Ukraine Import Data of Silicone Polymer | Ukraine Import Statistics of Silicone Polymer

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of silicone polymer collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of silicone polymer imports.

Silicone Polymer Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Silicone Polymer

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of silicone polymer. Get Ukraine trade data of Silicone Polymer imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173214101090"1.Hermetyky in a thick paste made from silicone polymer, not in aerosol packaging for a / m - 30 sht.Art.: 30926708 / Sealants / - 10 pieces; Ref.: 30926709 / Sealants / - 20 pcs; Trademark SWAG. Country of origin DE. Manufacturer company SWAG Autoteile GmbH.. "GERMANY0UA1001101.21111.55736 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173920992800"1.Strichka brand Lэtsar KF-0,5 575kh, Lyetsar KP-0,2-100kh not porous, odnasharova not reinforced, not combined with other than polymer materials red tape, made of a flexible, elastic polysiloxane (kremniypolimer, silicone elastomer-product obtained by condensation), covered on one side transparent colorless plastic wrap. TU 38.103171-80Krayina manufacturer: RUTorhovelna brand: KZSKVyrobnyk: OAO "" KZSK "". "RUSSIA0UA11015067511264.30369
27/Apr/20173214101090"1.Hermetyky in a thick paste made from silicone polymer, not in aerosol packaging for a / m - 15 sht.Art.: XT BS310 / Sealant (310ml) / - 4 pieces; Ref.: XT GSB200 / Sealant (200 mL) / - 6 pieces; Art.: XT GSR200 / sealant (200ml) / - 4 pieces; Ref.: XT GSR200 / sealant (200ml) / - 1 pc; trademark XT. Country of origin DE. Manufacturer company Den Braven Czech and Slovak as. "GERMANY0UA1001103.4454.1282753
27/Apr/201732149000901. pastes based polymers in the form of paste used for sealing of various surfaces, put up for retail sale, do not contain ozone-depleting substances under capacity labeling. Art.08933311 gluing and sealing mass Super RTV-silicone. HERMETIC-SILIKON.-RTV-black and 200ml chemical composition: Silicone neutral hardening, the oksymniy basis. / Marking: SILSEAL-HIGHTEMP- (SUPER-RTV) -BLACK-200ML - number - 96 sht.Torhovelna mark WURTHVyrobnyk ADOLF WURTH GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production CH.SWITZERLAND0UA10001031.784711.0951211
27/Apr/201739100000101. Silicone polymer in primary forms (silicone oil containing in the molecule more than one communication silicon-oxygen-silicon and organic group bound with silicon-hoc atomomy silicon-carbon) T-901 in barrels to 20kg - 20kg (sample) Represents a colorless transparent, olyvopodibnu liquid. Not containing molybdenum disulphide and oil or oil obtained from bituminous mineraliv.Produkt is a foaming agent in the manufacture of motor, transmission and hydraulic oils. Dosage: 1-100ppm in the composition olyvy.Krayina production: CN. Manufacturer: Jinzhou Xinxing Petroleum Additive Co., Ltd.CHINA0UA11208020131.9999386
27/Apr/20173214109090"1.Dekoratyvna pastopodina plaster and ground for outdoor and vnutorishnih painting operations, packed in plastic buckets, retail, Shtukaturkaakrylova Tiptoper (composition: water and 7%, 2% titanium dioxide, 11% functional filler, filler carbonate 2 7% means supporting 3% zernostrukturne 40% dispersion copolymer 10%) plaster silicate-sylikonovaTiptoper (composition: water 7% titanium dioxide 2%, his platform nyuvach functional 12% filler car bonatnyy 24%, means of supporting 3% grain structural 40% 12% dyspersiyasopolimerna) silicone Plaster Tiptoper ( composition: the ode to 7% dioksydtytanu 2% filler Fu nktsionalnyy 12% Carbonaceous 22% zasobydopomizhni 3% zernostrukturn is 40% dispersion copolymer 14%) Soil pidshtukaturky Tiptoper (composition: t yes 27% titanium dioxide 3%, 25% functional filler, filler carbonate 24%, means of supporting 5% dyspersiyasopo limerna 16%). ".POLAND0UA2091401909512899.67128
26/Apr/201732141010901.Zamazky (compaction). Not in aerosol packaging. 1-component sylikonovyyhermetyk for insulating glass in structural ostiklenni. (Osnova napovnenyysylikonovyy polymer fillers 10%) Sikasil IG 25 70263874 (108007) blackkomp.V (20kg canister) -4sht 70,263,872 (108,006) white komp.A (barrel 260kh) -4shtVysokoefektyvnyy weatherproof sealant used to seal and sealing wherever needed long-term construction, particularly suitable for structural ostiklennya (1-comp. silicone fillings 10%, not aerozolniyupakovtsi.) 70,263,788 (107,625) Sikasil WS-605S: black (unipak 600ml) -1600sht, Adhesive and sealant for structural ostik PRINCIPLES fOR GOOD GOVERNANCE and second industrial tsiley.Pastopodibnyy. (Filled silicone polymer vachiv fill 30-45%) SikasilSG-500 70263764 (107800) black komp.V (20kg barrel) -1sht 2 komponentnyysylikonovyy adhesive Herr metyk for windows used in the con struction. Neaerozolniy package. (Osnova-filled silicone polymer fillers of 10%) 70,264,140 (421,996) Sikasil WT-480 White Component A bucket 26kh -17sht.70263710 (170,388) Sikasil WT-480 Comp.B black (bucket 20kg) -1sht.Vyrobnyk Sika Engineering Silicones srl.Krayina production - Sika brand IT.TorhivelnaITALY0UA100130299411482.24914
26/Apr/20173921131090"1. Products: Profile porous silicon (a material Silicone): - Sponge silicone profile 20x16mm / Profile porous silicon 20h16mm -20m, (Silicone profile 20h16mm is a flexible elastic band with silicone (Silicone material - a polymer obtained by polycondensation) cross-section which is the correct box 20 x 16 mm along the length according kreslen.Zastosovuyetsya as seals in lifting gear, rolling mills, forging equipment and pumping equipment) .Vyrobnyk: "" JSF Silicon S. Flak Spolka Jawna ""; Trademark " "JSF Silicon S. Flak Spolka Jawna" "; Country of origin: PL;."POLAND0UA1002304.5206.9290614
26/Apr/20173926909790"1. The sealing ring (with material Silicone): - Silicone o-ring Id846mm x th.12mm L = 2690mm / O-ring silicone Id846mm th.12mm x L = 2690mm -14sht; -Silicone o-ring Id684mm x th.12mm L = 2185mm / o-ring silicone Id684mm th.12mm x L = 2185mm -4sht, (Seals: silicone o-ring (o-ring) is a flexible elastic ring made of sILICONE material (polymer obtained by polycondensation) according krelen. Used as a seal in lifting gear, rolling mills, forging equipment and pumping equipment) .Vyrobnyk: "" JSF Silicon S. Flak Spolka Jawna ""; brand: "" JSF Silicon S. Flak Spolka Jawna ""; Country of origin: PL;. "POLAND0UA1002306.5354.9376551
26/Apr/20173403990090"1.Zmazka: art.P218660 P3-LUBOSTAR CP - 800 kg. Liquid means free of soap for lubrication conveyors for cartons of food conveyors promyslovosti.Vykorystovuyetsya when transported in cardboard korobky.Sklad: 20% silicone emulsion (5- chloro-2-methyl-4 on 3-izotiazolin- (number 247-500-7) and 2-methyl-2 H izotiazol- 3-one (№ 220-239-6) [3: 1]), without abrasive powders. not in aerosol packaging. Polymer barrels of 200 kg - 4 pieces; Manufacturer: Ecolab dooTorhovelna mark: Ecolab Country of origin: SI. "SLOVENIA0UA125250800656.5564096
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Silicone Polymer Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Silicone Polymer Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Еліт-Україна"""
Importer Address
03026, м.Київвул. Пирогівський шлях, 135
Exporter Name ELIT CZ,
Product Description
"1.Hermetyky in a thick paste made from silicone p.........
HS Code 3214101090Value 111.55736
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 1.21
Origin Country GERMANY

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