Ukraine Import Data of Silver Shark | Ukraine Import Statistics of Silver Shark

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of silver shark collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of silver shark imports.

Silver Shark Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Silver Shark

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of silver shark. Get Ukraine trade data of Silver Shark imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/201784322100001.Produktsiya free of charge for marketing purposes: Paint based on polyester, for malyunkivhrafiti in aerosol packaging, the type of polymer - nitrotsellyuloza, solvent content 62.5%, content of fillers and pigments 37.5%: art.263453 Montana BLK1010 Easter yellow 400ml- 18shtart.263460 Montana BLK1025 striking yellow -18shtart.263477 Montana BLK1030 400ml 400ml yellow Topaz -24shtart.263491 Montana BLK1050 400ml- 12 shtart.263507 Montana BLK1060 hazel 400ml- 12shtart.263552 Montana BLK6000 Pistachio 400ml- 18shtart.263484 Montana BLK1045 melon yellow 400ml -12shtart.263569 Montana BLK6005 acid, 400ml -12shtart.263583 Montana BLK6015, green lemon, 40 0 ml -12shtart.263590 Montana BLK6045, Irish Green, 400 ml -24 shtart.263606 Montana BLK6055 Boston green 400ml -18shtart.263620 Montana BLK6070 green tag 400ml- 12shtart.263668 Montana BLK2070 mechanical orange 400ml -24shtart.263682 Montana BLK P2075 clean 400ml orange -24shtart.263705 Montana BLK2093, ny red signal, 400 ml- 36shtart.263736 Montana BLK3070, Cheryl, 400ml- 6 shtart.263767 Montana BLK3320 candy 400ml- 18shtart.263781 Montana BLK3100 Miss Pihhi 400ml- 12shtart.263798 Montana BLK3120 pink kadilak 400ml- 12shtart.263804 MontanaBLK3130 pink panthl 400ml - 12shtart.263828 MontanaBLK3145 punk pink 400ml- 12 shtart.263842 Montana BLK4000 Mrs. Jackson 400ml- 12 shtart.263859 Montana BLK4020 Monster 400ml -12shtart.263866 Montana BLK4040 purple pimp 400ml- 12shtart.263873 Montana BLK4060 Galaxy -12shtart.263880 Montana BLK4182 400ml 400ml universe -12shtart.263934 Montana BLK5092 dark indigo -6shtart.263941 Montana BLK5077, royal blue, 400 ml -12shtart. 263958 Montana BLK5070 horizon 400ml -18shtart.263965 Montana BLK5030 light blue 400ml- 24shtart.263972 Montana BLK5020 blue 400ml -30shtart.263989 Montana BLK5200 ice blue 24shtart.264030 400ml-400ml Montana BLK6170 Neptune -24shtart.264054 Montana BLK6150, Mermaid, 400 ml -24shtart.264061 Montana BLK6130, cool Cologne, 400 ml- 24shtart.264085 Montana BLK6210 E2E green 400ml -6shtart.264092 Montana BLK6220 revolutionary green 400ml- 18shtart.26 4122 Montana BLK8020 beige 400ml -18shtart.264153 Montana BLK8030, skin 400ml -18shtart.264160 Montana BLK8040 400ml flint -12shtart.264177 Montana BLK8050 FRAPER 400ml -12 shtart.264184 Montana BLK8060 chocolate 400ml- 18shtart.264191 Montana BLK8070 java 400ml - 12shtart.264313 Montana BLK7070 rhino, 400ml -12shtart.264320 Montana BLK7050, shark, 400ml -12shtart.264337 Montana BLK7030 gray 400ml -12 shtart.264344 Montana BLK7010 jaw 400ml- 12shtart.264351 Montana BLK9105 white 400ml -60 shtart.264368 Montana BLK9001 black 400ml - 120shtart.264375 Montana BLK TR5000, saturated blue, 400ml -18 shtart.264382 Montana BLK TR4000, rich purple, 400 ml- 12shtart.264399 Montana BLK TR1000, saturated yellow, 400 ml- 18 shtart.264764 Montana BLK silver Mt. Om 400ml - 42shtart.289941 Montana BLK1005 potatoes Smash137 400ml -12shtart.289965 MonUNITED STATES1UA205020658720973.55045 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20177323990000"1.Inshi ferrous metal products, metal ceiling susharkadlya linen (5 ckladayetsya metalevyhtrubok covered with a plastic hose and zplastmasovymy elements): art.921-06- (1,50m) -15sht .; art.921-21- (2m) -100sht .; forms for vypichkymetalevi: tortovnytsa: art.162-38 - "" 210 "" (with a corrugated bottom) -30sht .; art.990-47 - "" 240 "" (square antipryharna) -27sht., keksnytsa : art.162-25 - "" 230 "" no plug-300sht., art.162-43 / 1- (300 * 155 * 65mm) -300sht., art.162-47 / 1 - "" 250 "" the hub-240sht .; baking: art.162-22 / 3 semicircular (300 * 100 * 50mm) -300sht .; art.162-73 pizza, "" 300 "" - 1410sht art.990- .; 59/7 - "" Heart "," Non-stick "" Caffe Creme "" - 24sht molds Dr .; I batch "" 90 "" (6 pcs / set) art.162-85-450kompl .; baking sheet with a corrugated bottom antipryharnym (black): art.990-13- (200 * 110 * 75mm) -500sht art .; .990-14- (250 * 110 * 75mm) -440sht .; art.990-25- (280 * 235 * 60mm) -400sht .; art.990-42- (390 * 235 * 70mm) -250sht .; baking sheet with a corrugated bottom: art.162-53 / 1- (300 * 110 * 75mm) -20sht .; art.162-58 / 5 - '' SILVER '' (250 * 110 * 75mm) -100sht .; art.162-82 / 5 - '' SILVER '' (280 * 235 * 60mm) -50sht .; art.162-91- (410 * 300 * 60mm) -50sht .; Baking sheet: art.162-56, with a smooth bottom (310 * 270mm) -100sht .; art.162-77-open (not a side) (430 * 290 * 25mm) -90sht .; art.990-53 / 7 with nonstick 360h260h60mm "" Caffe Creme "" - 24sht. Trade mark "" SNB "" "POLAND0UA11015014125687.954673
04/Apr/20173304300000"1.Zasoby for manikyuru or pedicure that E styatsya in tubes and glasses, notcontains ethanol. Goods is not in aer ozolniy container" "cozy evening" "Cocoa milk 5 ml. Art. PGCE005 -10sht." "Zatysh ny night "" timid flush with 5 ml. art. PGCE003 -10sht. CITY WOMAN Romantic ro zhevyy 5 ml. art. PGCW005-10sht. CLASSIC Imperial red 5 ml. art. PGC013 -10sht. E.MiLac Base gel9 ml. art . LABG -6sht. E.MiLac CE shark Skin №068, 9 ml. art. LCE068 -6sht.E.MiLac CE cocoa with milk №066, 9 ml. art. LCE066-6sht. E.MiLac DV Imperial red №072 9 ml. art. LDV072 -6sht. E.MiLacMiss E.Mi 9 ml. (LB022 art. -6sht LB022. E.MiLac PA Peach echo 060, 9 ml. Art. LPA060 -6sht. E.MiLac PA Pink Sands №055, 9 ml. Art. LPA055 -6sht.E.MiLac Marsala RT №077, 9 ml. Art. LRT077 -6sht. E.MiLac SE Soft powder №040, 9 ml. art. LSE040 -6sht. E.MiLac SE Flowering Camellia №038, 9 ml. art. LSE038-6sht. E.MiLac Top gel 9 ml. art. LATG-6 pieces. E.MiLac Top gel Tackless 15 ml. art. LATGS15 -6sht. E.MiLac Top gelTa ckless 9 ml of art. LATGS -6sht. White Lotus E.MiLac 9 ml. (LF001) art. LF001-6sht. E.MiLac Cabernet Bordeaux 9 ml. (LB029) art. LB029 -6sht. E.MiLac element vohnyu9 ml. (LB007) art. LB007 -6sht. Twilight E.MiLac 9 ml. (LB028) art. LB028-6sht. E.MiLac dancing flamenco 9 ml. (LB009) art. LB009 -6sht. E.MiLacFrantsuzkyy chic 9 ml. (LF002) art. LF002-6sht. EMPASTA Ff "" cozy evening "" Cocoa milk 5ml. Art. PAGCE005 -10sht.EMPASTA Ff Royal Tone Marsala 5 ml. Art. PAFTRT002 -10sht. EMPASTA Ff SUMMER 2016Brusnychnyy juice 5 ml. Art. PAGFTSC006-10sht. EMPASTA Ff WINTER COLLECTION sensual temptation 5 ml. Art. PAGFTWC005-10sht. Time to dream EMPASTA Ff 5 ml. Art. PAGFT003 -10sht. EMPASTA white sugar 5hEMI art. PAGST001 -10sht. EMPASTA Red cranberry 5g EMI art. PAGST004 -10sht.EMPASTA black resin 5g EMI art. PAGST002-10sht. Eurocleanser pomp in 200 ml. Art. LAECP -6sht. Form Gel Natural -naturalnyy gel modeling on forms 15 g Art. GFGN-15 -4sht. Gel andNail Polish Remover 200 ml of pomp. Art. LARP -6sht. Gemty Pearl 5 ml. art.GEM002-10sht. Rubin Gemty 5 ml. Art. GEM006-10sht. Silver GLOSSEMI molding 5ml art. PGCA007 -10sht. Nail Prep Aid - means dlyadehidratatsiyi natural nail 15 ml. Art. LANPA15 -6sht. Nail Prep Aid - zasibdlya dehydration of natural nails 9 ml. Art. LANPA -6sht. Mamba NEON 5 ml. art.PGN006 -10sht. ROMANTIC ISLAND Fiesta 5 mL art. PGRI006 -10sht. Royal Tone Marsala5 ml. Art. PGRT002 -10sht. SEASON OF CONTRAST gentle touch 5 ml. Art. PGSC005-10sht. Soft Nude Gel - gel kamuflyuyuchyy modeling, 15 g Art. GSNG-15-4sht. Super Bond Gel - gel base for modeling, 10 g Art. -6sht.TEXTONE GSBG-10 Gold, 15 ml. Art. TEXT01 -5sht. TEXTONE Silver, 15 ml. Art. TEXT02-5sht. Ultra Strong Base Coat, 9 ml. Art. NPBASE -6sht. Ultra Strong Top Coat GelEffect, 9 ml. Art. NPTOP -6sht. Ultrabond - means for coupling the nail plate osnovnohopokryttya 15 ml. Art. LAUB15 -6sht. Ultrabond - means dlyazcheplennya basic coverage of the nail plate 9 ml. Art. LAUB -6sht. Azhurnesriblo 5g E "RUSSIA0UA12510020.3262505.499888
03/Apr/2017301110000"1.Zhyva ornamental freshwater aquarium fish: BT-0004 code BETTA SPLENDENS (LONG FIN ASSORTED FIGHTING FISH) Siamese size XL - 2300 pcs, code CB-3002 HYPOSTOMUS PLECOSTOMUS (ASSORTED SUCKING CATS) plekastomus assorted size 5.0 cm - 80 pcs ; code SH-0122 BALANTIOCHEILOS MELANOPTERUS (sILVER sHARK) silver shark ball, size 4.0 cm - 300 pcs, code CB-2002 PANGASIUS SUTCHI (PANGASIUS) shark catfish, size 3.5 cm - 250 pcs, code GG-0002 BETTA SPLENDENS (rED FANTAIL gOLDFISH) goldfish red, size 4.0 cm - 250 pcs, code GG-0822 BETTA SPLENDENS (rED & wHITE oRANDA) goldfish red and white oranda, size 7.5 cm - 40 pcs, code GG-0036 BETTA SPLENDENS ( bLACK MOOR) black wall, size 4.0 cm - 70 pcs, code CB-0023 KRYPTOPTERUS BICIRRHIS (THAILAND GLASS CATFISH) ayilandskyy glass catfish, size ML / 1.75 "" - 120 pieces; code OO-0641 GYRINOCHEILOS AYMONIERI (ALBINO GOLDEN ALGAE EATER- (SEA)) herinoherius (vodorostiyid) size SM / 1.7 "" - 500 pieces; code LK-0081 ACANTHOPTHALMUS MYSERI (THAI GIANT KUHLI LOACH) acanthus ftalmus minuscule size XL - 60 pieces; OO-code 1038 COLOSSOMA MACROPOMUM (PACU) pacu brown, size 4.5 cm - 90 pieces; code BR-0340 CARINOTETRAODON LORTERI (YELLOW PUFFER) karlikovyy tetradon yellow, size M - 600 pieces; LK-0718 code MYXOCYPRINUS ASIATICUS (HI FIN LOACH-SEASONAL) sailboat (miksotsypryn, catostomus Chinese), size 5.6 cm - 38 pieces; code BR-0004 TETRAODON NICROVIRIDIS (GREEN PUFFER) tetradon spotted green, size ML / 1.75-2 "" - 80 pc; Code SF-0585 PHRACTOCEPHALUS HEMILIOPTERUS (RED TAIL CATFISH) fraktotsefalus (chervonohvostyy catfish), size 3.5-4 cm - 50 pieces; Code CC-3630 CICHLA OCELLARIS (EMPEROR CICHLA OCELLARIS) cichlid strichechna otselyaris size SM - 13 pieces; RA-0390 code RASBORA ESPEI rasbora espeyi - 150 pieces; code SH-0062 EPALZEORHYNCHOS FRENATUS (ASSORTED RAINBOW SHARK) epaltseorhinchos frenatus (Rainbow assorted shark), measuring 4 cm - 100 pieces; OO-code 0704 CHANA MICROPELTES (RED SNAKE HEAD) zmiyiholov chervonoholovyy black with yellow stripes, size L / 7.5 "" - 40 pc; OO-code 1007 IRIATHERINA WERNERI (THREAD / LONG FIN CELEBE RAINBOW) iriaterina Werner, size M - 80 pieces; code BR-0052 MONODACTYLUS ARGENTEUS (SEA ANGEL / MONO) angelfish (silver swallow), size 4.0 cm - 60 pieces; Code AA-0629 PTEROPHYLLUM SCALARE (MIXED ANGEL) skalyariya normal size L - 25 pieces; OO-code 0181 BRACHYGOBIUS DORIAE (BUMBLE BEE GOBY) brahihobius (bull bee), the size SM - 400 pieces; OO-code 2122 CHANDA RANGA (COLOUR GLASS ANGEL (ASSORTED)) fabrovanyy glass perch, size L - 60 pieces; LK-0187 code BOTIA MODESTA (RED TAIL BOTIA) side Modest size M - 35 pieces; OO-code 1171 OSTEOGLOSSUM BICIRRHOSUM (SILVER AROWANA) Arovana black, size 7.5 cm - 15 pieces; Code SF-3026 POLYPTERUS SENEGALUS Senegalese polipterus size 2 '' - 90 units; OO-code 0310 DERMOGENYS PUSILLUS (ALBINO HALF BREAK) dermohenis Albino poluryl size M - 200 pieces; LK-0143 code ACANTHOPSIS CHOIRORHYNCHUS (LONG NOSE LOACH) Akantopsis loshadeholovyy size ML / 6.5 cm - 50 pieces; OO-code 0980 ATYOPSIS MOLUCCENSIS (MOUNTAIN SHRIMP / ROCK SHRIMP) Akantopsis lo "THAILAND0UA1251001.67833.1441955
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Silver Shark Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Silver Shark Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПП ""ТЕХНІКА"""
Importer Address
вул. І. Франка 15-А, Шкарівка, Київська обл., 09170 Україна
Exporter Name West East Shipping, Inc
Product Description
1.Produktsiya free of charge for marketing purpose.........
HS Code 8432210000Value 20973.55045
Quantity 1Unit UA205020
Net Weight 6587
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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