Ukraine Import Data of Small Cap | Ukraine Import Statistics of Small Cap

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of small cap collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of small cap imports.

Small Cap Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Small Cap

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of small cap. Get Ukraine trade data of Small Cap imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178414807500"1.Kompresory volume, bahatorotorni, screw. Ensure air supply to production lines of large industrial enterprises and small workshops. Not intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres: -Kompresor screw A5937 Alup SCK 42-08, surround mnohorotornyy (such that was in use) Avg. number 283 169 2005 model year. Performance - 4.2 cubic / min, pressure - 10 bar, engine power - 30 kW, working hours - 37169 h-1 pc. - screw Compressor A2971 Renner RS30, about 'capacious mnohorotornyy (such as was used) Avg. room 1417, 1998 ro in the production. Performance - 4.28 cubic / min, pressure - 10 bar, engine power - 30 kW developments - 6102 hours, 1pc., Manufacturer: Alup Kompressoren; Renner Compressoren; Trademark: Alup; Renner;. "GERMANY2UA125060941.284751.923746 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178474200000"1.Vibromlyn disk TS 1000 (181370) - 2sht.Kozhnyy comes with: - grinding chamber, 100ml, tungsten carbide (112841) - 1pc - steel ring adapter (33,175) - 1sht.Vykorystovuyetsya for grinding minerals, organic ikeramichnyh materials, various metal brittle splavivdo necessary krupnosti.Osnovnyy working body - kamera.Rozmir grinding material loaded, depending vidobranoho preconceived milling blends volume chamber and type of material should not exceed 5-15mm. depending on the amount of preconceived milling blends in camera to process samples of up to 250ml. For use preconceived milling blends camera smaller capacity (100 ml) adaptera.Produkt steel ring used to be grinding, grinding fed into the chamber where the result mainly horizontal vibration test material using shock and friction, usually in the range of a few minutes, while crushed homohenizuyetsya.Maye management system with a timer and sound-proof enclosure, made of stali.Habarytni size: 600h1125h674mm.Dlya easy transport supplied disassembled disk vyhlyadi.Mlyn cast SBM 200 Steel (315225) - 1sht.Osnaschenyy with 2 wheels made from cast stali.Mlyn disk tungsten carbide SBM 200 (315 226) - 1sht.Osnaschenyy with 2 discs made of carbide volframu.Vykorystovuyetsya for grinding materials with hardness on the Mohs scale 8 (agglomerate ore) .Osnovnyy working body - rubbing dysky.Podribnennya made between two grinding discs with large teeth. One disc is stationary and the other rotates via gear motor, the material subjected to grinding action. The gap between the grinding discs determines the size of milled material. The size of the gap between grinding wheels can be adjusted using the regulator with built-in scale that changes the position of the real disk. The shredded material falls into a glass container below the grinding wheels. For convenience and safety of transport supplied unassembled - a glass container separate from mlyna.Habarytni size: 400h825h600mm.Diametr grinding discs - 200mm.Maksymalnyy amount of material that is loaded - 20mm.Vyrobnyk: Siebtechnik GmbH, Nimechchyna.Torhovelna mark: Siebtechnik. "GERMANY0UA70006088565872.48577
27/Apr/201739012090001.Polietylen high density low pressure in primary forms, stamps TIPELIN (PE-HD2) 1100J-2750kh in the form of granules without color, containing a small amount heksenu-1, butene-1 or propene, contains other contaminants, additives and inorganic components. Relative density 0,960h / sm.kub. Used for the production of polymeric sealing caps and their components by injection molding. Packed in bags of 25kg. .HUNGARY0UA20912027503551.834985
27/Apr/201739231000001.Termokorob designed for the transport of packaging and fragile goods and materials to the maintenance temperature, is a panel of insulating polymeric material that is placed in the outer cardboard box, box Frozen Solution Small square shape, external dimensions 31h31h32 cm., Capacity 6 l. consisting of an outer cardboard box and internal EPS liner pinoplastykovoho cooler with cover art. 16 -028-720sht. Frozen Solution Large box square shape, external dimensions 39,5h39,5h44,8 cm., 19l capacity, consisting of zovnishnho cardboard and plastic foam inner liner EPS cooler with cover art. 16 -067-384sht. Set Controlled Room Temperature Solution Large, consisting of outer cardboard box square, which contains the following structural elements: one insulating liner made of foam with lid, one inside a cardboard box for product placement, 4 cooling type Pharma Cool 3000 IcePack and 2 ohol odzhuvacha Pharma Cool 2000 IcePack. External dimensions 63.2x53.2x50.5 cm. Actual weight: 1.7 kg. Capacity: 21l. Art. 11-050-18sht. Manufacturer Softbox Systems LimitedKrayina production GBTorhovelna mark SoftboxUNITED KINGDOM0UA1000801481.610864.63189
26/Apr/20178433510000"1. samohidnyymarky harvester John Deere, notcontains that incorporates transmitters tapryymachi: Model S670 COMBINE, novyy.Seriynyy (identification) number / nomer1Z0S670ACHA106210, number dvyhunaRG6090G025924. Calendar year 2017rik.Modelnyy 2017rik.Komplektatsiya year: 0166 Made-to Ukraine, 0433-manual in Russian; 0507 package for cereals; 0600-No package; 1101-Cab Deluxe, 1220-seat on pnevmopodushtsi, 1370-Standard package lighting 1411-Preparations for the installation of the receiver, the 1600 fire extinguisher missing , 1803-Training and the AutoTrac with Harvest Monitor, Display 1825 GreenStar; 188J-JDLink Connect - 1 year, 50 hours JDLink Access.1950-No Harvest Mobile; 2052-3-speed transmission, 2220, front-wheel drive, 3054-Increased driving system variable speed, 4300-Small grain wire concave; 4832-upper sieve and sieve with dual control system, 4885-The configuration of the rotor variable Stream; 5232-standard system of grain transportation; 5373-Electric drive assembly grain bin; 5426-Vyvantazhnyy screw from removed housing that is mounted dealer length 6.9 m, 5756-system grinding crop residues Deluxe- spreader Sol We PowerCast, 6410, Manual rear coupler; 6648-500 / 80R28 IMP 176A8 SFT TL (MITAS) - width 3.45 m; 6777-IF800 / 65R32 CFO 178A8 (only Michelin) - width 3.80 m; 7714-Special Transport sticker, 8133-Right exterior mirror, 8525 -Nyzhniy protection fan and auger; 8649-pneumatic compressor installed from the factory; 8701, engine block heater - 220 volt8709 fuel separator posylenyy9049 Directory spare parts; 9425-concave rod increased wear resistance, large wire-9427 concave; 9433-Sectional overhead concave plate; 9435-Sektsyiyni concave cap (set of three); 9663-preferred brand Michelin, 9665-preferred brand Mitas - rear tire, wheel spacers 9669, 96 mm at the front wheels, Brand: Deere & CompanyTorhovelna Brand: JOHN DEEREKrayina production: DE "GERMANY1UA20401019100191962.6299
26/Apr/20173924100000"1. tableware, kitchenware plastic, reusable, trade markaTUPPERWARE" "Bravo, Max Dylayt" "(775ml) art.11130599-140sht," "Umnaya sыrnytsa" "dlyanarizanoho art.11130100-70sht cheese," "Umnaya sыrnytsa "" small (20,5h20,5h9,5sm) art.11125205-60sht, "" Umnaya sыrnytsa "" rectangular art.11123330-8sht; akvakontrol "" Trofeynыy "" (4,6l) art.11127680-12sht; capacity " "coffee" "(1,1l) art.11131318-216sht; capacity" "Sugar" "(1,1l) art.11131319-72sht; capacity '' G '' (1,1l) art.11131320-180sht, container "" Yllyumyna "" (350ml) art.11125861-112sht; container "" Umnыy fridge "" (4,4l) for meat and fish art.11119738-48sht; container "" Umnыyholodylnyk "" (1,8l) low art.11128933-36sht; container "" Umnыy fridge "" (4,4l) art.11104068-48sht; container "" Umnыy fridge "" (4,4l) vysokyyart.11128932-48sht, lunch-box "" Mynonы " "art.11130268-56sht, lunch boksart.11126722-1400sht; silicone mold" "colic" "art.11130123-252sht, cup" "Tsvetenye" ​​"(1,3l) art.11130487-96sht, cup" "Tsvetenye" "(4,3l) art.11130490-120sht, shaker (600ml) art.11127725-50sht, T orhovelna mark - TUPPERWAREVyrobnyk - TUPPERWARE"BELGIUM0UA100110458.7424506.713995
26/Apr/20173923900000"1.Suputni supplies for clinical trials under protokolom4500CRD2001, goods for trans porting and packaging made of plastics, not designedto transportation radioakty inthem materials: - A container with a lid for fecal article FCWL - 16 pcs - Box containing tubes Labor Attorney testing (the second type) - 23sht including: set CCLS REQ W / BAR CODABAR PAPER - 8 pieces, empty containers for dlyatransportuvannya ALU - 16 units; stool sampling tube - 8 pieces; zservetkoyu package - 16 pieces, with optional label shtryh- source - 16 units, set CCLS REQ W / BAR CODABAR PAPER - 5 items, plastic item obirka red / gray, 7.5 ml- of 5, Krioprobirka 1.8 ml - 10 units; holder tubes, disposable - 5 units, needle 21H x 1.25 inch - 5 units, package of napkins - 5 pieces, graded sterylnapipetka, 3 of 5; Optional label with barcode - 10 pieces, set CCLS REQ W / bAR CODABARPAPER - 2 pieces; tube cap with lavender color, 6 ml - 2 pcs; Hraduyovanaplastykova microtube 2 ml - 4 pieces; Tryma hours for test tubes, disposable - 2 units, needle 21H x 1.25 inch - 2 pcs; Package with cloth - 2 pieces; Sterylnapipetka graded 3 2 units; Additional label with barcode - 4 pieces; Additional label with bar kodom- 16 pc; Set CCLS REQ W / BAR CODABAR PAPER - 8 pieces; Set of boxes - 16 pieces; intestinal system Trans-Caddy - 8 pieces; Empty shipping containers for alu- 16 pc; Package of cloth - 8 pieces; Gel set "" Combo "" - 8 pieces - Box containing tubes Labor Attorney-test (fourth type) - 43 pcs mustache baggage: Tube with a double bottom, 5 ml - 1 pc; Transparent plastic tube, 8.5 ml - 1 pc; Krioprobirka 1.8 ml - 4 pieces; Lavandovohokoloru cap tube with 6 ml - 1 pc; The plastic tube red / gray, 2 ml- 7.5 pc; Krioprobirka 1.8 ml - 6 pcs; Green tube 4 ml- 1 unit; ProbirkaPAXGene blood for RNA - 1 pc; Butterfly needle 21 G - 2 pieces; Package with bubbles dlyatransportuvannya, 7 x 4 inches - 2 pcs; Plastic krovyanyy dispenser - 1 pc; holder tubes, disposable - 2 pcs; Package with cloth - 2 pieces; Hraduyovanasterylna pipette, 3 9 pc; Plastic bag with zipper, 6 X 8 du ymiv - 2 pcs; Gel set "" Combo "" - 1 piece; Additional label with barcode - 2 pcs; Riznomantni labels, large - 1 pc; Riznomantni labels are small - 1 pc; Transparent package 2 mils, 10 H22 - 1 pc; Set CCLS REQ W / BAR CODABAR PAPER - 1 pc; Podviynymdnom tube with 5 ml - 1 pc; Tube cap of lavender color, 2 ml - 1 pc; Meylerdlya subject steklyshek - 1 pc; Test tubes for blood sampling, 2.5 ml - 2 units, with a double bottom tube, 5 ml - 4 pieces; Transparent plastic tube, 8.5 ml - 4 pieces; Krioprobirka 1.8 ml - 16 units; Tube cap of lavender color, 6 ml- 4 pieces; The plastic tube, red / gray, 7.5 ml- 8 pieces; Krioprobirka 1.8 ml - 24 pieces; Green tube with heparin sodium, 4 ml- 4 pieces; PAXGene tube for blood RNA - 4 pieces; Butterfly needle 21 G - 8 pieces; Paketz bubbles for transportation, 7 x 4 inches - 8 pieces; Plastic krovyanyydyspenser - 4 pieces; Holder for tubes, disposable - "UNITED STATES0UA12510038.7251379.030928
25/Apr/201739263000901.Inshi plastic products for vehicles: Nuts CAP WHEELS Wheel SW32KLYN small diffuser FAN TGA.POLAND0UA20914017.02151.5279266
24/Apr/201784312000001.Inshi plastic products for vehicles: Nuts CAP WHEELS Wheel SW32KLYN small diffuser FAN TGA.ITALY0UA5002002.6763.96566313
24/Apr/20174016930090"1.Nasosy bezsalnykovi pumps for heating systems and hot water capacity not exceeding 500 m3 per hour: Basic module filling the solar pump station (pump group) VPM 15 D East (base module is a solar pump filling pump capacity of 1.5 m3 / h. , wall holder package with small parts) to the collector VFK art.0010013153 -5sht; art.0010013153 -1sht; art.0010013153 -2sht, Country of DETorhovelna VaillantVyrobnyk brand Vaillant GmbH. "ITALY0UA1000100.23.539100685
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Small Cap Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Small Cap Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
40000, м. Суми, ВУЛ.ЧЕРЕПІНА, буд. 82 А, кв. 96
Exporter Name CZEMAR SPOLKA Z O.O.
Product Description
"1.Kompresory volume, bahatorotorni, screw. Ensure.........
HS Code 8414807500Value 4751.923746
Quantity 2Unit UA125060
Net Weight 941.28
Origin Country GERMANY

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