Ukraine Import Data of Set Of Piston Ring | Ukraine Import Statistics of Set Of Piston Ring

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of set of piston ring collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of set of piston ring imports.

Set Of Piston Ring Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Set Of Piston Ring

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of set of piston ring. Get Ukraine trade data of Set Of Piston Ring imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173926909790"1. A component of one set of« SPARE PARTS AMIAD / PARTS FOR FILTERS "" AMIAD "" »such as plastic products for the filter, the filter piston ring directing plastic M106 (4.10) in the number 4 pcs., Plastic retaining ring in an amount of 3 pcs., Nozel-sectional plastic oval nozzle (spare parts filter water) in an amount of 60 pcs .;. "ISRAEL0UA5080103.4279.2935663 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178409910000"1.Chastyny ​​a / m motors. Parts for piston engines with spark ignition, new to the a / m purpose: 21010100404500 rod with cap to collect -24sht, 21100100404500 rod with cover Class 1 - 64sht, 21213100301100 holovkatsylindriv in the congregation - 6 pieces , 21213100402000 finger piston 1klas - 28sht, 11180100301100 cylinder head with cap - 4pcs, 11180100301100 holovkatsylindriv with lid - 14sht, 21100100402002 finger piston 3klas - 24sht, 21213100401566 set of pistons class c (piston + fingers) - 2kompl, 21213100401576komplekt piston class e (piston + fingers) - 2kompl, 21213100401586 komplektporshney (1remontnyy size) (+ pistons driving these) - 1kompl, 21213100401596 komplektporshney 21213 II repair size (piston + fingers) - 3kompl, 21213100401567komplekt piston 21213 (piston + finger + piston rings) - 3kompl, 21010100401586komplekt piston (Iremontnyy size) (piston + fingers) - 1kompl, 21083100401566komplekt piston class s (piston + fingers) - 2kompl, 21011100401597 komplektporshney 21011 (2remontnyy posted Ir) (piston + finger + piston rings) - 1kompl, 21083100401557 set of pistons 21083 (piston + finger + piston rings) - 2kompl, 21083100401567 set of pistons 21083 (piston + finger ring + piston) - 3kompl, 21213100402002 finger piston grade 3 - 172sht, Producer - JSC "" AVTOVAZ "". Country of origin - RU.Torhivelna mark - LADA. "RUSSIA0UA807200338.4383901.779311
28/Apr/20178409990000"1.Chastyny ​​used in internal combustion engines excavators: a set of piston rings art. 9S3068-6sht., Manufacturer:" "USCO SpA" "; trademark:" "ITR" ", Country of origin: CN;."CHINA0UA1000200.8446.96880431
28/Apr/201740169300901.Vyroby of vulcanized rubber: sealing ring type STRACK Z5106-DS-Z5101-16, P / N600774 - 2 sht.Pryznacheni for sealing elements hydraulic cylinder that drives the mechanism of the piston molds for injection molding. Rings are set as the moving (pistons, rods) and the fixed (sleeves, bushings) details of hydraulic cylinders. Due to the elastic properties of the ring provides sealing compounds moving and prevent oil leak nazovni.Torhovelna STRACK.Firma brand manufacturer production STRACK.Krayina DE. .GERMANY0UA1250200.52199.6222203
28/Apr/20178409990000"1.Chastyny ​​transport zasobiv.Chastyny ​​engines to diesel engines, the new DOA / m purpose: art.236-1003244-A cylinder head cover - 3pc, art.236-1003013-ZH4 cylinder head - 12p; art.236-1002311 -A3 Carter mahovyka- 4 pieces; art.238-1002311-A3 Carter mahovyka- 1pc; art.236-1003112-in glass forsunky- 47sht; art.236-1009059-G guide tube (cylinder block pallet) - 60sht, art. 236-1104426 lead-pipe-G (fuel) - 2 pcs; art.236-1002283sitka-laying - 185sht; art.236-1104422, placing a tube (fuel) - 7sht; art.236-1104426 lead-pipe (fuel) - 15sht ; art.236-1104384 trubkavidvodyascha (palyvoprov Ode engine) - 68sht; 1,004,008 art.238NB-set sleeves, piston rings (consisting 236-1002021 g-A5 Ilse, 236-1002040-A-002024 236-1002023,236-1 A rubber ring, 238NB-1004015 cf. Shen) - 52sht; art.238B 1004005komplekt-sleeve, piston rings (consisting A5-sleeve 236-1002021, 236-1002024, Akiltse, 236-1002023 ring 236-1002040-a ring set 236-131T porshnevyhkilets, 2 38NB-1004015-piston B4) - 45sht; art.236-1002315 mastylovidbyvachkartera flywheel - 6 pieces; art.236-1007024-in plate springs klapana- 72sht; art.236-1007118 plug-in beam (engine valve) - 96sht; art.236-1005128 A-plate castle law (crankshaft) - 221sht; art.236-1005129-B plate (crankshaft) - 158sht; art.236-1002272maslovidbyvach (cylinder block) - 20pcs; art.236-1007091 B2-axis koromyslavpusknyh valves - 17sht; art.236-1007028-A biscuit valve (engine) - 360sht; art.7511.1013600 exchanger fluid oil - 2 pcs; art.6581.1104426-40 trubkapidvodyacha - 3pc; art.236-1007032-B plug (valve cylinder heads, metal) - 670sht; art.236-1004002 A4-kit piston rings - 200sht; art.7511.1003264-02 cylinder head cover - 6 pieces; art.7511.1013734-01 patrubok- 10pc; art.236-1008023 exhaust manifold livyy- 8 pieces; art.240-1104370 fuel tube drainage - 11sht; art.236-1004005 komplekthilza, piston ring (in particular: 236-1002021 A5-sleeve, 236-1002024-A ring-a ring 236-1002040, 236-1004002, A4 kit piston rings, 236-1004015, Dporshen) - 12p; 1004005 art.238B-set sleeve, piston ring (in skladi236-1002021-A5 sleeve, 236-1002024 A-ring, ring 236-1002023, 236-1002040, Akiltse, 236-131T set of piston rings, 238NB-1004015-B4 piston) - 3pc, art.238NB A4-1004005-set sleeve, piston ring seal., piston rings (composed A5-sleeve 236-1002021, 236-1002024 a-ring 236-1002023 ring 236-1002040- A ring 236-131T set of piston rings, piston 238NB-1004015) - 30sht; art.236-1004005 B2-set sleeves, piston rings uschiln., kiltsyaporshnevi (consisting of: 236-1002021-B2 sleeve, 236-1002024 and 236-1002040-A-A kiltsyahumovi, 236-131T piston rings, 236-1004015 -D piston) - 12p; art.236-1003256-B2 cylinder head cover - 2 pcs; art.7511.1004045-02shatun - 9sht; art.236-1104308 G1-tube fuel - 17sht; art.7511.1004045-20 shatun- 22sht; art.238-1111620 oil drain tube (cylinder block) - 40sht; art.240-1111620 tube drainage masses "RUSSIA0UA8072002856.12920284.29706
27/Apr/20178204110000"1.Ruchni spanners and wrenches (nerozvidni) - 48 sht.Art.: FOR 674 / key generator / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 904M3 / key to dismantling the body parts 4 units ./- 2 pieces, Art .: fOR 6806 / key to remove the insulating tape / - 1 unit; Ref.: fOR 62,110 / key for removal valves / - 1 unit; Ref.: fOR 88,423 / key for removal valves / - 1 unit; Ref.: fOR 61904A / wrench removing oil filters / - 1 unit; Ref.: fOR 6203125 / key for crimping piston rings / - 1 unit; Ref.: fOR 65805 / key for unclench cylinders of disk brakes / - 1 unit; Ref.: fOR 7610810 / Keys / - 1 pc; Ref.: FOR 62,518 / key nerozvidnyy / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 887D01 / key nerozvidnyy / - 2 units; Art.: FOR 902G7 / key nerozvidny / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 9G0605 / key nerozvidnyy / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 9U3003 / key nerozvidnyy / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 87,901 / key nerozvidnyy / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 613250 / Key resettable / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 75,507 / key carob-nut / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 75,511 / key carob-nut / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 75,513 / key carob-nut / - 1 pc; Art.: FOR 75,516 / key carob-nut / - 1 w t; Ref.: FOR 75,517 / key carob-nut / - 2 units; Ref.: FOR 75,518 / key carob-nut / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 75,521 / key carob-nut / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 609ABC / Key Cutting / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 609ABO / Key Cutting / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 62,527 / key cutting / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 6982 / Key Cutting / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 7510810 / Key Cutting / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 9G1802 / Key Cutting / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 9M2904-B / Key Cutting / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 9M2904-B / Key Cutting / - 5 units; Ref.: FOR 903G12 / 3 Set of keys from ./- 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 8014380-P / Clutch treschitky / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 8014430-P / Clutch treschitky / - 2 units; Ref.: FOR 802215 / Treschitka / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 802219 / Treschitka / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 80225 / Treschitka / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 802415 / Treschitka / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 80242 / Treschitka / - 1 unit; Ref.: FOR 802434 / Treschitka / - 1 unit; Trademark FORCE. Country of origin TW. Producer firm FORCE TAIWAN SHYANG YUN HARDWARE CO., LTD. "TAIWAN0UA1001108.3196.0594348
27/Apr/20178487909000"1. Set piston air compressor 242 (consisting of a steel piston rings and rubber gaskets and asbestovyh needed to replace the rings) art.32198319 - 2 sht.Vykorystovuyetsya exclusively with compressors Ingersoll Rand. For civil vykorystannya.Torhivelna mark - "" Ingersoll Rand "". Producer - Ingersoll Rand.Krayina production - US.. "GERMANY0UA5002100.79222.459949
27/Apr/20178409990000"1.Chastyny ​​designed for diesel engine: Cylinder ME051103 (ME051633) -6sht, guides, intake valve ME051120 -6sht; Napravlyayuchavypusknoho ME051122 -6sht valve, piston size B ME052023 (ME052449) -6sht; Kit piston rings standard size ME052124 (ME052787) -6sht, suction valve -1sht 3097502070, 3097502060 -1sht Pressure valves, valve discharge 3097501070 (ME737130) -1sht, a set of piston rings 3097502050 (ME713327) -1sht.Pryznacheni exclusively for six-cylinder engine MITSUBISHI 6D220 crane KATO NK200. Civil destination . vyrobnyk- company, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. Trade ma pKa-Mitsubishi. Country of-JP.. "JAPAN0UA12506060.572307.278803
27/Apr/20178409990000"1. Spare parts for diesel engines machines TSM: Piston rings (1pc. = Set of three rings) to the diesel engine ISUZU, art. 140 / Z8944714420 - 4pcs., Cylinder diesel engine ISUZU, art. 140 / Z8971768960 - 4 pieces. Country of TWTorhovelna mark Total SourceVyrobnyk TVH PARTS NV. "TAIWAN0UA1250202.112129.5094234
27/Apr/20178414900000"1.Zaapasni of the piston to compress the moat used in promyslovyhts ilyah: art.21141003 piston for LB-40-3, LB-30-2, LH-20-3, d65 20shtart.21141004 piston LB-75-2, LB-50-2, d80 10pcs, art.21141012 piston LB24V d555sht art.21142001 piston LT-100NV, WA, d55 5pcs art.033W80 piston 2 pcs, 2 pcs art.034V90Porshe Hb: art.061W115II, piston IIst. 5pcs art.059W95II II 5shtart.21121004 piston cylinder D65, M8, LB-40-3, LB- 30-2, LH20-3 5pcs, art.21121005 tsylindrD8 0, M8, LB-75-2, LB-50-2 5pcs art.017W115II Ist cylinder art.068W115II tsylindrIIst 1pc 1pc 1pc art.064W95II cylinder East art.018W95II cylinder IIst 1pc art.21132008shatun D15-D32-137 (central ny) for LB-75-2) 10pcs art.21132007 shatunD15-D32-137 (Bokov and) for LB75-2, LB50-2 30sht art.21132021 shatunLB-30-2, LB40-3, D14,5- D30-108 30sht art.21132038 rod for LB24V d12,7-d30-1 085sht art.21132010 rod D19-D43.5-178 for LT- 100NV 5pcs art.020V80 2shtart.040W95II crank crank 5pcs art.21143005 finger stroke D19h45 for LT-100NV 10pc; art.21143006 finger sha I D19h95 for LT-100NV 10pcs art.067W115II finger stroke Sun 5 pc; art.060W115II porshnyaIIst finger. 10pc; art.052W95II 5pcs Ist finger stroke; Piston rings, piston rings art.21145003komplekt D 65 to LH-20-3, LB-30-2, LB-40-3, komplekt- 50sht complex. art.21145004 set of piston rings 80 dlyaLB D-50-2, LB-75-2-50sht.kompl. art.21145016 set of piston rings 55 d dlyaLB24V 10sht.komp. art.21145006 set of piston rings for D55 LT-100NV30sht.kompl art.21145005 set of piston rings for D105 LT-100NV set of piston rings 5pcs .kom art.065W115II olyvoz'yemneIst ring. 10 pc; art.066W115II compression ring 20pcs Ist; art.101V80W80 komplektkilets Piston 10pc; trademark no information Country of CN vyrobnykWUXI TRENTY MACHINERY & EQUIPME NT CO., LTD TNT MANUFACTORY (SHANGHAI) CO, LTD LACMEDAFENG MACHINERY CO., LTD "CHINA0UA80717090.1153993.338793
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Set Of Piston Ring Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Set Of Piston Ring Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
74800,Херсонська обл.,м.Каховка,в.Леніна,б.126А
Exporter Name Metzerplas cooperative agricultural organization LTD.
Product Description
"1. A component of one set of« SPARE PARTS AMIAD .........
HS Code 3926909790Value 279.2935663
Quantity 0Unit UA508010
Net Weight 3.4
Origin Country ISRAEL

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