Ukraine Import Data of Shrink Wrap | Ukraine Import Statistics of Shrink Wrap

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of shrink wrap collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of shrink wrap imports.

Shrink Wrap Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Shrink Wrap

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of shrink wrap. Get Ukraine trade data of Shrink Wrap imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/201739201025001.Termousadochna film based on polyolefins, specific gravity of 0.92 g / cm3 in rulonahSHRINK FILM DECOLINE FLAT DL 0700-12.5TA3000zavshyrshky 700 mm.tovschyna 0.0125 mm.Vykorystovuyetsya film wrapper wallpaper. .POLAND0UA102080407913336.84442 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/201784822000001.Termousadochna film based on polyolefins, specific gravity of 0.92 g / cm3 in rulonahSHRINK FILM DECOLINE FLAT DL 0700-12.5TA3000zavshyrshky 700 mm.tovschyna 0.0125 mm.Vykorystovuyetsya film wrapper wallpaper. .GERMANY0UA80717046.321316.258541
20/Apr/201785444290981.Shynoprovid EAE and KAR Group QAM used in buildings, where applicable power consumption 25-63 A. busbar KAM designed to power the lighting via plug otvetvyteley.Shynoprovid KAR used for the purposes of energy distribution to devices with small loads, such as sewing machine. Build straight sections of the line carried one directed to each other advance, followed by mechanical fixing due to electrical z'yednuvan with spring contacts. Bus conductors along the entire length covered with heat-resistant insulating material. Contacts groove boxes are made as forky spring. In the bus QAM / CAR springs compress data conductor system storin.Shynoprovody two QAM / CAR manufactured using the latest technology in the world according to ISO 9000 for a documented quality system. Products designed and tested to IEC 60439-2.Korpus manufactured using pre-galvanized steel sheet metal, which provides essential grounding. Case line provides very high mechanical strength, particularly suitable for industrial applications and use in severe climatic conditions. Leaders in electrolytic copper, tinned and izolovani.Postachayutsya for installation on sewing production disassembled vyhlyadi.Kabeli for busbars 4 * 6 * 10 KABEL4 NYY NYY NYM KABEL4 * 2.5 KABEL16 KABELKabel supplied in coils, black and gray 8 small and 1 large . The cable is designed for installation on busbars kompleksi.Postachayetya disassembled packed in cardboard boxes, on pallets, wrapped in shrink wrap. Assembled all positions poperednozmontovani and are installed busbar.TURKEY0UA5080102202.3421208.09463
20/Apr/201794051040901. Plastic equipment for busbar: 2 * 36W ETANGE 10.000h transparent plastic luminaire. Packed in two sheets in a cardboard box, individually packed on a pallet wrapped with a shrink film. Does not contain receivers and transmitters. .TURKEY0UA508010607.53585.718668
18/Apr/201784224000901.Obladnannya new, semi automatic, nepobutove designed for packaging tazahortannya molded millwork own production in PVC, PP, POF film, which is not equipped with measuring devices dozymet Hexadecimal volume or masy.Mashyna wrapper (termotonel) modes. BS-4535LA Shrink Tunnel -2komplekta thatcan be part ychnoyi automatic lines for packaging products temousadochnuplivku weight do30kh.-0- product feed rate of 10 m / min. engine power 9.6 kw, Termotonelosnaschenyy temperature sensors and motion. Equipment Dimensions (m): 1.60 * 0.65 * 1,20ukomplektovane accessories for installation and start termotonelya. Postavlyayetsyachastkovo disassembled for ease of manufacture at transportuvanni.Krayina: CNTorhivelna Brand: HualianVyrobnyk: Hualian Machinery Group Wenzhou Import and Export Co., LTD.CHINA0UA807180305.21431.402617
11/Apr/20174810298000"1.Papir pure cellulose layer bleached, coated on both sides with the content of chemical-mechanical fibers 65%, designed for writing and printing sheets art.1009751 C2S Art Paper HI-KOTE Matt (matt) marks" "Hi-Kote" "mass of 250g / m2, format: 64h90sm. (invoysovanavaha 15120kh) 30palet, weight 300g / m2, format: 64h90sm (invoysovana weight 5184kh) 10palet, packaging, pallets of plywood kleyinoyi, wrapping paper, shrink plivkaTorhivelna brand: Hi-Kote.Vyrobnyk : HAINAN JINHAI PULP-PAPER CO.LTD. country of origin: China CN.. "CHINA0UA1001102030413057.80697
11/Apr/201739201025001. Shrink film plastic rolls, non-porous, reinforced, nesharuvata, unlined, not combined with other materials, from polymers of ethylene, in the range (without printing), the specific density of 0.931 g / cm. Designed for packaging mineral water, wrapped in Multipack. .POLAND0UA80601020860.440822.35257
10/Apr/201773269094901.Vyroby ferrous metal, stamped with the following treatment: bichi drum for combines vector, DON, NIVA SK-5M. Part numbers: (L) TP 10.708, (R) TP 10.707, (L) TP 046, (R) TP 045, (L) TP101.708, (R) TP101.707.Tsi bichi is a long steel plate in a corner made of steel grade 45. on its surface at a certain angle stamped ribs. Bichi is from the left or from the right slope edges and are set in turn. On one of the shelves have several mounting holes. Appointment Biche threshing drum is knocking grains from spike during the passage of the grain mass in the narrow gap between the concave and drum. Goods packed in plywood pallets, wrapped shrinkable plivkoyu.Vyrobnyk product Wanli Agricultural Machinery Parts Factory Hebei China. Country of CN. .CHINA0UA1120902266731357.80925
04/Apr/201784224000901.Obladnannya for packaging and wrapping of goods (including goods with equipment dlyazahortannya Shrink packaging material): - 7B000000 packaging machine, 1 pc. Purpose - packaging stomatolohichnihinstrumentiv after sterylizatsiyi.Krayina production - IT.Vyrobnyk - Cefla SC at the factory Cefla Dental Group.Torhovelna mark - Cefla. .ITALY0UA1001305271.4008502
03/Apr/20178516601000"1.Pobutovi hazoelektrychni plates, steel pryhotuvannyata for heating food, with built-in electric oven, new, 4-konforochni t / Gefest brand: -h / r.600h600h850 mm, V oven 52 l: PHЭ 6102-02 - 8 pieces. from power. igniter table, from power. grill with elektromeh. timer with spit, fanless, single pidsvidchuvannyam oven Manufacturer: UP "" Hephaestus Engineering "," BilorusTorhivelna Marco'Gefest'Krayina production-Belarus (BY ) Labeling: 'Gefest'Pakuvannya: shrink wrap. "BELARUS8UA4010103481331.160515
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Shrink Wrap Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Shrink Wrap Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПАТ ""Слов'янські шпалери-КФТП"""
Importer Address
15300 Чернігівська обл., м. Корюківка, вул. Передзаводська, 4Україна
Exporter Name 'DEKOFILM POLSKA Sp.z.o.o.'
Product Description
1.Termousadochna film based on polyolefins, specif.........
HS Code 3920102500Value 13336.84442
Quantity 0Unit UA102080
Net Weight 4079
Origin Country POLAND

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