Ukraine Import Data of Spacer Bolt | Ukraine Import Statistics of Spacer Bolt

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of spacer bolt collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of spacer bolt imports.

Spacer Bolt Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Spacer Bolt

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of spacer bolt. Get Ukraine trade data of Spacer Bolt imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201773181590901. bolt heads of ferrous metals in the assortment: art.KPR-FAST-10080K Dyubelrozpirnyy frame with wood screw KPR-FAST, 10x 80 spacer frame plug with screw for wood KPR- FAST, 10x100 -300sht. art.KPR-PIKE-08065SK spacer frame plug with screw KPR-PIKESK, 8x 65-800sht. art.KPR-PIKE-08080SK spacer frame plug with screw KPR-PIKE SK, 8x 80-600sht. art.KPR-PIKE-08100K Expansion dowels with screw frame for derevaKPR-PIKE K, 8x100 -1200sht. art.KPR-PIKE-08100SK Expansion dowels frame zshurupom KPR-PIKE SK, 8x100-2400sht. art.KPR-PIKE-08120SK spacer frame plug with screw KPR-PIKE SK, 8x120 -1200sht. art.KPR-PIKE-08140SK spacer frame plug with screw KPR-PIKESK, 8x140 -800sht. art.KPS-FAST-10080S Expansion dowels frame with shurupomKPS-FAST, 10x 80-1200sht. art.KPS-FAST-10100S spacer frame plug with screw KPS-FAST, 10x100-300sht. art.KW 06,045 plug-thrust of multilateral universal shurupomKW, 6x45 -9600sht. art.KW 06,060 plug-bahatostoro nnoho thrust of universalnymshurupom KW, 6x60-6400sht. art.KW 08,060 plug-thrust of multilateral universal shurupomKW, 8x60 -7200sht. art.KW-10080 Dowel multilateral thrust of universalnymshurupom KW, 10x80 -600sht. art.SM 06,080 plug-stroke for quick installation SM, 6x80-1200sht. art.SM 08,060 plug-stroke for quick installation SM, 8x 60 08,160 plug-stroke for quick installation SM, 8x160 06040 Plug-stroke for quick mounting collar SMK, 6x40 -91200sht .art.SMK 06,060 plug-stroke for easy installation with collar SMK, 6x60-100800sht. art.SMK 06,080 plug-stroke for easy installation with collar SMK, 6x80 -12000sht.POLAND0UA12519015562998.205786 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/20175703908000"1.Paletni new stationary shelves sustainable mo (grade S235) types of NRAs kriplennyamdo floor dismantled to-CT (2nd row = 5pcs; 1-row = 3pc): protection frame MSSB20 / 1050/1004 = 2 pcs; MSSB 20/1200/1004 = 12p, stand ing STL`B`18 / 20X2 = 11000 + 12 = 52sht; STL`B`18 / 20h4 = 10750 + 12 = 92sht; STL`B`18 / 10500 = 20 + 18 = 38sht; diahonaliDIA`B`GA`35 / 1298 = 300h 2 + 209 + 38 + 12 + 252 = 1111sht; DIA`B`GA`35 / 1165 = 76 + 52 + 12 + 138 = 278sht; DIA`B` GA`35 / 1046 = 38 + 92 + 12 + 52 = 194sht; balkyAUFP`B`E0441 / 2700 = 36sht; AUFPE0441 / 2700 / R2 = 48h8 = 384sht; AUF P`B`E0441 / 1900 = 36sht, anchor bolt DUB 'B' EX'12'100 = 98sht; shestyhranoy bolt with bare vkoy BOF`B`BOFT10x25 = 378sht; BOF`B`BOFT 10x30 = 530sht; BOF`B`BOFT 12x25 = 100 pieces, bolt BOS`B`BOSH10x68 = 371sht ; regulating sleeve DTH`B`GA 68sht = 0002, 0004 = DTH`B`GA 186sht; haykaMUT`B`NUSL10 = 2042sht, washer MUT`B `N UWL10 = 918sht, washer accustom NUWL 12 = 100 pieces, table loads SET`B`BEL = 26sht; Inst ruktsiya of montazhuSET`B`Montage = 3pc, to lock the beam SIC`B`MP = 2497sht, protection stiykyABW'B ' L'400G = 14sht, the foundation supports protection frame SPFHPA 01/1004 = 8 pieces, steady zahysturamy SPFZPA01 / 1004 = 14sht; Puck WAR`B`402 0`10`5 = 530sht; Anchor boltDUB`B`S1410` SL = 284sht; fifth frame to FPLG`B`17-18 = 194 pieces; Bolt BOS`B`BOSH10x90 = 1671sht; Yuchi regulation plate FUT`B`17-18`1 = 99sht; FUT`B` 17-18`3 = 99sht; mizhstelazhni spacers PNAG 0462/200 = 185sht (set) 1sht.Vyrobnyk- = "" STOW INTERNATIONAL nv "". Marka- JUNGHEINRICH trade. Country vyrobnytstva- BE. "NETHERLANDS12UA12519033.3400.5099106
20/Apr/201774153900001.Vtulky threaded spacer made of copper alloys (brass) rozmiromM3 (3mm diameter). Used in instrument as auxiliary kripylnivyroby together with bolts and screws of appropriate dimensions for connections in stvorennyarizbovyh fragile and short-lived materials. .GERMANY0UA2091400.1166.70491396
20/Apr/20178302300090"1.Zapasni of the passenger and / m" "PEUGEOT" "" "CITROEN" ": Fittings fasteners, fittings and similar products for vehicles, contain some kind of transmitters and receivers or transmitters, -petlya hood, Art. 98 032 225 80 - 1. - spacers mount amplifier bumper art. 98006456 80 - 1. - a set of fasteners bumper art. 16132729 80 - 3 pcs. - stopper front, art. 9181 N2 - 1 pc. - a set of fasteners bumper art. 16092920 80 - 2 pcs. - hinge hood, art. 7912 E0 - 1 pc. - a set of fasteners front bumper, art. 16104379 80 - 1 pc. - spacers dill spare pilsylyuvacha bumper art. 98006553 80 - 1. - a set of fasteners, art. 16104382 80 - 1. - a set of percussion caps, clips and bolts for attaching the bumper art. 16131818 80 - 1 pcs. - door handle exterior, art. 9101 KH - 1 pc. - lock metal, art. 6973 47 - 10 pcs. - latch lever bonnet, art. 7928 43 - 10 pcs. - napryamlyayucha headrest seat art. 8911 N7 - 4 pcs. - electric caliper mounting kit, art. 16089993 80 - 1. - lock, art. 16257813 80 - 2 pcs., Trademark: PEUGEOT CITROEN Brand: PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN AUTOMOBILES Country of origin: FR "FRANCE0UA1001103.611284.4598751
19/Apr/201740169952901.Skladovi (spare) parts and accessories for use in avtotransportnyhzasobah Scania: - sealing spacers humometaleva art.1906071 - 4 pieces. - Clutch truck tractor unit (2 plastic bushings, 2 rubber supports, with 4bolty Allen) art.2038044 - 2 pcs . - Clutch Brake SN6 / 7 (pyataky with eraser) art.2121859 - 1pc. - RMK hub (seals and grease) art.2437666 - 1pc. - Silentblocks humometalevyy art.1722584- 2 pcs., Country of origin - DETorhovelna mark - ScaniaVyrobnyk - Scania CV AB.GERMANY0UA12512011.014240.3795811
13/Apr/20178708999798"1.Pryladdya of agricultural tractors to: Set prostavok (spacers 4pcs + bolt + washer 72sht 72sht) -1sht; Producer: CNHI International SA; trade mark: CNHI, Country of origin US;."UNITED STATES0UA1250204152514.006861
13/Apr/201773181589901.Zakriplyuvalni elements hex bolt carbon steel mezhoyu tensile strength 850MPa: Bolt Wheel spacers, art.283120A1-100 pieces, trademarks, CNH.Krayina vyrobnytstva- CN.Vyrobnyk-CNHI International. .CHINA0UA11019022311.3622726
03/Apr/201773071110001.Fitinhy for tubes of iron or steel: Coupling DN40 for automatic pump SEG (cast iron) art.96076063-7 sht.Mufta DN40 for automatic pump SEG (cast iron) art.96076063-1 sht.Mufta automatic DN 65 Pump and SEV SE1 (cast iron) art.96090992-2 sht.Mufta automatic DN 65 pump SEV and SE1 (cast iron) art.96090992-2 sht.Mufta automatic pipe DN80 with runners complete with nuts, bolts 8, 2 gaskets, 6 anchor bolts (material: clutch - iron, bolts, washers - stainless steel, gaskets - rubber) art.96090993-4 sht.Mufta automatic pipe DN80 with runners complete with nuts, 8 bolts, spacers 2, 6 and Kern bolts (material: clutch - iron, bolts, washers - stainless steel, gaskets - rubber) art.96090993-4 sht.Mufta automatic DN100 / 80 to pump complete with DN100 / 80 (non-ductile iron), nuts and bolts ( steel) and gasket (rubber) sleeve art.96102240-2 sht.Avtomatychna Rp2 cpl DP / EF art.97644486-6 sht.Avtomatychna clutch Rp2 cpl DP / EF art.97644486-2 sht.Torhovelna mark GrundfosVy robnyk GrundfosKrayina production PLPOLAND0UA125110369.73580.231773
03/Apr/20178448490000"1.Chastyny ​​to kruhlotkatskyh machines HDN- 4, LSFS-4, LSL-6 (EIT tsyfichni details): commercial copier (CAM ROLLER (BRG.6001)), ar t. N4060004 - 1100sht; lever (SWINGINGLE VER (10 MM PIN)), art. N4060016 -200sht; pulley (BELT pULLEY), art.N4060012- 800sht; axis (SHAFT), art. N4060020 -400sht; yn arable lever (JOCKEYLEVER), art. N406002 2 - 30sht, the shuttle assembly (COMPLETE SHUTT LE BODY) - 16sht, the lower curve (BRAKE ARM), art. N4090110 - 60sht, arc shuttle (top tion) (SHUTTLEBRACKET), art. N4090108- 50 pieces a cover (cOVER), art. N4091508 -60sht; shpulderzhatel front (BOBBIN hOLDER (BRG.6000)), art. N4091502 - 200sht, sheaves holder back (BOBBIN hOLDER (BRG.600 0)), art. N4091512 -200sht; axle (aXLE), art. N4091507 - 50sht; axis (back) (AXLE (FIXED END)), art.N4091513 -40sh t; Conch yidnyy roller (CHONCHOID ROLLER), Art. N40 90,406 - 200sht; rolykchovnyka (SHUTTLE WH EEL (BRG.6001), art. N4090408 - 300sht; t ulka (SPACER), art.N4090418 - 50sht, Olt eccentric (EXCENTER BOLT) -element circle lotkatskohostanka designed fo I regulated wording of movie clip to the frame, art. N4090415 -200sht; Gal MA holder spring (SPRING STRETCHER), art. N4090911 - 20 0sht, bearing socket (BEARING OUSING), and Hg. N40231005 - 300sht; upper pulley (DEFLECTING PULLEY), art. N40245006 - 300sht; Copier (eccentric) (EXCENTER), art.N402 411001 - 16sht; funnel TRUMPET), art.N41 80120 - 10pc; ompensator (COMPENSATOR WI RE), art. N4110008 - 20000sht; MDP holder zhyny ompensatora (SPRING HOLDER), art. N 4110014 - 20000sht; konhoyidnyy Olyka (CHONC HOID ROLLER (BRG.609)), art. FS4090308 - 300sht; stopping lever JOCKEY LEVER), art .FS4060016- 60sht; alyy harness pulley (D EFLECTING PULLEY SMALL), art. FS4070624- 300sht; bandage (BANDAGE (BRG.609)), art. FS4080111 - 200sht; guide (FOLLOW ER GUIDE), art. L202412027 - 100 pieces; G K for thread (THREAD EYE), art.L202412016-2000sht; lever (LEVER), art. L202412019- 200sht; clamp (CLAMP ELEMENT), art. LE NO2241410 - 100 pieces; cholnyka body (SHUTTLE BODY), art. LSL6992218 -12sht; pol deviating pulley (DEFLECTING PULLEY), art.LSL6 071606 - 200sht; This holder inserting piles (INSERTION FINGER HOLDER), art.LSL69 92601- 400sht; Trademark: N manufacturer: M / S MOHINDRA SALER, AMRITSAKrayina production: IN. "INDIA0UA8070701585.38617581.01744
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Spacer Bolt Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Spacer Bolt Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ФАСТ ПАК"""
Importer Address
01054 м.Київ, вул.Богдана Хмельницького, будинок 55
Exporter Name """KLIMAS"" Sp.zo.o."
Product Description
1. bolt heads of ferrous metals in the assortment:.........
HS Code 7318159090Value 2998.205786
Quantity 0Unit UA125190
Net Weight 1556
Origin Country POLAND

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