Ukraine Import Data of Sewing Button | Ukraine Import Statistics of Sewing Button

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of sewing button collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of sewing button imports.

Sewing Button Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Sewing Button

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
20/Apr/20178452900000"1.Mehanichni spare parts for industrial sewing machines, zigzag clip 12264 7/8 23mm - 150 sht14146054 - hudzykotrymach LK1903 - 3 sht149057R - carrier material coated - 30 sht18030 - needle plate ZJ0628 - 20 sht18031 - fabric conveyor ZJ0628 - A 20 shtPrystriy 10-24ch - 3 shtPrystriy 10-28 A - 2 A shtPrystriy 10-32ch - 2 shtPrystriy A 10-40ch - 1 shtA11 (3mm) J-type corner rubilnyk - 2 pcs A11 (5mm) J-type corner rubilnyk - 1 pc A11 ( 8mm) J-type corner rubilnyk - 1 pc A41B - plate mounting - 2 pieces A5B (10mm) Okantovuvach - 2 pcs A5B (12mm) Okantovuvach - 1 pc A5B (5mm) Okantovuvach - 2 pcs A5B (8mm) Okantovuvach - 2 pcs Okantovuvach AT1 8C (10mm) - 3 pcs Okantovuvach AT18S (15mm) - 2 pcs AT18S (24mm) Okantovuvach - 3 pieces AT18S (26 mm) Okantovuvach - 2 pcs AT18S (30mm) Pravokutniy okantovuvach - 2 pcs AT18S (35mm) Pravokutniy okantovuvach - 2 pcs B1109415HOB - plate needle HNF - 30 pcs B1609415H00 - conveyor tissue HNF - 30 pcs B24013720B0 - hudzykotrymach for buttons on the leg - 3 pcs quotes CL10 ch - 5 pcs quotes CL15 - 5 pcs quotes CL20 CH - 6 pcs quotes CL50 - 5 pcs quotes CR10 - 20 pcs quotes CR20 ch - 20 pcs quotes CR50 ch - HA 751-12 9 pcs lock threads - 200 pcs HSH-7.94ATR - Shuttle MH with trimmer 30010003 - 10 pcs Okantovuvach LP-2 (15mm) - 2 pcs Okantovuvach LP-2 (20mm) - 2 pcs Okantovuvach LP-2 (22mm) - 3 pcs LP-2 (26mm) Okantovuvach - 3 piece LP-2 (28mm) Okantovuvach - 2 pcs LP-2 (30mm) Okantovuvach - 2 pcs Tail magnetic MG1 big - 20 pieces MS112 (3/8 "") - nastrachuvannya foot ribbon - 1 piece quotes MT-1 - 10 piece P363-NF foot sewing dvorozhkova - 10 pieces P36N-1ST quotes sewing narrow right - 10 pcs quotes P 69 LH 1/4 - 5 pcs quotes P 69 RH 1/8 - 5 pcs sewing foot P723 focusing 0-45 mm - 20 pcs S00858-0-01 Dressing A - 2 pcs S03245-0-01 - cap shpulnyy to Brother 7200S - 20 pcs S30 - foot inner 1 / 8-3 / 8, ZJ0628 - 20 pcs S31 - foot outdoor 1/4, ZJ0628 - 5 pcs S31 - foot outdoor 1/8, ZJ0628 - 5 pcs S31 - foot outdoor 3/16, ZJ0628 - 5 pcs S31 - foot outdoor 5/16, ZJ0628 - 5 pcs S457AT - foot nastrachuvannya lace 5-20m m - 1 piece S545 (P38) - edging foot - 10 pcs S585 (1/4) - komlpekt quotes from starboard ZJ0628 - 5 pcs S585 (1/8) - komlpekt quotes from starboard ZJ0628 - 5 pcs S585 (3 / 16) -komlpekt quotes from starboard ZJ0628 - 5 pcs quotes S952 - 20 pcs SP-18 quotes from starboard 1/16 '' - 10 units SP-18 quotes from starboard 1/4 '' - 10 pcs SP- 18 quotes from starboard 1/8 '' - 10 pcs U192R - right foot outdoor ZJ0303 - 10 pieces U193R - vnutrыshnya right foot ZJ0303 -10 pc Trademark: YAO HAN brand: YAO HAN INDUSTRIES CO., LTD Country of origin: TW "TAIWAN0UA100200351952.337324 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/201796050000001. Set for sewing - Set for sewing (6 needles, 6 threads, 2 buttons, 1 pin), art.98BBACSEWNT2-600pcs. Production line - CNTorval brand - L'OCCITANE Producer - L'OCCITANE sa.CHINA0UA1001208.4149.7156319
19/Apr/20178451500000"1. Cutter for fabric brand Forex RC-100. Serial Number 1051. Year 2015.Vykorystovuyetsya in sewing vyrobnytstvi.Mashyna was in vykorystanni.Pidhodyt for all types of fabrics, including synthetics, knitwear, leather, provides high quality cutting , the disc is made of the best grades of steel, suitable for intensive use, disk cutting knife RC-100 is equipped with an easy to use mechanism for sharpening the blade - rather pressing buttons on the device, the presence of the roller sole provides comfort during cutting fabric Allow lyayuchy carefully cut out elements of any complexity.. "CHINA0UA50801040.8332.4501259
06/Apr/201790219090001. Medical products. Devices that are in themselves, to themselves or implanted in the body to compensate for the lack (defect) organ or physical defect. Orthopedic Implants: - T5015, XO Button ™ Seamless Loop, 15mm-15sht.- T5020, XO Button ™ Seamless Loop, 20mm-10sht.- T5025, XO Button ™ Seamless Loop, 25mm-10sht.- T5030, XO Button ™ Seamless Loop , 30mm 5sht.--C8012, biocompatible BioScrew® interference screw, 7x30mm 40sht.--C8015, biocompatible BioScrew® interference screw, 9x30mm 40sht.--C8019, biocompatible interference screw BioScrew®, 8X30mm 40sht.--C8023, biocompatible interference screw BioScrew®, 10X30mm 20sht.--C8014, biocompatible interference screw BioScrew®, 9x25mm 20sht.--C8018, biocompatible interference screw BioScrew®, 8X25mm 20sht.--C8011, biocompatible interference shura Mr BioScrew®, 7X25mm 20sht.--C8010, biocompatible interference screw BioScrew®, 7X20mm 15sht.--C8013, biocompatible interference screw BioScrew®, 9X20mm 15sht.--C6160H, ThREVO® hook for sewing, disposable disclosed DUCK, №2 ( 5mm) Hi-Fi® thread-15sht.- C6109A, Mini-REVO® to tighten the screw-10sht.- C6141H, Super REVO® lock threaded, №2 Hi-Fi® 5mm-15sht.- 239025M5, Matrix-screw GENESYS Matryx tm, 9mm x 25mm, 10sht.- 238025M5, Matrix-screw GENESYS Matryx tm, 8mm x 25mm, 10sht.- 239030M5, Matrix-screw GENESYS Matryx tm, 9mm x 30mm, 10sht.- 238030M5, Matrix-screw GENESYS Matryx tm , 8mm x 30mm, 10sht.- 237030M5, Matrix-screw GENESYS Matryx tm, 7mm x 30mm, 10sht.Torhovelna brand: ConMed.Vyrobnyk: ConMed Linvatec (U SA) .Krayina production: US.UNITED STATES0UA1002002826369.27395
05/Apr/20178451300000"1. Press and ironing table, namely: - OZER MAKINA OM-1001-400x400 press with automatic transfer of 1 pc. Serial number: 9380 Year of release 2017. Press was not used. It is used for all types of steaming with a transfer and stencil Specially for the convenience of putting on sewn products on a tray under the tray there is an empty space.The products are trained before putting on the tray.The press works on the pneumatic system.The top tray with heating can be easily approximated and moves to the right and left to the moving body using linear The pressure of the print reaches 0.75 kg / cm2. The system is activated after pressing the "Start" button at the same time. Heating is covered with a special Teflon tape. The bottom tray has a heat-resistant and pressure-resistant silicone rubber coating.; -OZER MAKINA OM-1001-380x65 (2) press with an automatic transfer of 2 pcs. Release year 2017. Serial number: 9085, 9364. The press was not used. It is used for all types of steaming and stencil transfer. Especially for ease of putting on sewn products on a tray under the tray there is an empty space. The products are trained before putting on a tray.The press works on the pneumatic system. The upper heating tray can easily be approximated and moves to the right and left in a moving body using linear bearings. However, there is a control panel on the case. The level of heating, time and pressure are controlled using the control panel. The system is triggered by pressing both "Start" buttons simultaneously.The print pressure reaches 0.75 kg / cm2. The top tray is heated with a special Teflon tape. On the bottom tray is a heat-resistant and pressure silicone rubber coating. - OZER MAKINA UP-K-101 Industrial iron table for use in sewing production, in quantity 1 pc. Serial number: 9382. Year of release 2017. The system was not in use. Vacuum iron table of cantilever type. The Dana model is used for final and intermediate ironing. "TURKEY4UA50801047510623.68411
03/Apr/201796050000001.Nabory Sewing (4 color threads for 90cm, 1 needle, 1 pin, 2 buttons), packed in plastic boxes. (Used in hotels). Total production -90000shtuk.Krayina - CN.Vyrobnyk: YANGZHOU JETWAY TOURISM PRODUCTS CO.LTD.CHINA0UA20918059217.1232835
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Sewing Button Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Sewing Button Importer Sample

Date 20/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Ротонді-Укр"""
Importer Address
01103,м.Київ,бул.Дружби Народів,10
Exporter Name """YAO HAN INDUSTRIES CO., LTD""Тайвань"
Product Description
"1.Mehanichni spare parts for industrial sewing ma.........
HS Code 8452900000Value 1952.337324
Quantity 0Unit UA100200
Net Weight 35
Origin Country TAIWAN

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