Ukraine Import Data of Speed Handle | Ukraine Import Statistics of Speed Handle

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of speed handle collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of speed handle imports.

Speed Handle Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Speed Handle

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of speed handle. Get Ukraine trade data of Speed Handle imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/20178302300090"1.Armatura fasteners, fittings and similar articles of nedorohotsiynyh metalivdlya a / m Lada: Bracket speed sensor, art.2121435 3,841,000 - 5sht.Kronshteyndatchyka of speed and art.21214353841100 - 5sht.Kronshteyn charmer on shtanhyperednoho stabilizer perechnoyi stability in domestic art .21010 290604300 -25sht.Vazhel belt tensioner roller, art.21214104111025 - 3sht.Tyaha lock art.21010610514600 - 10pcs. Loop hood, art.21210840701001 - 6sht.Kronshte ynpryymalnoyi pipe art.21080120304200- 20sht.Oboyma mounting cushion rod Mr erednoho stabilizer to nyzhnohovazhe la rights art.21010290604800 - 100 pieces. Kp at nshteyn generator bottom art.210823701 65200 - 1 pc. Hook fastening traction control pan innya Heater, art.21010810913500 - 6 pcs. fastening bracket receiving pipe art.21214120302500 - 10pc. Bracket Cree prisoners receiving pipe art.2121012030 2500 - 5pcs. fastening bracket Noah took the pipe art.21210120302500 - 15sht. onshteyn Cr generator art.11189104103400 - 8sht.Sklopidyomnyk tro sovoho type to LAD A Samara right front door art.21140610400882 - 2 pcs. Hoist rope th type to the Chevrolet Niva pravyyperedn oyi door art.21230610400882 - 4 pieces. Reset lopidyomnyk type of cable doChevrolet Niva Right front door art.212306 10400882 - 2 pcs. Sklopidyomnyktrosovoho type to LADA Samara Left Front and art.21140610400982 - 2sht.Sklopidyom nickname of cable type to the first Chevrolet Niva Liv front door art.21230610400982- 11sht. Hoist rope type LADA 4x4 to the right of the front door, art.21218610400882 - 1pc. Hoist rope th type to the left LADA 4x4 perednoyidve cut, art.21218610400982 - 1pc. Staple Cree prisoners accelerator art.21010110804100- 100 pieces. Lock left door lock, art .21050610520500 - 60sht. Sklopidyomnykpe Ref left door assemblies art.2121361 0,402,100 - 10pc. Door handle backward vsbor e, art.21040630515000 - 5pcs. ICA lock on the door art.21050610520400 -120sht. K orpus latch lock art.1118061052080 0 - 2 pcs. Handle exterior zadnyaliva, art. 11180620515100 - 15sht.Krayina production and - RUTorhovelna mark - LADAVyrobnyk- "" TSSKB-Progress "" HNPRKTS g Samara "RUSSIA0UA12518093.243762.7755387 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20178205700000"1.Instrumenty for fixing parts: -Pryzhym SPEEDY BLOCK 230 / M, code AD270-20sht; -Pryzhym SPEEDY BLOCK 130 / M, code AD135-20sht; -Pryzhym SPEEDY BLOCK 230 / A, code AD540 - 15sht, are press a products izvuhletsev first steel (ferrous metals), designed T o ensure neruhomoyifiksatsiyi details were by their elastic pressing to e ementiv fiksuyuchoyikonstruktsiyi. designs Exposure sealing pressure comprises a fixed part intended dlyastatsionarnoho installation swirl obu, the moving mechanism of fixing parts Noah geometry which provides it is impossible to separate ist opening and plastic handle uiz teak tip. press a imported for use in skladiinstrumentiv for fixing parts in the process of welding items entivvyhlopnoyi system at "" BOSAL BY-C "." Manufacturer: SPEEDY BLOCK Srl, Italy; auction ovelna mark: SPEEDY BLOCK.. "ITALY0UA11208016786.3728809
21/Apr/20178458112000"1. Screw, horizontal, numerically controlled, multi-: Turning stanokGILDEMEISTER NEF CT 40, podatchykom rod with chyslovymprohramnym keruvannyam.Seriynyy number 08222, year 1985.Buvshyy use, not working tachastkovo rozkomplektovanyy.Tokarnyy machine is horizontal multifunctional and designed to handle and tsilnotilyh cylindrical rod blanks. Turning naruzhnej shaped cutters and inner surfaces, processing of wide cutter traverse, the use rizbonariz s heads. Specifications: a working zone; passing hole in the spindle, 68mm max. diameter 225mm, turning, max. length obtochky-600mm. spindle, spindle speed 20-4000ob / min. Power-22kVt. Number of Wood 1 -in-12p revolver. positioning accuracy, 0,01mm. Dimensions of the machine: Length 3200mm, Width-1800mm, height 1800mm,., total weight 4000kg. Manufacturer: Gildemeister AG. Trade mark: Gildemeister Country of origin: DE. "GERMANY1UA20404040003975.650018
19/Apr/201784522900001 Industrial sewing machines: - Sewing Machine JUKI DLN 9010ASS-WB / AK118 high-speed machine lock stitch with conveyor needle direct drive, automatic trimming threads, positioning the needle vidvodchyk needle thread, AK-118, the motor SC92AN and control panel CP-180A - 4 pcs. Serial numbers: 2D3KK00210, 2D3KK00211, 2D3KK00214, 2D3KK00218. Included: Fly tables working table of refractory industrial plastic with a hole 20 cm RTP SO 80x60x4 cm. Of drawers, metal frame GVU-80-2 / RO, socket 3 rozyemna, plug zyednyuvach CEF ISO, processing Kant, mounting box right . Designed for general manufacturing seams. - sewing machine JUKI DLN 9010ASS-WB / AK118 high-speed lockstitch machine with conveyor needle direct drive, automatic thread trimming, needle positioning, needle thread vidvodchyk, AK-118, SC920AN motor and control panel CP-180A - 2 pcs. Serial numbers: 2D3KJ00011, 2D3KJ00012. Included: puller KV9000 direct drive lockstitch DDL9000 because of the talent zone and mechanism P2AND, air ventilation, mechanical puller, pressure regulator, AP RTP SO working surface industrial desktop of drawers, odnofutova frame EHK-RO 4 rollers with handle variable high, switch 220 surge protector with cable, special sewing foot, socket 220, metal plate, pressure regulator A-1220 plug ISO. Designed for sewing belt. Trade mark Juki. Manufacturer - no data. Country of Japan (JP).JAPAN6UA10105051023489.71775
18/Apr/20178536508000"1.Peremykach automatically switch A3716- 217sht intended for use in the construction of a fuse A3716 includes: a contact system (mobile and stationary contacts are made of copper), insulation arms (press material AG-4V); handle (Plastics ), a spring mechanism on an aluminum base. The switch is manufactured in a fragile levers and is designed so that provides instant locking and unlocking of contacts independent of the speed of the handle with a switch on or off, and instant rozmyk ting contacts that do not depend on - is kept handle switch operator or-no during automatic operation. Automatic switch A3716 is designed for electrical circuits voltage no more than 1000V. Trademark - "" DZNA. ' "Producer: JSC" " nyzkovoltnoyi Divnogorsk plant equipment "," Russia, (RU) .Krayina production, Russia, (RU).. "RUSSIA0UA102150184.88930.9900792
18/Apr/20178467990090"1. The parts to hand tools: Eccentric art.316061820-2sht; art.316093310-2sht flange assembly, Clutch to art.316093860-1sht Quick STE 100; art.340037410-1sht spindle assembly, flange art.341032210-5sht ; Shock art.341059310-7sht liner, cylinder assembly art.341210800-5sht; art.341525350-1sht fee; art.343082840-2sht 230V electronics unit, electronic unit art.343084080-1sht, Electronics, 230V 50 / 60Hz art. 343085150-1sht, locks (FSR 200) art.343392700-1sht, limiter to shlifmashynky art.343394570-1sht; art.343398280-2sht handle, trunk, upper art.343431050-2sht, trunk, bottom art.343431060-2sht; Flange art.343442930-1sht assembly, parallel guide for e lektrolobzykiv art.623591000-2sht; Protective guard CED125 Plus art.626731000-1sht; Protective guard GED125 art.626732000-8sht, Rip SSE art.316051660-1sht, Electronics WEVF, 230V50 / 60Hz art.343084760-1sht, speed control art. 343085640-2sht, trademark METABOVyrobnyk Metabowerke GmbH Country of CN. "CHINA0UA12520019.521541.545524
18/Apr/20178467890000"1.Instrumenty Hand vmontovanymneelektrychnym engine in rozibranomustani: mod.GL4850BC gasoline trimmers" "GOODLUCK" "(capacity: 3600Vt, ob'yemtsylindra: 42,7sm3, speed, 7000ob / min cutting width: 255mm-knife, with a coil Leski-400mm, two-stroke engine) unassembled (engine, rod handles, upper tanyzhniy gears, fasteners, protective cover knife), 2 pieces - than 3rd gear, 2 pcs - 40 serrated knife with pobedytovymy semi aykamy, 3 pcs - plastic reel of fishing line, 1pc knife for trimming Leski, 1pc - belt set of accessories for mounting (1 piece candle-key, 1pc key carob s, 2 pieces -klyuch shestyhranyy 1 pc -vykrutka universal 4 pcs - screw for fixing the gearbox, 3 pcs -hvynt to establish knife for trimming Leski), 1 piece - container for mixing fuel instruction -700sht mod.MBT .; -4800 gasoline trimmers "" Minsk MT- 3 "" (capacity: 4800Vt volume of the cylinder: 42,7sm3, speed, 7000ob / min and cutting widths: 255mm, knife, reel of fishing line, 400mm, two-stroke engine) rozib in early state (motor rod handles, upper and lower gears, fasteners, protective cover knife); 2 pieces - than 3rd gear, 2 pcs - 40 serrated knife to item obedytovymy tipped 3 pieces - spool plastic with woods, 1pc knife for trimming Leski, 1pc - belt set of accessories for mounting (1 piece key-candle, rizh-term key 1pc, 2 pcs -klyuch shestyhranyy 1 pc -vykrutka universal 4 pcs - screw for fixing the gearbox, 3 pcs -hvynt to establish knife for trimming Leski), 1 piece - container for mixing fuel instruction -700sht .; mod.GT-5300 gasoline trimmers "" KRAFT "" (on tuzhnist: 5300Vt volume cylinder 42, 7sm3, speed, 7000ob / min, with koshuvannya width: 255mm-blade, Reel of fishing line, 400mm, two-stroke engine ) in the corner of Bran state (motor rod handles, upper and lower gears, fasteners, protective cover knife); 4 pcs - 40 serrated knife with pobedytovymy soldering and 4 pieces - plastic spool of fishing line, 1pc knife for trimming Leski, 1pc - belt set of accessories for mounting (1 piece candle-key, key rozhkovyj 1pc, 2 pcs -k lyuch shestyhranyy 1 pc -vykrutka universal 4 pcs - screw for fixing the gearbox, 3 pcs -hvynt to establish knife for trimming Leski), 1 piece - container for mixing fuel-instruction 500sht .; mod.IMG320T gasoline trimmers "" IMPULS "" (p otuzhnist: 3200Vt volume cylinder 42, 7sm3, speed, 7000ob / min, with koshuvannya width: 255mm-blade, Reel of fishing line, 400mm, two-stroke engine) in the Bran corner position (engine, rod, handles, upper and lower gears, fasteners, protective cover knife); 1 unit - 3rd gear than 1 pc - plastic spool of fishing line, 1pc knife for trimming Leski, 1pc - belt set of accessories for mounting (1 piece candle-key, key rozhkovyj 1pc, 2 pcs -klyuch shestyhranyy, 1 pc -vykrutka university sebaceous 4 pieces - screw for fixing the gearbox, 3 pcs -hvynt to establish knife for trimming Leski), 1 piece - container for mixing fuel, guide-mark 500sht.Torhovelna see. "" electronic invoice "." Brand "" YongKang Regal Tools Co., Ltd "", China. Production Country CN. "CHINA0UA1101502181229455.00006
18/Apr/20179506919000"1.Inventar and accessories to zanyattyafitnesom: eva foam roller 100cm foam roller Eve, diam.15 length 100sm.-1pc., Trampoline d. 102cm Trampoline diam.102 cm 6 pcs., Pilates mat Pilates mat, black, 10 pieces ., body bar 2kg Bodybar kh.Siniy 2, 2 pcs., body bar 3kg Bodybar kh.Krasnyy 3, 2 pcs., body bar 4kg Bodybar kh.Zelenyy 4, 2 pcs., body bar 5kg Bodybar 5 kh.Oranzhevyy, 2 pcs., body bar 6kg bodybar 6 kg. violet, 2 pcs., wooden bar 120cm Wooden bodybar 120 cm-1 pc., wooden bar 140cm Wooden bodybar 140 cm-1 pc., metal plyobox set set plyometrycheskyh boxes, metal. Height 31 / 46/61 cm-3pc., ghd horizontal hyperyekstenzyya-3pc., wooden wobble board Balansyrovochnaya board, diam.45, height 6-1sht., bamboo rocker board Balansyrovochnaya board, 50x50 decorated with bamboo-1pc., anchor door fasteners for flying-13sht., balance pad 40x50 Eva-balancing platform 1pc., bump disc curved drive diam.35sm.- 1 pc., dune ball board balancing platform, dia. 70 cm 11sht., barbell padding lining the stamp-7sht., wall barbel l rack 10 places Stands for rod, wall, 10mest-1pc., barbell chain chain, rod-3pc ., giant-m ball strap belt for Medbol, 36cm, 1pc., m-ball rack round micaled Racks Medbol-1pc., weighted band 1kgx2 weighting compound wrist / ankle, 1kg, para-1pc., weighted band 2kgx2 weighting compound wrist / ankle, 2 kg of para-1pc., weight west kg 15 residential to add. Loads of 15 kg, 2 pcs., Punch mitts - pair paws, black, para-1pc., Rotary push up x2 palm pushups rotary-11sht., Push up - pair palm pushups direct-11sht., Yoga mat pvc 173x60xh0, 4cm yoga mat, blue-12p., yoga block eva 22x15xh7,5cm Yoga block Eve 22H15vys. 7.5 cm blue, 2 pcs., Totalcore pin Sports pendulum to train muscles press with V-shaped handle, Black-Ugolny Airport 1pc., Round yoga block Yoga block Eve Round-2 pcs., Wall anchor wall mount for Flying -1sht., barbell rack 10kg Stands for rod, 50mm, 8 pieces, 1pc., pyramid dumbbell rack dumbbell rack for 10 pairs of vertical-7sht., abdominal suspension bandsx2 hinges training, press 2 pcs., aerobic jump rope rubber-22sht. , speed jump Rope-speed 50sht., si-sand bag 5kg heavy roller 5 kg-1 pc., si-sand bag 10kg heavy roller 5 kg-1 pc., si-sand bag 15kg heavy roller 5 kg-1 pc., flow bag water filler-weighting-Bag 1pc., adjustable sand kettlebell 10kg weight sand dosyp Aya, maks.10kh-1pc., triceps rope 60cm Rope for triceps standard, 60cm-11sht., triceps rope 100cm Rope for triceps standard, 100cm-11sht., si-wheel wheel for muscle torso-11sht., core wheel x 2 rollers muscles bark, 6 pcs., pull up bar horizontal bar Wall-1pc 60x110cm., t collar x 2 neck-holder for 5pcs., spring collar x 2 clips stamps, 50mm-20sht.Vyrobnyk - " "Sidea" ". Trade mark - "" Sidea "". Country of origin - CN. "CHINA0UA1000408955809.295206
18/Apr/20178459691000"1.Verstaty milling, b / in brand SIP Hydroptic-6A, 916 -1sht., About speed range 40-2000 rev / min, according to the moving picture, tightening around the table size 1100x840 mm, with display for axis with metal accessories and workshop tables, overall rozmirom3300x2400x3200 mm (unassembled machine 20%) and means of fire., brand Waldrich K3000, 57/2191 - 1pc., the working range of approximately x = 3000 mm, y = 1000 mm, z = 960 mm, metalevymyshafamy for things (disassembled machine vyhlyadi60%) and machine tools pozhezhohasinnya.Tsi handle flat or profiled floor erhni using a rotating tool (milling) .Krayina production Switzerland CH. "SWITZERLAND2UA205140124002721.917877
18/Apr/201784331110001.Hazonokosarky motor with the cutting device rotating in a horizontal plane propelled electrical: - 34 E Lawn Comfort electric, powerful. e. / 1200 W motor, width 34 cm, height of cut 28-68 mm. centralism. 6-speed. rehulyuvannyavysoty shear volume travozbirn. 37l with turkey. fill d.kolesa 150/165 mm ergonems. handle of through touch. switch on the handle, PP plastic casing, art.112857 - 450 sht.Torhovelna brand - AL-KOVyrobnyk - AL-KO Gerate GmbH at the factory MEDAS International Co., Ltd.CHINA450UA500030768623996.3691
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Speed Handle Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Speed Handle Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name "АО ""Лада-Имидж"""
Product Description
"1.Armatura fasteners, fittings and similar articl.........
HS Code 8302300090Value 762.7755387
Quantity 0Unit UA125180
Net Weight 93.243
Origin Country RUSSIA

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