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Simple Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Simple

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20173907202090"1. Product" "Voracor CR 948 Polyol '', is a liquid based on simple alcohol polyesters and small amounts of other impurities. Hydroxyl number 297 - 315 KOH / mg polioefirpolioly 70.0 - <90.0% tryetylfosfat 5 0 - <10.0%, 1,1,1,2 - tetraftoretan 2.5 - <5.0%. pinopoliurytanovyh intended for the manufacture of products (for industrial use). not in aerosol packaging does not contain ozone-depleting rechovyn.Torhovelna brand: VoracorVyrobnyk: DOW EUROPE GmbH Country of origin: DE. "GERMANY0UA1001101260025532.00271 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201763039290001.Vyroby with textile synthetic fabric, in an assortment of rolls dlyaperetvorennya with a simple operation in finished products: curtains -32405m2.Torhovelna mark: Nursultan TekstilKrayina production: TR.TURKEY32405UA1251806542.7513286.04992
28/Apr/201782121010001.Stanky shaving blade securely indispensable: - BLUE3 ELH DIS LBRST 3 (blisters 3 pcs.) (81,624,807) - Gillette Blue Simple3 HRDC 2ct mini 367 (blisters 2 pcs.) (81,577,938) - Gillette Blue Simple3 4ct Bag 367 Sticke (blisters 4 pcs.) (81,631,554).POLAND88740UA2091401447.0826617.45856
28/Apr/20173907209900"1. Simple polyesters in pevynnyh forms poliefirpoliol, acrylic acid ester, modyfikovannyy, brand: Laromer PO 94 F - 2400kh. Without aerosol packaging. Used in the paint industry. The manufacturer" "Basf." "Country of origin - DE. Trademark - Laromer.. "GERMANY0UA10011024009544.621908
28/Apr/201784223000991.OBLADNANNYA Restaurant: Vacuum packaging machine 20 m2 / h. Case: stainless steel, electronically controlled, 2 plates that junction, External dimensions: 490 x T 540 x 530 mm Dimensions Camera: 440 x T 420 x 75 mm, length of plates for soldering: 400 mm, total power: 750 W 230, power pump, 20 m. cu. / h. art.- VTK400 -1sht., Vacuum Packing Machine 8 m3 / h. External dimensions: W 380 x D 480 x 400 mm. Dimensions Camera: W 320 x D 380 x 55 mm. Welding plate: 300 mm. Pump capacity: 8 m3 / h. Total capacity: 750 W / 230 V / 50 Hz. Housing: stainless steel AISI 304. Digital display. Simple operation. Transparent cover with seal. 1 welded plate. art.- VTK300 -2sht. .CHINA0UA2060101311558.247679
28/Apr/201739123100001.Prosti cellulose ethers in primary forms natrieva salt of carboxymethylcellulose (simple efirtselyulozy) with the addition of sodium chloride, CAS №9004-32-4.Marka USK-1000 TBG -11200kh. Fasuvannya- bags of 10kg-1120 pcs. Mark USK-1000 TBG -3000kh. Fasuvannya- 25kg bags, 120 pieces. Brand USK TG-200 -4000kh. Fasuvannya- 25kg bags of 160 pcs. Mark USK-100 HT WET -4000kh. Fasuvannya- 25kg bags 160 sht..Yavlyaye a powder and granules white-cream color bezzapahu. Technical Quality. Used to budivelnyhsumishiv.Vyrobnyk: UGUR SELULOS KIMYA MAKINA VEKrayina production TR.TURKEY0UA1101502220020934.13908
28/Apr/201710051015001.Zrazky seed corn (Zea mays), for sowing, hybrid simple (for polovyhdoslidzhen), varieties: - UA-01909, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-01910, a few. - 0,14kh- UA-01911, a few. - 0,04kh- UA-01912, a few. - 0,11kh- UA-01913, a few. - 0,02kh- UA-01914, a few. - 0,25kh- UA-01915, a few. - 0,1kh- UA-01916, a few. - 0,07kh- UA-01917, a few. - 0,1kh- UA-01918, a few. - 0,02kh- UA-01919, a few. - 0,1kh- UA-01920, a few. - 0,02kh- UA-01921, a few. - 0,08kh- UA-01922, a few. - 0,08kh- UA-01923, a few. - 0,32kh- UA-01924, a few. - 0,03kh- UA-01925, a few. - 0,02kh- UA-01926, a few. - 0,03kh- UA-01927, a few. - 0,09kh- UA-01928, a few. - 0,14kh- UA-01929, a few. - 0,24kh- UA-01930, a few. - 0,08kh- UA-01931, a few. - 0,09kh- UA-01932, a few. - 0,1kh- UA-01933, a few. - 0,08kh- UA-01934, a few. - 0,11kh- UA-01935, a few. - 0,09kh- UA-01936, a few. - 0,22kh- UA-01937, a few. - 0,31kh- UA-01938, a few. - 0,07kh- UA-01939, a few. - 0,29kh- UA-01940, a few. - 0,25kh- UA-01941, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-01942, ki lk. - 0,1kh- UA-01943, a few. - 0,14kh- UA-01944, a few. - 0,27kh- UA-01945, a few. - 0,21kh- UA-01946, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-01947, a few. - 0,11kh- UA-01948, a few. - 0,06kh- UA-01949, a few. - 0,15kh- UA-01950, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-01951, a few. - 0,12kh- UA-01952, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-01953, a few. - 0,02kh- UA-01954, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-01955, a few. - 0,08kh- UA-01956, a few. - 0,11kh- UA-01957, a few. - 0,17kh- UA-01958, a few. - 0,18kh- UA-01959, a few. - 0,16kh- UA-01960, a few. - 0,06kh- UA-01961, a few. - 0,25kh- UA-01962, a few. - 0,11kh- UA-01963, a few. - 0,28kh- UA-01964, a few. - 0,31kh- UA-01965, a few. - 0,08kh- UA-01966, a few. - 0,24kh- UA-01967, a few. - 0,14kh- UA-01968, a few. - 0,13kh- UA-01969, a few. - 0,04kh- UA-01970, a few. - 0,09kh- UA-01971, a few. - 0,19kh- UA-01972, a few. - 0,02kh- UA-01973, a few. - 0,23kh- UA-01974, a few. - 0,03kh- UA-01975, a few. - 0,02kh- UA-01976, a few. - 0,12kh- UA-01977, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-01978, a few. - 0,09kh- UA-01979, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-01980, a few. - 0,1kh- UA-01981, a few. - 0,07kh- UA-01982, a few. - 0,07kh- UA-01983, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-01984, a few. - 0,14kh- UA-01985, a few. - 0,13kh- UA-01986, a few. - 0,04kh- UA-01987, a few. - 0,1kh- UA-01988, a few. - 0,04kh- UA-01989, a few. - 0,02kh- UA-01990, a few. - 0,18kh- UA-01991, a few. - 0,03kh- UA-01992, a few. - 0,05kh- UA-01993, a few. - 0,09kh- UA-01994, a few. - 0,13kh- UA-01995, a few. - 0,04kh- UA-01996, a few. - 0,07kh- UA-01997, a few. - 0,05kh- UA-01998, a few. - 0,06kh- UA-01999, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-02000, a few. - 0,02kh- UA-02001, a few. - 0,03kh- UA-02002, a few. - 0,15kh- UA-02003, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-02004, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-02005, a few. - 0,04kh- UA-02006, a few. - 0,03kh- UA-02007, a few. - 0,08kh- UA-02008, a few. - 0,06kh- UA-02009, a few. - 0,05kh- UA-02010, a few. - 0,02kh- UA-02011, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-02012, a few. - 0,09kh- UA-02013, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-02014, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-02015, a few. - 0,01kh- UA-02016, a few.FRANCE0UA125100478.945528.203673
28/Apr/20171005101500"1.Nasinnya corn seed for sowing, hybrid simple. Without HMO.Prostyy hybrid AMANITA lot SVK16 146 - 168 mishka.1 bag - 1 unit = 80,000 crop seeds, grain Room - 100%. Protruyine Seeds: Maxim XL035FS."SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA1021704048.88623.943857
28/Apr/20171005101500"1.Nasinnya corn seed for sowing, hybrid simple. Without HMO.Prostyy hybrid SAARI lot SVK16 145 - 143 mishka.Prostyy hybrid FORTESA lot A6R4444 - 243 mishka.1 bag - 1 unit = 80000 Crop seeds; Similarity 97%. Clean grain - 100%. protruyine Seeds: Maxim XL035FS. "HUNGARY0UA1021709311.218249.9519
28/Apr/20171005101500"1.Nasinnya corn seed for sowing, hybrid simple. Without HMO.Prostyy hybrid SIRICUS lot A6R4445 - 143 mishka.1 bag - 1 unit = 80,000 crop seeds, grain Room - 100%. Protruyine Seeds: Maxim XL035FS."FRANCE0UA1021702745.66012.318422
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ДАУ ІЗОЛАН УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
01004,м. Київ, вул. Червоноармійська, буд. 9/2
Exporter Name DOW Deutschland Anlagen GMBH
Product Description
"1. Product" "Voracor CR 948 Polyol '', is a liqui.........
HS Code 3907202090Value 25532.00271
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 12600
Origin Country GERMANY

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