Ukraine Import Data of Spring Roll | Ukraine Import Statistics of Spring Roll

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of spring roll collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of spring roll imports.

Spring Roll Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Spring Roll

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of spring roll. Get Ukraine trade data of Spring Roll imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173926300090"1.Detali accessories plastic to a / m" "BMW" ": Insert mounting bumper art.51111944540 -10sht, insert mounting pads, art.51131928778 -10sht, front panel, art.51487067242 -2sht, Box, art.51718186501 -10sht, insert-nut, art.07147122912 -20sht, insert-nut, art.07147201307 -30sht, Box-latch art.51717066229 -30sht; Vtrymuvach wiring sensors art.34521518166 -1sht, push the plastic nut, art.51711947419 -20sht; emblem "" BMW "", art.51148132375 -30sht, Cap Towing loop art.51112990204-1sht, Cap door panel, art.51419167014 -1sht; clip door handles, art.51419150340 -1sht; clip , art.51417325082 -3sht; For ipka, art.№: -5sht 34356794949; 11128514463 -1sht; -20sht 51337052945; 51417046415 -20sht; -50sht 51418224781; 51718184574 -40sht; 33181182957 -1sht; Splicing Unit tubes washer, art.61668374372 -1sht, dust ring, art.11281730532 -1sht; Kovpachokzatyskacha mirror art.51167698437 -2sht, roller cap protective art.12311713143 -10sht; Fixing pin, art .07147296886 -20sht; kriplennyabampera, KT, art.51122411407-1k-t; The lid of the luggage compartment art.41127003126 -1sht; Cover hnizdaprykuryuvacha, art.61346904008 -1sht; Cover rear-view mirror, art.51167078359 -1sht; The hood lining rack art.51439180572 -4sht; Ocisharniru protective cover, art.33177674694 -1sht; Cover the bottom of the panel, art.51757162322-2sht; Cover the nozzle headlight washers, art.51118048679 -1sht; Moldings roof art.51137410312 -1sht; Rip Rope lock art.51217325297 -2sht, Rip Rope lock art.51217325298 -2sht; Spacers during spring, art.83302364829 -1sht; Rearview mirror frame, art. 51168029243 -1sht; frame glass mirror art.51167266032 -1sht; Holder emergency sign art.51497383584 -1sht; trademark - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "" "GERMANY0UA1002103.0671099.756813 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20175806321000"1. Polypropylene tape: 30mm 12.67g / m №322 black 48000m; 40mm 16.28g / m №322color 50950m; Tapes polyester with logo 40mm 28g / m №322 black 10600m; Velcro 40mm №112 yellow 5100m; Are tapes From the base and dip of synthetic fibers with a woven spring in rolls. Producer: NINGBO MH INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Trade mark: no data. Production area: CN. "CHINA0UA8071801694.762796.354009
28/Apr/20178432291000"1.Mehanizmy Soil: trailed cultivator for pre obrobkyhruntu model" "Kompaktomat K 800 PS II / C", "new, 2017 RV, disassembled staniyakiy contains in its composition th receivers and transmitters. The serial number 2017 /0427.Komplektatsiya:robocha width of 8 meters, the main frame of the machine, with pole ripper stabbing weights category 3, side frames hidravlychnym assembly, transportation tion mistbez brakes working bodies of the springs vyravnyuyuchi harrows, rollers two rows D 400mm (front roller spiral second, rear roller crosskill), two series of howling vronnyh legs, lighting, add SD Peninsula Country Weave, catalog parts and guidelines tstvo poeksplutatsiyi.Vyrobnyk: "" Farmet as "" Trademark: "" Farmet "". vyrobyk Country: CZ.. "CZECH REPUBLIC1UA125110550022429.22148
28/Apr/201758063210001. Woven fabrics made of synthetic fibers, with a woven spring, in the assortment: tape - 900pcs., Ribbon - 15500pcs., Tape ribbrist - 9982 rolls. Trademark - no data. Velcro - 722 pairs of rolls. Trademark - TWO BIRDS. Producer WENZHOU GEZHI IMP. & EXP.CO., LTD. Country of manufacture CN. .CHINA0UA50002025274169.549968
28/Apr/20174804315800"1.Kraft paper brands SPRING Formula X, in rolls, production of cellulosic wood fibers, fiber content obtained anichnym fur or chemical sposobom100% odnosha ditches, unbleached, uncoated, memor arvlenyy, nekalandrovanyy, no pictures, no watermark, unpainted : 1 m2 weight is 130g / m2 width roll 1560mm- 10034.00kh., roll width 1440mm- 4026 .00kh., width 1250mm roll-3364.00kh., roll width 1760mm - 3101.00kh., and roll width 415mm -1118.00kh. and is intended for packaging spring blo Kiv own production.. "POLAND0UA2091502164321640.89137
27/Apr/20178708809998"1.Zapasni of the passenger and / m" "PEUGEOT" "" "CITROEN" ": Part of suspension: -sharnir arm front suspension, Art. 98173750 80 - 40 pcs. - thrust antiroll bar, art. 16142811 80 - 20 pcs. - cup throttle damper, art. 5033 F9 - 40 pcs. - bearing shock absorber, art. 5038 G6 - 10 pcs. - emphasis ball damper, art. 5035 63 - 20 pcs .; -opora shock, art. 5038 H3 - 8 pcs. - bearing shock absorber, art. 5038 G0 - 8 pcs. - bearing shock absorber, art. 80 98004797 - 2 pcs. - bent rear suspension, art. 5178 47 - 2 pcs. - bearing shock absorber, art. 3650 16 - 10 pcs. - ply suspension joint, art. 51 3640 - 1 pc. - hendpiece f iksuyuchyy stabilizer rear suspension, Art. 5178 50 - 1. - bearing shock absorber, Art. 5142 48 - 1. - stubborn cup spring suspension, Art. 98175924 80 - 1. - bearing cup front suspension, art. 5033 C3 - 2 pcs., trademark: PEUGEOT CITROEN brand: PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN AUTOMOBILES Country of origin: FR. "FRANCE0UA10011042.9671742.770172
27/Apr/201785099000901.Zapasni parts for household tehnikyz embedded elektrodvyhunomdlya civil and pobutovohovykorystannya: to cover juicers, art. AT6186002000, 3pc, Torh.markaAriete. Tube roller for rozkochuvannyatista to food processors, art.AWAT970A01, 2 pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood.Kryshka to juicers, art.BR81345951, 5pcs, Torh.marka Braun. Ring nut (nut tube) to the grinder, art. KW630790, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to blender, art. KW652994, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Attachment (mix vach) to the blender, art. KW653015, 2 pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. Screw to the grinder, art. KW658534, 5pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. The body of the screw to the grinder, art. KW65854 6, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Attachment to the blender, art. KW662224, 1pc, Torh.mark and Kenwood. The capacity of the knife and the lid to the food processor, art. KW681153, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Attachment to the food processor, art. KW684480, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Venchik to food processors, art. KW706783, 2 pcs, Torh.mark and Kenwood. Electronic Control eh fashion to food processors, art. KW710359, 1sh t Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to blender, art. KW710720, 2 pcs, Torh.mark and Kenwood. Reduction of the knife to the blender, art. KW710730, 2 pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. Hook-juicer attachment to a food processor, art. KW710904, 2 pcs, Torh.mark and Kenwood. Metallic tube to the grinder, art. KW711850, 1pc, Torh.m arch Kenwood. Attachment to the grinder, art. KW711857, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Cover gear to food processors, art. KW712147, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Nozzle (2 pcs.) For the sausages to the grinder, art. KW712671, 2 pcs, pKa Kenwood. Ring nut (nut tube) to the grinder, art. KW712680, 2sh t Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to food processors, art. KW712832, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Attachment to the blender, art. KW712961, 1pc, Torh.mark and Kenwood. Attachment to the blender, art. KW712999, 4 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood. Reduit ktor to the grinder, art. KW713376, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Pusher juice to ovyzhymalky, art. KW713440, 2 pcs, Comm. brand Kenwood. Filter holder to sokovyzh ymalky, art. KW713682, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. The axis of the cup to the blender, art. KW7 13,783, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to blender, art. KW713790, 1pc, Torh.m arch Kenwood. Lock the lid with a spring (2 pieces) for juicers, art. KW714273, 3 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood. Knife sieve into the juicer, art. KW714279, 1pc, trade .marka Kenwood. Attachment (grid) to the grinder, art. KW714428, 1pc, pKa Kenwood. , Art. KW714430, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. The capacity to handle up to food processors, art. KW714982, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Reduction of venchikamy to food processors, art. KW714991, 6 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to ovyzhymalky juice, art. KW715015, 1pc, Comm. brand Kenwood. Electronic board to combine kitchens tion, art. KW715256, 5pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. Reduction of kuhonnoh to combine, art. KW715259, 1pc, Comm. brand Kenwood. Cover the capacity to combine at kuhonoh, art. KW715329, 9sht, Comm. brand Kenwood. Screw to the grinder, art. KW715552, 2 pcs, Comm.CHINA0UA12502018481.4618715
26/Apr/20177326909890"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machinery, ferrous metals: Wheel Hubs cultivator art. 28150800 - 1 pc., Wheel Hubs cultivator art. 28150800 - 2 pcs., Metal latch Art. 87395952 - 1 pc., Steel Lever Bushing prykatyvayuchoho wheel drills art. 87504961 - 2 pcs., axis cylinder control art. 87554183 - 4 pcs., wheel Hubs cultivator art. 28150800 - 1 pc., wheel Hubs cultivator art. 28150800 - 2 pcs., Finger metal art. 87271475 - 1 pc., Lever reshitnoho mill combine art. 87672050 - 1 pc., metal bottom plate reaper art. 84422591 - 1 pc., Case crumble roller ing fan cleaning art. 87682772 - 3 pcs., clamp metal art. 86637710 - 9 pcs., axis cylinder control art. 87554183 - 2 pcs., panel head case Elevator grain art. 84198116 - 1 pc., panel head case Elevator grain art. 84198116 - 1 pc., metal body panel grain elevator art. 84298740 - 1 pc., Planck conveyor art. 84207203 - 10 pcs., Planck conveyor art. 84207204 - 10 pcs., Metal bushing rotor speed regulator combines art. 113485A1 - 2 pcs., Plate rehulirovochna art. 139617C1 - 4 pcs., Steel bushing inclined chamber combine art. 178780C3 - 1 pcs., Steel bushing inclined chamber combine art. 178781C3 - 2 pcs., Steel bushing art. 594703R1 - 10 pcs., Emphasis spring cultivator art. 84129222 - 2 pcs., Metal sleeve art. 84169027 - 1 pc., Axis Lever cultivator art. 84216263 - 1 pc., A metal sleeve art. 84408160 - 5 pcs., Metal hose hydraulic Overlay art. 86511148 - 60 pcs., Axle vehicle wheel cultivator art. 87327569 - 3 pcs., Protective plate loposti rotor combine art. 87342923 - 5 pcs., Metal sleeve art. 87585083 - 8 pcs., Metal sleeve art. 87703164 - 2 pcs., Stands plug cultivator art. 87715895 - 30 pcs., Kit rotor blades combine (1komplekt-3pc.) Art. 1957446C3 - 3 pcs., Bent metal art. 87485727 - 1 pc., Pallet spacers combine art. 504290081 - 1 pc., Zapf wheel cultivator art. 06400090 - 1 pc., Axle suspension roller prykatuyuchoho art. 06407125 - 1 pc., Revolution console grain auger header art. 1308445C2 - 1 pc., Overlay steel discharge screw combine art. 182837C2 - 1 pcs., Metal bushing combine art. 86995533 - 1 pc., Lever Bushing steel wheels sowing prykatyvayuchoho art. 87504961 - 3 pcs., Calipers combine art fan. 47746631 - 1 piece., Caliper ventilator combine art. 47746631 - 2 pcs., Overlay steel discharge screw combine art. 182837C2 - 1 pc., Bracket metal rotor combine art. 87416663 - 1 pc .; "UNITED STATES0UA110160379.2296334.626955
26/Apr/20178547200000"1.Mufta for insulation and connecting cable made from plastic urozibranomu vyhlyadi.- ultimate hybrid coupler outdoor installation type CHE-I 24kV 25-150, 15 art.194040- complex. The kit includes: shrinked insulation trubkatypu SRAT 48- 15 / 300- 3pc, silicone insulators type S 18- 3pc, sylikonovistres control elements such FSE 16,5- 3pc, applicator type AH 2- 1pc materialydlya and installation (1 GM1- lubricant type tube, insulation tape type Nr.028- 1kotushka, sandpaper type SL 25h300- size 1pc, RT-cloth type 3pc tape and sealant type 1 DM size 150x25x3- 6 pieces) instruction ontazhu 1sht.--end hybrid coupler outdoor installation type CHE-I 24kV 70-240, 25 art.194041- complex. The kit includes: shrinked insulating trubkytypu SRAT 80-26 / 300- 3pc, silicone insulators type S 31- 18sht, type applicator AH3- 1 piece, silicone stress control elements such FSE 26- 3sht.ta materials dlyamontazhu (1-1 lubricant type GM tube, insulation tape type 1 №028- reel tape sealant type 1 DM in 150x25x3- 9sht, sandpaper type SL 25x300- 1pc, 3pc RT- cloth type) instruction montazhu- 1sht.- z'ednuvalna hybrid coupler type SNM 24kV 50-150, 17 art.193370- complex. Dokomplektu includes shrinked insulating tube types: SRH3 100-26 / 700- 1pc, SRMSL 65-26 / 330- 1pc, SRMS 58-20 / 350- 1pc, SRMS 48-15 / 350- 1pc, sylikonovistres control elements such FSE 16 , 5- 2 pcs, lubricant type 1tub GM 1-, 2- aplikatortypu AH 1pc tape to fill voids FB 1 type, size 300x25x2-7sht, connecting elements made of metal (copper mesh type 50mm2, dovzhynoyu500mm.- 1pc, contact type RF 323-39-2sht spring) and guns dlyamontazhu (insulation tape type number 028, 1 coil length 5m.-, sand papirtypu SL, 25x300- size 1pc, 3pc RT- cloth type) instruction montazhu- 1sht.- fittings th FTA for single-cable type CHMSV 42kV 50-150, art.299487-15kompl. The kit includes: shrinked insulating tube types: - SRH 3 110-26 / 600- 1pc; - SRMS 65-26 / 310- 1pc; - SRMS 85-34 / 310- 1pc; - SRMSL 115-40 / 290- 1pc; - SRMS 65-26 / 310- 1pc tape to fill the void type FB3 size 300x20x2-14sht, electric field control type 2 pcs FSET 22-, AH-type applicator 1pc, copper chulka type CUS 50mm2 dovzhynoyu- 0,55m- 1pc, roller-type RF 4-2sht spring, bolt type z'ednuvach CSV-LHS 50-150- 1sht.ta materials for installation (1-1 smazkatypu GM tube, insulation tape type Nr.128 5m- 1 reel, sand papirtypu SL 25x300mm- 1pc, spirtova type RT- 3pc cloth, silicone cloth typuST- 1pc) inst uktsiya of montazhu- 1sht.- ultimate hybrid coupler outdoor installation type CHE-F 42kV 50-150, art.196506- 8kompl. The kit includes: shrinked insulating tube typuSRAT 60-20 / 820- 3pc, silicone insulators type S 25- 18sht, applicator type AH 2-1sht, silicone stress control elements such FSE 22-30- 3sht.ta dlyamontazhu materials (lubricant type 1-1 GM tube, insulation tape type 1 №028- reel tape sealant type DM1 150x25x3- 9sht, sandpaper type SL 25x300- 1pc, servetkatypu RT- "GERMANY0UA100110113.84065.961365
26/Apr/20178708309998"1.Zapchastyny ​​for trucks / g. RMK to brake pads (springs, porshenky, krepizhy) 3274007-2sht. Roller brake pads 3273963-40sht. Treschitkahalmivnoho mechanism 3282146-20sht.Krayina production - ESTorhovelna mark -" "Onyarbi" "Brand - "" ONYARBY Indasrias "". "SPAIN0UA10011026.793244.7105404
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Spring Roll Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Spring Roll Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АВТ Баварія Україна"""
Importer Address
01001, м.Київ, вул. Хрещатик, 12-а
Exporter Name """Bayerische Motoren Werke AG"""
Product Description
"1.Detali accessories plastic to a / m" "BMW" ": I.........
HS Code 3926300090Value 1099.756813
Quantity 0Unit UA100210
Net Weight 3.067
Origin Country GERMANY

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