Ukraine Import Data of Semi | Ukraine Import Statistics of Semi

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of semi collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of semi imports.

Semi Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Semi

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201773269098901.Vyroby ferrous metals to agricultural equipment brands GASPARDO.G16931080 axis of the star-metallic 10pc. G18803940 plug D29X40X99-1sht. F02050034Kiltse stopper metal.15h1 mm-30sht. G17722830 plug-metal 20h30h25 mmRegina 50sht. G22220102 cover metal gear right-5pcs. G22220103 Kryshkareduktora metal-5pcs left. G14215830 Finger metallic marker 32h274 4sht.G66349002-mm plug-centered metal.-100 pieces. F20100141 finger-metal 36h128h43mm 2 pcs. R17614100 Finger metallic 36h43h194 mm, 4 pieces. R17821590 Plastynakriplennya metal-4 pieces. EOV003467 35h188 metal toe-mm 1pc. G15225861Plastyna metal. Disk-20pcs protection. G22230037 reflector-plate-200sht.EOM000444 semi-axis Q60X650 6F 4T CARR-1sht.Krayina production - ITTorhovelna mark - MASCHIO GASPARDOVyrobnyk - MASCHIO GASPARDO SpA.ITALY0UA100110117.3323933.179099 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/20173403199010Semi 1.Olyvy with sadness. Oil or oil content. (Hydrocarbons) obtained from bituminous minerals <70%, not as a main component, bezvmistu molybdenum disulphide. Not in aerosol packaging. art.BHY132GR1 -MASTYLO, 2 pcs., art.D0YP32GR1 - Grease for the steering column, 2 pcs., Origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor Corporation.JAPAN0UA2050200.19639.74697731
30/Apr/201739199000101.Plivka transparent, flat shape, protective, plastic adhesive to the a / m beznapysiv, not in coils, art.BHS2504P2 - Stickers THRESHOLD (R) -4sht., Art.BP4K508V1A -NALIPKA semi-1pc., Art.BP4K508V3B - Stickers Body-1pc., art.GHK1508W4 00 -NALIPKA semi-1pc., art.GHP9504P2A - Stickers THRESHOLD (R) -6sht., art.GHP9508W2 00- sticker semi-1pc., art.GS1D504P2A - Stickers THRESHOLD-1pc., origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor Corporation.JAPAN0UA2050201.31474.65843771
29/Apr/201725231000001.Klinker Portland cement in bulk (semis for general purpose cement in construction). The content of C3S 70,18%, free CaO 1,21%, LOI 0,29%. .POLAND0UA209120146650057445.1515
29/Apr/20176907908000Unglazed ceramic 1.Plytka from rough first (ordinary ceramics) for oblytsyuvannyastin and floors in stock: CLOUD ROS A KLINKIER 30X30 G1 -5,94m2, CLOUD ROSASTOPNICA PROSTA 30X30 G1 -2,7m2, CLOUD R OSA KLINKIER 30X30 G1 -5,94m2 , SEMIRBEI GE PODSTOPNICA 14,8X30 G1 -89m2, CLOUD B ROWN KLINKIER DURO 30X30 G1-3,96m2, SEM IR BROWN KAPINOS STOPNICA NAROZNA 33X33 G1 -8sht, SEMIR BROWNKAPINOS STOPNICA PR OSTA 30X33 G1 -88sht, CLOUD BROWN PARAPET 30X14,8 G1 -198sht, NATURAL BROWN PODSTOP NICA DURO 14,8X30 G1 -3,56m2, NATURAL BR OWN KLINKIER DURO30X30 G1 -31,68m2, NAT URAL BROWN STOPNICA PROSTA DURO 30X30 G1-3,6m2, CLOUD ROSA STOPNICA PROSTA DURO 30X30 G1 - 8,1m2, SEMIR BEIGE KAPINOS STOPNICA NAROZNA 33X33 G1 -10sht, SEMIR BEIG E KAPINOS STOPNICA PROSTA 30X33 G1-90sht.POLAND18286UA2091804616.422226.106044
29/Apr/20178541401000"1. Semiconductor devices, svitlovypro minyuvalni diodes, light temperatura5 000K, normal light spectrum: H-S2835-WSAA-R5-Y2186" "LED, 2835, 175m A, Ra80, 6000KSvitlodiod, 2835, 175mA, R a80, 6000K" " -18 000sht, H-S2835-VSAA-R0-Y0048 "" LED, 2835, 175m A, Ra80, FITOSvitlodiod, 2835, 175mA, Ra80, FITO "" - 4 000sht.. "CHINA0UA1251002.2257.9998164
29/Apr/201769079080001. paving and tile flooring, stoves, fireplaces or walls keramichninehlazurovani: QR-598X598-1-DURO.NE DUROTEQ NERO GRES REKT. MAT. 59,8X59,8 G1WZ 1,788,484 - 16,11m2. QR-298X598-1-DURO.NESP DUROTEQ NERO ST OPNICA PROSTA MAT.29,8X59,8 G1 wz 1,788,485 - 21.45 m2. QR-298X598-1-DURO.NE DUROTEQ NERO GRESREKT. MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 wz 1788484- 12,87 m2. R-198X198-1-INWE.BI INWEST BIALYGRES SZ KL. MAT. 19.8x19.8 G1 WZ 1788485- 429 m2. R-198X198-1-INWE.BI INWESTBIALY GRES SZKL. MAT. 19,8X19,8 G1 WZ 1788484 - 132 m2. S-198X198-1-INWE.BI-MINWESTA BIANCO SCI ANA MAT. 19.8x19.8 G1 WZ 1788485- 638.40 m2.S-198X198-1-INWE.BI-M INWESTA BIANCO SCIANA MAT. 19.8x19.8 G1 WZ 1788487- 42,56m2. R-SOOX600-1-SONO.GR SONO GRYS GRES SZKL. MAT. 60X60 G1 WZ 1788485- 43,20 m2.MC-298X298-1-FLAS.GR-PF FLASH GRYS MOZAIKA c1eTA K.4,8X4,8 MAT.29,8X29,8 G1 WZ1788487- 100 pieces. SR-295X595-1-PIUM.BI PIUMETTA BIANCO $ C IANA REKT.29,5X59,5 G1WZ 1788487- 19,36 m2. PR-325X325-1-PIUE.BI PIUME BIANCO PODlO GA REKT.32,5X32, 5 G1 WZ 1788486- 5,08 m2. RR-298X598-1-TIGU .BR TIGUA BROWN GRES SZKL.REKT. MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 WZ 1788484- 1,25 m2. C-072X598-1-TIGU.BR TIGUA BROWNCOKOL MA T. 7,2X59,8 G1 WZ 1788484- 7 pcs. RN-298X598-1-TIGU.BRSP-M TIGUA BROWNSTOPNICA PROSTA NACINANA MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 WZ 1788484- sht.l 6-300X600-1-TESS.ZEA TESSITA ZEFIR INSERTO A 30X60 G1 G1 WZ 1788487- 1 sht.S-300X600-1-LATE. BI LATERIZIO BIANCO SCIANA 30X60 G1 WZ 1788485- 36,00 m2.Z-300X330-1-SEMl.BRKP SEMIR BROWN KAPINOS STOPNICA PROSTA 30X33 G1 WZ 1788489-26 pieces. 1-E-600X600-1-CORA.-TU CORALINE PANEL TULIPANY 30X60X2 G1 WZ 1788490- 2 pcs. SR-295X595-1-PIUM.BI PIUMETIA BIANCO SCIANA REKT. 29,5X59,5 G1 WZ 1788490-5,28 m2. RN-0,3X1,2-1-TIGU.BESP-M TIGUA BEIGE STOPNICA PROSTA NACINANAMAT.29,8X119,8 G1 WZ 1788488- 1 pc. RS-600X600-1-PINl.BR PINI BROWN GRESSZKL.STRUKTURA MAT. 60X60 G1 WZ 1788488- 14,40 m2.POLAND143104UA20502021101.798093.882094
29/Apr/201784321000001.Mashyny for processing agricultural soil thatnot contain some kind of transmitters and receivers or transmitters: - reversible plows dumping Multi-Leader 8T, art.1737063 - 3pc., Semi mounted 8 buildings, the ground clearance of 80 cm to the frame, the distance between 102sm buildings, with side knife peredpluzhnykamy with serial number: H1609, H1627, H1640 to complete include: art.1708652-plow LPO 66D CS / L (vapor) -21sht., art.1706475 peredpluzhnyk ZRL-153/183 / CHG / MG (pair) - 24sht., art.1708652 - plow LPO 66D CS / L (pair) - 3pc., art.1716513M - extension MLD T - 6sht.Vyrobnyk - KUHN SATorhovelna mark - KUHNKrayina pro and - FR.FRANCE3UA1001101422382291.50905
29/Apr/20177318159090"1.Kripylni ferrous metals: Screw Wood hockey RAL painted wood zshestyhr.holivkoyu 4,8h35mm, art.P14035OFA7024 - 30000sht; Hvyntsamonariz hex head galvanized metal 4,8h16mm without washers, art.P150153PL - 20000sht; Screw concrete-headed screw 6.3 / 7,0h160mmdlya sandwich panels hockey galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "", art.P150160R0PL - 7000sht, Wood-headed screw head on galvanized metalu4,8h19mm without washers, art.P150173PL - 20000sht, concrete screw head izshestyhrannoyu 6.3 / 7,0h190mm for sandwich panels coated with hockey wimples "" gRey.coat "", art.P150190R0PL - 7000sht, Wood Screw with shestyhrannoyuholivkoyu 4,8h25mm coated metal without the puck art.P150233PL - 10000sht; Screw Wood hockey painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 5,5h25mm, art.P150250PL1015A - 10000sht, screw concrete-headed holivkoyu6,3 / 7,0h310mm for sandwich panels hockey galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "", art.P150310R0PL - 100 pieces; Wood-headed screw head pometalu 5,5h35mm reinforced with galvanized washer art.P150350PL - 20000sht; Samonariziz screw washer painted RAL hex head 4,8h20mm dlyaskriplennya metal sheets art.P15048200PL9003 - 20000sht; Wood screw head izshestyhrannoyu reinforced metal coated 5,5h67mm "" gRey.coat "", art.P15067R0PL - 6000sht; Wood-headed screw head on galvanized metalu5,5h70mm without washers, art.P150703PL - 7000sht; Wood Screw pometalu fat. to 12mm hex head 5,5 / 6,3h150mm for sandwich paneleyz hockey coated art.P1551500PL - 6000sht; Wood, metal screw 12mm hex head 5,5 / 6,3h175mm for sandwich panels shayboyuotsynkovanyy, art.P1551750PL - 4000sht; Screw Screws for metal thicknesses. 12mm head to izshestyhrannoyu 5.5 / 6,3h200mm for sandwich panels hockey coated art.P1552000PL - 7000sht; Wood-headed screw head 6,3h40mm pometalu to 16mm galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "" hockey, art.P157040GC0PL -20000sht; Wood screws with a semicircular head with TORX presshayboyu otsynkovani8,0h380mm, art.P1313800PL - 300sht; Wood-headed screw head pometalu 4,8h19mm coated with washer art.P2594190PL - 20000sht; Samonariziz screw washer painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL3005 - 30000sht; Wood screw with washer painted RAL zshestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL5005 - 30000sht; Hvyntsamonariz hockey painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL7024 - 30000sht; Wood screw with washer painted RAL zshestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL8017 - 40000sht.Torhivelna brand Gunnebo Fastening.Vyrobnyk Gbo Fastening Systems Sp. zo.o.Krayina production TW. "TAIWAN0UA100110252311117.31927
29/Apr/201727101981001.Olyvy containing motor oil obtained from bituminous rocks> 70% as a main component, oil in aerosol packaging is not designed for use in vehicles. Oil content of over 70%. No molybdenum disulphide content: dvuhtaktnyh oils for gasoline engines Oil TNK 2T, 1 liter canister - 1152sht.Maslo Semi-synthetic motor TNK Magnum Motor Plus 10W-40 (4 liters) - 960sht.Maslo Semi-synthetic motor TNK Magnum Motor Plus 10W-40 (5 liters ) - Semi-synthetic motor 768sht.Maslo TNK Magnum Motor Plus 10W-40 (20 liters) - 32sht.Maslo mineral motor TNK Magnum Motor Plus 15W-40 (1 l) - TNK 384sht.Maslo motor Revolux D3 15W-40 (180 kg) - 6sht.Maslo motor TNC Revolux D2 10W-40 (20 liters) - TNK 32sht.Maslo motor Revolux D1 SAE 30 (20 liters) - TNK 96sht.Maslo motor Revolux D1 SAE 30 (180 kg) - TNK 1sht.Maslo motor Revolux D1 SAE 40 (180 kg) - TNK compress 3sht.Maslo VDL 150 (180 kg) - 4 pieces. .RUSSIA0UA1101101411515565.138
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Маскіо-Гаспардо Україна"""
Importer Address
04119, м. Київ, вул. Зоологічна, 4А офіс 139
Exporter Name Maschio- Gaspardo S.p.A.,
Product Description
1.Vyroby ferrous metals to agricultural equipment .........
HS Code 7326909890Value 3933.179099
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 117.332
Origin Country ITALY

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