of Stainless Steel Furniture

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of stainless steel furniture collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of stainless steel furniture imports.

Stainless Steel Furniture Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Stainless Steel Furniture

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of stainless steel furniture. Get Ukraine trade data of Stainless Steel Furniture imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784185019001. APPLICATIONS FOR PUBLIC FOOD ENTERPRISES: FURNITURE FOR STORAGE WITH REFRIGERATING UNIT - Refrigerated table, External dimensions: W 2230 x H 700 x 860 mm, 421 l, Stainless steel legs are height adjustable, Temperature range: -2 ° C / +8 ° C, Total capacity: 495 W / 230 V, Art.- KTS227-1 pc., Shop window for confectionery 72 l. Dimensions: 450x450x983 mm, Diameter: 450 mm, Total power: 170 W / 220-240 V, Temperature range: 0 C / +10 C, 4 rotatable height adjustable shelves, Internal LED backlight, Volume: 72 l, Double glass, automatic defrosting with evaporation of melt water, electronic control, digital display, art.- PVK72R -1 pieces., Refrigerating showcase for gastronomic capacities. Exterior dimensions: W 2000 x D 335 x 235 mm. Stainless steel case. For 10x1 / 4 GN containers. Volume: 63 l. Temperature range: + 2 / + 10 ° C. Total power: 149 W / 230 V / 50 Hz. Art .- AGS203E-1, NOT CONTAINING Ozonizing Substances and Radiation (Transmitters or Transmitters and Receivers) IN YOUR COMPOSITION.CHINA3UA2060103021744.154265 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201773181590901. countersunk bolt and dvuhhrannymy rounded heads made of corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel in stock: Furniture Bolt DIN603 06h70 nerzh.A2 art.5732 -100sht.Bolt Furniture 08h30 nerzh.A2 DIN603 art.5732 -100sht.Bolt Furniture 08h60 nerzh.A2 DIN603 art.5732 -100sht.Bolt furniture 08h70 nerzh.A2 DIN603 -150sht.Torhovelna art.5732 brand: no danyh.Vyrobnyk: no danyh.MY. .MALAYSIA0UA20509010.4638.71882362
20/Apr/201783024200901.Armatura and fittings for furniture made of metal used in the store, not for sale: Furniture fasteners for shoes display 695 mm Composition: Stainless steel - 100% Nb 2 sht.Torhovelna mark METALES Y MUEBLES ESPECIALESVyrobnyk METALES Y MUEBLES ESPECIALES, SLKrayina production ES.SPAIN0UA2050201.718.56549678
14/Apr/20178302420090"1.Furnitura furniture of base metal, for drawers: 96 hromruchka-5001-06-6000sht, 64-5002-06-20800sht chrome handle, 96-hromruchka 5007-06-6000sht, 96 Eko Point Pen chrome-5045-06- 20000sht, 96-5115-06-200sht hromruchka Gomme, 96 Midye handle chrome-5117-06-360sht, 128-Eko Kalin hromruchka 5123-06-3000sht; 96/128 Bergama white pen-5152-013-300sht; 96/128 Bergam aMAT gold pen-5152-04-300sht; 96/128 Bergama MAT-chrome handle 5152-03-600sht; 96/128 Bergama MAT black handle-5152-012-30 0sht; 96/128 Bergama satynruchka-5152-02- 300sht; 96/128 Bergama handle chrome-5152-06-300sht; 96/128 Bergama chrome stainless steel. steel chrome handle-5152-06 / 022-300sht; 160/192 Bergama MAT-black handle 5153-012-400sht; 16 0 / 192 Bergama bilaruchka-5153-013-400sht; 160/192 Bergama handle satin-5153- 02-600sh tons, 160 / 192Bergama MAT-5153-0 chrome handle 3-600sht; 160/192 Bergama MAT gold pen-5153-04-600sht; 160/192 Bergama chrome-py chka 5153-06-1000sht; 160/192 Bergamahrom stainless steel. steel chrome handle-5153-06 / 022-600sht; 224/256 Bergama MAT-5166-0 12 chornaruchka -225sht; 224/256 Bergama white pen 6-013-225sht-516; 224 / 256Bergama handle satin-5166-02-450sht; 224/256 Bergama MAT-chrome handle 5166-03-450sht; 224/256 BergamaMAT gold pen-5166-04-225sht; 224/256 Berg ama-chrome handle 5166-06-450sht; 224/256 Be rgama chromium stainless steel "TURKEY0UA807190617640036.3599
11/Apr/20178418501900"1. furniture with built-in refrigeration equipmentto storage and display of food catering: Refrigerating length L = 1400 for catering containers GN 1/4 type for a table for pizza (art. VR4160VD) - 1 piece Technical parameters: size - 1600 x 327 x 475mm, power - 0,5kVt, material - stainless steel grade AISI 304, refrigerant - containing R404a.Ne radio receiver / peredavachiv.Torhovelna mark - TECNODOM (DGD). Producer - Country of TECNODOM SpA - IT. ".ITALY1UA12511027452.4602145
10/Apr/20179403890000"1. Furniture for living rooms and dining rooms, Fly tables with glass, complete with fasteners, dining tables vrozibranomu staniStil materials: glass / stalhromovana, color, glass - colorless art.V-CH-ADAMYYI-ST-2 pcs, dining table materials: glass / steel, color: glass -chornyy art.V-CH-ANTON-ST-1pc, dining table, materials: glass / steel color: glass - black legs - bilyyart.V-CH-ARGUS-ST -CZARNY-8 pieces, dining table, materials: glass / steel color: glass - milk, legs - bilyyart.V-CH-ARGUS-ST-MLECZNY-4 pieces, dining table, materials: glass / steel, chrome, color, glass - colorless art.V-CH-CORWIN _BIS-ST-5pcs, dining table, materials: glass / stainless steel / PVC, color: glass - colorless, polyvinyl chloride - Black art.V-CH-GOTARD-ST-CZARNY-3pc, dining table folding materials: glass / steel painted, color: glass - black art.V-CH-KENT-ST-CZARNY-1am; folding dining table, materials: glass / steel, chrome, color, glass - beige art.V-CH-L / 31-ST-BEZOWY -1sht, dining table and sofa, materials: glass / steel, chrome, color, glass - white art.V-CH-L / 31-ST-BIALY-1am; folding dining table, materials: glass / steel, chrome, color, glass - black art.V-CH-L / 31-ST-CZARNY-3pc, dining table, materials: glass / stainless steel color: glass - colorless art.V-CH-OLIVIER-STOL-2 pcs, folding dining table, materials: glass / MDF / steel, color: white art.V-CH-SANDOR_2-ST-BIALY -3sht, coffee table, materials: glass / steel chrome / wood color: wenge art.V-CH-ADA-LAW-wENGE-1pc, coffee table, materials: glass / fiberglass varnished color: black art.V-CH- CORTINA-LAW-CZARNY-1pc, coffee table, materials: glass / MDF / steel color: black art.V-CH-DIANA_KWADRAT_H-LAW-LAK-CZARNY-2 pcs, coffee table, materials: glass / fiberglass color: stolishnytsya - white / ash art.V-CH-FLAVIA-LAW-1am; coffee table Materials: glass / fiberglass color: stolishnytsya - white / black and white art.V-CH-GOBI-LAW-1pc, coffee table, materials: glass / steel chrome art.V-CH-IRIS-LAW-13sht, coffee table pufamy of materials: glass / steel painted, color: black art.V-CH-MONROE-LAW-9sht, coffee table, materials: glass / steel The color: RAINBOW picture art.V-CH-PANDORA-LAW-TECZA- 4 pieces, coffee table, materials: glass / steel chrome color: glass - colorless with black edges art.V-CH-SALOME-LAWA-2 pcs, Stand for shoes, materials: steel chrome / wood / sht.shkira color: wood, wenge , sht.shkira - cream art.V-CH -ST_3-STOJAK-1am; Table computer materials: wood bent / chrome steel / glass color: wenge art.V-CH-B / 16-BIURKO-WENGE-1am; "CHINA0UA1000101809.83620.947138
10/Apr/20178302100090"1.Vyroby base metal hinges, and the hinges used in furniture, polished brass hinge Poker D14mm 102mm Weight Doors: 58kh; Hinge for shower glass 8mm 180 ° brass polished chrome, loop the barrier 100 mm cutting. 180hrd.22 kg .; st.nikelov complex hinge "" MiniFix "" d / trees. shutters, .; nickel stainless steel hinge Poker coverage: D14mm 102mm polished brass door weight: 120kg; Loop barrier 125 mm cutting. 180hrd.27 kg .; st.nikelov Loop barrier 150 mm, 180 deg., 40 kg, nickel-plated steel, Loop METALLA D SM 110 ° internal nickel-plated steel shab Online: 48/6 by screw, hinge METALLA MINI A 95 ° steel nickel-plated straight pattern 38 / 7.5 by screw;. "CHINA0UA20914064.6540.7567548
10/Apr/20178302420090"1.Armatura fasteners and fittings of base metal for furniture: Furniture Handle 16 / 464h40 mm stainless steel, matte."INDIA0UA2091400.243.288352356
10/Apr/20178302420090"1.Armatura fasteners and fittings of base metal for furniture: Set of door handles WC 8 stainless steel matte LED Mounting Ring 2020 tsamak, nickel silver 66,5mm, Console White Coated Load. 300 kg steamed, steel 300x205mm, cooling profile LED strips, aluminum 1000 mm, handle-bracket aluminum color: silver 400 mm stopper door, floor stainless steel mat 24mm D45mm, Furniture stopper-lock door clearance of 50 mm, 40 kg Reliance tube with base inside stainless steel 25 / 850mm , decorative caps for tubes brass chrome D25mm Ana polished 36mm D83mm, color aluminum Flush Handle Stainless Steel 110 mm Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver 13h18h2500mm lower mounting ml; Profile strips for LED 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver 19h21h2500mm corner matte retractable basket, color: silver 564x475x156 mm Furniture handle tsamak color: white matt 180x28mm;; Profile strips for LED 2029/37/43/45 3013/1 5 aluminum color: silver anodized 8,5h18h2500mm Flush; Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver matt 19h21h2500mm corner; Metalboks 350mm H 86mm steel color: white RAL9010; Wardrobe Hook tsamak color: 13x177mm stainless steel; Handle Relingi-D10 / 168x35 mm stainless steel, matte; ; Handle double-arch 126h28 mm tsamak black. Matov .; Handle-button D12h20 mm stainless. steel, matt; Set LDH 2176 PC handles stainless steel matt 8mm; WC Set of door handles 8 stainless steel, polished brass color, coating PVD, model PDH4179; Set LDH 2176 WC handles stainless steel matt 8mm; Handle-button D15h22 mm aluminum. anodov. silvery; Double roller backstop, steel, dark brown; Flush Handle 99h38 mm, steel, matte Cerna; Handle polished brass mortise 38h99h14mm; Hook locking, D = 6 mm tsamak, nickel, right; Double roller backstop, steel, galvanized; Dual ball screws 14h60 mm brass polirov; Console prykruchuv. 180 mm, 55 kg, white aluminum; Polytsetrymach screw for fastening 90 mm; Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver matt 14h28h2500mm corner; Elbow external doors for STARTEC 30 IF galvanized steel; Mounting plate stainless steel (to Item 833.74.812); Polytsetrymacha ring d = 7 mm (nickel) under zapresovku; Polytsetrymach for fastening 100mm, galvanized steel; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" size is 4-23mm zinc, color: white aluminum RAL 9006; Console 200h150h36 mm, load 50 kg / pair Ćorić .; Console 250h200h42 mm, load 50 kg / pair korycheva; "CHINA0UA209140262.711973.485574
10/Apr/20178302420090"1.Armatura fasteners and fittings of base metal for furniture, door stopper wall stainless steel polished D60mm 27mm; Handle mad., Steel, mat. 333x38mm, handle Flush 111h34 mm aluminum matte chrome polished steel handle 332x32mm;."TAIWAN0UA20914020.6586.70017178
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Stainless Steel Furniture Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Stainless Steel Furniture Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name IG-IF Plus UG
Product Description
HS Code 8418501900Value 1744.154265
Quantity 3Unit UA206010
Net Weight 302
Origin Country CHINA

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