Ukraine Import Data of Sesa Hair Oil | Ukraine Import Statistics of Sesa Hair Oil

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of sesa hair oil collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of sesa hair oil imports.

Sesa Hair Oil Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Sesa Hair Oil

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of sesa hair oil. Get Ukraine trade data of Sesa Hair Oil imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
12/Apr/20173401300000"1.Zasoby for washing the skin put up for retail sale, without aerosol packaging: SPA-bath hand Firming rejuvenating (1000ml PRO Manicure) - 8 pieces .; CONCENTRATE bath for the feet (1000ml PRO Pedicure) - 16sht evening bath .; Foot of flavor. 250ml FOOT CARE - 18sht .; GEL antibacterial wash (150ml ACNE) - 120sht .; gel-scrub shower BeautyBody cleansing that pulls (tuba 200ml Body Sculptor) - 60sht .; grapefruit shower Gel 400ml - 40sht .; shower Gel ITALIANO holidays (345ml Happy moments) - 12p .; shower Gel 400ml lemon-lime - 120sht .; shower gel Soft care (400 mL Belita Young) - 114sht .; shower Gel LYVKOVYY 500ml - 272sht .; Shower Gel FRANCE Romantic (345ml Happy moments) - 96sht .; Shower Gel SCANDINAVIAN morning (345ml Happy moments) - 48sht .; Shower Gel ripe raspberries (345ml Sweet moments) - 24sht gel .; Sensitive soul of Spain (345ml Happy moments) - 12p .; gel body wash and hair Sea Breeze (250ml ACTIVE lIFE for men) - 12p.; Gel with microgranules for washing face optimal purification (200 mL Belita Young) - 272sht .; Intimacy Gel 400ml shower - 1540sht .; Cream gel that moisturizes and shower 400ml - 60sht .; Shower gel 150 ml for intimate hygiene (nov.) - 36sht .; Shower gel for washing hair and body for men MEN (nov.) 400 mL - 450sht .; Shower Gel 500ml chamomile body - 14sht .; Emollient shower gel (500ml Seabuckthorn) - 496sht .; Cream-gel Gentle cleansing (400ml Proteins youth Milk line) - 95sht .; Cream-gel with avocado and sesame oils Soft Care (430ml OIL) - 36sht .; Cream-gel oils and oils of grape Self cleaning (430ml OIL) - 36sht .; Foaming cream wash for all skin types (250ml Seabuckthorn) - 372sht .; Mousse foaming cleansing facial (220ml TL FC) - 8 pieces .; Soft gel for daily washing for all skin types freshness and moisture (hydro 195ml) - 400sht .; Foaming wash that cleans deep (175ml ACNE) - 24sht .; Facial cleansing wash that deeply exfoliates (220ml PL PURE SYSTEM) - 8 pieces .; Pink d / washed. face with avocado and sesame oils cleanse. Care and d / all skin types (250ml OIL) - 24sht .; Pink d / washed. face with Argan and Jojoba oils Delikat. sewa. d / standards. and dry skin (250ml OIL) - 108sht .; Pink d / washed. Facial oils and oils from the CIS. VYNOH. Every day. sewa. d / standards. and dry. Skin (250ml OIL) - 36sht .; Pink daisy for washing 250ml - 120sht .; Producer SP "" belite "" OOO.Torhovelna mark BIELITA.Krayina production BY. "BELARUS0UA1250102048.713476.502099 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
12/Apr/20173305100000"1.Zasoby for hair without aerosol packaging, shampoos: (Ukraine) Shampoo-cream goat milk 500ml - 1335sht .; (Ukraine) Shampoo yogurt cream (500ml new. Design) - 750sht .; (Ukraine) Shampun- 500ml cream mare - 375sht .; magic. Shampoo hair with clay Hassul and black cumin oil (370ml Morocco) - 552sht .; Hidrobalansuyuchyy shampoo d / all types of hair Absolut. moisture (hydro 345ml) - Shampoo living 300sht .; cones beer hops d / zmits. and shine. hair (480ml Tsil.rish.) - 150sht .; Shampoo Green chestnuts and ginkgo biloba d / volume and dense. hair (480ml Tsil.rish.) - 120sht .; creamy shampoo for colored hair (400ml Color Care) - 17sht .; special shampoo celandine and AUS. Tea. DER. Against greasy. Skin and hair (480ml Tsil.rish.) - 390sht .; Preventive tar shampoo for dandruff (480ml Tsil.rish.) - 165sht .; Traditional calendula Shampoo and CHEREHA d / improvi. hair and scalp (480ml Tsil.rish.) - 135sht .; Anti fragility d / stonch. and with child. hair (400ml Nettle Arhi nin) - 357sht .; Birch-tar shampoo 480ml - 225sht .; Nettle Shampoo 480ml conditioned - 150sht .; Shampoo recovery PLASMA MARINO 1000ml PL - 96sht .; Shampoo recovery PLASMA MARINO 3000ml PL - 2 pcs .; Shampoo shine and elastych. Perfect hair 400ml - 90sht .; Shampoo hair shine and strength (400 mL Belita Young) - 95sht .; Shampoo hair rescuers color (400ml) - 200sht .; Shampoo hair egg yolk (500 ml nov.dyzayn) - 180sht .; Shampoo MEN (nov.) 250 mL - 300sht .; Shampoo against dandruff MEN (nov.) 250 mL - 600sht .; Shampoo for normal hair 500ml olive - 1280sht .; Shampoo for professionals 1000ml PL - 80sht .; Shampoo for professionals 3000ml PL - 2 pcs .; Anti-hair loss 400ml Perfect - 90sht .; Anti-dandruff for all type. Perfect hair 400ml - 180sht .; Chamomile shampoo for all hair types 500ml - 182sht .; Shampoo with Q10 for all types of hair volume and 400ml ENERGY - 18sht .; Shampoo with D-panthenol zmits. to dry. and poshk. hair 500ml HS - 400sht .; Shampoo with castor oil against hair loss (400 mL force of nature) - 266sht .; Shampoo with avocado and sesame oils for all types of hair volume and shine (430ml OIL) - 36sht .; Shampoo balm Rosehip vitamin. for each type. hair 500ml HS - 448sht .; Shampoo recovery thyme and sage for all types of hair (480ml In broth) - 390sht .; Dyed flax oil recovery d / damage. antystatych of hair. effect (400ml force of nature) - 399sht .; Shampoo gel with cucumber juice and lime washing hair and body (500 ml Cucumber-Lime) - 15sht .; Shampoo-cream goat milk 1000ml PL - 96sht .; Shampoo Cream of natures. air conditioning goat milk d / weak and brittle hair (500ml nov.dyzayn) - 90sht .; Shampoo Cream of natures. conditioned mare d / all types of hair (500ml nov.dyzayn) - 300sht .; Laminating shampoo for all hair types (400 mL sleek and groomed) - 760sht .; Shampoo for cleaning Rye bran standards. and prone to oily. hair (480ml In broth) - 300sht .; Peeling shampoo 1000ml PL "BELARUS0UA1250106969.769612.09179
12/Apr/20173305900000"1.Zasoby hair care without aerosol packaging in plastic tubes and jars: (Ukraine) Hair Balm 450ml yogurt - 990sht .; (Ukraine) goat milk Balm 450ml hair - 2610sht .; (Ukraine) Hair Balm 450ml mare - 630sht .; (Ukraine) REVYVOR Balm 450ml hair - 756sht .; BALM-mASK against breakage d / stonch. and with child. hair (350ml Nettle Arginine) - 256sht .; biomolecular reductant "" Alive hair '' for vyrav. cuticle hair nezm. (250 mL TL HR) - 16sht .; balm for normal hair 450ml olive - 810sht .; revitalizuyuchyy Balm d / hair from Gia Lure. sour. (500 mL HYALURON Prof. HC App. biorev.) - 15sht .; Balm PLYUSONDA hair 450ml - 414sht .; Balm REVYVOR Vienna. Hair 450ml PL - 18sht .; Balm REVYVOR hair 200ml (tuba) - 45sht .; REVYVOR Balm-volume hair 3000ml PL - 20pcs .; hair balm 450ml ORANGE - 36sht .; hair balm rescuers color (450ml) - 270sht .; hair balm egg yolk (450ml new. design) - 54sht .; Balm for hair shade 01 TON cinnamon (100ml tube) - 180sht .; Hair balm TON shade 06 Brown (100ml tube) - 100 pieces .; Balm for hair tint 1.6 TON nut brown (100ml tube) - 80sht .; Hair balm 07 TON shade tobacco (100ml tube) - 60sht .; Balm for hair shade 08 TON chocolate milk (100 ml tube) - 60sht .; Balm for hair shade 09 TON golden brown (100ml tube) - 120sht .; Balm for hair shade 11 TON chestnut (100ml tube) - 340sht .; Balm for hair shade 13 TON dark chocolate (100 ml tube) - 300sht .; Balm for hair shade 14 TON ripe cherries (100ml tube) - 60sht .; Balm for hair shade 15 TON platinum (100ml tube) - 160sht .; Balm for hair shade 16 TON pearl pink (100ml tube) - 260sht .; Balm for hair shade 19 TON silver (100ml tube) - 40sht .; Hair balm TON shade 20 Beige (100ml tube) - 120sht .; Balm with castor oil against hair loss (380ml force of nature) - 216sht .; Balm with avocado and sesame oils for all types of hair volume and shine (450ml OIL) - 90sht .; Balm with Argan and Jojoba oils d / thin. and weakened. Vol. Zmits. and Restore. (450ml OIL) - 54sht .; Balm-recovery thyme and sage for all types of hair (450ml In broth) - 36sht .; Balm-flax oil recovery d / damage. antystatych of hair. effect (380ml force of nature) - 270sht .; Chamomile balm-conditioner for all hair types 450ml - 36sht .; Balm-lamination for all types of hair (380ml smooth and groomed) - 189sht .; Balm-mask for colored hair (350ml Color Care) - 112sht .; Balm-mask against no. Perfect hair 400ml - 36sht .; Balm conditioner basal volume for all hair types (500 mL TL HC) - 30sht .; Balm-feeding for dry and poshk. Volos (buckthorn 450ml) - 450sht .; Balm stimulator to Improve. Perfect hair growth 400ml - 36sht .; Balm-strengthening and sweet golden mustache hair slope. before prolapse (450ml In broth) - 180sht .; Balm-up "BELARUS0UA1250104942.469087.129982
11/Apr/20172106909200"1.Diyetychni herbal supplements to the diet that does not contain animal products amounted to:" "Brahma Rasayana" "(200g pack). Ingredients: Quince Bengali, berhaviya spreading, sit sertselystna, rytsynnova oil, asparagus kystevydna, Indian nightshade , teramnus Lobata District, Gangetic desmodium, Gmelin, sterespermum, urariya resinous, beans trylopasna, nightshade, puyeravriya Lobata District, oroksylyum Indian, klerodendron hairy, vitiveriya zizaniyevydna, rice seeds, sugar cane each for 0,006h, long pepper Sit round, embeliya smorovydn , Santali Language white valichi valerian, sweet naked, turmeric long, iron wood, cardamom, Bacopa Monnier, in '' yunok, cinnamon Ceylon, in AIR 0.12 g, Terminalia chebula -0,703h, kunzhutnia oil-0,372h, embiolka drug - 2,178h, honey - 0,465h, sugar 2,905h .Nomer party BRS -12. production date 12/2016. End date 11/2019 consumption. Without content -200sht animal products, herbal dietary supplements to the diet, "" special Chavanprash "" (500g pack). Ingredients: Quince Bengali, arnica, oroksilum Indian, hmeliya, sterespermum cherepahovydnyy, sit sertselystna, desmodium Gangetic, urariya lahopodibna, beans, teramnus spongy, yakirtsi creeping, nightshade Indian, nightshade zhovtoplidnyy, pistachio tree filantus grapes usual, laptadeniya sirchasta, nine "" yasyl, capsicum, Terminalia chebula, tinospora setselystna, dioskoreya, turmeric, Sit round, berhaviya white, asparagus, white sandalwood, lotus, Pueraria, athatoda vascular, vitaniya, pentatropsis dribnolystnyy, black cinnamon, saffron krabovyd second - in 48 mg each, cardamom, cinnamon Ceylon - for each 96 mg, long pepper 168 mg, 192mh bamboo, honey -288mh, 2g sugar, sesame oil 288mh Indian butter melted 288mh .Nomer party CHY-12. Production date 12/2016. Closing date 11/2019 consumption. Free of animal products -512sht, herbal dietary supplements to the diet: TRIPHALA POWDER "" Tryfala powder "" (120 g). Composition 5 g powder: Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) - 1,67 mg Terminalia white (Trminaria belenica) -1,67 mg Terminalia chebula (Trminaria chebula) - 1,67 mg. Inactive ingredients: acacia gum, talc. TRI-lot number 12. Production date 12/2016. Closing date 11/2019 consumption. Free of animal products -240sht; "INDIA0UA125130359.91503.108742
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Sesa Hair Oil Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Sesa Hair Oil Importer Sample

Date 12/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Владіком"""
Importer Address
УКРАЇНА м. Київ вул. Лаврська 9, корп. 19
Exporter Name "СП ""Белита"" ТОВ"
Product Description
"1.Zasoby for washing the skin put up for retail s.........
HS Code 3401300000Value 3476.502099
Quantity 0Unit UA125010
Net Weight 2048.71
Origin Country BELARUS

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