Ukraine Import Data of Speaker Cable | Ukraine Import Statistics of Speaker Cable

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of speaker cable collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of speaker cable imports.

Speaker Cable Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Speaker Cable

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of speaker cable. Get Ukraine trade data of Speaker Cable imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201785184080901.Elektrychnyy amplifier channel sound (audio) frequency 850Vt maximum capacity, designed for vstoyuvannya in speakers and delivered in sets for retail - includes remote control, batteries for remote control elements (cable) connection and fastening, manual, SD -dysk description that contains devices for secret information - is not designed to remove the information from networks and telecommunications systems that are not equipped by special fixation devices, maintain or transfer Retrieve Second information: art.X-850-230v 1pc for use in acoustic systemah.Vyrobnyk - PARADIGM ELECTRONICS INC, trademark - Paradigm.CANADA0UA1000109301.902194 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
22/Apr/201785279119001. Audio system speakers are a function of the radio and mp3 player stores -not containing radioperedavachiv..Markuvannya: AILIANG, WAREHOUSE, XIONGGUAN, KEDIBO, DJACK, GOLON, NNS, JUMBOY, MSENG, a / d / s / ( complete with microphone cable and instructions) .Torhovelna vidsutnya.Vyrobnyk brand YIWU CHAOXUN IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTDKrayina production of CN.CHINA1403UA100110975421115.14993
20/Apr/20178544499500"1.Kabelna products: - Cable 4x2x24 FTP (0.50 cu) Cat 5 art.CD12-1211-1118 - 14945m - Speaker cable Borsan 2h0,75, art.B812-1512-1328 - 5000m - Power stranded Borsan SHVVP 2h0,50 (PVA flat) art.BE11-1111-1138 -7500m - stranded cord Borsan SHVVP 2h0,75 (PVA flat) art.BE12-1211-1P48 -11200m - stranded cord Borsan SHVVP 2h1,0 ( flat PVS) art.BE13-1311-1198 -13162m - stranded cord Borsan SHVVP 2h1,5 (PVA flat) art.BE14-1411-1178 -10478m - stranded cord Borsan SHVVP 2X2.5 (PVA flat) art.BE15-1511-1158 -11100m - stranded cord Borsan SHVVP 3h1,5 (PVA flat) art.BE1C-1411-1188 -10015m - stranded cord Borsan SHVVP 3h2,5 (PVA flat) art.BE1D- 151 1-1124 -10500m - strand Borsan PVA 2x1, art.BD13-2V1R-3M00 - 5000m - strand Borsan PVA 2H1,5, art.BD14-141R-1100 - 2000m - strand Borsan PVA 3H0,75 , art.BD1C-121R-3M00 - 4500m - strand Borsan PVA 3x1, art.BD1E-2V1R-3S00 - 1800m - Cable multiwa ozhylnyy Borsan PVA 3H1,5, art.BD1G-141R-4T00 - 2700m - Cable stranded Borsan PVA 3H2,5, art.BD1H-151R-4300 - 2000m - strand Borsan PVA 3H2,5, art.BD1H-151R-4300 - 1000m - strand Borsan PVA 4H0,75, art.BD1U-121R -1200 - 500m - strand Borsan PVA 4X4, art.BD22-3B1R-1200 - 500m - 2h1,5 VVHz. Cable monolithic, art.BF12-1311-1G74 - 4500m - 3h1,5 VVHz. Cable monolithic, art.BF17-1311-1H92 - 5000m.Krayina production TRTorhovelna mark BorsanVyrobnyk BORSAN KABLO ELEKTRIK AYDINLATMA INS. SAN. VE TIC. AS "TURKEY0UA1000201032234580.42276
18/Apr/201790289090001.Chastyny ​​meters of gas supply - spare parts for civilian avtohazorozdavalnyh speaker stations: pulse generator cable 3m.- 5pcs., Optoelectronic, power 5V., Records the movement of the magnetic disk and converts the movement to an electronic signal, which enters the rahunkovorishayuchyy device. Manufacturer Tatsuno Corporation. Trademark TATSUNO. Country of JP. .JAPAN0UA50002031217.750984
15/Apr/201785444991001.Provody izolovani mgr nuvalnyh without electrical parts for voltage 1000V nebilshyak with a diameter of reality lived more than 0.51 mm Speaker cable vbuhti 152m- 15sht, Speaker Cable Bay 152m, 2 pcs, Speaker cable, 2 pcs buhti152m, Speaker cable bay 100m-1pc, Speaker cable buhti100m-2 pcs, Speaker cable in the bay 15m, 2 pcs, Speaker cable in the bay 30m-5pcs, Speaker cable bay 9m-5pcs, Speaker cable bay 100m, 2 pcs cable vbuhti (305 m ) -1sht, Speaker cable bay (305 m) -10sht, Speaker cable vbuhti (152 m) -12sht, Speaker cable bay (152 m) -5sht, Speaker cable vbuhti (152 m) -8sht, Speaker Cable Bay (305 m) -12sht, Country of origin - CN. .CHINA0UA100120853.321706.639864
13/Apr/20178518220090"Column 1.Bezprovodna TV Soundbar, hardware radio (IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n interface and Bluetooth) - 10pc., 6 + 2 full-size speaker high aluminum body. Length 874 mm, an area covering 500 square meters typdynamikiv-sabvufer.Pidklyuchennya via Bluetooth or USB cable robotuz supports cards microSD. equipment (1 * USB cable, 1 * audio cable 1 * Xiaomi kerivnytstvokorystuvacha battery) .Krayina production: CNTorhovelna brand: XiaomiVyrobnyk: "" Xiaomi Technolodgy Co., LTD "". "CHINA10UA12510054478.5000531
12/Apr/201785444993981.Providnyky Electric voltage not exceeding 80V: 268542000 audio cable for speakers 4h2,5mm black m.Vyrobnytstvo 500 VDC TRADING LIMITED.Krayina production (DE) .Torhova mark VDC. .GERMANY0UA100050114965.4580045
12/Apr/20178536699090"1.Elektrychna equipment for the" "community cohesion (voltage up to 1000V): 301 824 004 Audio connector cable for 4 contacts (mother) -100sht, 311,612,311 Audio cable jack 3 contacts (mother) -korobka -8sht 100 pieces, 301372108 audio jack for speakers with 8 contacts (female) -25sht, 311,614,321 Audio cable jack 3 contacts (Pope) -korobka containing 100 pieces -8sht.Ne transmitter / pryymacha.Vyrobnytstvo VDC TRADING LIMITED.Krayina production (LI ) .Torhova mark VDC.. "LIECHTENSTEIN0UA100050694117.984508
12/Apr/201785444993981.Providnyky Electric voltage not exceeding 80V: 213498500 audio cable for speakers 2h1,0mm, gray-reel 500m.-6 sht.213500500 audio cable for speakers 2h1,5mm, gray-reel 500m.-6 sht.Vyrobnytstvo VDC TRADING LIMITED.Krayina production (TR) .Torhova mark VDC. .TURKEY0UA1000504002666.906499
12/Apr/201785177090001.Chastyny ​​mobile phones contain some kind of transmitter abopryymach: Window to the model SM-G930F, kat.№GH64-05480A -14sht., PCB zvstanovlenymy active and passive elements to the model GT-I9200kat.№GH59-13295A - 1 pc., electronic modules to model GT-I9105 kat.№GH59-12969A-3pc., Collection: audioroz`yemom Speaker of the model SM-G531, kat.№GH96-08726A-9sht., to model Keypad SM-J510F kat.№GH96-09675A -2sht., Knopkovapanel the model GT-E1200 kat.№GH64-00369A-3pc., cover the model SGH-C270 kat.№GH98-22275A -2sht., to cover modeliGT-C3752 kat.№ GH98-32016B -2sht., cover the model SM-G900F kat.№GH98-32016D-1sh t., cover the model SM-J700F kat.№GH98-37384C -3sht., to cover modeliSM-B350E kat.№GH98-37411A -1sht., cover the model SM-G5700-kat.№GH63-13393C 3pc., cover the model SM-J500, kat.№GH61-09775A -2sht., to cover modeliGT-I9070 kat.№GH98-24666A -1sht., battery cover to the model SM-J500, kat.№GH98-37820B -8sht., Tray sim-card to the model SM-G935F kat.№GH98-39 126A-4 pieces., Tray sim-card to the model SM-G935F kat.№GH98-39126B -3sht., dlyasim card tray to the model SM-G935F kat.№GH98-39126C -3sht., vibrodzvonyka tahuchnomovtsya module assembly to the model SM-G935F, kat.№GH96-09513A -6sht., Nakladkadekoratyvna the model SM-G935FD kat.№GH98-39126F -2sht., to panel buttons modeliS M-A5100 kat.№GH96-09497B -3sht. LCD module assembly to the model SM-G850F, kat.№GH97-16386A -2sht. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-J200G kat.№GH97-17940C-100sht . LCD panel assembly to the model SM-J200G kat.№GH97-17940C -89sht. LCD assembly panelv the model SM-G531 kat.№GH96-08860A-22sht. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-G850 cat. №GH97-16386D -1sht., Chastynakorpusa the model GT-C3322 kat.№GH98-34165B -2sht., part of the body to modeliSM-J500H, kat.№GH98-37809C-11sht. Part of the case to the model SM-J500F cat. №GH98-37820C -12sht., Chastynakorpusa forward to the model SM-A320F kat.№GH82-13667C -12sht., part of the body domodeli SM-J700F kat.№GH98-37900A -6sht., part of the body to the model SM-J700Fk at.№GH98-37900C, 6 pcs., part of the body to the model SM-A310F kat.№GH98-38666C -2sht., Chastynakorpusu assembly to the model SM-G935F kat.№GH82-13388A -150sht., part of the body to model vzbori SM-G935F kat.№GH82-13390A -50sht., front part of the body domodeli SM-G570F kat.№GH98-40587A -2sht., to the front of the chassis modeliSM-J500F kat.№GH98-37801A -1sht., middle part of the body the model SM-N920Kkat.№GH82-13240A -5sht., middle part of the body to the model SM-A320Fkat.№GH82-13664C -15sht., middle part of the body to the model SM-A320Fkat.№GH82-13664B -30sht., part of the body mean the model SM-A320Fkat.№GH82-13664D -10sht., cable assembly to the model SM-N910F kat.№GH 59-14256A-1am.CHINA0UA12511035.7927897.65108
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Speaker Cable Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Speaker Cable Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Address
02094, м. Київ, Краківська 13-Б, корпус 2
Product Description
1.Elektrychnyy amplifier channel sound (audio) fre.........
HS Code 8518408090Value 301.902194
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 9
Origin Country CANADA

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