Ukraine Import Data of Spheric Washer | Ukraine Import Statistics of Spheric Washer

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of spheric washer collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of spheric washer imports.

Spheric Washer Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Spheric Washer

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of spheric washer. Get Ukraine trade data of Spheric Washer imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201773182100901. Spring Washers of iron or steel phosphated steel conical DIN 6319 D and DIN 6319 spherical C..GERMANY0UA2091801.0418.72738058 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201773182200101.Shayby ferrous metals without thread dlyadlya industrial motor vehicle bus ZAZ type A07 chassis TATA LP 613/38 (Euro-II): 3123251070-72sht spherical washer, spherical washer 3123251070-72sht, spherical 3123251070-72sht washer, spherical washer 3123251070-72sht, clean 10.512460501057-224sht washer, washer 10.512460501057-224sht clean, clean 10.512460501057-224sht washer, washer 10.512460501057-224sht clean, clean washer 1312460501308-400sht, clean 1312460501308-400sht washer, washer 1312460501308-400sht clean, clean washer 1312460501308- 400sht, clean 1712460501707-24sht washer, washer 1712460501707-24sht clean, clean shayba1712460501707-24sht, clean washer 1712460501707-24sht, shayba2112460502100-24sht clean, clean 2112460502100-24sht washer, shayba2112460502100-24sht clean, clean 2112460502100-24sht washer, washer 4.3 12460500433-24sht clean, clean washer 12460500433-24sht 4.3, 4.3 12460500433-24sht clear the puck, the puck 4.3 12460500433-24sht clean, clean washer 5.3 12460500531-24sht , clean 5.312460500531-24sht washer, washer 5.3 12460500531-24sht clean, clean washer 12460500531-24sht 5.3, 6.4 12460500646-128sht clear the puck, net 6.4 12460500646-128sht washer, washer 6,412460500646-128sht clean, clean washer 6 4 12460500646-128sht, clean washer 12460500841-320sht 8.4, 8.4 12460500841-320sht clear the puck, the puck 8.412460500841-320sht clean, clean washer 8.4 12460500841-320sht, 264181906328-72sht washer, washer 3129900640-56sht, 257389109201-16sht washer, washer 257649009202 -16sht, 265132608210-16sht washer, w yba 278614609201-32sht, washer 264181906328-72sht, shayba3129900640-56sht, shayba257389109201-16sht, shayba257649009202-16sht, shayba265132608210-16sht, shayba278614609201-32sht, shayba264181906328-72sht, shayba3129900640-56sht, shayba257389109201-16sht, shayba257649009202-16sht, shayba265132608210-16sht, shayba278614609201-32sht, shayba264181906328-72sht, shayba3129900640-56sht, shayba257389109201-16sht, shayba257649009202-16sht, shayba265132608210-16sht, shayba278614609201-32sht, washer A10.512650601058-24sht, shaybaA10.512650601058-24sht, A10.512650601058-24sht washer, washer A10 .512650601058-24sht, A1312650601309-112sht washer, washer A1312650601309-112sht, shaybaA1312650601309-112sht, washer A1312650601309-112sht, A6.412650600647-224sht washer, washer A6.412650600647-224sht, A6.412650600647-224sht washer, washer A6.412650600647- 224sht, washer A8.412650600 841-328sht, washer A8.412650600841-328sht, shaybaA8.412650600841-328sht, A8.412650600841-328sht washer, washer D47257450009202-32sht, D47257450009202-32sht washer, washer D47257450009202-32sht, shaybaD47257450009202-32sht, washer A4.312655000435-72sht, A4.312655000435-72sht washer, shaybaA4.312655000435-72sht, A4.312655000435-72sht washer, washer A6.412650698086-48sht, shaybaA6.412650698086-48sht, A6.412650698086-48sht washer, washer A6.412650698086-48sht, shaybaamortyzatoru3123231576-72sht , washer amortyzatoru3123231576-72sht, shaybaamortyzatoru3123231576-72sht, amortyzatoru3123231576-72sht washer, washer perednohoamortyzatoru264132308206-16sht, washer amortyzatoru264132308206-16sht front, front amortyzatoru264132308206-16sht washer, washer perednohoa ortyzatoru264132308206-16sht, sealing washer 12x15.516220510178-88sht, 12x15.5 shaybauschilnyuyuchaINDIA0UA112080112.6722041.658134
27/Apr/20177318220090"1.Zapchastyny ​​to vehicles without carving products, ferrous metals: art.50-3104029 spherical washer (2331866943) -500sht; Trademark - DKVyrobnyk - NINGBO EASTPOWER IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD."CHINA0UA40105048.572.97563086
27/Apr/201773182200901.VYROBY of black metal for the repair of turbines: Sealing Bush / Seals art. 5-6568-2061-01-1sht. SPHERICAL WASHER / washer Sferycheskaya art. 3-2361-3601-01-4sht. SEALING SET / Seals art. 5-6568-2055-04-1sht. Art. 5-6568-2055-10-1sht. SEALING BUSH / Sealing sleeve art. 5-6568-2064-01-1sht. SEAL RING / Sealing Ring art. 3-2055-3101-03-1sht. Art. 3-2055-3101-03-1sht. Art. 3-2048-9501-00-1sht. Art. 5-6749-7480-00-4sht. Art. 5-6748-8482-04-20sht. FRONT SUPPORT RING / foot ring washer art. 3-2001-3804-00-1sht. Eccentric Guide / Rip eccentric washer art. 2-2410-2401-01-1sht. DI-Thrust Ring / Regulated puck art. 5-6786-0080-39-2sht. Producer SIEMENS AGKrayina production DETorhovelna brand SIEMENS.GERMANY0UA1250208.318374.74476
26/Apr/20177318220090"1.Zapasni parts for combines: Production of steel without thread, washers, washer LAUNCHING (metal underlay) 70X79X1 art.0002116560-4sht, washers LAUNCHING (speed variator) S52X65 art.0002125500-2sht, washers LAUNCHING (speed variator) 40X55X1 art.0002336261-15sht, washers (speed variator) 21 X 34 X1art.0002342340-10sht; LAUNCHING washers (grain harvesters) 56X72X0,5 art.0002344250-40sht, washers (Item grain harvesters) 5,3art.0002448970-125sht, washers thrust (speed variator) D62X1,5 art.0006379640-10sht, thrust washers (speed variator) 75X110X2,5 art.0006379650-2sht; LAUNCHING washers (grain harvesters) 76X90X0,5 art.0006948380-3sht, washers LAUNCHING (CVT speed) W.ERS.D. 02118650art.0006948390-2sht; LAUNCHING washer (metal underlay) W.ERS.D. 02118630art.0006948400-5sht; LAUNCHING washers (CVT speed) art.0006948410-3sht; art.0006948420 -5sht; art.0006948430-6sht; LAUNCHING washer (part reducer) art.0006948440-5sht; art.0006948450-6sht; art.0006948460-8sht, spherical washers (CVT Speed ​​spine) art.0009838090-12sht, washers (grain harvesters ) 80X 21X 15art.0009847390-1sht, Adjusting washers. (Variator speed) art.0013007170-2sht; LAUNCHING washers (CVT speed) 2,0art.0013011450-1sht, Adjusting washers. (Variator speed) art.0013038950-2sht; art.0013038960-2sht; Producer: CLAASTorhovelna Brand: CLAASKrayina production: DE "GERMANY0UA1251802.646476.0566228
21/Apr/201773182200901.Zapasni parts s / d traktoriv.Novi. Other washers of ferrous metals. Spherical washer (A) art.50-3104029-100sht manufacturers: Guang Zhou Titu Auto Parts Co., LtdTorhova mark Titu Country of-CN.CHINA0UA125130330.09373267
20/Apr/201773182100901.SHAYBA 8620 01.00.05-20SHT preventive roller, spherical washers PRUZH. 14,5-30SHT, spherical washers PRUZH. 22.5 -8SHT. Steel washers without carving, springy, retaining special form for avtonavantazh uvachiv.Torhovelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: No danyh.Krayina production-BG. .BULGARIA0UA8072101.4722.43656103
18/Apr/20177318220090"1.Zapasni parts s / d traktoriv.Novi. Other washers without threading of ferrous metals. Art.40-4607038 puck-A-100 pieces, thrust washers art.50-1601027-30sht, washers art.50-1601319-30sht , thrust washers art.50-1602029-50sht, washers art.50-1701183-100sht, art.50-1701254-A-100 pieces, Washers supporting art.50-2403049-B-150sht, spherical washers art.50-3104029- 200sht, art.70-1721023-50sht washers, washer art.85-2403025-100sht satellites, washers art.F80-3407114-20sht, art.A04.03.020-10sht manufacturers: MSA "" Minsk Tractor Plant "" brand MTZKrayina production-BY. "BELARUS0UA12513040.391057.373888
11/Apr/20173926300090"1.Zapasni parts for agricultural machinery firmyCLAAS Global Sales GmbH (combine harvesters, forage harvesters, balers straw Tasin, mounted mowers, sinovorushylok, Swath makers) plastic fasteners: 0000085100 -12 sleeve pieces, the bushing 0006148332 -40 pc; 0006448300 -5 index core pieces; guide plate 0006506860 units -10; -20 0006539060 sliding plate pieces; 0009838090 spherical washer -20 sht.Torhovelna brand CLAAS Country of manufacturer DE CLAAS Service and Parts GmbH. "GERMANY0UA1252706.266660.9215727
11/Apr/20178481808100"1. Spherical cranes, metal trub.Krany dvohsostavni stainless steel. The body layer, stem - stainless steel AISI 316, Handle, nuts, washers rod - nerzh.stalAISI 304, Shara seals and stem - PTFE, coating handle - Vinyl : 2014 02 2element Full passage ball valve 1/4 "" 2PCS FULL BORE BALL vALVE 1/4 "" - 12p; 2014 03 2element Full passage ball valve 3/8 "" 2PCS FULL BORE BALL vALVE 3/8 "" - 12p , 2014 04 2element Full passage ball valve 1/2 "" 2PCS FULL BORE BALL vALVE 1/2 "" - 80sht, 2014 05 2element Full passage ball valve 3/4 "" 2PCS FULL BORE BALL vALVE 3/4 "" - 30sht , 2014 06 2element Full passage ball valve 1 "" 2PCS FULL BORE BALL vALVE 1 "" - 15sht, cranes dvohsost Avni brass. The body layer rod - brass CW617N, chrome, handle - chrome steel, nuts, washers rod - brass, seal Shara - PTFE, sealing rod - NBR, cover the handle - Vinyl: 3035 04 Ball valve butterflies handle 1 / 2 "" BUTTERFLY HAND.BV FF 1/2 "" - 200sht, 3028 04 Ball valve 1/2 "" BALL vALVE 1/2 "" - 200sht, 3036 04 metel ykova ball valve handle to / from 1/2 '' BUTTERFLY HAND.BALL vALVE MF 1/2 "" - 200sht, 3034 04 Ball valve 1/2 "" BALL vALVE 1/2 "" - 104sht, 3035 05 Ball valve butterflies handle I / 3/4 "" BUTTERFLY HAND. BV FF 3/4 "" - 54sht, 3028 05 Ball valve easily. 3/4 "" LIGHT BALL VALVE 3/4 "" - 56sht, 3036 05 Ball valve 3/4 "" BALL VALVE 3/4 "" - 54sht, 3034 05 Ball valve 3/4 "" BALL VALVE 3/4 " "-54sht, 3028 06 Ball valve easily. 1 "" LIGHT BALL VALVE 1 "" - 56sht, 3034 06 Ball valve 1 "" BALL VALVE M / H 1 "" - 102sht, 3028 09 Ball valve easily. 2 "" LIGHT BALL VALVE 2 '' - 100 pieces, 3034 09 Ball valve 2 "" BALL VALVE 2 "" - 10 pieces; 3046 04 2 Ball valve element. 1/2 "" BALL VALVE 2 PCS. 1/2 '' - 108sht, 3046 05 2 Ball valve element. 3/4 "" BALL VALVE 2 PCS. 3/4 '' - 50sht, Three-way Valves made of stainless steel. The body layer, stem - stainless steel AISI 316, Handle, nuts, washers rod - nerzh.stalAISI 304, Shara seals and stem - PTFE; pneumatic - Aluminum cover drive - plastic enamel: 5041 08 144 2041 Crane 1 "" 1/2 pneumatic GNP-94 / S5 V.2041 1 "" 1/2 WITH GNP-94 / S5-1sht.Pryznachennya for installation, pipeline drinking water, household water supply and irrigation. Marked torh.marka Genebre, size, tysk.Krayina production ESVyrobnyk Genebre SA "SPAIN0UA1120803914933.202803
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Spheric Washer Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Spheric Washer Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""Тавор"""
Importer Address
81500, Львівська обл., м. Городок, вул. Винниченка, 33, Україна.
Exporter Name Argip Sp.z.o.o
Product Description
1. Spring Washers of iron or steel phosphated stee.........
HS Code 7318210090Value 18.72738058
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 1.04
Origin Country GERMANY

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