Ukraine Import Data of Security Camera | Ukraine Import Statistics of Security Camera

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of security camera collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of security camera imports.

Security Camera Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Security Camera

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
18/Apr/20177326909890"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machinery, ferrous metals: Security camera inclined shaft Metal, Art. 84073716 - 1 pc;".POLAND0UA1101600.914.35287064 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
18/Apr/20177326909890"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machinery, ferrous metals: Security camera inclined shaft Metal, Art. 84073716 - 1 pc; protection of metal casing elevator Kolosov, art. 740 667 - 1 pc; metal bushing combine art. 84334697 - 2 pc; Overlay metal silo Kolosov, art. 84429238 - 1 pc; Overlay metal tray grain combine art. 84078026 - 1 pc; ".BELGIUM0UA1101609.338262.757525
14/Apr/20178531809590"1. visual warning devices (not contain in its composition aboperedavachi transmitters and receivers, non-security, fire): Komplektdodatkovoho equipment -2kompl RTG container cranes. To skladuodnoho kit contains: 1. Block contact 53675820 - 10pcs 2. relay 52391964 - 3pc 3. Connector relay 52386931 - 3pc 4. Cable connection 52887806 - 2 pcs; 5. Cable connection 52887801 - 2 pcs 6. Cable connection 52776626 - 2 pcs; 7. reversing camera 52713196 - 3pc 8. electrical Box 53513933 -4sht 9. The cable connecting 53751272 - 2 pcs; 10. nut cable entry 52897 -8sht 396, 11. Cable 53681551 - 4 pieces; 12. Cable 52889245 - 2 pcs; 13. Cable -4sht 52493627, 53349984 14. Switch - 4 pieces; 15. Seal 53514143 - 8 pieces; 16. Kabelnyyvvid 52897391 - 8sht.Torhovelna Brand: KONECRANESKrayina production: FIVyrobnyk: KONECRANES. "FINLAND0UA125020182976.399938
14/Apr/201785258019001. Cameras for video surveillance of security purposes, television, do not contain in-use storage transmitters or transmitters and receivers for dismantling at exhibitions and sales outlets: DINION IP Starlight 7000 HDNBN-73023-BA camcorder (sample) art. F.01U.314.806-1.Camcorder DINION IP Starlight 6000 HD NBN-63013-B (sample) art.F.01U.314.349-1pc. Brand: BOSCH Production line: PT Manufacturer: Bosch Security Systems BV.PORTUGAL2UA1002901.64287.0101256
14/Apr/20179002110000"1. Objectives for video surveillance cameras: LVF-5005C-S4109 About" 1 / 1,8 "" SR-IRIS (sample) to the camera for video surveillance, CTN number LVF-8008C-P0413 art.F.01U. 297.770 -1 pieces LVF-5005N-S1250 "DC-IRIS (sample)" to the camera for video surveillance, "CT-number" LVF-8008C-P0413 art. F.01U.305.567-1pcs. Brand name: BOSCH Production Line: CN Producer: Bosch Security Systems BV. "CHINA2UA1002900.48112.6781734
05/Apr/201790021100001.Prylady devices and optical lenses for cameras with M12 * 0.5 riz'boyu to establish focal length 16mm- 1200sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - TollarVyrobnyk - Tollar Security Equipment Limited.CHINA1200UA1002006.51770.499768
05/Apr/201785258019001.Tsyfrovi camera without a radio transmitter, on-board camera -module 1/3 CMOS model 1099 new 32 * 32 mm 3-pin connecting wires to connect, install it metal holder lens bezob lenses and external frame effective pixels, the ozshyrennya 0.568 MR-800 sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - TollarVyrobnyk - Tollar Security Equipment Limited.CHINA800UA100200123479.500112
05/Apr/20178418509000"1. furniture with built-in refrigeration equipment for storage and display of food catering, wine refrigerator cabinet for model CV-60 - 20pcs. Technical parameters: Capacity 60 bottles; Dimensions 128 * 48 * 47cm, adjustable temperature: 4-16 degrees Celsius, power: 0,85kVt, digital display, internal light, 10 metal shelves anti drops, crystal door with podviynoyuyu camera; Voltage - 220 / 240Vt / 50Hz, seasoned with freon R600A - 42G, which is not related to ozone-depleting substances. Color - black, Print - double; Volume - 270l, inner peace, security lock, Operating temperature range: top 5-12 degrees Celsius, bottom 12-22 degrees Celsius ;. digital display temperature control, does not contain a radio transmitter / peredavachiv.Torhovelna mark - Zhongshan Candor Electric Appliances Co.Ltd.Vyrobnyk - Zhongshan Candor Electric Appliances Co.Ltd, China.Krayina production - CN.. "CHINA20UA1251107606031.224731
03/Apr/20178525801900"1.Studiyne professional equipment - television cameras language class for the air that do not have built-in recording images are not intended for use with security systems, are not receiving and transmitting radio: Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K, (Compact Ultra HD studio camera that can be fully controlled from the switcher via the SDI control protocol. Includes 6G-SDI connections, built in color corrector, talkback, tally indicator, PTZ control output, built in microphones, backup battery, an adaptable MFT lens mount and B4 lens control output) compact studio Ultra HD / HD camera with video mixer with control via SDI-interface, built-in correction Necklace ru, two-way called '' main roads, status indication output for controlling panoramic tripod head and on the "" lenses B4, built-in microphone mount MFT, complete with a dust cover, a cable for port expansion, battery adapter 12V AC - 10 units. Trademark BlackmagicVyrobnyk Blackmagi c Design LimitedKrayina production SG "SINGAPORE10UA10023098286.360115
03/Apr/20178517709000"1.Chastyny ​​containing no transceiver for service and mobile phones harantiynohoobsluhovuvannya pr-va piano we" "Microsoft" ": Klaviaturaart.9794N00 - 3pc. Stencil keyboard art.9795648 - 5pcs. Art.9793W64- Keyboard 1pc. art.9793W20 keyboard - 2 pcs. art.9448658 trunk lid - 3pc. Kryshkakorpusu art.8003544 - 1pc. art.8003486 trunk lid - 30sht. Front panel zdyspleyem art.00813X2 - 5pcs. Front panel display art.00813P8 - 9sht . Perednyapanel display art.00813B2 - 18sht. Front panel display art.00812T3 -1sht. SIM-card holder art.00812M3 - 1pc. Front panel display art.00810B3 - 1pc. Art.00801S4 trunk lid - 10pc. Front panel with protective ekranomdyspleya art.00801K1 - 2 pcs. Art.8003463 trunk lid - 1pc. Interface plataart.8003456 - 51sht. Art.00805X7 Frame Display - 3pc. Kartkyart SIM-holder. 0269D98 - 2 pcs. Holder SD-card art.0269D93 - 1pc. kartkyart.0269C67 SIM-holder - 1 pc. housing cover art.0257834 - 8 pieces. The trunk lid art.0253602- 2 pcs. The trunk lid art.02510P9 - 12p. Art.02509T5 battery cover - cover 59sht.Zadnya art.02509P7 - 30sht. The trunk lid art.02507Z7 - 40sht. Kryshkakorpusu art.02507V8 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.02507V4 - 10pc. Rear kryshkaart.02507L2 - 15sht. The back cover art.02507L0 - 80sht. The trunk lid art.02507G4- 1am. The trunk lid art.02503G7 - 1pc. The trunk lid art.02503F5 - 3sht.Kryshka housing art.02503C3 - 1pc. The trunk lid art.02503B3 - 1pc. Kryshkakorpusu art.02502Z9 - 10pc. The trunk lid art.02500P7 - 3pc. Cover korpusuart.9447880 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.9447874 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.8003569- 6 pcs. Art.8003566 battery cover - 5pcs. The trunk lid art.8003542 - 20sht.Kryshka housing art.8003487 - 35 pcs. Button art.9794R65 - 4 pieces. Cover korpusuart.8003462 - 10pc. The trunk lid art.8003079 - 1pc. The trunk lid art.9447978- 1am. The trunk lid art.9447878 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.9447875 - 3sht.Kryshka battery art.9446950 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.8003541 - 30sht. Kryshkakorpusu art.8003488 - 15sht. The trunk lid art.8003484 - 15sht. Cover korpusuart.8003384 - 1pc. Interface card with microphone jack art.8003326 -35sht. The trunk lid art.8003221 - 5pcs. Holder board art.8003080 - 20pcs. TrymachSIM art.0269D99 card - 1pc. Holder SD-card art.0269D94 - 1pc. TrymachSIM card art.0269C76 - 5pcs. SIM-card holder art.0269F00 - 1pc. TrymachSD art.0269D95 card - 1pc. SIM-card holder art.0269D22 - 5pcs. TrymachSIM card art.0269C75 - 2 pcs. The trunk lid art.0258629 - 1pc. Cover korpusuart.0258293 - 5pcs. The trunk lid art.0257955 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.02510Q0- 14sht. Holder art.0269J97 connectors - 2 pcs. Security camera window art.0269J17 -10sht. SIM-card holder art.0269D97 - 2 pcs. The back cover art.02510P8 - 20sht.Kryshka housing art.02510N5 - 20pcs. The back cover art.02509R9 - 15sht. Rear kryshkaart.02509H7 - 35 pcs. The trunk lid art.02507Z4 - 21sht. Cover korpusuart.02507V6 - 3pc. The trunk lid art.02507G3 - 20pcs. The trunk lid art.02507C6- 1am. SIM-card holder art.0269 "CHINA0UA100200126018.701605
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Security Camera Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Security Camera Importer Sample

Date 18/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ з ІІ ""Новофарм"""
Importer Address
51233, Дніпропетровська обл., Новомосковський р-н, с.Кільчень, вул.Привокзальна, 1а
Exporter Name DSV Air & Sea GmbH
Product Description
"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machine.........
HS Code 7326909890Value 14.35287064
Quantity 0Unit UA110160
Net Weight 0.9
Origin Country POLAND

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