Ukraine Import Data of Soya | Ukraine Import Statistics of Soya

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of soya collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of soya imports.

Soya Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Soya

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173105909100"Mineral 1.Dobryva" "INTERMAG" "vmis- volume of nitrogen more than 10% by weight of dry matter in perahunkuna: -seriyi" "INTERMAG Beetroot" "Liquid water-based compound, packaged in uplast.konteynery 20l (600l) -30sht . Series "" Intermag-grain "" liquid water-based compound, rozfasovaneu plast.konteynery to 20l (600l) -30sht; Composition (% by weight): N-15%; MgO-2%; S-1,8 %; Cu-0,9%; Fe-0,8%; Mn-1,1%; Mo-0,005%; Zn-1%; Ti-0,02%; Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn-EDTA shelatovani . Series "" INTERMAG Oil "" liquid water-based compound, packaged in uplast.konteynery 20L (1200l) -60sht; Composition (% by weight): N - 15%; MgO - 2,5%; S-1,0 % B 0.5 %; Cu-0,1%; Fe-0,5%; Mn-0,5%; Mo-0,005%; Zn-0,5%; Ti-0,03%; - Series "" INTERMAG corn "" liquid water-based compound, packaged in plast.konteynery po20l (600l) -30sht - Series "" Intermag-Soya "" liquid water-based multi-packaged uplast. containers for 20L (600l) -30sht; Composition (% weight) : N-15%; (N-NH2-15,0), MgO -2%; S03-1,6%; B-0,5%; Co-0,02; Cu-0,2%; Fe- 0,3%; Mn-0,4%; Mo-0,006%; Zn-0,3% .Ti-0,02%; Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn - shelatovani EDTA.Vyrobnyk - INTERMAG Sp. z ooKrayina production - PL.Torhivelna mark - INTERMAG. "POLAND0UA10002045246150.818563 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178433520000"1. machines and mechanisms for threshing, soya reaper (adapter) to zernozbiralnohokombayna LEXION 670 model MAXFLEX 770 (7,7m width capture) new 2017r.v.-2shtyaka contains some kind of receivers and transmitters. Seriynyynomer: 53000387, 53000388 . 530-125.Vyrobnyk Type: firm "" CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH "" Trademark: "" CLAAS "". vyrobyk Country: HU. Total: 2 pcs.. "HUNGARY2UA125110494260487.47916
28/Apr/20172309904300"1.Produkty used for animal feed, art.472306 - Prestarter piglet" "Marvel Delice" "(Marvel Delys) - 22000kh (880mish.), Batch number -0004081899; -04.2017r date of manufacture, expiry date - 10.2017 p .; isa complete feed for piglets, sows subtract from age 14-28 days in granules, has a total pharmacological properties of the individual components (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) that contribute to the normalization of metabolism, positively affect growth and development . Made of raw and processed cereal pair, flour a large meal of soya beans, heat treated neznezhyrenoyi soy, dairy products, biscuits, fiber, synthetic amino acids, minerals. Also includes: crude protein - 190h, crude fat - 90g lysine - 15,2h (1.52%), vitamins A - 18000, D3 - 2000, E - 150 mg, copper -150mh, phytase ES3.1.3.26-625FYT, endo-1,4-beta ksylaza -70od, hlyukonaza - 100m; Nutritional energy: 2840kkal; percentage of the content: Cro hmal -30%; dairy products 13%, "FRANCE0UA1101802200021490.3561
28/Apr/20178433520000"1. machines and mechanisms for threshing, soya reaper (adapter) to zernozbiralnohokombayna LEXION 670 model MAXFLEX 770 (7,7m width capture) new 2017r.v.-2shtyaka contains some kind of receivers and transmitters. Seriynyynomer: 53000393, 53000392 . 530-125.Vyrobnyk Type: firm "" CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH "" Trademark: "" CLAAS "". vyrobyk Country: HU. Total: 2 pcs.. "HUNGARY2UA125110494260487.47916
27/Apr/201715179099111.Tverdyy food nelaurynovyy vegetable, hydrogenated, pereeteryfikovanyy deodorovanyy fat 'AKOCOTE TY' substitute for cocoa butter mixture responsible vegetable fats based on soya, rapeseed, palm oils. Fat content and fat-soluble substances 99.8%. The content of free fatty acids does not exceed 0.06%. The product does not contain in their composition dyes, flavors, protein, sugars, starch and milk fat. Used in the confectionery industry. In 25der boxes on pallets 800kartonnyh 25kg net. .SWEDEN0UA8060202000028500.00015
27/Apr/201735040090001.Produkt: Isolated soy protein ISOPRO 900EM-UPI, not genetically modified, as a powder-like substance containing protein (calculated on dry matter) 91.2% non-textured protein concentrate or protein contains in its composed of ingredients of animal origin and preznachenyy for food promyslovosti.Ne for retailers. Raw dlyaprompererobky. Whole-25000kh.Vyrobnyk: Qingdao Foodrich Soya-Tech Co., LtdTorhovelna Brand: Qingdao Foodrich Soya-Tech Country of origin: CN.CHINA0UA1000202500039249.99989
26/Apr/20172309909690"1. Products used for animal feeding:" Nordic soya premium soy protein concentrate "" obtained by the high degree of processing of soy meal. In the process of processing from soya meal, an extract of ethanol, sugar, oligosaccharides and anti-nutrients is removed. It has the appearance of a pale yellow powder containing: the mass fraction of protein 65,20%, the mass fraction of fat - 0,9%, crude fiber-4,0%, the moisture content (ANFs), which leads to the concentration of protein. - 8,4%. The amount of 24000 kg is an excellent source of protein for young animals,Such as piglets, calves, chickens and fish. "FINLAND0UA2091202400020204.36371
26/Apr/20172103909000"1-Mixed flavored spices and flavoring additives used in the food industry for the production of smoked products, cooked and semi-smoked sausages: DF VTR-50016" "Flavor Wawel" - 78 kg composition: Glycemic extract, garlic, ginger, black pepper, coriander, fenugreek, flavor enhancer E621 Sodium glutamate, smoke flavor, maltodextrin DF VTR-50005 "Glycerin, soya protein hydrolyzate (not GMO), garlic, ginger, black pepper, coriander, "Perfume Top Hetman VTR" "- 104kg composition: natural seasonings: black pepper (Onion), maltodextrin, taste and flavor enhancer E621 glutamate sodium, E631 5 "" - sodium inositol, sodium chloride, onion, extracts of spices: black pepper, fenugreek, lizards; identical natural flavors: mica, smoke; soy protein hydrolyzate (not GMO); maltodextrin; 2-substitute, E551 Dioxide silicon amorphous.Articule DF VTR-40005 "" Cream flavor "" - 220 kg composition: milk proteins identical to natural flavor flavor, celery extract, maltodextrin, flavor enhancer and aroma E621 sodium glutamate, E631 5 "" -ininosite sodium 2-substituted, anti-lactic E551 silicon dioxide amorphous .Articule DF VTR-50028 "" Aroma Smack "Sausages Delicious" - 52kg. Composition: Extracts of spices (rosemary, paprika), aromatic substances (taste and aroma of meat), taste and flavor enhancer "sodium glutamate" (E 621), carriers (rice flour, glucose, salt, rapeseed oil), "citric acid "(E330), silicon dioxide anti-freeze amorphous" "(E 551). The condiments are supplied in the form of loose powder. Trade mark-DORA FOOD, producer-FHU "" DORA FOOD Arkadiusz Dorobisz "", PLPacking 20 paper bags "POLAND0UA2050904541824.81851
26/Apr/20173822000000"1. Ready reagents in the laboratory as productsnutrition and feed pets: modular systems for detection, identification and determination of genetically modyfikova these organisms (GMOs) in prodovolchiysyro wine, ready food, feed and their components, modular systemydlya detection, identification and determination of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food raw materials, finished archovyh's products, feed and yihkomponent s; S2028, SureFood GMO QUANT 35S Soya; S2019, SureFood GMO QUANTMON810 Corn; S2029, SureFood GMO QUANT RR2Y Soya;. "GERMANY0UA2091402.21750.674156
26/Apr/20178433520000"1. machines and mechanisms for harvesting or threshing Agricultural. Cultures. Zminneobladnannya to combine, soya reaper MAXFLEX 770 -2sht., New, year -2017, serial number 53000357, 53000386, width 7.7 m. In part to rozibranomustani transportuvannya.Torhovelna brand: CLAAS.Vyrobnyk: "" CLAAS Selbstfanrende Erntemas chinen GmbH "" firm CLAAS KGaA GmbH.Krayina production: HU.. "HUNGARY2UA125280494260543.06854
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Soya Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Soya Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Знам'янський Агрохім"""
Importer Address
02154, вул. Ентузіастів, б.7/1, кв.111, м.Київ
Exporter Name INTERMAG Sp.z o.o.
Product Description
"Mineral 1.Dobryva" "INTERMAG" "vmis- volume of ni.........
HS Code 3105909100Value 6150.818563
Quantity 0Unit UA100020
Net Weight 4524
Origin Country POLAND

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