Ukraine Import Data of Soaking | Ukraine Import Statistics of Soaking

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of soaking collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of soaking imports.

Soaking Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Soaking

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
18/Apr/20173402209000"1 detergents and cleaning products: - SA8 PREMIUM WITH BIOQUESTKontsentrovanyy washing powder, 1 kg (neaerozolna packaging) art.109848RK4 -720sht. Type of packaging: cardboard packs, powder, neaerozolna packaging, non-ionic surfactants 15-30% Subsidiary Ingredients: percarbonate sodium-30% lighter, enzymes, flavorings, phosphonates, not more than 5% oxygen bleach, citric acid, polycarboxylates -5% -15%. It does not contain abrasives. Dlyadomohospodarstva.- SA8 BIOQUEST CON DETER Concentrated laundry detergent 3 kg (neaerozolnaupakovka) art.109849RK3 - 288sht. Type of packaging: cardboard packs, cf. shock neaerozolna packaging, non-ionic surfactants 15-30% Excipients: perkarbonatnatriyu -30% lighter, enzymes, flavorings, phosphonates, not more than 5% kysnevyyvidbilyuvach, citric acid, polycarboxylates -5% -15%. Contains abrazyvnyhrechovyn. for domohospodarstva.- SA8 BABY CONC DETER concentrated detergent for washing of children's linen, 3 kg (neaerozolna packaging) art.109851RK3 - 288sht. Type of packaging: for arthonnay packs, powder neaerozolna packaging, nonionic surfactant composition of 15-30% dopomizhnirechovyny: 5% polycarboxylates, phosphonates 5%, soap, enzymes ansoviy alcohol, Citron Live, flavor, contains no abrasives. For domohospodarstva.- SA8 FABRIC SOFT ALPINE concentrated fabric softener for "" Fresh povitryaAlp "" 1L (neaerozolna packaging) art.109852RK4 - 900sht. Type of packaging: plastic bottles, liquid packaging neaerozolna, South Africa cationic composition, 15-30% Excipients: glutaraldehyde, flavor heksyltsynamal, tsytronelol, benzyl salicylate, butylfenil metylpropinal, alpha izometyl ionon, limonene. Notcontains abrasives. For domohospodarstva.- SA8 SOL TRIZYME CONDETBS tool for soaking laundry and stain removal, 1kg (neaerozolna packaging) art.110482RK5 - 711sht. Type of packaging: cardboard packs, powder, neaerozolna packaging, nonionic surfactant composition of 5% -15% dopomizhnirechovyny: oxygen bleaching substance less 5% polycarboxylates, optychnyyosvitlyuvach. Does not contain abrasives. For domohospodarstva.- DISH DROPS AUTOMATIC HW powder for automatic dishwashers 1.4 kg (neaerozolna packaging) art.110489RK5 - 600sht. Type of packaging: cardboard packs, powder, packaging neaerozolna, South Africa anionic and nonionic structure-less 5%, excipients, polycarboxylates 5-15% oxygen bleach, enzymes, flavorings, limonene, contains no abrasives. For domohospodarstva.Vyrobnyk: Access Business Group International, LLCKrayina production - USTorhovelna mark - AMWAY "UNITED STATES0UA1001105241.1313014.20316 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
10/Apr/20173105209000"1.Mineralne fertilizer plant growth stimulant effect based extract natural growth phytohormones designed for foliar fertilizing systems fertyhatsy, pre-treatment of seeds and seedlings soaking. Basfoliar (series Kelp SL) (200 cans of 10 liters). The content of batteries: nitrogen - 0.8% phosphorus - 1.6%, potassium - 0.1% auktsyny - 11mh / l-cytokinins 0,03mh / l vitamins, amino acids. Product not military and not for dual use. It does not contain narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and prekursory.Vyrobnyk: Afrikelp (Pty) Ltd Country of ZA.. "SOUTH AFRICA0UA101020202410368.58648
04/Apr/201784222000001.Laboratorni devices washing posudumarky BIOSAN: Automatic promyvayuchyyprystriy (vosher) IW-8 -1kompl. (Intended for washing standartnyh96lunkovyh planshet.Prylad povnistyuprohramuyuchyy that allows zabezpechuvatybahatostupinchate ripening solution, aspiration (suction fluid combination of aspiration / dosage and soaking liquid, and also protyahompevnoho soaking cycle time. (12V, 1,8A / 22Vt, AC 100-240V / 12DC, 50 / 60Hz,). Device in uncollected state (set: 1 Gear dlyaavtomatychnoho washing the plates IW-8 -1sht. 2 carriage tablet-1sh v. 3Promyvalna comb-1am. 4 Protective Cover 1 pc. 5 AC adapter -1sht. 6 tubes (ext. / Ext. dia. / Length mm 6/3/600) .- 5. 7 Tube dlyapromyvnoyi comb ( ext. / ext. diam. / length 3.2 / 1.6 / 400 m m). -1 sht.8 Tube for washing comb (ext. / ext. diam. / Length mm 5/3/440) -1sht . 9 Tube for hydrophobic filter (ext. / ext. diam. 6.9 mm) .- 1 pc. 10Pol-liter bottle of unions to collect aer ozoliv. 1 pc. 11 liter bottles zsitchastymy filters and nozzle reahentiv. 3 pcs. 12. The two-liter bottle of Old dlyazboru for develop ridyny. 1 pc. 13 Hydrophobic filters pivlitrovoyiplyashky. 2 pcs. 14 Set for cleaning washing hrebinky.- 1 pc. 15 syringe pumping fluid into the tube ah. - 1 pc. 16 Merezhevyyshnur. 1 pc. 17 Operating Instructions, pasport.- 1 copies. 18 Chotyrymisnyyterminal level control 4CHW order versiya3.01) .Torhovelna Brand: BIOSANKrayina production: LVVyrobnyk: SIA BIOSANLATVIA0UA1251009.631930.249651
03/Apr/20174009410000"1-Sleeves industrial Vulcanite nezatverdiloyihumy without fittings textile material reinforced with wire tametalevym: Soaking: In-1-250-4p. / M., B-1-50 8m-480p. / M., V-1-50 4m 100 p. / m. In-1-100-440 p. / m. In-6M-1-100 180 p. / m. In-1-125-200p. / m., B- 1-150-60 p. / m. In 1-200-40-n. / m., B-1-32 10M-200P. / m., B-1-50 8M-224p. / m., B-1-100-40p. / m., BB 125-300p. / m. In 1-38-10m-200 p. / m., B-96 6m 1-75 p. / m., B -1-38 10M-60P. / m., pressure-suction: B 2-75h3-200p. / m. In-2-100h3-200 p. / m .. Dost 5398-76, TU38.105.631- 95 Producer of "" CHZ goods "" Country of RU. "RUSSIA0UA110150856717888.31735
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Soaking Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Soaking Importer Sample

Date 18/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Емвей Україна"""
Importer Address
03150 м.Київ,вул.Казимира Малевича, буд.87 Україна
Exporter Name Access Business Group International B.V.
Product Description
"1 detergents and cleaning products: - SA8 PREMIUM.........
HS Code 3402209000Value 13014.20316
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 5241.13
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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