Ukraine Import Data of Stainless Steel Cap | Ukraine Import Statistics of Stainless Steel Cap

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of stainless steel cap collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of stainless steel cap imports.

Stainless Steel Cap Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Stainless Steel Cap

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20178418509000"1 Cabinets refrigerators with built-in refrigeration equipment, refrigerant R404A tucked no ozone-depleting used for trade and public catering, contains incorporates radio, refrigerator cabinet Capri P-390M (VO, controller) (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., internal V = 390l) -2sht, cooling cabinet Capri 0,5SK (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., internal V = 500l) -2sht, cooling cabinet Capri 0,7SK (0 temperature. gr.S. .. + 7, the inner V = 700l) -2sht, cooling cabinet Capri 0,7UM (temperature -6 ... + 6 gr.S., internal V = 700l) -1sht, cooling cabinet srednetemperaturnыy W X 0,80S compartment (temperature 0 ... + 7 gr.S., internal V = 870l) -2sht, cooling cabinet Veneto RS-0,4, krashennыy (temperature +2 ... + 10 gr.S. , the inner V = 400l) -1sht, cooling cabinet Veneto RS-0,4, stainless steel (shelf-lattice) (temperature +2 ... + 10 gr.S., internal V = 400l) -2sht; Trademark " "MCM (MARYHOLODMASH)" "Manufacturer: OAO" "Contact" "Country of origin - RU;."RUSSIA12UA10011015205858.110665 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201783099090001. korozostiykoyi radiator cap of stainless steel, used in refrigeration, mounted on trailer trucks: art.115406, radiator cap, 4pcs. .UNITED STATES0UA1251800.3322.63265969
28/Apr/201784186900901. Freezing Equipment for catering: Machine for making soft ice cream and yogurt Softi AR. Case: stainless steel. Capacity: 28 l / h. 2 kinds of ice cream + 1miks. Bunker 2 x 6 liters capacity. Digital display. Digital programming from 1 to 20 degrees of softness. Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz. Connecting to a standard electric. MAX outlet 220V Power: 2.0 kW. Dimensions: 880 x 518 x 860 mm. art.- 40,115 -2sht.Lodohenerator 26 kg / 24 hr. The body is made of stainless steel. Dimensions: 420 x 528 x 655 mm. Capacity: 26 kg / 24 hr. The shape of cubes, cone-shaped 28 x 40 mm. Ice tank 6 kg. Total capacity: 220 W / 220 V. The presence of water filters. art.- EMK2624 -1sht., contains no ozone-depleting substances and radio equipment (transmitter or transmitter and receiver) in its composition. .CHINA0UA2060102814808.463778
28/Apr/201784223000991.OBLADNANNYA Restaurant: Vacuum packaging machine 20 m2 / h. Case: stainless steel, electronically controlled, 2 plates that junction, External dimensions: 490 x T 540 x 530 mm Dimensions Camera: 440 x T 420 x 75 mm, length of plates for soldering: 400 mm, total power: 750 W 230, power pump, 20 m. cu. / h. art.- VTK400 -1sht., Vacuum Packing Machine 8 m3 / h. External dimensions: W 380 x D 480 x 400 mm. Dimensions Camera: W 320 x D 380 x 55 mm. Welding plate: 300 mm. Pump capacity: 8 m3 / h. Total capacity: 750 W / 230 V / 50 Hz. Housing: stainless steel AISI 304. Digital display. Simple operation. Transparent cover with seal. 1 welded plate. art.- VTK300 -2sht. .CHINA0UA2060101311558.247679
28/Apr/201784185019001. APPLICATIONS FOR PUBLIC FOOD ENTERPRISES: FURNITURE FOR STORAGE WITH REFRIGERATING UNIT - Refrigerated table, External dimensions: W 2230 x H 700 x 860 mm, 421 l, Stainless steel legs are height adjustable, Temperature range: -2 ° C / +8 ° C, Total capacity: 495 W / 230 V, Art.- KTS227-1 pc., Shop window for confectionery 72 l. Dimensions: 450x450x983 mm, Diameter: 450 mm, Total power: 170 W / 220-240 V, Temperature range: 0 C / +10 C, 4 rotatable height adjustable shelves, Internal LED backlight, Volume: 72 l, Double glass, automatic defrosting with evaporation of melt water, electronic control, digital display, art.- PVK72R -1 pieces., Refrigerating showcase for gastronomic capacities. Exterior dimensions: W 2000 x D 335 x 235 mm. Stainless steel case. For 10x1 / 4 GN containers. Volume: 63 l. Temperature range: + 2 / + 10 ° C. Total power: 149 W / 230 V / 50 Hz. Art .- AGS203E-1, NOT CONTAINING Ozonizing Substances and Radiation (Transmitters or Transmitters and Receivers) IN YOUR COMPOSITION.CHINA3UA2060103021744.154265
28/Apr/20178413702900"1. The electric pump without flow, centrifugal, submerged, multistage, downhole for lifting liquids: -822986- E4XP40 / 30 + MCH455 / S-8V with 4kW electric motor 400V, 50Hz -2sht, giving up to 16 m3 / hr., The pressure - up to 124m in diameter exhaust pipe 62mm..Vykorystovuyetsya for pumping clean, chemically aggressive water. With a maximum solids content of up to 150g / m3. maximum temperature fluid to 30 ° c. The depth of the installation below the water level up to 15m., stainless material execution steel, Runners thermoplastic rubber) .Vyrobnyk: "" Capr ari SpA "" IT.Torhova mark: "" Caprari SpA "" Country of Italiya.Dlya use in civil industry. ".ITALY2UA12502053.661340.047944
28/Apr/20177321190000"1.Prylady for cooking and eating pidihrivan tion, including devices for tverdomupalyvi: -hryl frying meat and fish on charcoal, complete with: lattice andfor meat (0419) 1pc; iskrozahashuvach standard stainless steel 27cm ( 4050) 1pc; polum'yazahashuvach - cover stainless steel 20cm (4033) 1pc. Spozhyvannyavuhillya 26.5lb to 35lb or 13,3kh to 17,5kh. 9hod productivity, performance / h or 99kh 198lb (average). Operating temperature 482F - 662F / 250S - 350p, 930h600h800mm, art.HJX45MNC -1sht; -hryl stand for roasting meat and fish on charcoal shell with znerzhaviyuchoyi Jacks, complete with: grill meat 1pc, 1pc tongs, metalevaschitka, box, complete with: grill meat (0419) 1pc; standartynyiskrozahashuvach stainless steel 27cm (4050) 1pc; plam'yazahashuvach - cap znerzhaviyuchoyi 20cm steel (4033). coal consumption 26,5 lb - 35lb / 13,3hk -17,5kh. 9hod productivity. Productivity / h 198lb / 99kh (average). Robochatemperatura 482F - 662F / 250S - 350p, 930h700h1320mm, art.HJX45LIN -1sht; -hryl Josper Rosper RT01 (ASJ130) frying chicken, chickens load 48 (8vertyliv 6 skewers, electric rotary mechanism) works with wood / coal-temperature 200-280S max mally load 20kg, costs 20-25kh na180-200 chicken under the grill cabinet provides heat for 4 GN 1/1 (32 kurytsi) temperature 80S. Complete with: to spit skewers (4347) 6 pieces; set of 12shampuriv (4328); set of 12 holders for chickens (4327). Overall rozmiry1680h1035h2080mm, 220 450Vt, art.ASJ130IND -1sht.Vyrobnyk- JOSPER S.AKrayina production-grade ESTorhivelna - JOSPER "SPAIN3UA100020134711202.37676
28/Apr/201784807100901.Chastyna molds for plastic injection molding Point injection of molten plastic in formoutvoyuyuchu section haryachekanalnoyi mold-1komplekt consists of 28 pieces that are made of stainless steel with technological holes through which pressure is supplied polymer materials in the molten state. It is used for manufacturing plastic caps, set in the mold for injection molding to manufacture high pressure decorative plastic caps for sealing bottles, injection molding. New. Not intended for military use and for production of laser discs. .CHINA0UA209120202200.000128
28/Apr/201773239300001. Products hospodarskiVidro household garbage composition: stainless-stalart.2723000 MEDLE, 12l capacity-2sht.Dyspenser for liquid soap composition: stainless steel / plastykart.2736300-MEDLE, size 6 * 17cm diameter, 6sht.Pidstavka toothbrush composition: stainless-stalart.2736400 MEDLE, size 6 * 9cm diameter-6sht.Pidstavka for kitchen towels board composition: stainless stalart.3948900-PRICE STAR, size diameter 14 * 29sm-48sht.Polychka bathroom for toiletries, composition: stainless steel / polipropilenart.2714600-KOSTA, size 26 * 5 * 13cm 6sht.Torhovelna-grade production JyskKrayina CN China.CHINA0UA10005015.04357.02663429
28/Apr/201784385000001. Equipment for processing (cleaning, washing and sizing) kyshkovoyisyrovyn, used-1992 production, stainless steel: a vat for raw materials from varkykyshko ing mechanism vidkryttya- 1 pc., Cooling system kyshkovoyisyrovy ny- 1 pc., Technical capacity for zamochuva ting, move, zberihannyakyshkovoyi syrovyny- 51 pcs., Tables for treating intestinal syrovyny- 9 pcs., Shells, 2 pc. Technical cabinets 3 pcs. .POLAND0UA209180455011803.85119
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ГУДЕР"""
Importer Address
04073, м. Київ, вул. С. Скляренка, буд. 5
Exporter Name "ОАО ""Контакт"""
Product Description
"1 Cabinets refrigerators with built-in refrigerat.........
HS Code 8418509000Value 5858.110665
Quantity 12Unit UA100110
Net Weight 1520
Origin Country RUSSIA

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