Ukraine Import Data of Shower Panel | Ukraine Import Statistics of Shower Panel

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of shower panel collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of shower panel imports.

Shower Panel Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Shower Panel

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of shower panel. Get Ukraine trade data of Shower Panel imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177020008000"1.Santehnichni glass. Boxes showers (consisting of acrylic tray, door glass, acrylic roof mounted loudspeaker lamp hood (fan), the rear wall of glass with built jets irozvodkoyu pipes to supply water from the normal water supply, dushovyhaksesuariv (drain tube siphon tray), decorative panels bill, el.panel management functions (the ability to connect the phone and CD) metalevyhnizhok floor standing, fasteners box, cardboard packaging, in rozibr nomu state): WH -263 (ZQ-263) (1000X1000X2150) CHROME TRIPLE STRIPEGLASS 3pc .; Cabs shower for bathing without hydromassage system without electric pump (consisting of acrylic tray with glass doors, shower accessories: zlyvnatrubka, siphon, pallet), metal legs for installation on the floor, kartonnepakuvannya in disassembled state): WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 200sht. WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME GREY 129sht. WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME TEA 130sht.; WH-August 16 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 82sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME GREY120sht. WH-113 (LP-113) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY ROOUND FLOWER 270sht.; WH-113 (LP-113) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY SQUARE FLOWER 270sht .; WH-913 (LP-913) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY 99sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 22sht.; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 65sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME TEA120sht .; WH-178 (900X900X1850) CHROME PEAR 170sht. WH-178 (900X900X1850) CHROMEGREY 130sht. WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 30sht .; WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME PEAR 199sht. WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME GREY 145sht. WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME TEA 139sht .; Plumbing glass. Parts dokabin and shower boxes: glass shower doors: WKA-5002 (800 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR40sht .; WKA-5002 (800 * 1850) CHROME MAT 40sht .; WKA-5002 (900 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR50sht .; WKA-5002 (900 * 1850) CHROME MAT 50sht .; WKA-5006 (1200 * 1850) CHROME MAT44sht .; WKA-5002 (1000 * 1850) CHROMECLEAR 30sht .; WKA-5006 (1200 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR45sht..Vyrobnyk: HANGZHOU KINGSUN IMP. AND EXP. CO., LTD.Krayina production CN.Torhivelna mark WATER HOUSE. "CHINA0UA12525080289151218 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178708299000"1.Zapchastyny ​​to bodies of cars: art.HY5607 Hood HYUN i30 (DK 280 0270248) -7sht; art.NA22290L front panel. NIS MICRA K12 03-10 (DK 037 0379201) -2sht; art.VW4229BP front panel. VW JETTA III 06- (DK 051 200 0601) -10sht; art.VW14012L wing front left 6 VW POLO 05- (DK 051 311 0616) -3sht; art.RN1322B grille RENAULT CLIO 01-05 (DK 041 990 0463) -5sht ; art.GM6009LPidkrylok forward. Liv. DW LANOS (DK 020 101 0139) -20sht; art.GM6009R Pidkrylokperedn. human. DW LANOS (DK 020 100 0139) -20sht; art.MB0209LF air intakes showers. MB 202 93-01 (DK 035 0319 931) -30sht; art.MU2509L-01 Pidkrylok forward. Liv. MIT LANCER X (DK 036 101 0359) -20sht; art.MU2509R-01 Pidkrylok forward. rights. MIT LANCER X (DK 036 100 0359) -20sht ; art.MU2429AP front panel. MIT COLT 04-09 (DK 036 202 0346) -10sht; art.SU42011LKrylo front left SUZUKI VITARA 05- (DK 048 311 0539) -13sht; art.SU4207 KapotSUZUKI VITARA 05- (DK 048 280 0539) -10sht, art. TY60011L wing front left TOYLANDCRUISER J12 03-09 (DK 049 311 0575) -5sht; art.TY60011R front wing praveTOY LANDCRUISER J12 03-09 (DK 049 310 0575) -5sht; art.MU2307 Hood MIT LANCER 9 (DK 036 280 0358) -30sht; art.HY9207 Hood HYUN ACCENT 06- (DK 027 280 0234) -50sht; art.HY9222Reshitka HYUN ACCENT 06- (DK 027 991 0234) -50sh "TAIWAN0UA4010502263.8510548.63658
28/Apr/20177020008000"1 Shower kits, door, wall - consisting of an aluminum frame and panels of tempered flat glass: - 100-06333M SERENGETI 120/85/195 asymmetric cab, chrome, glass hrihio - 25.00 sht.- 100-06332M SERENGETI 120/85/195 asymmetric cab glass, brown - 25.00 sht.- 100-06608M FAMA cab left, 100/100/185, glass graphite - 30,00 sht.- 100-06600M FAMA booth law 100/100 / 185, glass graphite - 30,00 sht.- 103-06705M LUGANO hinged door 80x190, optician chrome, glass lines - 30,00 sht.- 100-09322P SUPRA PRO semicircular booth, glass, chrome profile 90/190 - 20 00 sht.- 100-06364P SUPRA PRO asymmetrical cabin, glass, chrome profile 120/90/190 - 15.00 sht.T rhivelna Brand: TM "" Aquaform "" Manufacturer: Aquaform SAKrayina production: PL. "POLAND0UA101070855424163.60039
28/Apr/201787032390311.Poshkodzhenyy passenger car for the conditioning, transportation of people and using public orogen pod with engine of internal combustion iskrovymzapal copying, and with crank mechanism IOM (petrol) was uvykorystanni brand FORD, Model MUSTANG - 1am. VIN 1FA6P8TH6F5367007 typdvyhuna - petrol, V-2264sm3, power - 231 kW, Euro 5 engine room -nemaye data, the total number of seats, including the driver - 4 calendar year - 2015, model year - 2015, the body -compartments color - yellow, wheel formula 4x2. Data on the nature poshkodzhenavtomobilya according to expert opinion, spoiler Lane Draft (not painted) b -zmischenyy of local attachment to the deformation and damage of material bryzhovykyDVS front - sight tion of fixing destroyed, bars mper rear bracket rear bumper, trunk lid cover, lantern left, rear left reshitkaventylyatsiyi overflowing g orlovyna assembly, cap fuel tank, rear pidkrylok showers s, and the left boot trim, upholstery panels -zruynovani backward, backward panel assembly - zmische not difficult deformed with utvo rennyamvyh yniv back towards the left forward areas of the printout, power rear bumper -zmisch enyy difficult to form a strain curves toward the back of the left forward part boot lid - biased, distorted with Comme adno utvorennyamvyhyniv direction back to front, the entire surface loop -deformovani trunk lid, cover the outer sides of the left (left wing by dnye) - biased, distorted difficult to form bends toward the rear of the front, zlivanapravo, the entire surface of the panel inner sides of the left - shifted and skladnodeform of Old to form Whigs bers in the direction back to front, left eg ABO, onall surface repair kits for insert of glasses - according to [8], to be replaced incase dismantling glass windows The side yny left and glass windows rear, the deputy inibokovyny left, muffler left - zmisch enyy difficult deformed, the front bumper - removed from fixing has to shkodzhennya as deformatsiymaterialu the left side of and in front of us zhniy panel on the floor zadnoyi- deformova in the back left side of the formation in yhyniv in places spoluchennyaz back panel ca panel inner sides of the left, the car body (kryshkybahazhnyka) - as a result of emergency actions au obilya body was skewed pootvoru would cover ahazhnyka.Krayina production: US.Torhivelna Brand: FORD.Vyrobnyk: Ford Motor Co.UNITED STATES1UA8071901602.098194.389964
27/Apr/20179019109000"1 hydromassage equipment sanitary household: bar to shower 85h170 model" "BADICO 958" "-1 pcs., Shower panel to 90x90 model" "BADICO 388" "-2 sht..Zahalna number - 3 sht.Torhivelna mark - BADICO.Krayina origin - China (CN).. "CHINA0UA2090303285.7418719
27/Apr/20177020008000"1. Sanitary-hygienic bathroom with a glass shower cabin with shklyanymy curtain 110x110 cm model" "BADICO 084B" "-5 pieces; shklyanymy shower with curtain 110x110 cm model" "BADICO 084BO" "-3 pc; shklyanymy shower with curtain 100x100 cm model "" BADICO 088B "" -12 pc; shklyanymy shower with curtain 100x100 cm model "" BADICO 088BO "" -8 units, shower with curtain shklyanymy 100x100 cm model " "BADICO 088FO" "-8 units, shower with curtain shklyanymy 100x100 cm model" "BADICO 088G" "-12 pc; shklyanymy shower with curtain 120x120 cm model" "BADICO 184B" "-5 pieces; shower with shklyanymy shutters 150 x150 cm model "" BADICO 484B NEW "" -8 units, shower with curtain 85x150 cm shklyanymy model "" BADICO 578B NEW "" -5 pieces; shklyanymy shower with curtain 85x170 cm model "" BADICO 958B NEW " "-6 units, shower with curtain 85x170 cm shklyanymy model" "BADICO 958G NEW" "-6 units, shower with curtain shklyanymy 90x90 cm model" "BADICO 978B" "-15 pc; shower with curtain shklyanymy 90 x90 cm model "" BADICO 978BO "" -8 units, shower with curtain shklyanymy 90x90 cm model "" BADICO 978FO "" -8 units, shower with curtain shklyanymy 90x90 cm model "" BADICO 978G "" -18 pc; shklyanymy shower with curtain 90x100 cm model "" BADICO 8075 "" -5 pieces; shower with w Swearing curtain 82x120 cm model "" BADICO 8090CH "" -6 units, shower with curtain shklyanymy 90x90 cm model "" BADICO 8060 (15) "" -5 pieces; shower with curtain shklyanymy 90x90 cm model "" BADICO 8061 (15) "" -5 pieces; shklyanymy shower with curtain 80x120 cm model "" BADICO 8058 (29) L "" -5 pieces; shklyanymy shower with curtain 80x120 cm model "" BADICO 8058 (29) R "" -5 pieces; Postachayutya disassembled. Showers are equipped with additional taps at a bar with several outlets, control panel that controls the fan and lighting, shower panel leg without hydromassage equipment without built-in shower elektronasosa.sklo for 90x90 model "" BADICO 978 "" - 2 pieces, glass shower 90x90 model "" BADICO 9010 "" -2 sht..Zahalna number - 162 sht.Torhova name "" hydroboxing. ' "Trademark" "BADICO" ". Country of origin - China (CN) ".CHINA0UA2090301527237015.57486
27/Apr/20173922100000"1. Acrylic, trademark" "Balteco" ", (included: drain / overflow, side panel, siphon and mixer) typS1 (excluding hydro): 17 Eclipse 170 * 98 * 63sm [E15 / S1 / K / 0909] -1sht, Grande size 175 * 175 * 72cm [E17 / S1 / K / 0909] -1sht, Linea 15, size 150 * 150 * 69sm [E17 / S1 / K / 0909] -1sht, Lotus 15, size 150 * 150 * 69sm [E17 / S1 / K / 0909] -1sht, Primo 170 17 * 75 * 67cm [E12 / S1 / K / 0909] -1sht, Rhea 17rozmirom 169 * 118 * 51cm [E16 / S1 / K / 0909 ] -1sht, Scala size 180 * 120 * 67cm [E24 / S1 / K / 0909] -1sht, Bath acrylic without fittings: Rhea 17 L modular shellrozmirom 169 * 118 * 51cm [RHVM-0909] -5sht, Rhea 17 R modular shell rozmirom169 * 118 * 51cm [RHPM-0909] -5sht, tray shower cabin Serena rozmirom100 * 100 * 18cm [AD / 0909] -1sht.Krayina pro TBA - EETorhovelna mark - BALTECOVyrobnyk - AS BALTECO. "ESTONIA0UA1000104043821.264577
26/Apr/201739229000001. Plumbing products made of plastic combined with other materials, shower enclosures, toilet bowls and their parts: Top Rainshower Cosmopolitan Shower with a bracket 26066000-1 st. Shower top Relexa Plus 80 Dual 28190000-1 st.Shower.Complete hygienic New Tempesta-F 26358000-5sht. Shower Cosmopolitan Power + Soul 27746000-1 pieces. Shower set Euphoria Champagne 27227001-1 st. Shower set Euphoria Champagne 27232001-2 pieces. Shower Kit New Tempesta III 27794000-5sht.Shower.Komplekt Power + Soul 27738000-2st. Shower kit Vitalio Joy Massage 27333000-5 st. Shower faucet Euphoria Cosmopolitan Stick 27369000-3pcs. Shower faucet Euphoria Mono 27265000-3pcs. Shower faucet New Tempesta Cosmopolitan III 27572001-3 pieces. New Tempesta III shower sink 28261001-10pcs. Shower faucet Rainshower Classic 28765000-2st.Shower Vialio Joy Mono 27315000-15p.Shower Vitalio Start I 27940000-20pcs.Shower Vitalio Start II II 27946000-10pcs. Shower head Vitalio Start III 26031000-15 st. Bottom of toilet bowl GD2 38661000-5 st. Panel-button tank Skate Air (plastic) 38505000-15pcs.Panel-button tank Skate Air (plastic) 38506000-1pcs. Panel-button tank Skate Cosmo (plastic) 38732000-2st. Panel-button tank Skate Cosmo (plastic) 38732P00-1-st. Producer GROHE AG Manufacturer of the brand DEHORE brandGERMANY0UA10021074.773071.104909
25/Apr/20178482200000"1 hydromassage equipment sanitary household: bar to shower 85h170 model" "BADICO 958" "-1 pcs., Shower panel to 90x90 model" "BADICO 388" "-2 sht..Zahalna number - 3 sht.Torhivelna mark - BADICO.Krayina origin - China (CN).. "CHINA0UA80606054427340.00015
24/Apr/201784133080001. Sanitary plastic products: Sigma01 flush button, Geberit siphon for urinal, Geberit Sigma concealed cistern, Geberit soundproofing kit, Sigma01 flush button, Delta 21 flush button, Geberit Drainage-overflow bath with siphon, Sigma40 flush button, Geberit shower ladder, Delta 51 flush keys, Sigma20 flush button, Sigma30 flush button, Viega drainage toilet, Siphon Tempoplex shower proofing panel Viega, Viega siphon shower (complete with drainage tray, design inset legs), Viega Siphon for urinal, button flush Visign for Style 13, Advantix Siphon for shower tray, SUBWA Y INFINITY showers Tempoplex Compact Plus, drain covers / transfusion, Skate Air Cosmo key flush trademarks, please. e. Producer See invoice. e. invoice.GERMANY50UA400030352.2393361.257976
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Shower Panel Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Shower Panel Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЕПІЦЕНТР К"""
Importer Address
02139, м.Київ, вул.Братиславська,11
Product Description
"1.Santehnichni glass. Boxes showers (consisting o.........
HS Code 7020008000Value 151218
Quantity 0Unit UA125250
Net Weight 80289
Origin Country CHINA

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