Ukraine Import Data of Single Face | Ukraine Import Statistics of Single Face

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of single face collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of single face imports.

Single Face Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Single Face

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of single face. Get Ukraine trade data of Single Face imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20174811900000"1.PAPIR decoration decorative drawing of cellulose fibers SAWMILLS Wood, single layer, Morocco: 10-330111-001-0004-WENGE SORBES 1840/70, the amount (gross / net): 8401/8358 kg 10-020234-001 -0001-NOCE SALAMANCA 1840/70, the amount (gross / net): 4542/4518 KG; 10-080162-005-0002-BIRKE 1840/72, the amount (gross / net): 1102/1096 kg 10-370178- 001-0002-PINIE BALTRUM LIGHT 1830/65, the amount (gross / net): 3083/3068 KG; 10-900189-009-0009-RIGOLETTO 1830/70, the amount (gross / net): 1314/1304 KH.ZAHALNA NUMBER -17 ROLLS / gross KG 18442/18344 KH.MAYE net surface-painted picture "" on a slice of tree "," paints based on synthetic POLIMERU.VMIST FIBERS OBTAINED X mechanically 100% .DODATKOVOYI PROCESSING PAPER AND ITS TREATMENT NEMAYE.VYKORYSTOVUYETSYA other substances in the manufacture of laminated board DSP.VYROBNYK - "" SURTECO DEKOR GMBH "". COUNTRY OF ORIGIN NIMECHCHYNA.KRAYINA-production-NIMECHCHYNA.TORHOVELNA Marco Not available. ".GERMANY0UA2060801834457266.15903 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201730064000001. Adher TM Single Bond 2 'dental adhesive, intended for use by applying to the etched surface of enamel and dentin tooth to fix the restoration material during treatment (sealing or restoration) of teeth: adhesive Adper TM Single Bond 2, 1 x Adhesive, 6 ml, use instruction, art.51202 (70201036772) - 140 pcs. Producer: '' 3M ESPE Dental Products '' at 3M ESPE Dental Products, USA. Production code: US. Trademark: Adper. .UNITED STATES0UA1251105.881620.442015
28/Apr/201730064000001. Dental adhesive preparation Single Bond Universal, designed for use by coating the surface of etched enamel and dentin of the tooth restoration materials for fixing with fillings (restorations) teeth, adhesive Single Bond Universal, 1 x liquid 5 ml, instructions for use, art. 41266 (70201139253) - 120 up.Vyrobnyk: '' 3M Deutschland GmbH '', Nimechchyna.Krayina production - DE.Torhivelna mark: Single Bond. .GERMANY0UA1251105.28643.4804152
28/Apr/201748102200001. UPM Cote silk H, density of 60 g / m2, format 900 mm.Papir coated, single layer, print rolls, containing fibers obtained by mechanical means over 50% of the total mass of fiber mass of 1 m2 coating layer on each surface is 6 g Paper own production potreb.Vyrobnyk: UPM Sales Oy, FI. Trademark: UPM. .FINLAND0UA1252501052777.0509366
28/Apr/20173214101090"1. Sealing paste (not in aerosol packaging): Tiocolic sealants Brand: silicone sealants: KLT-30kg single-component UT-32-66.6kg TU 38.303-04-04-90 (2-component: U30MESS 5NT-101, 5kg, U1-18-148.83kg Application: for surface and internal sealing of riveted, welded, bolted, fixed joints. Manufacturer: RU Trade Mark: KSSK Producer: "KSSK" OJSC. "RUSSIA0UA110150355.234087.779302
27/Apr/20179019200000"1.Vyroby medical devices: Devices for oxygen, respiratory and aerosol therapy, artificial respiration tareanimatsiyi: art.1111065 (GUEDEL AIRWAY, SIZE 1, ISO 6.5) Hvedela ducts, size 1, ISO 6.5- 20sht.-art.1114100 ( GUEDEL aIRWAY, sIZE 4, ISO10) Hvedela duct size 4, ISO-10 -80sht. art.1115120 (GUEDEL aIRWAY, sIZE 5, ISO12) Hvedela ducts, size 5, ISO-12- 70sht. art.1135015 (ADULT ECO oXYGEN mASK WITH2.1M tUBE) ECO adult oxygen mask with tube length for ysnevoyu 2,1m.- 2000sht.-art.1181015 (aDULT ECO hIGH CONCENTRATI oN mASK AND tUBE) Eco oxygen mask dlyad oroslyh for Providing high concentra tion of oxygen with oxygen tube -216sht.-art.11960 15 (PAEDIATRIC ECO OXYGEN MASK WITH 1.8M TUBE) Children ECO Oxygen mask, oxygen tube 1.8 m - 40sht.-art.1441000 (CLEAR-THERM MICRO HMEF) Fil May teplovolohoobminnyy breathing, Clear- therm micro - 1000sht. art. 1453015 (CIRRUS2 aDULT ECO mASK kIT aND oXYGEN tUBE) nebulizer kit Cirrus2, ECO adult oxygen mask and tube-390sht. art. 1454015 (CIRRUS2 PAEDIATRIC ECO MAS K KIT AND TUBE) Set nebulayzerCirrus2, children's ECO oxygen mask and tube-216sht. art.1464000 (CIRRUS 2 UNIVERSAL MOUTHPIEC E T-KIT) Nebulayzernyy nabirCirrus 2 of the T-shaped mouthpiece, universal-160sht.-art.1507000 (INTERSURGICAL AQUAFLOW BUBB LE HUMIDIFIER WITH BOTTLE) Bulbashkovyyz volozhuvach Intersurgical Aquaflow, with yemk istyu - 240sht. -art.1663000 (STRAIGHT CONNECTOR 10F-10M- 7.6mm pORT fOR 10mm F / TUBE oNLY) "" Pryamyyz`yednuvach 10F-10M, the port 7,6mm only and for use with 10mm contours "" - 25sht. art .1873000 (HYDRO-TRACH II HME) filter e yhalnyy heat volohoobminnyyHydro-Trac h II, in patients with traheostomoyu-1000sht.-art.2223000 (HARNESS (sMALL) fOR CPAP FA CE MASK) fixation system for small SRARmasky - 12p. -art.2224000 (HARNESS (LARGE / MEDIUM) fOR CPAP FACE MASK) system for fixation of I / great CPAP masks - 156sht.-art.2316000 (MANAGEMENT CLIP SYSTEM FOR ANAESTHESIA) management system zazhymamydlya anesthesia - 12sht.-art.2330000 (LOW VOLUME MANUAL FILL HUMI ​​DIFICATION CHAMBER) Camera zvolozhuvacharu chnoho fill the volume of a small - 750sht. -art.4700000 (nFLOW INFANT nASAL CPAP SYS TEM hEATED WIRE) nFLOW zprovodom heating system for nasal CPAP newbo enyh length 1,6m - 408sht.-art.5007000 (SMOOTHBORE B / sYSTEM 1.6m, 1 WATER TRAP, PORTS) Hladkostovburnadyhal system to 1,6m 1 volohozbirnyk, porty- 10sht.-art.5015000 (sMOOTHBORE BREATHING sYSTEM LIMB 1.5M) smooth hose 1,5m- 60sht.-art.5120000 (sMOOTHBORE CATHETER MOUNT 1 20mm) connectors smooth smoothbore 120mm. - 50sht.-art.5508850 (10mm SMOOTHBORE B / SYSTEM 1. 6M WITH HEATED WIRE, TYPE MR850) 10mmhla dkostovburna respiratory ceiling, 1,6m, with about ihrivom such as MR850 - 150sht.-art.5510810 (SINGLE H / WIRE SYSTEM, CHAMB ER fOR MR850 / 730, 1.6M, 0.4M LIMB) 10mmh ladkostovburna respiratory ceiling, 1,6m, with one wire heating vidrizok0,4m, chamber for MR850 / 730 - 49sht.-art.5510850 (SMOOTHBORE B / SYSTEM 1.6M wITH HEATED WIRE, TYPE MR850) neonatal respiratory smooth contour with "LITHUANIA0UA100020715.9490765.815
27/Apr/20174803003100"1. The paper substrate used for household or sanitary purposes in rolls, is krepovanyy white paper made from wood pulp obtained chemically 100%, no treatment and coating, not dyed, without drawing surface without Enamel not kalandrovana: Sanitary napkins paper (roll width 23 cm, single layer, the surface density of 1m2 each layer is 16 g, diameter 120 cm.) - 5286 kg (12 rolls) Sanitary paper towels (roll width 140 cm layer, Rever Neva 1m2 density of each layer is 16 g, diameter 120 cm.) - 3717 kg (8 rolls) Sanitary paper towels (roll width 140 cm layer, the surface density of 1m2 each layer is 19 g, diameter 120 cm.) - 11 881 kg (24 rolls). "ROMANIA0UA1101102088420746.92966
27/Apr/201790189060001.Vyroby pryznachennya.Prylady medical equipment and anesthesia: -art.2805000 (0,5 LITRE RESERVOIR BAG, GREEN, 22F NECK. LATEX FREE.) 0.5 Reserve bag, green, 22F neck, without latex-10sht.- art.2830000 (3 LITRE RESERVOIR bAG, gREEN, 22F nECK. lATEX FREE.) reserve 3L bag, green, 22F neck, without latex-50sht.-art.2820000 (2 LITRE RESERVOIR bAG, gREEN, 22F nECK. lATEX FREE. ) 2l reserve mi shock, green, neck 22F, bezlateksu-50sht.-art.7093000 (ECOMASK - CLEAR NON PVC ANA ESTHETIC fACE mASK - SIZE3) ichna anesthesiologist face mask Ecomask, without PVC, roses measures 3 - 35sht. art. 7094000 (ECOMASK - CLEAR NON PVC ANA ESTHETIC fACE mASK - SIZE4) ichna anesthesiologist face mask Ecomask, without PVC, roses measures 4 - 70sh .-Art.7095000 (ECOMASK - CLEAR NON PVC ANA ESTHETIC FACE MASK - SIZE5) ichna anesthesiologist face mask Ecomask, without PVC, roses measures 5 - 25sht.-art.7096000 (ECOMASK - CLEAR NON PVC ANA ESTHETIC FACE MASK - SIZE6) The anesthesiologist ichna face mask Ecomask, without PVC, roses measures 6 - 20sht.-art.8746001 (REUSABLE sILICONE BREATHING TUBING 1,1M) Reusable silicone hose (adult size), 1,1m. - 44sht.-art.8746004 (REUSABLE SILICONE BREATHING TUBING 0.45M) Multiple sylikonovyysh Lang (adult size), 0,45m. - 15sht.-art.8746006 (REUSABLE SILICONE BREATHING TUBING 0.6M) Multiple sylikonovyyshl ang (adult size), 0.6 m. - 50sht.-art.8746008 (REUSABLE SILICONE BREATHING TUBING 0.8M) Multiple sylikonovyyshl ang (adult size), 0,8m. - 12sht.-art.8848001 (ECONOMY SILICONE MASK SIZE 1) Multiple silicone mask ECONOMY, size 1 - 5sht.-art.8910000 (GREEN LATEX FREE RESERVOIR BAG-0,5L) Multiple backup mishok0,5l.-art 18sht. .8911000 (GREEN LATEX FREE RESERVOIR BAG-1L) Multiple backup mishok1l.-37sht.-art.8912000 (GREEN LATEX FREE RESERVOIR BAG-2L) Multiple backup mishok2l.-34sht.-art.8913000 (GREEN LATEX FREE RESERVOIR BAG-3L ) Multiple backup mishok3l.-10sht.-art.9110000 (22M - 22M RE-USEABLE CONNEC TOR BODY WITH OVER MOULDEDGRIP) Bahatora direct call of connectors 22M - 22M-40sht.-art.9113000 (22M / 15F-22F RE- USEABLE CONN ECTOR BODY WITH OVER MOULDEDGRIP) Many single straight connectors 22M / 15F-22F-5pcs-art.9114000 (22M / 15F-15F ELBOW WITH LUER PORT) for Multiple utovyy z`yednuvach22M / 15F-15F, with the port - 30sht.-art.9115000 (22M / 15F-15M ELBOW WITHOUT L UER PORT) Multiple kutovyyz`yednuvach 22M / 15F-15M - 30sht.-art.9117000 (22M / 15F -22M LIMBS Y CONNECT OR WITHOUT 7.6 PORTS) BahatorazovyyY pod ibnyy connectors 22M / 15F-22M - 25sht.-art.9325000 (RE-USABLE WATER TRAP) Wet multiple collection. - 36sht. P / P№13928 / 2014 from 29.05.2014r. Manufactured at the plant Intersurgical Limit ed UK.Vyrobnyk: Intersurgical Limited. Trade mrka: Intersurgical.Krayina production: LT.LITHUANIA0UA10002059.2916491.43537
27/Apr/20173808949000"1. Desinfectants from tertiary amines, packaged for retail trade: Product" "Wood Protector for structural wood imprehnant concentrate", "which is a solution containing concentrate under card features a manufacturer of components: N- (3- aminopropil) -N-dodetsylpropan-1,3-dyamin <2.5% (active ingredient - a tertiary amine, disinfection), lactic acid <2% (excipient), N-oxide kokoalkil-N, N-dimethylamine <1, 6% (excipient - South Africa), diethylene glycol <1.6% propikonazol (ISO) <1.6% (active ingredient - fungicide), (2 metoksimetyletoks ) Propanol <1.5% (diluent) etofenoproks <0.15% (active ingredient insecticide pyrethroid). The product "" Dekosin skl.A + B 20 kg '', which is ready to use two-component tool designed for disinfection of surface treatment of wood for its discoloration by removing the mildew blue, causing the appearance of stains on wood: component A - solution containing accordance card specification manufacturer hypochlorite Mr. atrium <15% (inorganic active substance - antiseptic, disinfectant) and component B - solution containing, according to the card manufacturer specifications Acetic acid <3% (organic active ingredient - antiseptic, preservative); components A and B always sold together as a single agent. Products do not come in aerosol packaging. "POLAND0UA2091806301039.880362
27/Apr/20174008219000"2.Plastyna MBS smooth rubber vulcanized with nonporous, nezatverdiloyi regenerated rubber mixture, black, general purpose, 2mm x 1.3m - 10 rolls - 500 kh3mm x 1.3m - 50 rolls - 2500 kh4mm x 1.3m - 10 rolls - 500 kh5mm x 1.3m - 20 rolls - 1000 khPryznachenna for manufacturing rubber products that are still zyednan compaction, prevent friction between metal surfaces, for perception of single shock, as well as gaskets and sealing products inshth working in an environment where it is used oil etc. and palne.Dyv. "" electronic invoice "" places 90Fizyko mechanical results 1,3m x 2 x 50 kg - Tensile strength 3Mpa, elongation of 250% for plates of 3mm and above not vyznachayetsya.Schilnist - 1.50 g / cm3. compound - reclaim tire thermomechanical - 60% tehuhlerod 772 - 30% oil industrial - 5% chalk 2% rubber 0% paraffin 1%; butadiene-nitrile - 1% other components - 1% ".CHINA0UA12522045002916.666729
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Single Face Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name SURTECO DEKOR GmbH
Product Description
"1.PAPIR decoration decorative drawing of cellulos.........
HS Code 4811900000Value 57266.15903
Quantity 0Unit UA206080
Net Weight 18344
Origin Country GERMANY

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