Ukraine Import Data of Sim Card Connector | Ukraine Import Statistics of Sim Card Connector

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of sim card connector collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of sim card connector imports.

Sim Card Connector Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Sim Card Connector

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of sim card connector. Get Ukraine trade data of Sim Card Connector imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/20178536699090"1. Dowelled and nesting z'yednuvachi: - MCC-DUAL-SIM - 20 pieces; Type: Card; Vydkarty: SIM; Model connectors: 2 x SIM. Vyrobnytstvitelekomunikatsiynoho used in equipment for civil use. It is not equipment abozahysnymy systems for use in potentially explosive environments. mistyatv not composed of transmitters and receivers or transmitters. It is not zasobomspetspryznachennya.Krayina production - TWTorhovelna mark - ATTENDVyrobnyk - ATTEND. "TAIWAN0UA1002000.0310.18323088 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20178536699090"1. Dowelled and nesting z'yednuvachi: - 112G-TA00-R - 35 pieces; Type: Card; Vydkarty: SD Micro, SIM; connector Model: SIM + Micro SD. Inproduction used telecommunications equipment, civilian purposes. not yeustatkuvannyam or protective systems for use in vybuhonebezpechnomuseredovyschi. Do not have a membership transmitters or transmitters and a means pryymachiv.Ne spetspryznachennya.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna mark - ATTENDVyrobnyk - ATTEND. "POLAND0UA1002000.1823.77233335
18/Apr/201784733020001. The parts to automatic data processing machines, parts for servicing tablet personal computer brand Sigma Mobile, electronic modules (boards and circuits): - Materynskaya card / motherboard, MT8321, Nb-40sht., - LCD Siberian train 10 1 '', TFT IPS, 1280 * 800pix, Nb-130sht. - Camera / Camera, 2 / 5MP, marking: BCF-G6G2-K101-V1, Nb, 20pcs. - Dvoynoy External Speaker / Speaker , 18OM, Nb-80sht. - Microphone / Microphone, Nb-50sht. - Vybromotor / Motor, Nb-30sht. - Antenna GSM / Main antenna (GMS + 3in1), Marking: T682A- 1B4-A / G977A-1B4-A, Nb, 20pcs. - Razъem for SD-cards / SD card slot, Nb, 20pcs. - Razъem for SIM-cards / SIM connect or, Nb, 20pcs. - LCD razъem / LCD connector, Nb-10pc. - Audio razъem / Audio connector, Nb, 20pcs. - USB razъem / USB connector, Nb, 20pcs. - Payment button / button PCBA, Nb, 20pcs., trademark Sigma MobileVyrobnyk Pretech International Co., LimitedKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA12510023.44291167.199847
18/Apr/20178517709000"1. Part numbers for service provider brand Sigma Mobile: - Motherboard / PCBA" ", Nb, 100 pieces. - Screen LCD 2.4 '', TFT, 240 * 320 pixels / LCD, K- st-150sht. - 0.08MP rear camera / camera, Nb-40sht. - rubber plug USB / USB rubber plug, Nb-40sht. - Screw caps USB / USB rubber plug screw, to-st- 40sht. - vibrating motors / Motor, Nb-60sht. - Internal speaker / Receiver, Nb-160sht. - External speaker / speaker, Nb-180sht. - The back cover on the battery / battery cover with rubber seal, Nb-30sht. - The back cover / back cover, Nb-50sht. - rear / back panel, Nb-50sht. - screw the back panel / Screws in assortment , Nb-200sht. - The front part of the body in the assembly of the keyboard / Front panel + keypad set, Nb-50sht. - Connector SIM-card / SIM connector "", Nb-30sht., - Connector SD-card / SD card connector, Nb, 20pcs. - Connector battery / battery connector, Nb-30sht. - Frame GSM antenna / GSM antenna bracket, Nb-30sht. - Vodonepron yknyy microphone / microphone, Nb, 100 pieces. - Pads for keyboard / keyboard DOME, Nb-30sht. - Panel LCD / LCD glass, Nb-60sht. - USB connector / USB connector, Nb-40sht. - 3.5mm audio jack / audio connector "", Nb-25sht. - waterproof membrane external speaker / Speaker waterproof membrane, Nb-150sht. - nylon dust external speaker mesh / Speake r dust net, Nb-120sht. - the camera / Camera glass, Nb-30sht. - Panel flashlight / Torch glass, Nb-30sht. - Module Flashlight / Torch LED, to-st- 50sht., - Package during phone material: PE, size: 80 * 180mm / Plastic bags PE, Nb, 10pc., trademark Sigma mobileVyrobnyk Shenzghen Xin Kingbrand Enterprises Co, production ltdKrayina CN "CHINA0UA1251006.1499384.6500705
11/Apr/20178536699090"1.Elektrychna apparatus for joining inelectrical circles that contains the RECs and IP (for civilian use): -5sht battery connector; -3sht connectors, connector -3sht antenna, SIM-card connector -4sht .Torhovelna brand: Sony Manufacturer: Sony Mobile Communications AB. "CHINA0UA1002000.091.946293801
03/Apr/20178536699090"1.Elektrychna apparatus for switching circuits to elect ktrychnyh voltage to 250V, contacts TNI elements (connectors) for mounting on the east EMI boards and cables: 1) Terminal Block with 2 contacts, for example Ugi to 24V and current of 9A, mounted printed naskh th: art.L-KLS2-L13-02P -2000sht 2) holder for SIM-card with 8kontaktamy, I f voltage to 100V, etc. mounted on the circuit ukovanu: art.L-KLS1-SIM2-001-8P-H3 .0-R - 1400sht 3) plug with 4 contacts for voltage 250 and current 5A, is mounted on the cable, art. L-KLS15-RCS01-PC4B -600sht 4) S4 socket contacts for voltage and current to 250 5A collected, mounted on the Bell Country: art.L-KLS15-RCS01-PC4T - 600sht, Manufacturer: KLS Electronic Co.LTD.Krayina production: CN.Torhivelna mark: KLS Electronic. It is not a radio electronic devices and emitters.. "CHINA0UA1000809.91623.999856
03/Apr/20178517709000"1.Chastyny ​​containing no transceiver for service and mobile phones harantiynohoobsluhovuvannya pr-va piano we" "Microsoft" ": Klaviaturaart.9794N00 - 3pc. Stencil keyboard art.9795648 - 5pcs. Art.9793W64- Keyboard 1pc. art.9793W20 keyboard - 2 pcs. art.9448658 trunk lid - 3pc. Kryshkakorpusu art.8003544 - 1pc. art.8003486 trunk lid - 30sht. Front panel zdyspleyem art.00813X2 - 5pcs. Front panel display art.00813P8 - 9sht . Perednyapanel display art.00813B2 - 18sht. Front panel display art.00812T3 -1sht. SIM-card holder art.00812M3 - 1pc. Front panel display art.00810B3 - 1pc. Art.00801S4 trunk lid - 10pc. Front panel with protective ekranomdyspleya art.00801K1 - 2 pcs. Art.8003463 trunk lid - 1pc. Interface plataart.8003456 - 51sht. Art.00805X7 Frame Display - 3pc. Kartkyart SIM-holder. 0269D98 - 2 pcs. Holder SD-card art.0269D93 - 1pc. kartkyart.0269C67 SIM-holder - 1 pc. housing cover art.0257834 - 8 pieces. The trunk lid art.0253602- 2 pcs. The trunk lid art.02510P9 - 12p. Art.02509T5 battery cover - cover 59sht.Zadnya art.02509P7 - 30sht. The trunk lid art.02507Z7 - 40sht. Kryshkakorpusu art.02507V8 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.02507V4 - 10pc. Rear kryshkaart.02507L2 - 15sht. The back cover art.02507L0 - 80sht. The trunk lid art.02507G4- 1am. The trunk lid art.02503G7 - 1pc. The trunk lid art.02503F5 - 3sht.Kryshka housing art.02503C3 - 1pc. The trunk lid art.02503B3 - 1pc. Kryshkakorpusu art.02502Z9 - 10pc. The trunk lid art.02500P7 - 3pc. Cover korpusuart.9447880 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.9447874 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.8003569- 6 pcs. Art.8003566 battery cover - 5pcs. The trunk lid art.8003542 - 20sht.Kryshka housing art.8003487 - 35 pcs. Button art.9794R65 - 4 pieces. Cover korpusuart.8003462 - 10pc. The trunk lid art.8003079 - 1pc. The trunk lid art.9447978- 1am. The trunk lid art.9447878 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.9447875 - 3sht.Kryshka battery art.9446950 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.8003541 - 30sht. Kryshkakorpusu art.8003488 - 15sht. The trunk lid art.8003484 - 15sht. Cover korpusuart.8003384 - 1pc. Interface card with microphone jack art.8003326 -35sht. The trunk lid art.8003221 - 5pcs. Holder board art.8003080 - 20pcs. TrymachSIM art.0269D99 card - 1pc. Holder SD-card art.0269D94 - 1pc. TrymachSIM card art.0269C76 - 5pcs. SIM-card holder art.0269F00 - 1pc. TrymachSD art.0269D95 card - 1pc. SIM-card holder art.0269D22 - 5pcs. TrymachSIM card art.0269C75 - 2 pcs. The trunk lid art.0258629 - 1pc. Cover korpusuart.0258293 - 5pcs. The trunk lid art.0257955 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.02510Q0- 14sht. Holder art.0269J97 connectors - 2 pcs. Security camera window art.0269J17 -10sht. SIM-card holder art.0269D97 - 2 pcs. The back cover art.02510P8 - 20sht.Kryshka housing art.02510N5 - 20pcs. The back cover art.02509R9 - 15sht. Rear kryshkaart.02509H7 - 35 pcs. The trunk lid art.02507Z4 - 21sht. Cover korpusuart.02507V6 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.02507G3 - 20pcs. The trunk lid art.02507C6- 1am. SIM-card holder art.0269 "CHINA0UA100200126018.701605
03/Apr/20178517120000"1. Telephone device for cellular networks, driven mainly dopomohoyusensornoho screen: AS-5433 max (gold) ASSISTANT 5" "-1515sht., Max (gray) -1515sht., Features: IPS, screen resolution HD 1280x720, CPU - MT6580 1,3 GHz 4yadra operating system - Android 6.0, RAM - 2GB vbudovanapam'yat - 16GB, support for memory cards - microSD up to 32 GB -5.0 megapixel front camera, the main camera - 13.0 megapixels, wireless communication - Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n; built-in 3G-modem, battery - 2400mAhod .; slots and connectors -micro-USB, microSD, 3.5mm audio output., 2xmicroSIM. Options: Manual zekspluatatsiyi, charge tion device, USB-cable, silicon case, zahysnesklo, batteries, cleaning towel, warranty talon.Krayina production: CNTorhivelna Brand: ASSISTANTVyrobnyk: TIWELL ASSISTANT LLP. "CHINA3030UA100210950186316.3349
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Sim Card Connector Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Sim Card Connector Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Радіомаг Україна"""
Importer Address
бул. Чоколівський, 42А, оф. 203 03087, м. Київ
Exporter Name Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp.z.o.o.
Product Description
"1. Dowelled and nesting z'yednuvachi: - MCC-DUAL-.........
HS Code 8536699090Value 10.18323088
Quantity 0Unit UA100200
Net Weight 0.03
Origin Country TAIWAN

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