Ukraine Import Data of Solvent Adhesive | Ukraine Import Statistics of Solvent Adhesive

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of solvent adhesive collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of solvent adhesive imports.

Solvent Adhesive Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Solvent Adhesive

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of solvent adhesive. Get Ukraine trade data of Solvent Adhesive imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201735061000981.Hotovi joint gluing drugs free of drugs, psychotropic substances, precursors and solvents, packaged for retail sale, weighing less than 1 kg: Adhesive glue gun for shaft, based copolymer Ethylene vinyl acetate, synthetic resins, waxes, stabilizers - 11000upak.Torhovelna mark : no danyhVyrobnyk: NINGBO DUNHUANG IMPORT AND EXPORT COMPANY LIMITEDKrayina production: China / CN.CHINA0UA500060669842.9399325 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173506910090"1.Kleyi (adhesives) ready to use: Glue W-34 is a solution based on chloroprene rubber and synthetic ester component in the mixed organic solvent rozchynnyku.Orhanichnyy multicomponent compound, according to the chemical composition of the product certificate: (toluene-26% acetone-12%, refined oil boiling fluid and 26% resin vuhlevodorodna 2% polihlorprenovyy rubber, 34%). Packaging: 1820 x canisters 12,8kh-23296kh.Vykorystovuyetsya as industrial kleyu.Rozfasovanyy as a liquid in yemnistibilsh 1 kh.Vyrobnyk "" KIMYAPSAN "". Kp ayina production TR.Torhovelna mark "" KIMYAPSAN "".. "TURKEY0UA1101102329639070.00005
28/Apr/201732089019981.Produkt BONDACE K-5150L, ​​which is used as an adhesive and polyurethane itsof includes volatile and organic solvents: methyl ethyl ketone (2-butanone) 27% toluene (methylbenzene) - 34% acetone (2-propanone) - 32% (more than 50 wt.% solution), not aerosol packaging -4500kh.Torhovelna brand: no danyhKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: Deedo chemical.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA807170450024912.98009
27/Apr/201735069900901. Two-component polyurethane adhesive adhesives without solvents, not packaged for retail trade, not in sealed packaging: Two-component glue (A22 + B3) in a package of 25 kg (component A 22kg + component B 3kg) - POLYURETHANE ADHESIVE - 32 pcs . - 800 kg Material: polyetherpolyol - CAS No 8001-79-4 (concentration 25-40%), calcine - CAS No 1317-65-3 (concentration 55-50%), barium sulfate - CAS No 7727-43-7 (concentration 10-25%), additive (concentration 2-5%), polymeric diphenylmethane - CAS No 101-68-8 (concentration 20-35%) Does not contain narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. Packed in metal cans. Net weight 800 Kg. Trademark - KENNCOAT Producer - PEHLIVAN KIMYA INSAAT SANAYI VE TICARET AS Production system - TR.TURKEY0UA125220800992.0000997
27/Apr/20173814009090"1.Avtomobilna chemistry. Solvents complex organic glass, plastic and lacquer surfaces as a liquid (improves adhesion of adhesives bonding surfaces), not in aerosol packaging, free of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors (30 mL). Art .: XT PRI30 / glass primer / - 7 units; Art.: XT PRI30 / glass primer / - 2 units. As part contains: 2-butanone - 62-66% (02-2119752535-35-0000) (CAS 78-93-3). Methylene (3,5,5-trimethyl-3,1-tsikloheksilen) - 1,5-2%, (615-008-00-5), (CAS 4098-71-9 ). diphenylmethane - 4,4 (- diyizotsyanat 01-2119457014-47) - 0,9-1%, (615-005-00-9), (CAS 101-68-8); trade mark XT. Country pro tstva IT. Manufacturer company Den Braven Czech and Slovak as. "ITALY0UA1001100.2727.9037745
27/Apr/20172710122100"1.Lehki distillates, gasolines special DUNASOL 150/200 (white spirit dearomatyzovanyy) is a mixture of hydrocarbons alifatych them C9-C11, n-alkanivizoalka bers, benzene content <10 mg / kg sulfur content, 0.1 mg / kg; 15hr.S- density at 0.7652 g / sm.kub, viscosity <0.8 mg / 100sm.kub., color - 30; refractive index pry20hrad. S.- 1.4243, aromatic content <0.03% (m / m) the temperature 42.0 ° C, flash, start Cova -158,7hrad.S boiling point, end atochka - 197.9 Celsius degrees According fractional Comme Adom product vidnosytsyadolehkyh dystyl yativ (at 210hr.Tselsiya evaporated bi lshe than 90ob. %) in tazadovolnyaye moham to '' special petrol "" (the difference between what mperaturamyperehonky 5ob.% and 90ob. anovyt century 39,2hr.Tselsiya% (less 60hr.Tsels Exposure). -14996kh. (volume at t 15hrad.S - 19.598tys .l.) Manufactured 20.04.17, No. partiyi98. Light distillates, gasolines special DUNA SOL 180/220 (white spirytdearomatyzovan th) is a mixture of aliphatic uhlevodnivS10 in-C13, n-alkanes izoalkaniv, benzene content <10 mg / kg sulfur 0.1 mg / kg at 15hr.S- density 0.7782 g / cm .kub; viscosity <0.6 mg / 100sm.kub .; circle was -30; refractive index 20hrad.S.- at 1.4310; aromatic content of <0.03% (m / m); Flash-62,5hrad.S, the initial boiling point -185.4 ° C, kintsevatoch ca - 217,1hrad.S.Za fractional composition of the product refers to lehkyhdystylyativ (at 210hr.Tselsiya evaporates over 90ob.%) and fulfill yevymoham to '' special petrol "" (the difference between the rate of distillation 5ob ture.% and 90ob.% as vyt 31,7hr.Tselsiya (less 60hr.Tselsiya.) - 7022kh. (volume pryt 15hrad.S - 9,024 tys.l.) Manufactured 04.08.17, lot 89. usedas solvent lacquer-dye in the chemical, textile industry and ufarbah, adhesives. "HUNGARY0UA9031002201816625.14467
27/Apr/20173814009090"1.Avtomobilna chemistry. Tools for cleaning brakes without acetone. Designed to clean brake parts from dirt and grease. Dirt washes away a lot of pressure. Dries quickly, leaving the surface completely clean. Can also be used for cleaning bicycles and motorcycles circuits. It can be used for degreasing metal surfaces prior to applying adhesives and sealants. free of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors and ODS in aerosol packaging (600 mL). Ref.: XT BC600 / Care brakes (without acetone) / - 24 pieces, Art.: XT BC600 / sewage treatment ik brakes (without acetone) / - 900 pieces. As part contains: Hydrocarbons, C7, n-alkanes, izoalkany, cycloalkanes - 25-50%, Hydrocarbons, C6-C7, n- alkanes, izoalkany, cycloalkanes 25-50% isobutane - 2,5-10% (CAS: 75-28-5), carbon dioxide - 2,5-10% (CAS: 124-38-9), propane - 2,5-10% (CAS: 74- 98-6), aliphatic hydrocarbons? 30% Tool for removing sticky substances. Built using high-performance combination of solvents and easily removes traces of self-adhesive tape and the adhesive layer remains even after removal of the transit tonyrovochnoy film and film. The active substance softens and removes the remnants of glue, free of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors and ODS in aerosol packaging (300 mL). Ref.: XT AR300 / Cleaner traces of glue / - 6 pieces; Ref.: XT AR300 / Cleaner traces of glue / - 1. As part contains ethanol - 25-50% (CAS: 64-17-5), isobutane - 10-20% (CAS: 75-28-5), (R) -p-ment-1,8-dien - 10-20% (CAS: 5989-27-5), propane - 10-20% (CAS: 74-98-6), butane - 2,5-10% (CAS: 106-97-8), aliphatic hydrocarbons ? 30%, flavors (D-limonene) - 15 - 30%; Cleaner throttle and EGR valves. Effective means for cleaning the injector valve, the valve exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), the carburetor. Quickly softens and removes all types of pollution, restoring the parameters of the clearing mechanism to factory parameters, increases engine power and throttle it reduces harmful exhaust emissions and reduce fuel consumption. It is used in everyday life, services, industry, cars. Free of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors and ODS in aerosol packaging (300 mL). Ref.: XT TVC300 / cleaner throttle and EGR valves / - 12 pieces; Ref.: XT TVC300 / cleaner throttle and EGR valves / - 4 pcs. As part contains: Xylene - 25-50% (CAS 1330-20-7); Acetone - 20-25% (CAS 67-64-1); Ethanol - 10-20% (CAS 64-17-5); Isobutane - 10-20% (CAS 75-28-5); Propane - 2,5-10% (CAS 74-98-6); Distillates (petroleum), hydrogenated light naphtha - 1-2,5% (CAS 64742-53-6); Bhutan - 1-2,5% (CAS 106-97-8), aliphatic hydrocarbons - 15-30%; Trademark XT. Country of origin DE. Producer firm DEN BRAVEN AEROSOLS GmbH & Co.KG. "GERMANY0UA1001105611334.713434
27/Apr/20173506100098"1.Hotovi joint gluing drugs free of precursors and solvents that do not contain psychotropic and narcotic substances, put up for retail sale, net weight not exceeding 1 kg: art.42B026, set adhesive rods glue gun for size 11.2mm * 300mm, 1kg - 3000nab; art.42B152, set adhesive rods glue gun for size 11.2mm * 200mm, 1kg - 3000nab.Torhovelna mark - H-Tools. Country of origin - China, CN. The manufacturer - ZHEJIANG APEX FORWARDING CO., LIMITED, China. "CHINA0UA10011060007559.999904
26/Apr/20173506990090"1.Gotovye glues and other ready-made adhesives (adhesives). Two-component design polyurethane solvent-free adhesive for the assembly of sandwich panels.It does not contain narcotic, psychotropic substances and precursors 495111Sikaforce-7746 L2F comp. A (container 1500kg) -1 pieces; (Component A, full polylon) 165189 Sikaforce-7010 (component B, derivatives of isocyanate) (container 1200 kg) -1 pieces. Producer Sika Deutschland GmbH is the manufacturer of the brand name - DE.Sika trademark. "GERMANY0UA10013027005131.839973
26/Apr/201735052010001. glues based on starches intended for gluing wallpaper, glass fabric, interlining on any basis (water-based adhesive), not containing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, the solvent is water: Clay Wall Standart 70 (15 l) of containing starch 5% calcium magnesium carbonate 4% polyvinyl 7%, water 84% - 648 sq. buckets - 9720 l.Kley Wall Super 76 (15 l) containing 8% starch, polyvinyl acetate 14%, water 78% - 432 sq. vidra - 6480 liters. .SWEDEN0UA1250101782014084.4216
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Solvent Adhesive Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Solvent Adhesive Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
65012, Україна, м.Одеса, вулиця Отрадна, будинок 12, квартира 3
Product Description
1.Hotovi joint gluing drugs free of drugs, psychot.........
HS Code 3506100098Value 842.9399325
Quantity 0Unit UA500060
Net Weight 669
Origin Country CHINA

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