Ukraine Import Data of Sponges | Ukraine Import Statistics of Sponges

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of sponges collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of sponges imports.

Sponges Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Sponges

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20173924900010"1 of regenerated cellulose sponges, polishing sponge (foam) for polishing pastes Perfect-it lll, diameter 150 mm, blue, 1 piece / pack, 10 pack / box, art.50388 (DC272921107) - 10 sht.Vykorysovuyetsya polishing surface polishing zasobom.Vyrobnyk: "" 3M Deutschland GmbH "", Nimechchyna.Krayina production - DE.Torhivelna brand: 3M.. "GERMANY0UA1251100.3846.9162367 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20173304100000"1.Zasoby makeup lip is not in aerosol packaging does not contain narkotychnyhzasobiv and precursors: Lip balm" "Iron Man" "Art. RB604-12 -8sht. Balzamdlya lips" "Doktor + Aloe Vera" "Art. RB601-12 -13sht. lip balm "" Doktor + oblepyha "" art. RB602-12 -11sht. lip gloss "" La Mia Italia "" art. RB1516-13-204sht. lip gloss lacquer "" lip lacquer "" Professional art. RB1517-14 -84sht.Hihiyenichna lipstick "" Vkusnyashka "" art. RB600-12 -24sht. Hygienic lipstick "" Sponges -Nezhenky "" with a glossy sheen art. RB607-12 -4sht. Hygienic lipstick "" Sponges - sissy "" pearl of art. RB606-12 -16sht. Hygienic lipstick "" Sponges - sissy "" with rozh evym a touch of art. RB608-12 -30sht. Lipsticks "" Premium Gold "" art.RB553-16 -660sht. Lipsticks Gold art. RB552-05 -366sht. Lipsticks La MiaItalia art. RB704-14-654sht. Lipstick zhydka matte lipstick "" True matte Complimenti "" art. RB733-16 -960sht.Pomada matte lipstick zhydka "" True matte Complimenti "" art. RB732-15 -840sht. Pomadahubna cream "" Complimenti "" art. RB731-15 - 426sht. Lipsticks ma Tov "" AltaModa "" Art. RB520-16 -168sht. Lipsticks Satin Sapphire Art. RB778-14 -138sht.Torhovelna mark: "" RELOUIS "" Country of origin: BYVyrobnyk: OOO "" Bel Reluy "" "BELARUS0UA10001088.924509.66186
27/Apr/20178466940000"1.CHASTYNY for machines for cutting wires" "insects" ": SPECIAL VISUAL VYMIRYUVALNYY.SER.№10770029-3SHT.CHASTYNA PRYZNACHENNYA.PRYZNACHENYY for transmitting rotary motion in a machine cutting conductor when made AUTOMOBILE DZHHUTIV.TORHOVA MARK-KOMAX WIRE.VYROBNYK -KOMAX WIRE.PARA TRYMACHIV.SER.№10919702-1SHT.CHASTYNA special purpose. comprising the cutting MACHINES PROVIDNYKIV.PRYZNACHENYY for holding conductors during manufacture AUTOMOBILE bundle. TRADE MARK-KOMAH.VYROBNYK-KOMAH.SER.№10907696- 2SHT.PNEVMO-electric valve C PETSIALNOHO APPOINTMENT. THAT is designed to control the flow of air in the node NAPRESUVANNYA made contact at AUTOMOBILE DZHHUTIV.TORHOVA Marco AVENTICS.VYROBNYK-AVENTICS.SER.№10714653-8SHT.UPOR.CHASTYNA SPECIAL PRYZNACHENNYA.PRYZNACHENYY tongs for fixing END OF NAPRESUVANNI contacts in the car cutting PROVIDNYKIV.TORHOVA Marco NEVIDOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.HUBKA.SER.№10912507-2SHT., SER.№10912508-2SHT.CHASTYNA SPECIAL assign ENNYA.KRONSHTEYN (sponges) are designed for removal of sealers at the station putting gum in the car AUTO PRODUCTION Yl PROVIDNYKIV.TORHOVA Marco NEVIDOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.VYLKA.SER.№10907583-10SHT.CHASTYNA SPECIAL PRYZNACHENNYA.PEREHIDNYK designed to connect the pneumatic tube to the pneumatic cylinders in the machine cutting PROVIDNYKIV.TORHOVA Marco NEVIDOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.NAMOTUVACH PAPER SPECIAL .SER.№10918774-2SHT.CHASTYNA PRYZNACHENNYA.PRYZNACHENYY for winding paper tape OF AUTOMOBILE made DZHHUTIV.TORHOVA Marco MAXON.VYROBNYK-MAXON. "GERMANY0UA2060202.93800.088428
27/Apr/20178518900000Part microphone: Sponges for microphones. .CHINA0UA3052000.2529.04974246
26/Apr/201773231000001. sponges for cleaning kitchen utensils, of iron or steel: Art.1 set of scrapers 2 pieces. - 3900sht.Art.8303 scraper, sponge 9h12 cm - 1440sht.Art.15024-21 scrapers set of 4 pcs. - Set 2880sht.Art.225-2 scrapers 2 pieces. D7 cm - 1800sht.Vyrobnyk - Yiwu Lego Import Eksport.Krayina End production - CNTorhovelna mark - no data.CHINA0UA500010429.81725.221907
26/Apr/201763029910001. sponges linen: Art.16154-1 Bast d / body 10 x 60 cm - 800sht.Art.16154-3 Bast d / body 10 x 60 cm - 600sht.Art.16154-6 Bast d / body 10 x 14 cm - 1800sht.Art.15024-2 Bast d / oval body 4,5h9h14 cm - 1200sht.Art.15024-8 Bast d / body glove 17h20 cm - 1200sht.Art.15024-9 Bast d / 10h30 cm rectangular body - 1000pcs .Art.15024-12 Bast d / 10h30 cm rectangular body - 1200sht.Art.15024-14 Bast d / body oval 10h14 cm - 2000sht.Art.15024-13 Bast d / body oval 10h14 cm - 1000sht.Vyrobnyk - Yiwu Lego Import Eksport.Krayina End production - CNTorhovelna mark - no data.CHINA0UA500010361.53288.83458
26/Apr/20173924900090"1. The household goods from plastic: Art.A20-8812 bucket with a lid 8 liters - 10 liters 96sht.Art.A20-8811 bucket with a lid - 72sht.Art.A20-8808 10 liters bucket with a lid - 36sht.Art. 8614 set of plastic hangers 3 pcs. - 3024sht.Art.267-2 set of cases for toothbrushes 2 pcs. - 4800sht.Art.6201 kitchen cloth 9 x 12 cm - 2160sht.Art.8902-12 scraper for dishes 8 cm - 1440sht .Art.8505 scraper for cookware 10 x 12 cm - with handle 2880sht.Art.16154-16 Bast d / body 38 cm - Sponge 200sht.Art.15024-1 d / body 15,5h13h6,8 round cm - 3000sht.Art .15024-6 Bast d / oval body 45h9h14 cm - 900sht.Art.15024-16 Bast d / body "" Bow "" - set 2400sht.Art.15024-17 scrapers, sponges 4 pcs. - 1440sht. Art.15024-18 set scrapers, sponges 4 pieces. 2,5h13h2 cm - 480sht.Art.1158 Soap layer. 13,5h9,5 cm - 800sht.Art.1802 Soap layer. 12,5h4 cm - 576sht.Art.2283 Soap layer. 14h11 cm - 1440sht.Vyrobnyk - Yiwu Lego Import Eksport.Krayina End production - CNTorhovelna mark - no data. "CHINA0UA5000101423.166480.216231
25/Apr/20178482101000"1. Sponges of regenerated cellulose: polishing sponge (foam rubber) for a polishing paste Perfect-it lll, diameter 150mm, blue, 1 pc. / 10 pc., 10 pc., Art.50388 (DC272921107) - 10pcs. Used for polishing the surface Polymer. Producer: "3M Deutschland GmbH", Germany. Production system - DE.Product brand: 3M. "INDONESIA0UA1251000.2619.025370574
25/Apr/20176104440000"1. Sponges of regenerated cellulose: polishing sponge (foam rubber) for a polishing paste Perfect-it lll, diameter 150mm, blue, 1 pc. / 10 pc., 10 pc., Art.50388 (DC272921107) - 10pcs. Used for polishing the surface Polymer. Producer: "3M Deutschland GmbH", Germany. Production system - DE.Product brand: 3M. "BANGLADESH174UA10001049.2716.6603115
25/Apr/201739269092901.Tovary Pet: Plastic, polymeric materials, made of sheets: art. 66700015 - BLUMEC 700-1100 to-CT sponges made of polyurethane (coarse + fine) d / filter BLUEXTREME -1 shtart. 66710017 - BLUCLEAR 700-1100 to-CT sponge with foam. of the act. coal (coarse + fine) d / filter BLUEXTREME -1 shtTorhovelna mark FerplastVyrobnyk Ferplast SpAKrayina production IT.ITALY0UA1010700.1311.10832143
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Sponges Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Sponges Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""3М УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
03680, м.Київ, вул. Амосова, буд. 12, Україна
Exporter Name 3M Dabrowa Gornicza EDC
Product Description
"1 of regenerated cellulose sponges, polishing spo.........
HS Code 3924900010Value 46.9162367
Quantity 0Unit UA125110
Net Weight 0.38
Origin Country GERMANY

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