Ukraine Import Data of Sky | Ukraine Import Statistics of Sky

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of sky collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of sky imports.

Sky Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Sky

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201794038900001.Mebli combined with various materialivnapryklad (aluminum, glass, plastic, wood): 00.02134.82.00/02.02134.1 Pacific kvadratnыy Bolshoi kofeynыy Stol co-glass 1SHT.00.22934.00.00 / 02.22934.1 Brafta Stol kofeynыy color. Morskoy Shell co-1ShT.Vyrobnyk glass - JOENFA SLKrayina production - ID.Torhovelna mark -SKY LINE desidn. .INDONESIA0UA10011045.09679.3899377 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201794017100001.Mebli seats that do not turn into bed with a metal frame, upholstered: 00.02131.82.00/01.02131.00 Pacific uhlovoy module pravыy / s levыy took hold with pillows storony-1SHT.00.02131.82.00 / 01.02131.01 Pacific uhlovoy module pravыy / levыy with cushions with pravoy storony-1SHT.00.02132.82.00 / 01.02132.01 Pacific korychnevыy central module with pillow-3SHT.00.02129.82.00 / 01.02129.01 Pacific module - lion couch with pillow-1SHT.00.02131.82.00 / 01.02131.02 Pacific uhlovoy module pravыy / levыy with pillows kvadratnыmy uhlovыmy-1SHT.00.22931.00.00 / 01.22931.01 draws Brafta color. Morskoy Shell with pillows bezhevыmy-1SHT.00.22933.00.00 / 01.22933.01 Sofa 3 mestnыy Brafta color. Morskoy Shell with pillows bezhevыmy-1ShT.Vyrobnyk - JOENFA SLKrayina production - ID.Torhovelna mark -SKY LINE desidn. .INDONESIA0UA100110192.486401.404473
29/Apr/20176908909300"1.Plytka ceramic facing, with her fine ceramics, glazed in stock, with a layer of coating on the front surface that the chemical composition and zabarvlennyamvidriznyayetsya from the back and on the" "volume keramiky.-BLANCO BRILLO BISEL EUR / 87- 10x30- 88,74m2.-PETRA PLATINUM BRILLO BISEL - 10x30-72m2.-PALMIRA GOLD BRILLO - 10x30 -72m2.-PALMIRA RELIEVE GOLD BRILLO - 10x30-72m2.-PALMIRA PLATINUM BRILLO -10x30 -72m2.-BELVEDERE BLANCO BRILLO -10x30 -72m2 .-BELVEDERE RELIEVE BLANCO - 10x30 -72m2.-PALMIRA SILVER BRILLO EUR / 87 - 10x30-88,74m2.-PALMIRA RELIEVE SILVER BRILLO EUR / 87-10x30 -88,74m2.-PALMIRA RELIEVE PLATINUM BRILLO EUR / 87-10x30 - 88,74m2.-ANTIQUE GRIS EUR / 87 -10x30 -88,74m2.-CREMA BRILLO BISEL EUR / 87 - 10x30-88,74m2.-ANTIQUE BLANCO MATE - 20x20 -96m2.-ANTIQUE MATE - 20x20 -96m2.-ANTIQUE SKY - 1 0x20 -96m2.Torhovelna Brand: MonopoleKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Monopole LAB SL. "SPAIN125244UA10011016497.5410810.55187
28/Apr/20173923509000"1.Vyroby plastic for sealing (caps, lids and so on. Al.): Kryshkaflakona KRB 43-6058 zelenyy- 20400 pcs. Bottle cap KRB 43-91 black - 20250 pcs. KRB30-140 bottle cap blue", "B" "- 3000 pcs. cover green bottle KRB 30-6099 - 20000 pcs. jar lid KRC16.1-9000 pearl white - 20160 pcs. without labels, with a smooth neryflenoyupoverhneyu. Batcher not. not for medical or pharmaceutical pryznachennya.Zobrazhuvalnyy sign for goods and posluh- available. not intended for use by the food industry salt sky chyproduktsiyi economy. not for al oholnyh drinks. For use uvlasnomu consumption of production for packaging cosmetic, hygiene chnoyi produktsiyi.Torhovelna mark "" Hromyn "". Country of origin: BY.Vyrobnyk: OOO "" Hromyn ".". "BELARUS0UA1010207874210.850156
28/Apr/201739252000001. Construction Products from plastic, skylights smoke (light line) MCR Prolight arch 3000h30600mm, 3000h36600mm, 3000h48000mm - konstruktsiyivikonnoho type installed on the roofs of buildings and foundations consist of stalevoyipryamoyi 680mm tall, arched vault of aluminum profiles and filling of plastic (polycarbonate 16mm, 4-chamber transparent) and designed to smoke, ventilation and propuskan ing daylight. .POLAND0UA209140935817327.34137
28/Apr/20173304100000"1.Zvolozhuyucha lipstick CC" "Uvlazhnenye in Color / Moisturizing CC lipstickColor & care" "tone Svetlyy pyon 4d art. 4619-110sht. Lip gloss mirrored volume / Lipgloss Glassy volume tone Ozhynovyymarmelad 8,5ml art. 41035 - 456sht. lip gloss mirrored volume / LipglossGlassy volume tons of cocoa cream 8,5ml art. 41037 -608sht. Hvylyakoloru lip gloss / Lipgloss Color energy art 9,5ml 42004 art. 42004 -108sht. Polumatovahubna lipstick Ovation / Demi- matte lipstick Applause 4.1 g Model 43033 art. 43033-270sht. Moisturizing lipstick Moisturizing color CC / Moisturizing lipstickColor & care art 43,059 4d art. 43059 -660sht. Moisturizing lipstick color CCZvolozhennya / Moisturizing lipstick Color & care Art 43,091 4 g art.43091 -110sht. DA kiss lipstick / Lipstick 3D Kiss Pink Waltz Art 440014h art. 44001 -220sht. DA kiss lipstick / Lipstick 3D Kiss Romance dlyakohanoyi Art 4 g 44002 Art. 44002 - 110sht. DA kiss lipstick / lipstick 3DKiss Caramel art polka 44003 4d art. 44003 -660sht. Railway kiss lipstick / Lipstick 3D Kiss Peach cantata Art 44,005 4d art. 44005 -330sht. PomadaZD kiss Lipstick / Lipstick 3D Kiss ballad Spring Art 44,006 4d art. 44006 -330sht.Hubna lipstick kiss DA / Lipstick 3D Kiss fervent flamenco art 44009 4 g art.44009 -220sht. Railway kiss lipstick / Lipstick 3D Kiss Crimson Jazz art44014 4d art. 44014 -330sht. Railway kiss lipstick / Lipstick 3D KissArhentynske Tango Art 44019 4d art. 44019 -110sht. Moisturizing lipstick CCBarvy Jamaica / Moisturizing lipstick Colors of Jamaica Art 44,075 4d art. 44075-110sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art. 44100 3,7hart. 44100-180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art. 44101 3,7hart. 44101 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art.44102 3,7h art. 44102 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lipdesigner art. 44103 3,7h art. 44103-180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art. 44104 3,7hart. 44104 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art.44105 3,7h art. 44105 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lipdesigner art. 44106 3,7h art. 44106-180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art. 44107 3,7h \ art. 44107 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art.44108 3,7h art. 44108 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lipdesigner art. 44109 3,7h art. 44109-180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art. 44110 3,7hart. 44110 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art.44111 3,7h art. 44111 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lipdesigner art. 44112 3,7h art. 44112-180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art. 44115 3,7hart. 44115 -180sht. 44131 probe to the lipstick effect Dual 3D Volume yhladkist Skyline art. 44001 0.5 g art. 44131 -350sht. 43105 probe to hubnoyipomady Secret Story art. 43072 0.5 g art. 43105 -1250sht. "RUSSIA0UA100110136.2426596.169332
28/Apr/201744219098001. Goods tvarynBudynok of sharpening SKYLINE, beige, 35H42H267sm, DSP, sisal, plush art. 20-8120 - 3 ShTBudynok of sharpening SKYLINE, Kor 35H42H267sm, DSP, sisal, plush art. 20-8122 - 2 pcs.CHINA0UA10107058.95207.1683233
28/Apr/201739233010001.Vyroby plastic for transport and packaging of products containing not bilshyak 2L - plastic bottles for beverages, 0,650l volume: art.10028804 Skybottle-orange-51sht. .CHINA51UA2091404.386133.0733199
28/Apr/20176031100901.Svizhi cut flowers suitable for bouquets assembly, from 1 November to 31travnya: -R GR ASCOT / rose 050 cm -120sht.-R GR ATHENA / rose 060 cm -80sht.-R Gr Atomic / A1 / rose 80 cm - 120sht.-R Gr Ballet / A1 / 50 cm rose -100sht.-R Gr Blush / A1 / 80 cm rose -80sht.-R Gr Cabaret / A1 / 40 cm rose -150sht.-R Gr Cabaret / A2 / rose 50 cm -100sht.-R Gr Carousel / A1 / rose 50 cm 100sht.-R Gr Catch / A1 / 80 cm rose -160sht.-R GR CHARMANT / rose 050 cm -120sht.-R Gr Charmant / A1 / rose 35 cm 240sht.-R Gr Charmant / A1 / rose 40 cm 200sht.-R GR DOLCETTO! / rose 060 cm -150sht.-R GR DOUBLE FASHION / rose 070 cm 180sht.-R GR DUCHESSE R Gr Duchesse / rose 060 cm -160sht.-R Gr Esperance / A1 / rose 50 cm 100sht.-R GR EVER RED / rose 080 cm -180sht.-R GR EVER RED / rose 060 cm -200sht.-R Gr Farfalla / A1 / 30 cm rose -50sht.-R Gr Hermosa + / A1 / 50 cm rose -80sht.-R GR JULISCHKA / rose 070 cm -180sht.-R Gr Jumilia / A1 / 70 cm rose -120sht.-R Gr Jumilia / A1 / 70 cm rose -120sht.-R GR MADAM PINK / rose 070 cm -160sht.-R GR MEMORY LANE! / rose 040 cm 200sht.-R GR MEMORY LANE! / rose 060 cm 160sht.-R GR MORNING DEW! R Gr Morning Dew / rose 060 cm -240sht.-R GR NEW ORLEANS / rose 070 cm -240sht.-R GR PINK RHODOS / rose 060 cm -180sht.-R Gr Pink Rhodos / A1 / rose 60 cm 120sht.- R Gr Rainbow / A1 / 75 cm rose -60sht.-R Gr Vende Klb Bl H% / B1 / rose 70 cm 100sht.-R GR VENDELA VERF BLAUW ROSA GB.VEN KB = D-BLAUW / rose 070 cm -200sht .-R TR BABE / cm -120sht. rose 070-R TR BLANCHETTE / rose 060 cm -80sht.-R Tr Bombastic / A1 / rose 40 cm 80sht.-R TR FIRE FLASH / rose 060 cm -240sht.-R tr Fire Flash / A1 / rose 80 cm 240sht.-R tr Fire Flash / A1 / rose 70 cm 180sht.-R tr Fireworks / A1 / rose 50 cm 70sht.-R tr Fireworks / A1 / rose 80 sm 160sht.-R Tr Flash Night / A1 / rose 70 cm 80sht.-R Tr Haley / A1 / 70 cm rose -120sht.-R Tr Haley / A1 / 60 cm rose -80sht.-R TR KATE-LYNN / rose 070 cm -80sht.-RT r Lianne / A1 / 60 cm rose -80sht.-R Tr Lianne / A1 / 60 cm rose -100sht.-R Tr Lianne / A1 / 70 cm rose -400sht.-R Tr Lianne / A1 / -150sht rose 80 cm. -R Tr Lianne / A1 / 60 cm rose -160sht.-R TR MIRABEL / cm -120sht. rose 070-R TR MISTY BUBBLES / rose 060 cm 240sht.-R Tr Pink Flash / A1 / rose 60 cm 160sht. -R TR REFLEX / cm -240sht. rose 060-R TR REFLEX / rose 070 cm -240sht.-R Tr Reflex / A1 / 70 cm rose -350sht.-R Tr Reflex / A1 / 70 cm rose -280sht.-R Tr Salinero / A1 / 60 cm rose -60sht.-R TR SNOWFLAKE / rose 070 cm -120sht.-R Tr Snowflake / A1 / rose 80 cm 160sht.-R TR SONORA / rose 070 cm -120sht.-R Tr Summer Dance / A1 / rose 70 cm 180sht.-R Tr Summer Dance / A1 / rose 70 cm 50sht.-R Tr Summer Dance / A1 / rose 60 cm 240sht.-R TR SWEET STARS R Tr Sweet Stars / rose 070 cm -80sht.-Ran Aazur Sky Yellow / A1 / rose 45 cm 150sht.-Ran Aazur White / A1 / rose 45 cm 50sht.-Ran Aazur White / A1 / rose 45 cm 60sht.-Ran Am Snowflake / A1 / rose 54 cm 100sht.-Ran El Salmon / A1 / rose 50 cm 300sht.-Ran Giga Pink / A1 / rose 40 cm 160sht.-Ran Su Hanoi / A1 / 43 cm rose -40shtNETHERLANDS26340UA10001014191319.670151
27/Apr/20178481109900"1.Klapany to adjust the pressure, not combined with filters: Valve skydannyatysku, article PMMPRV100125-1sht; Purpose: Parts dosilskohospodarskoyi tehniky.Krayina production - USTorhovelna brand - John DeereVyrobnyk - JOHN DEERE INTERNATIONAL GMBH."UNITED STATES0UA1002000.75555.64808381
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""ІНТ ГРУП"""
Importer Address
Exporter Name IG Handel sp.z.o.o
Product Description
1.Mebli combined with various materialivnapryklad .........
HS Code 9403890000Value 679.3899377
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 45.09
Origin Country INDONESIA

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