Ukraine Import Data of Stabilizer 500s | Ukraine Import Statistics of Stabilizer 500s

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of stabilizer 500s collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of stabilizer 500s imports.

Stabilizer 500s Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Stabilizer 500s

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of stabilizer 500s. Get Ukraine trade data of Stabilizer 500s imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
20/Apr/20174016995290"With 1.VYROBY-metal cuffs NEZATVERDILOYI porous vulcanized rubber, ZAPASNICHASTYNY for cars, not for the industrial Volyn NGO DRAWING VEHICLES: art. 150RU repair kits for vases buffer to collect -51sht bumper. Art. REMKOMPLEKT164RU (2 pcs 1118-2906050R stabilizer VULKANYZYROVANNAYA rubber KOMBYNYROVANNAYAS metal;) - 60sht. art. 176RU repair kits for Lada grant hinge stretching Near PIDVISKYZADNOYI -20sht. art. Repair kits for vases 79RU Rack stabilizer SUSPENSION 2108-306sht. art. Repair kits for vases 80RU Rack stabilizer SUSPENSION -126sht. art.REMKO PLEKT 9RU-21 for vases lever front suspension MBYNYROVANNAYA SMETALLOM 2121; 2101-2904040REMR NYZHNEHO hinge lever front suspension 4 rubber KOMBYNYROVANNAYA C SHTVULKANYZYROVANNAYA metal;) -100sht. Art. REMKOMPLEKT9RU01V (2101-2904180REMR VERHNEHO hinge lever 4 VT VULKANYZYROVANNAYA C REZYNAKOMBYNYROVANNAYA metal;) -80sht. art. 9RU21N repair kits for vases VAZHELPEREDNOYI SUSPENSION -60sht. art. 1118-1001033-10RU SUPPORT SUSPENSION sur face ZADNYAUNIVERSALNA VAZ-1118 and VAZ-2190 -30sht. Art. 2101-2202120R Mufti ELASTYCHNAPEREDNOHO drive shaft -300sht. Art. 2105-2202078RU POLE PIDVISNOHOPIDSHYPNYKA drive shaft -300sht. Art. BRACKET MOTOR 2108-1001015-10RU PEREDNOYIOPORЫ -120sht. Art. 2108-1001031-10RU BRACKET back support PIDVISKYDVYHUNA -100sht. Art. INTERNAL 2108-3414070R hinge rods RULOVOY trapezoid-500sht. Art. 2110-1001242LRU engine mounts, 40sht. Art. 2110-1001242PRU engine mounts, 40sht. Art. 2110-1001286RU engine mounts, 100 pieces. Art. 2110-1703190RU pillows (PILLARS SHAROVOY clip lever PPC) Near 2121-1001020RU PILLOW engine mounts to collect -100sht. art.2123-2202120R Clutches Elastic front propeller shaft -10sht. art.3302-2202081RU POLE drive shaft assembly (GAZELLE) -175sht. Art. PROTECTIVE 2101-2904070RCHOHOL layer finger-2000sht front suspension. Art. 2101-3003074R PROTECTIVE CAP layer -3000sht fingers. art.REMKOMPLEKT 20R MUFFLER SUSPENSION FOR VAZ 2101-2107 -1200sht. Art. 2101-2905448RVTULKA ISOFIX top shock absorber rod in the collection, 100 pieces. Art. 2108-2904040R hinge lower link front suspension 2108-2904050R silent blocks stretching the front suspension bracket, 100 pieces. Art. MOUNTING 2108-2914054-10R hinge lever rear suspension MOUNTING 2110-2914054R hinge lever rear suspension -400sht. art.2123-2915446R Shock rear suspension bushings -500sht. Art. 2190-2904040RSHARNIR front suspension lower link -1000sht. Art. 2190-2904046R SHARNIRPEREDNOYI stretching Suspension rear -200sht. Art. 3110-2904172R SAYLENBLOKVERHNOHO lever 3110 GAZ (Volga) -50sht. Art. 3302-2902027R SHARNIRHUMOVO-metal RESSORY front suspension (GAZELLE) -100sht. Art. REMKOMPLEKT218R (2108-2915446-01R Shock rear suspension bushings 2 Rubber SHT.VULKANYZYROVANNAYA metal KOMBYNYROVANNAYA C) -150sht. Art. 2101-1001045RPODUSHKA rear engine mount -150sht. Art. 2107-1001045R PILLOW ZADNOYIPIDVISKY MOTOR -150sht. Art. 2121-1001045-01R summarized PILLOW "RUSSIA0UA8071702709.84816196.61367 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20178708803598"1.Chastyny ​​and devices to vehicles. Parts chassis suspension system (for vehicles for civil use) the manufacture of black metal (in g / k metal imparts basic properties) and processed for turning and milling equipment, 1118-2902821RPU UPPER SUPPORT stand with Bearings - 30sht., 1118-2902821RU POLE front suspension (chandeliers) without bearings -20sht., 1118-2904049RU BRACKET stretching -20sht., 2108-2902820RU POLE front suspension -112sht., 2108-2904040R Lower hinge Lever front suspension -2000sht. ; 2108-2904049RU BRACKET stretching in the collection -400sht., 2108 -2904050R silent blocks Front suspension brackets stretching -500sht., 2108-2914054-10R MOUNTING Hinge Lever rear suspension -1000sht., 2108-2915446-01R Shock rear suspension bushings -300sht., 2110-2902820RU UPPER SUPPORT resistant front suspension in collection -300sht., 2110-2914054R MOUNTING hinge Lever rear suspension -100sht., 2170-2902821RPU UPPER SUPPORT rack with Bearings -100sht., 2170-2902821RU POLE front suspension (chandeliers) without bearings -20sht., 2190-2904040R Lower hinge Lever FRONT SUSPENSION -100sht., repair kits for vases 114RU 2101-07 Suspension Front (2101-2904195-10R insulating gaskets Ruzhin Front suspension 2 pieces RUBBER vulcanized; 2101-2904193 cup under the front suspension Springs 2 PCS METAL;) -8sht., Repair kits for vases 166RU GASKETS YZOLYUYUCHI Regenerated reinforced rear suspension (2101-2912652R insulating gaskets Regenerated Rear suspension 2 pcs vulcanized GUM, 2101-2912655 cup under the rear suspension Springs 2 VT METALL;) -12sht., repair kits for vases 70RU Front Suspension 2108, -09, -099 (2108-2904046R hinge ROSTYAZHKY REAR SUSPENSION FRONT 4 pcs RUBBER vulcanized combined with metal;) -540sht., 79RU repair kits for vases stabilizer SUSPENSION 2108 (2108-2906050REMR collection stabilizer in 2 pieces RUBBER vulcanized combo INOVANA of metal;) -504sht., 80RU repair kits for vases stabilizer suspension (2110-2906050REMR SUSTAINABLE front stabilizer bar with hinges 2 pieces RUBBER vulcanized combined with metal;) -306sht., 9RU-21 repair kits for vases Lever front suspension in 2121 (2121-2904040REMR hinge Lever front suspension 4 pcs RUBBER vulcanized combined with metal, 2101-2904040REMR hinge Lower Lever front suspension 4 pcs RUBBER vulcanized combined with metal;) -50sht., 9RU01V repair kits for vases Lever front suspension (2101-2904180REMR hinge TOP R Chaga 4 pcs RUBBER vulcanized combined with metal;) -200sht., 9RU01N repair kits for vases Lever front suspension (2101-2904040REMR hinge Lower Lever front suspension 4 pcs RUBBER vulcanized combined with metal;) -200sht .; "RUSSIA0UA1101102156.65213465.09149
20/Apr/20174016995790"With 1.VYROBY NEZATVERDILOYI porous vulcanized rubber for cars, not for industrial COMPILATION OF TRANSPORT over- SOBIV: art. 2101-1703101R GEAR COVER VAZHELYAPEREMYKANNYA -100sht. Art. 2108-2215030K COVER EXTERNAL SHARNYRA-1000pcs. Art. 2108-2215068K INTERNAL COVER SHARNYRA -400sht. art.2108-2915681-01R Casing Shock rear suspension -50sht. art. 2108-2915681KKOZHUH Shock rear suspension -300sht. art. 2108-3401224K COVER ZAHYSNYYREYKY steering -160sht. art. 2110-2215030-01R COVER ZOVNISHNOHOSHARNYRA -200sht. art. 2110-2215068-01R COVER INTERNAL SHARNYRA -100sht. art.2110-2905681R KO Telescopic Racks ZHUH -100sht. Art. 2110-3401224R COVER REYKYRULOVOHO mechanism -90sht. Art. 2110-8404412R apron rear wing right-40sht. Art. 2110-8404413R rear fender apron LEFT -40sht. Art. 2112-1003290RZAHLUSHKA -500sht. Art . 2121-1804098R COVER lever ROZDATOCHNOY BOXES 2121-2215030-01K COVER EXTERNAL SHARNYRA -270sht. art. 2121-2215068-01KCHOHOL Internally NGO SHARNYRA -270sht. Art. 21213-2215030R EXTERNAL COVER-SHARNYRA 100 pieces. Art. 2123-8403512 front fender apron RIGHT -20sht. art.2123-8403513 front fender apron LEFT -20sht. Art. 90334 270RY VTULKAAMORTYZATORA rear -500sht. Art. Repair kits for vases 152RU COVER VNUTRISHNOHOSHARNYRA 2170,2108,2109-150sht. Art. Repair kits for vases 153RU COVER EXTERNAL SHARNYRA2170,2108,2109ZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ; 2121-2215084 1 pc STOPORNOE RING METALL, 2108-2215034 clamp KREPLENYYA CHEHLA 1 piece Metal .; 2108-2215036 clamp KREPLENYYACHEHLA 1 pc .; METAL) -480sht. Art. Repair kits for vases 162RU COVER ZOVNISHNOHOSHARNYRA 2121 -75sht. Art. Repair kits for vases 163RU COVER INTERNAL SHARNYRA2121 T IZ VULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ; 2121-2215098 clamp KREPLENYYA CHEHLA 1 SHTMETAL .; 2121-2215090 clamp KREPLENYYA CHEHLA 1 piece Metal .; 2121-2215084 KOLTSOSTOPORNOE 2 pieces METALL;) -105sht. Art. SL193-5205902R TAPE SCHOTKY (VAZ2101-2107) -250sht. Art. TF69Y0-2902816RU buffer Hogan ZZHATIYA LANOS -100sht. art.2121-3105011R belt MOUNTING -100sht spare wheel. Art. 1118-1703182R CHOHOLZAHYSNYY Stoke 200sht. Art. 1118-2906040R PILLOW-400sht rods. Art. 2101-1601211R COVER Wilk clutch -500sht. art.2101-2905450R PILLOW UPPER MOUNT shock absorber rod -1500sht. art.2101-2912624-01R buffer ADDITIONAL Hogan ZZHATIYA -100sht rear suspension. art.2101-3703095R PODDON -200sht rechargeable battery. Art. 2101-5002090R ZAHLUSHKAOTVORIV Side PANEL -1000sht. Art. 2101-5002092R stub HOLES andaverage rear spar floor-1000pcs. Art. PROTECTIVE CAP 2106-3726088R Side-Pointer turns 500sht. Art. 2107-1701184R stub rear pinion bearings blocks 2108-1003277-01R bush LIDS -4000sht cylinder head. art.2108-1302060R SUPPORT SUSPENSION -200sht radiator. Art. 2108-1601223R ZAHLUSHKAKARTERA GRIP -500sht. Art. PROTECTIVE COVER 2108-1703182R SHARNYRA Traction Drive-200sht. Art. 2108-2906040R PILLOW front stabilizer rods -800sht. PROTECTIVE CAP art.2108-3414077R Sharo "RUSSIA0UA8071702125.2317037.05712
20/Apr/20174016995790"1.Chastyny ​​Vulcanite not solid, non-porous rubber for vehicles for civil use, 1118-1703182R COVER Protective Stoke -50sht., 1118-2906040R PILLOW rods -200sht., 2101-1302060R Radiator LOWER POLE -500sht., 2101-1601211R CLUTCH COVER PLUG OFF -500sht., 2101-1703096R COVER INSIDE Lever shifting -350sht., 2101-2904230R buffer Hogan -200sht front suspension compression., 2101-2905450R PILLOW UPPER MOUNT shock absorber rod -1000sht., 2101-2912622R buffer compression Hogan rear suspension -100sht., 2101-3703095R trays Accumulators BATTERY -300sht., 2101-8402070R buffer K Pot REAR -500sht., 2105-8402070R hood Adjustable buffers -1000sht., 2108-1003277-01R bush LIDS cylinder head -3000sht., Protective 2108-1703182R COVER DRIVE -200sht hinge traction.; 2108-2215030K COVER naruzhnej SHARNYRA -600sht. ; 2108-2215068K COVER INTERNAL hinge -200sht., 2108-2906040R PILLOW front stabilizer rods -1000sht., 2108-2915681K Casing Shock rear suspension -300sht., 2108-3401224K COVER RAILS Protective steering -200sht., 2108-5112092-01R Silencers HOLES Paul -500sht., 2108-8402214-01R hood Adjustable buffers -500sht., 2110-2905681R telescopic rack housings -200sht., 2110-2906040R rods PER PILLOW DNOHO stabilizer -200sht., 2110-2915450R PILLOW MOUNTING upper end of the shock absorber -500sht., 2110-3401224R COVER RAILS steering -60sht., 2114-8403513R apron front left -50sht., 2121-2215030-01K COVER naruzhnej hinge -180sht. ; 2121-2215068-01K COVER INTERNAL hinge -180sht., 2123-2906040R bushing front stabilizer rods -200sht., 33.5205906R TAPE brushes (VAZ-2108) -500sht., 90334 270RY rear shock absorber bushings DAEWOO NEXIA / LANOS / ESPERO - 200sht., repair kits for vases 106RP sleeves pendulum 2101-2107 (2101-3003095R RING seal bushing OSI pendulum 2 pieces RUBBER vulcanized; 2101-3003094 bush pendulum 2 pieces RUBBER vulcanized;) -250sht., Repair kits for vases 10R rear suspension (2101-2919042-10R bush LOWER longitudinal rods Rear suspension 4 pieces of vulcanized rubber; 2101-2919108-10R bushings transverse and longitudinal rods UPPER 6 pieces of vulcanized rubber;) -400sht., repair kits for vases 10RA rear suspension in 2121 (2101-2919042-10R bush LOWER longitudinal rods rear suspension 10 pieces of vulcanized rubber;) -300sht., 11r repair kits for vases MOUNTING rear shock 2101- 2107 (2101-2906231R PILLOW KREPLENNYA Shock rear suspension 8 PCS With volcanism ANOYI rubber;) -2000sht., 14R repair kits for vases stabilizer 2101-2107 (2101-2906040R PILLOW front stabilizer rods 4 pieces of vulcanized rubber;) -500sht., Repair kits for vases 152RU COVER INTERNAL 2170,2108,2109 hinge ( 2108-2215068K cOVER INTERNAL hinge 1 piece of vulcanized rubber, 2108-2215036 clamp MOUNTING covers 1 pc .; 2108-2215034 Metal clamps MOUNTING cover 1 piece Metal .; 2121-2215084 RING locking 2 pieces metal;) -90sht., Repair kits for vases 153RU COVER naruzhnej 2170,2108,2109 hinge (21 "RUSSIA0UA1101101378.1810985.7871
12/Apr/20174016995790"1.Vyroby of nonporous nezatverdiloyi vulcanized rubber for cars, not forindustrial assembly of vehicles: art. 2110-2902713SM 01Vibroshumoizolyator-spring front suspension VAZ 2108-2115, 2110-2112 '' SЭVY-Extra" "-90kompl. Art. 2101 -2906231S-01 kit plugs zadnohoamortyzatora VAZ 2101-2107 "" SЭVY-Expert "" -2040kompl. art.2101-2919042 / 9108SM-01 jet kit plugs rods VAZ 2101-2107 "" SЭVY-Expert "" -520kompl. art. 2101-2919042SM-01 kit plugs reaktyvnyhshtanh VAZ 2121 "" SЭVY-Expert "" - 1000kompl. art. 2108-2915681 Cover shock rear suspension VAZ 2108 "" SЭVY-Expert "" - 160sht. Art. 2110-2905681 Case telescopic rack VAZ 2110 "" SЭVY-Expert "" - 240sht. Art. 1118-2902816 buffer pace zzhatiya VAZ: 2110, 2170, 1118 "" SЭVY-Extra " '- 140komp l. Art. 2101- 2905450S-01 shock mount pillows VAZ2101-2107,2121,2108,2110,2170,1118 "" SЭVY-Expert "" -100kompl. art.2101-2906040S-01 Set stabilizer pads VAZ 2101-2107 "" SЭVY-Expert "" -1000kompl. art. 2108-2906040S 0, 1 set of stabilizer pads VAZ 2108 "" SЭVY-Expert "" - 500kompl. Art. 2110-2906040S-01 Set stabilizer pads VAZ 2110 "" SЭVY-Expert "" - 400kompl. Art. 2121-2906040 / 2121-2906046 Set stabilizer pads VAZ2121, 2131 "" SЭVY-Expert "" -50kompl. Art. 2123-2906046 / 2123-6040 Set podushekstabilizatora "" SЭVY-Expert "" VAZ 2123 -64kompl. Art. 2108-2215068 Cover pryvodavnutrishniy VAZ 2108 "" SЭVY-Expert "" - 80sht. Art. 2110-2215030 cover external drive VAZ 2108 "" SЭVY-Expert "" - 500sht. Art. 2108-2215068SB cover drive inside of collars and zmazkoy 160gr. VAZ 2108 "" SЭVY-Expert "" -54kompl. Art. 24-2915432 kit plugs zadnohoamortyzatora "" SЭVY-Expert "" -40kompl. Art. 6001547699,7701465489,7701466122Chohol external drive with clamps and zmazkoy "" SЭVYЭKSPERT "" -12kompl.Torhovelna Brand: SЭVYKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk LLC "" ATP-Holding "" "RUSSIA0UA8071701320.927086.800538
12/Apr/201740169952901.Chastyny ​​for a / m marky'SKODA ': Products-metal cuffs, bushing stabilizer humometaleva, art.: 4D0411327H-2sht.Vtulka stabilizer humometaleva, art.: 6Q0411314R-500sht.Saylentblok pidvisky rubber-metal, art.: 1K0407182-400sht. Trade mark 'SKODA AUTO AS'Vyrobnyk' SKODA AUTO AS'Krayina production ES.SPAIN0UA20404086.913008.909679
03/Apr/20174016995790"1.Vyroby Vulcanite not porous, not solid rubber l / and not dlyaprom.skla Use of this motor vehicle: 1118-1703182R, CHEHOL ZASCHYTNЫYSTOKA 100 pieces. 1118-2215030R, CHEHOL NARUZHNEHO SHARNYRA 100 pieces. 1118-2906040R, PILLOW rods 400 pcs. 2101-1302060R, 1000 Lower Radiator POLE SHT.2101-1601211R, CHEHOL PLUG POWER OFF C TSEPLENYYA 500 pcs. 2101-1703101R, I switched CHEHOLRЫCHAHA of 100 pieces. 2101-2904230R buffers Hogan SZHATYYA front EYPODVESKY 200 pcs. 2101-2905450R, pillows KREPLENYYA upper rod AMORTYZATORA2000 PO units. 2101-3703095R, PODDON rechargeable BA Tarea 200 pcs. 2101-8402070R buffers rear hood 1500 W . 2101-8404310-30R, apron ZADNEHO K Oles 50 SHT.2105-8402070R buffers hood REHULYRUEMЫ and 500 units. 2108-1003277-01R, VTULKAKRЫSHKY NGO cunningly TSYLYNDROV 1500 pcs. 2108-1703182R, CHEHOL protective SHARNYRA T YAHYPRYVODA 200 pcs. 2108-1703200R, CHEHOL protective thrust led CONTROL RSA 100 SHT.2108-2215030K, CHEHOL naruzhnej SHARNYRA 300 pcs. 2108-2215068K, CHEHOL VNUTRENNEHOSHARNYR A 100 pieces. 2108-2906040R, pillows PEREDNEHO stabilizer rods 600 SHT.2108-2915681K, housing Shock back and PODVESKY 200 pcs. 2108-3501019R, CHEHOLZASCHYTNЫY Point the finger SCHEHO 1000 pieces. 2108-8402214-01R buffers hood REHULYRUEMЫY 500 pieces. 2108-8404412R, rear apron PRAVЫY 50. 2110-1601211R, CHEHOL PLUG POWER OFF C TSEPLENYYA 300 pieces. 2110-2915450R, pillows KREPLENYYAVERHNE NGO AMORTYZ end of 1000 pieces. 2110-8402214R buffers hood REHULYROVOCH 500SHT tion. 2121-2215030-01K, CHEHOL NARUZHNEHO SHARNYRA 180 pieces. 2123-2906040R, VTULKASHTANHY PEREDNEHO stabilizer 200 pcs. 2123-2906046R, bushing barbell PEREDNEHOSTABYLYZATORA 200 pcs. 2141-2215064R, CHEHOL NARUZHNEHO SHARNYRA (Muscovites) 100 SHT.2141-2215086R, CHEHOL VNUTRENNEHO SHARNYR A (Muscovites) 100 pcs. 2170-1203073R, pillows PODVESKY 100 pieces. 33.5205906R, Tape SCHETKY (VAZ-2108) 750 pcs. REMKOMPLEKT10R FOR WHA rear ODVESKY P (2101-2919042-10R bushing bottom PRODOLNOY SHTANHYZADNEY PODVESKY 4 PCS AND WITH VULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ; 2101-2919108-10R upper bushing POPERECHNOY s contin Noah rods 6 pcs IZ VULKANYZYROVANNOYREZ YNЫ;) 500 pcs. Repair kits 10RA FOR WHA ZADNYAYA P ODVESKA 2121 (2101-2919042-10R bush NO ZHNEY PRODOLNOY rear rods PODVESKY 1 0 VT YZVULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ;) 500 pcs. Repair kits 11r, for vases KREPLENY I ZADNEHOAMORTYZATORA 2101-2107 (2101-2 906231R PILLOW KREPLENYYA absorbers with ADNEYPODVESKY 8 pieces IZ VULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ;) 1400 pcs. Repair kits 14R FOR VAZSTABYLYZ ATOR POPERECHNOY Stability 2101-2107 (2101-2906040R PILLOW SHTANHYPEREDNEHO stabilizer 4 pieces IZ VULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ;) 1000 pieces. REMKOMPLEKT152RU FOR WHA CHEHOL BH UTRENNEHO SHARNYRA 2170,2108,2109 (2108-2 215068K CHEHOLVNUTRENNEHO SHARNYRA 1 PCS AND WITH VULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ; 2108-2215036 HOMUTKREPLENYYA CHEHLA 1 pc .; 2108- 2215034 Metal clamps KREPLENYYA CHEHLA 1 piece of metal., 2121- 2215084 RING ME STOPORNOE 2 units tall;) 300 pcs. Repair kits 153RU FOR IN VAZCHEHOL RUZHNEHO SHARNYRA 2170,2108,2109 (2108-221 5030K CHEHOL naruzhnej SHARNYRA1 PCS VU IZ LKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ "RUSSIA0UA8071701768.3514294.86028
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Stabilizer 500s Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Stabilizer 500s Importer Sample

Date 20/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Авто Тренд"""
Importer Address
61052,Харківська обл,м.Харків,пров. Сімферопольський,б.6 Україна
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""Работэк-1"""
Product Description
"With 1.VYROBY-metal cuffs NEZATVERDILOYI porous v.........
HS Code 4016995290Value 16196.61367
Quantity 0Unit UA807170
Net Weight 2709.848
Origin Country RUSSIA

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