Ukraine Import Data of Shrink Film | Ukraine Import Statistics of Shrink Film

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of shrink film collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of shrink film imports.

Shrink Film Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Shrink Film

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173920102500"1.Poliolefinova (POF) shrink film POF-Tneporysta not reinforced, nesharuvata clear, without images and inscriptions without substrate nor zyednana anolohichnym way with other materials, the thickness in mm POF-T 0,0125h (450h2) - 11.3 kh.Sfera use: for food packaging and clothing and other consumer products promyslovostVyrobnyk: OAO "" Mogilevkhimvolokno "" Country of origin: BY.. "BELARUS0UA10215011.325.96091446 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173920202100"1.PLIVKA polypropylene, oriented BIAKSEALNO" "BIAXPLEN" ", non-porous, NESAMOKLIYNA, reinforced, NESHARUVATA (NELAMINOVANA) without lining and NEPOYEDNANA INSHYMYMATERIALAMY With this method, Polymer POLIPROPILENU.ZAVTOVSHKY no more than a means 0,10MM.VYROBNYTSTVOPLIVKY held SOEKSTRUZIYI (extrusion process two or more RIDKYHPOLIMERIV in multilayer structures) .VYKORYSTOVUYETSYA for packaging diverse PRODUKTSIYI.PROZORA BIAKSEALNO oriented polypropylene film sealing LAYERS MARK HGPL, GENERAL PURPOSE Used for high quality printing AND lamination, BOPP film BIAXPLEN: -ZAVTOVSHKY 0,015MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 15x720 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 908,80KH- thick 0,020MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x710 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1042,30KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x840 TU 316 2245-003-70378591-2015- , 60KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x880 TU 2245-003-703 78591-2015- 365,20KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x890 FILM THAT FILM 2245-003-70378591-2015- 354,90KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x1040 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1103, 00KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x1200 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1000,00KH TU-thick 0,030MM: (X MARK FILM Thick (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 30x680 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 850,30KH-thick 0,035MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 35x720 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 161,80KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HGPL 35x830 FILM THAT FILM 2245-003-70378591-2015- 723,80KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HGPL 35x860 TU-thick 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1074,80KH 0,040 MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 40x690 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 794,60KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 40x800 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1654,10KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 40x800 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1053,60KHMETALIZOVANA BIAKSEALNO oriented polypropylene film TERMOZVARYUVA LNYMY LAYERS MARK HMIL.M with a low threshold welding from standard friction, with long CONSERVATION ACTIVATION used for printing and lamination (metallization process is carried remedy VAKUMNOYI by causing condensation ALUMINUM high purity on one side of the film-based), BOPP FILM BIAXPLEN: -ZAVTOVSHKY 0,020MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x970 TU 2245-002-70378591-2016- 371,30KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x800 TU 2245- 002-70378591-2016- 662,60KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x880 TU 2245-002-70378591-2016- 353,90KHBOPP Worthless CA BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x710 TU 2245-002-70378591-2016- 600,00KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x695 FILM THAT FILM 2245-002-70378591-2016- 290,20KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x720 TU 2245-002-70378591-2016 - 769,60KHPLIVKA wound on a spool, mounted on chipboard spacers packaged in shrink PLIVKU.TORHIVELNA Brand: BYAKSPLEN. MANUFACTURER: OOO "" BYAKSPLEN "". VYRONYTSTVA Country: RU. "RUSSIA0UA11011014451.423670.83263
28/Apr/20173920202100"1.Plivky propylene polymer thickness not exceeding 0,10mm, biaksealnooriyentova non-porous, reinforced, nesharuvati, unlined and not poyednanipodibnym Method ohms with other materials in rolls, film thickness measured vmikronah width in mm.-Biaxplen HGPL TU 2245- 003-70378591-2015 35h830-1627,30kh.-Biaxplen HMIL.M TU 2245-002-70378591- 2016 20h1100-2591,40kh.-Biaxplen PGA TU 2245-003-70378591-2015 32x800-1984,60kh., 32x1200- 2965,00kh., 32x500-1569,00kh., 32x600-2955,20kh., 40x600-2245,30kh., 40x700-635,00kh., 40x500-2034,80kh. 120 rolls of film wound on a spool mounted on chipboard rozporkyiz packed in shrink production plivkuKrayina RU products. O OO "" BYAKSPLEN "" Trademark Biaxplen. "RUSSIA0UA10011018607.628964.28229
28/Apr/20173923509000"1.Kovpachky transparent shrink without printing, PVC, film thickness 70 microns (customer Ltd." "Liss-C ''): - transparent without text - 278,900 sht.Kovpachky painted with thermo-shrink PVC, film thickness 70 microns (customer Ltd. "" Atlantis ""): - burgundy with text "" Villa Krim "" - 10200 sht.- black text "" Villa Krim "" - sht.Razom 660 300 949 400 pcs. (cylindrical, for decorative capping bottles no contact with the beverages are made of PVC) manufacturer - the company "" Firstline "", Moldova. Country of MD. Trademark - no data. ".MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF0UA500060833.817444.345136
28/Apr/20173920102500"1-shrinkable film of polymers of ethylene transparent, three-layered. Made of polyethylene granulate base makes HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE. Meets the requirements of GOST 2595183 without druku.Pytoma density 0,931h / sm.kub .: GOT17484 365mmh45mkmSHRINKSTAR-5170,8kh (8palet ) GOT17740750mmh45mkm SHRINKSTAR-13490,4kh (28palet) GOT22738 380mmh50mkm SHRINKSTAR1030,4kh (2palety) GOT22739 335mmh50mkm SHRINKSTAR-1029kh (2palety). intended for use in the food industry, forming packaging bottles of mineral water. wound on a spool and cardboard set on wooden pallets.. "POLAND0UA20912020720.643964.8655
28/Apr/201785439000901. Parts for automatic shoe cover machine: Shrink film system - 10 pcs. Brand: QuenProducer: Zhejiang Quen Technology Co., Ltd Country of origin: CN.CHINA0UA10002048156.0001255
28/Apr/201785437090001. Electric automatic machine for putting on shoe covers with plastic film: - Shoe Cover Machine XT-46 (C) - 50 shtPryntsyp steps by electric heating heat shrinkable plivky.Torhovelna Brand: QuenVyrobnyk: Zhejiang Quen Technology Co., Ltd Country of origin: CN.CHINA0UA10002010508400.000181
27/Apr/20177019110000"1.Rublene fiber, grade CS 9703-13W 13MM BB 1200K (ADV) EU GUS. Quality indicators: length segments - 13.1 mm combustible substances - 0,09% Moisture - 12.4% diameter basic thread - 13,1 mm. used for the production of nonwoven sklopolotna.Pakuvannya: bags p / n-type '' big bag '' on pallets shrink film.. "RUSSIA0UA7020201955018814.90177
27/Apr/201739201025001.Plivky polyethylene with a specific density 0.931, in the form of tape thickness 0,05mm, in rolls, non-porous, shrink from BUD prints 4-PACK 50micBUD 6-PACK 50micPlivky polyethylene with a specific density 0.931, in the form of tape thickness 0,05mm in rolls, non-porous, shrink, with prints 6-PAK CHE 50MIC4-PAK CHE 50MIC films of polyethylene with a specific density of 0.931, as 0,050mm thick tape, rolls, non-porous, shrink, with prints SPN 6PACK 50MIC (Staropramen) SPN 4PACK 50MIC (Staropramen) SA 4PACK 50MIC (Staropramen) used for packaging produktivv single packaging, such as bottles, used Anka, a group Multipack packaging. .POLAND0UA20914018011.562906.07847
27/Apr/201772166110001.Zapasni parts for packaging machines, art, brass angle MH040001 vuzlazapayky film to shrink-mashyny. 3sht.Vyrobnyk: SMIPACK SpAKrayina production: IT.Torhivelna mark: SMIPACK. .ITALY0UA1251800.0317.75028023
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Shrink Film Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Shrink Film Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ з ІІ ""БНХ Україна"""
Importer Address
02002, м. Київ, вул. Луначарського, 4 (літера А), Україна
Exporter Name "ОАО ""Могилевхимволокно"""
Product Description
"1.Poliolefinova (POF) shrink film POF-Tneporysta .........
HS Code 3920102500Value 25.96091446
Quantity 0Unit UA102150
Net Weight 11.3
Origin Country BELARUS

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