Ukraine Import Data of Speed Bell | Ukraine Import Statistics of Speed Bell

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of speed bell collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of speed bell imports.

Speed Bell Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Speed Bell

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of speed bell. Get Ukraine trade data of Speed Bell imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
25/Apr/201787088035981.Chastyny ​​suspension system for forklift trucks, moving at a speed not exceeding 25 km / h, the new: AXLE / SHKVOREN FD30T6 katal.№ 24454-32232 = 20pcs axis / SHKVOREN FG15T19 FB15-7 katal.№ 24234-32182 2423432182 = 10pcs axis / SHKVOREN FG / D30T14 katal.№ 3EB-24-32240 = 6 pcs axis / SHKVOREN LH FD30NT katal.№ 91E43-20400 = 10pcs axis / SHKVOREN RH FD30NT katal.№ 91E43-23200 = 6 pcs axis / SHKVOREN BELLCRANK 5FG15 katal.№ 43631-13600-71 = 3pc axis / SHKVOREN LH F30T16 F15T20 katal.№ 3EB-24-51261 = 20pcs axis / SHKVOREN LH FG15NT katal.№ 91B43-20400 = 20pcs axis / SHKVOREN RH F30T16 F15T20 catalyst .№ 3EB-24-51271 = 10pcs axis / SHKVOREN RH FG15NT katal.№ 91B43-23200 = 10pcs axis / SHKVOREN RH SAS 42-7FG15 katal.№ 43231-23322- 71 = 10 pieces, layer C * UNITY FG15T19 katal.№ 2423430561 2423430561 = 4pcs, C * YEDNANNYAFG15T19 layer katal.№ 2423430551 2423430551 = 4pcs, C * UNITY layer FG / D15T17 FG / D30T14 katal.№ 3EA-24-31310 = 4 pieces, Ball With UNITY * FG / D15T17 FG / D30T14 katal.№ 3EA2431410 = 4pcs axis / SHKVOREN katal.№ 24234-32182 = 10pcs axis / K SHKVOREN EROVANOHO bridge katal.№ 43232-2660071 = 10pc, Ball Of UNITY * FG / D15T17 FG / D30T14 katal.№ 3EA2431310 = 6 pieces, layer C * UNITY katal.№ 9124307700 = 4pcs, C * UNITY layer katal.№ 9124315701 = 4 pieces on plywood palletCHINA0UA209180162506.2841495 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/201758071090001. Part of the suspension system for autoloaders moving at a speed of not more than 25 km / h, new: WIND / LIFT FD30T6 katal.№ 24454-32232 = 20pcs, W / L FG15T19 FB15-7 2423432182 Cat. 24234-32182 = 10pcs , W / L FG / D30T14 Cat. No. 3EB-24-32240 = 6pcs, W / LH FD30NT Cat. 91E43-20400 = 10pcs, W / RH RH FD30NT Cat. 91E43-23200 = 6pcs, W / BELLCRANK LOOK 5FG15 Cat. No. 43631-13600-71 = 3pcs, W / LH F30T16 F15T20 Cat. No. 3EB-24-51261 = 20pcs, W / LH FG15NT Cat. 91B43-20400 = 20pcs, W / L RH F30T16 F15T20 catal No. 3EB-24-51271 = 10pcs, W / RH RH FG15NT Cat. 91B43-23200 = 10pcs, WS / RH SAS 42-7FG15 Cat. No. 43231-23 322-71 = 10pcs, BALL OF FOOTNOTES FG15T19 2423430561 Cat. № 2423430561 = 4pcs, BALLS WITH * UNDERNESSFG15T19 2423430551 Cat. Nr. 2423430551 = 4pcs, BALLS FG / D15T17 FG / D30T14 Cat. No. 3EA-24-31310 = 4pcs, FOOTBALL FINGER FG / D15T17 FG / D30T14 Cat. № 3EA2431410 = 4pcs, W / SKIN CALATING NO. 24234-32182 = 10pcs, W / WINDING TO YOUNG BRIDGE Cat. № 43232-2660071 = 10pcs, BALL OF COMPANY FG / D15T17 FG / D30T14 Cat. No. 3EA2431310 = 6pcs, BALL OF COOKING CATALYST # 9124307700 = 4pcs, BALLS WITH COMBINATION Cat. 9124315701 = 4pcs, on plywood palletsPOLAND0UA20918014.18459.4363175
18/Apr/20179506919000"1.Inventar and accessories to zanyattyafitnesom: eva foam roller 100cm foam roller Eve, diam.15 length 100sm.-1pc., Trampoline d. 102cm Trampoline diam.102 cm 6 pcs., Pilates mat Pilates mat, black, 10 pieces ., body bar 2kg Bodybar kh.Siniy 2, 2 pcs., body bar 3kg Bodybar kh.Krasnyy 3, 2 pcs., body bar 4kg Bodybar kh.Zelenyy 4, 2 pcs., body bar 5kg Bodybar 5 kh.Oranzhevyy, 2 pcs., body bar 6kg bodybar 6 kg. violet, 2 pcs., wooden bar 120cm Wooden bodybar 120 cm-1 pc., wooden bar 140cm Wooden bodybar 140 cm-1 pc., metal plyobox set set plyometrycheskyh boxes, metal. Height 31 / 46/61 cm-3pc., ghd horizontal hyperyekstenzyya-3pc., wooden wobble board Balansyrovochnaya board, diam.45, height 6-1sht., bamboo rocker board Balansyrovochnaya board, 50x50 decorated with bamboo-1pc., anchor door fasteners for flying-13sht., balance pad 40x50 Eva-balancing platform 1pc., bump disc curved drive diam.35sm.- 1 pc., dune ball board balancing platform, dia. 70 cm 11sht., barbell padding lining the stamp-7sht., wall barbel l rack 10 places Stands for rod, wall, 10mest-1pc., barbell chain chain, rod-3pc ., giant-m ball strap belt for Medbol, 36cm, 1pc., m-ball rack round micaled Racks Medbol-1pc., weighted band 1kgx2 weighting compound wrist / ankle, 1kg, para-1pc., weighted band 2kgx2 weighting compound wrist / ankle, 2 kg of para-1pc., weight west kg 15 residential to add. Loads of 15 kg, 2 pcs., Punch mitts - pair paws, black, para-1pc., Rotary push up x2 palm pushups rotary-11sht., Push up - pair palm pushups direct-11sht., Yoga mat pvc 173x60xh0, 4cm yoga mat, blue-12p., yoga block eva 22x15xh7,5cm Yoga block Eve 22H15vys. 7.5 cm blue, 2 pcs., Totalcore pin Sports pendulum to train muscles press with V-shaped handle, Black-Ugolny Airport 1pc., Round yoga block Yoga block Eve Round-2 pcs., Wall anchor wall mount for Flying -1sht., barbell rack 10kg Stands for rod, 50mm, 8 pieces, 1pc., pyramid dumbbell rack dumbbell rack for 10 pairs of vertical-7sht., abdominal suspension bandsx2 hinges training, press 2 pcs., aerobic jump rope rubber-22sht. , speed jump Rope-speed 50sht., si-sand bag 5kg heavy roller 5 kg-1 pc., si-sand bag 10kg heavy roller 5 kg-1 pc., si-sand bag 15kg heavy roller 5 kg-1 pc., flow bag water filler-weighting-Bag 1pc., adjustable sand kettlebell 10kg weight sand dosyp Aya, maks.10kh-1pc., triceps rope 60cm Rope for triceps standard, 60cm-11sht., triceps rope 100cm Rope for triceps standard, 100cm-11sht., si-wheel wheel for muscle torso-11sht., core wheel x 2 rollers muscles bark, 6 pcs., pull up bar horizontal bar Wall-1pc 60x110cm., t collar x 2 neck-holder for 5pcs., spring collar x 2 clips stamps, 50mm-20sht.Vyrobnyk - " "Sidea" ". Trade mark - "" Sidea "". Country of origin - CN. "CHINA0UA1000408955809.295206
07/Apr/20174011920000"1. The pneumatic rubber tires are new: - 16.5 / 70-18 KF-97 SER C / X 10 KGS, WITHOUT О / Л - 21 pieces, complete (tire, chamber), tread type - universal, for tractor trailers Load capacity 9-12 tons and agricultural machinery, the rim diameter is 45.7 cm, the load index is 149 (3250 kg), the speed index is A6 (30 km / h) Marking: 16.5 / 70-18 KF-97 BELSHINA MADE IN BELARUS; - 7.50-20 V-103 SER C / X 6 - 44 pcs., The type of tread - high passage, for tractors cl. 1.4, MTZ-50; rim diameter - 50.8 cm; loading index - 103 (875 kg), speed index - A6 (30 km / h) Marking: 7.50-20 V-103 BELSHINA MADE IN BELARUS; - 9.00-16 BELL PT-5M SER C / X 10 (125А6) - 22 pieces complete (tire, chamber); type of tread - universal, for transport trailers, trailer-containers; seat diameters rim - 40, 6 cm, load index - 125 (1650 kg), speed index - A6 (30 km / h) Marking: 9.00-16 BEL P-5M BELSHINA MADE IN BELARUS. Producer - OJSC "Belshina". Production edges - BY Trademark - "BELSHINA" "."BELARUS87UA10204030307233.044724
06/Apr/20173303009000"1 toilette, perfumery water series Avon Cherish, 50 ml F0185100 - 2160sht; perfumery water series Femme, 50 ml F1105200 - 548sht; perfumery water series AVON Attraction for Her, 50 ml F1775300 - 2520sht; perfumery water Bella Sunset, series Far Away, 50 ml F2554300 - 760sht; perfumery water series Incandessence, 50 ml F2664000 - 4320sht; perfumery water series Perceive, 50 ml F3215000 - 2400sht; perfumery water Infinity series AVON Far Away, 50 ml F9207200 - 292sht; perfumery water series Parisian Chic, 50 ml F9212400 - 330sht, Toilette series Individual Blue Casual, 100ml F1312200 - 1920sht, Toilette series Full Speed, 75 ml F1839700 - 3600sht, Toilette series X-Series Recharge, 50 ml F1883900 - 3080sht, Toilette Avon Man, 75 ml F2637100 - 1920sht, toilet and water series Individual Blue for Him, 100 ml F3579700 - 1920sht, Toilette series Individual Blue You for Him, 100 ml F5405200 - 1280sht, Toilette series AVON Centre Action, 50 ml F7452300 - 385sht, Toilette Pure Victory series Avon Sport, 50 ml F7756 400 - 280sht, Toilette series Pur Blanca, 50 ml F7867300 - 2200sht, Toilette Lime Verbena series AVON Scent Essence, 30 ml F8924800 - 2000sht, Eau de toilette Passion Fruit series AVON Scent Essence, 30 ml F8926800 - 680sht, Toilet water series AVON Pur Blanca, 50 ml F9467900 - 2200sht, toilet water Pur Blansa Blush, 50 ml F9507500 - 2200sht. (not products come in aerosol packaging). "RUSSIA0UA1101508120.7960160.19695
03/Apr/201784818059001.Truboprovidna industrial fittings, non-medical use, used namahistralnyh and distribution pipelines, regulating valves ARI-STEVI 440 passing flanged, DN25 PN16, body cast iron EN-JL1040, Kvs = 10 m3 / h vytratnaharakterystyka rivnovidsotkova, V-shaped skladeneuschilnyuvalne ring / Teflon + graphite drive ARI-PremioPlus 2G 2,2 kN in 47-63 90-264 Hz rate peremischennya0,38mm / sec, moving 53 seconds, max. zakryttya16 pressure bar -art.-124400025G1: -1sht.Klapan regulating ARI-STEVI 441 passing flanged, DN50 PN16, body Ductile iron EN-JS1049, bellows seal with stainless steel. steel drive DP32, spring closes the valve in the absence of air, the range of 0,8-2,40 bar springs, step 20 mm air supply pressure of 2.7 bar, max. Closing pressure 5,4 bar positioner EPS 15.2 Sipart PS2 + Profibus. -art.-234410050G1: -1sht. Regulating valves ARI-STEVI 441 passing flanged, DN50 PN16, body Ductile iron EN-JS1049, bellows seal with stainless steel. Steel, brought forth DP32, spring closes the valve in the absence of air, the range of 0,8-2,40 bar springs, step 20 mm air supply pressure of 2.7 bar, max. Closing pressure 5,4 bar positioner EPS 15.2 Sipart PS2 + Profibus. -art.-234410050G1: -1sht. Pass valve regulating ARI-STEVI 440 flanged, DN32 PN16, Kvs = 16 m3 / h, body cast iron EN-JL1040, costly rivnovidsotkova characteristics, V-shaped composite O-ring / PTFE + graphite FR2.1 drive, 230 V 50/60 Hz, with no tension spindle is advanced, operating speed of 0.29 / 0.35 mm / sec 69/58 sec-time, working time with no voltage 5.5 sec max. Closing pressure 7,4 bar, with elektropozytsionerom RE10 (4-20 mA) -art.-124400032G1: -1sht. Regulating valves ARI-STEVI 440 passing flanged, DN32 PN16, body cast iron EN-JL1040, Kvs = 16 m3 / h Flow characteristics rivnovidsotkova, V-shaped composite O-ring / PTFE + graphite drive ARI-Premio 2,2 kN, 230 In 50/60 Hz velocity of 0.38 / 0.45 mm / sec, while moving 53 / 45sek max. closing pressure 16 bar, potentiometer 1000 ohms, limit switches 2 pcs. 10A 250V -art.-124400032G1: -2sht. Trade mark - ARI ARMATUREN.Vyrobnyk - Ari Armaturen Albert Richter GmbH & Co.KG.Krayina production - DE.GERMANY0UA1251801036577.316528
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Speed Bell Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Speed Bell Importer Sample

Date 25/Apr/2017
Importer Name ФОП Карташова Галина Михайлівна пасп. КЛ 047234 18.03.2015 Галицьким РВЛ ГУДМСУ Львівській обл.
Importer Address
79008, м.Львів, вул.Вірменська,16,кв,20. Україна
Exporter Name """GRAND CHINA IMP.& EXP. TRADING CO., LTD."""
Product Description
1.Chastyny ​​suspension system for forklift tr.........
HS Code 8708803598Value 506.2841495
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 162
Origin Country CHINA

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