Ukraine Import Data of Speaker Net | Ukraine Import Statistics of Speaker Net

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of speaker net collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of speaker net imports.

Speaker Net Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Speaker Net

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of speaker net. Get Ukraine trade data of Speaker Net imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201785184080901.Elektrychnyy amplifier channel sound (audio) frequency 850Vt maximum capacity, designed for vstoyuvannya in speakers and delivered in sets for retail - includes remote control, batteries for remote control elements (cable) connection and fastening, manual, SD -dysk description that contains devices for secret information - is not designed to remove the information from networks and telecommunications systems that are not equipped by special fixation devices, maintain or transfer Retrieve Second information: art.X-850-230v 1pc for use in acoustic systemah.Vyrobnyk - PARADIGM ELECTRONICS INC, trademark - Paradigm.CANADA0UA1000109301.902194 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20178517620000"1.Aparatura for transmitting / receiving audio / video signal to the wired network service called" "connection as part of a professional television studio, has a membership of receivers and transmitters, no signs of STZ: Art.1220100, RSP-2318 BASIC, 18 keys SmartPanel User Interface, 19 "" / 1RU Smartpanel Platform with 18 keys; 3 multi-colored, high resolution, multi-touch displays; integrated power supply; studio grade mic preamps; 2 headset connectors (exchangeable XLR connector on front); high quality loudspeaker; 3 GPI-In; 3 GPI-Out; 2 analog 4-Wire; Matrix link: AES67 / AVB; HDMI; SD-Card Slot; option slot; 2 USB with option RSP-2318-APP-BASIC (Intercom App for Smartpanel RSP-2318; Turns the RSP-2318 platform into an Intercom Panel; supports 12 keys for Intercom; individual volume control; AES67 / AVB and Ethernet connectivit y; Front Headset and USB port support), RSP-2318-UP-BASIC / 19 "" / 1RU smart cover internal called "" communication RSP-2318 is a versatile control panel for all systems service Volyn NGO called "" communication production RIEDEL , 18 keys with three multi-touch screen, built-in power supply, microphone peredposylyuvachem 2 inputs for set (roses '' cap XLR front), speaker, 3 GPI -vhody; 3 GPI-outs; 2 analog 4-wire inputs; podklyuchennya matrix to AES67 / AVB; HDMI; slot for SD-card slot for expansion cards; 2 USB ports with integrated software RSP-2318-APP-BASIC, RSP -2318-UP-BASIC - 6 sht.Art.1220100, RSP-2318 PRO, 18 key Smartpanel Userb Interfase, incl.UP-PRO / 19 " "/ 1RU panel internal smart called" "connection 18 keys, with three colored multisensor displays, integrated power supply, microphone peredposylyuvach 2 inputs for headsets, speaker, 3 GPI -vhoda; 3 GPI-outs; 2 analog 4-wired inputs; connectivity matrix to AES67 / AVB; HDMI; slot for SD-card slot for cards razshyrennya; 2 USB ports. Included software support established RSP-2318-APP-PRO, RSP-2318-UF-PRO - 1 sht.Art.1410002, C31 Split Box, The C31 split box distributes one digital partyline input signal on XLR 3 pin to three digital partyline outputs on XLR 3 pin. The C31 is powered by a C44, CR2, CR4 or an external PSU (C31 / PSU). / Divider input digital audio signal is applied to the connector XLR-3, 3 digital audio output connectors for XLR-3 - 2 sht.Art.1310100, Connect AVB X8, AVB network interface for up to 8 intercom control panels or 8 bidirectional AES signals. 8 xRJ45 sockets for AES and panel connections, 1x RJ45 socket for AES and connections, 1xRJ45 socket for 1000BaseT Ethernet AVB.SR-12 housing for mounting up to two units in SmartRack SR-January 19 "" frames. / AVB network interface. 8 roz'yemov type RJ45 Connector for AES and panels, 1 RJ45 jack for 1000BaseT Ethernet AVB, converts eight AES audio signals into signals AVB and vice versa - 1 sht.Art.1090011, XLR-Patch, XLR Patchbay 19 "" / 1RU for Artist, 19 "" / 1RU patchfield for converting 8 8 analog or AES ports from the Artist matrix to XLR c "GERMANY0UA12506016.33511601.77963
25/Apr/20178518220090"1.Komp`yuterna speakers, active speakers (speaker sets in the trunk household for use with kompyuterami amplifier without FM-tuner in the trunk, and the power cord from the electrical fixed network 220V.Modeli: Inv.№ CINI70212-1A320,2 .k-t, MDF-100K-tiv.R224,2.0k-t, MDF-100K-tiv.R223,2.0k-t, MDF, 152k-tiv.T-280,1.0k-tons, MDF 10k-tiv.Inv.№ CINI70212-2A320,2.1k-t, MDF-100K-tiv.Inv.№ CINI70212-3A320,2.1k-t, MDF-100K-tiv.Torhovelna mark "" F & D " "Producer" "SHENZHEN FENDA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD" "Country of CN."CHINA562UA5000602593.612395.52358
25/Apr/201785279119001. Multimedia Speakers (gu chnomovtsiv sets in the trunk) pobutovohopryznache ting amplifier with FM-tuner with ohm power supply from elektrychnoyistatsionarnoyi network 220V: - mod. PMQ15AMFQ-VHHHSL-BT 100 with mikrofonomy- sht.- modes. PMQ15AMK-BT - 50 sht.- modes. PMQ12AMK-BT - 50 sht.Krayina production - CN.Torhivelna mark - NGS.Vyrobnyk - NINGBO POLINATA ELECTRONICS C O., LTD, China. .CHINA200UA50001031756350.000152
25/Apr/201785279119001. Multimedia Speakers (gu chnomovtsiv sets in the trunk) pobutovohopryznache ting amplifier with FM-tuner with ohm power supply from elektrychnoyistatsionarnoyi network 220V: - mod. HYQ-15A-D - 50 sht.- modes. HYQ-12A-D - 50 sht.- modes. HYQ-12AMWB of mikrofonomy - 50 sht.Torhivelna mark - NGS.Krayina production - CN.Vyrobnyk - NINGBO POLINATA ELECTRONICS C O., LTD, China. .CHINA150UA50001023306562.80005
24/Apr/20178481201000"1.Multimedia speakers (sets of loudspeakers in the case) for household use for use with computers with amplifier, with FM tuner, remote control, and power supply from the electric stationary network to the voltage 220v. Model: InV. No. CINI70212-1T-30X, 2.0k- So-called MDF-60k-t. A180X, 2.1k-so, MDF-136k-t. A530U, 2.1k-so, MDF-100k-t.F380X, 2.1k-so, MDF-200k-t .F5060X, 5.1k-so-MDF-50k-t. The original number is CINI70212-2T-30X, 2.0k-so, MDF-70k-t. T-60X, 2.0k-so, MDF-100k- T. A180X, 2.1k-so MDF-80k-t.F380X, 2.1k-so MDF-156k-tiv.T-200X, 2.1k-so MDF-50k-t.A140X, 2.1k -t.with MDF-200k-t.A520U, 2.1k-so MDF-100k-t.F210X, 2.1k-so MDF-100k-t.F550X, 2.1k-so MDF-100k- T.F5060X , 5.1k-so, MDF-25k-t. The original number is CINI70212-3T-30X, 2.0k-so, MDF-70k-t. T-60X, 2.0k-so, MDF-100k-t. A180X, 2.1k-so, MDF-84k-t. F380X, 2.1k-so, MDF-144k-t. T-200X, 2.1k-so, MDF-50k-t. A140X, 2.1k-t . From MDF-200k-t. A520U, 2.1k-so. MDF-100k-t.F210X, 2.1k-so. MDF-60k-t.F550X, 2.1k-so MDF-100k-t. F5060X, 5.1k-so MDF-25k-t. Trademark "F & D" "Producer" "SHENZHEN FENDA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD" "Country of manufacture CN"JAPAN0UA1001200.236204.3809136
24/Apr/201739174000901. Multimedia Speakers (gu chnomovtsiv sets in the trunk) pobutovohopryznache ting amplifier with FM-tuner with ohm power supply from elektrychnoyistatsionarnoyi network 220V: - mod. PMQ15AMFQ-VHHHSL-BT 100 with mikrofonomy- sht.- modes. PMQ15AMK-BT - 50 sht.- modes. PMQ12AMK-BT - 50 sht.Krayina production - CN.Torhivelna mark - NGS.Vyrobnyk - NINGBO POLINATA ELECTRONICS C O., LTD, China. .POLAND0UA80717012372.8213078
24/Apr/20173105201000"1.Partners of telephone devices for non-wire networks: -The speakerphone for the PSP3530DUO / PSP3531DUO / PSP3532DUO / PSP3531DUO / PSP3532DUO / PSP7530 DUO, the art PSP3530DUO_SPK-10; -Motherboard for the PCBAMain for the PSP3458DUO / PSP3459DUO smartphone, art.PSP3458DUO_MB-50pcs; -Motherboard for smartphone PCBAMain S731-1A / TMK_V173_0C2 / SC7731 / 512MB + 4GB / (DDR2) Android 5.1 G-Sensor P / L-sensor GPS / wifi / bt / for PSP3507DUO / PSP3506DUO / PSP3516DUO / PSP3517DUO, art.PSP3507DUO_MB- 50sht; -Knopka assembly with a train for smartphone Side Key FPC for PSP5502DUO / PSP3507DUO / PSP3506DUO / PSP3508DUO / PSP3517DUO / PSP3527D / PSP3516DUO, art.PSP5502DUO_KEY_FPC-10pc; -Dynamik for smartphone Speaker for PSP5502DUO / PSP3507DUO / PSP3506DUO / PSP3517DUO / PSP3508DUO / PSP3527DUO / PSP3516DUO, art.PSP5502DUO_SPK-10pcs; -LCD screen 5 "" in with BORE for smartphone LCD Display (LCD + TP + Front Cover) 5 'IPS 480 x 854 Gold for PSP3528DUO, Art PSP3528DUO_DISP_G-5pcs; Brand: Prestigio; Manufacturer: Shenzhen Yifang Digital Technologies Co. Ltd, CN.RUSSIA0UA1022006740013008.20005
21/Apr/20173822000000"1. Analytical Laboratory Reagents: Art. D3024, Set Quick-gDNA MiniPrep to isolate genomic DNA with speakers Zymo-Spin IIC with lids, designed to discharge 50 - 1 pcs., Art. R2060, RNA isolation kit Direct-zol RNA MicroPrep of Zymo-Spin and TRizol, designed for 50 reactions - 1 pcs., Art. R1100-50, reagent storage of samples before the release of the nucleic acids DNA / RNA Shield, packaged in 50 ml - 4 pcs., Each set packed in individual packaging and comes with source materials to the appropriate number of reactions. Scope: scientific research laboratory in ml kulyarnoyi biology and genetics, not medical contain blood and blood komponentiv.Vyrobnyk: Zymo Research Corp.Torhovelna mark: The Epigenetics production CompanyKrayina: US. "UNITED STATES0UA1002002454.5296896
19/Apr/20178526912090"1.Radionavihatsiyni receivers, navigators with accessories for use in agriculture: P1ML263AAM-GEOSAT6 FARMNAVIGATOR - navigation device without emitting GPS-navigator - 4shtTehnichni characteristics GEOSAT6 FARMNAVIGATOR: 133 Dimensions 6 '' x 83.4 '' x 21 '' Weight - 0.78 kg display 4.8 "" 16/9 LCD TFT touchscreen, 65K. color display resolution 480 x 272 display pikselivYaskravist 350 cd / m2 Internal memory 128MB NAND + 64Mbayt DRAMZovnishnya memory: SD with pre-installed software zabezpechennyamGPS receiver: built-in U-Blox LEA5 1Hz + external U-Blox LEA5 4 Hz, support WAAS / EGNOS DGPSProtses he Freescale IMx31 - ARM11 520 MHtsAkumulyator: Li-Ion Polymer 1600 mAh, about 4 hours of 2 speaker Powered by car cigarette lighter jack audio output Master / slave USB port SD slotAksesuary to GEOSAT6 FARMNAVIGATOR: power via a magnetic mount adapter 10/35 avtomobilyaNe belonging to TRS and ZZI.Torhiveln a brand-AVMAPVyrobnyk-AVMAP SrluKrayina manufacturing-IT "ITALY4UA1002003.122141.741025
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Speaker Net Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Speaker Net Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Address
02094, м. Київ, Краківська 13-Б, корпус 2
Product Description
1.Elektrychnyy amplifier channel sound (audio) fre.........
HS Code 8518408090Value 301.902194
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 9
Origin Country CANADA

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