Ukraine Import Data of Sealant Compound | Ukraine Import Statistics of Sealant Compound

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of sealant compound collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of sealant compound imports.

Sealant Compound Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Sealant Compound

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of sealant compound. Get Ukraine trade data of Sealant Compound imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/20173207300000"1.Ridki hlyantsyuvalni matter: art.Z1202742LT chandeliers (composition: tsykloheks anol mensh35% less resin 20% less platinum tion sulforezynat 7% cyclohexanone mensh23% less oil 20% rezinaty goal showers less 5%, 2 nitrotolulol less 10%) - 1,75kh, art.z1301811LT - 1kg mass platinova TIKA (including: platinovyysulforezynat less 4% cyclohexanone 26% less, 2.4 pe ntanedion less 20% propylene fenoksitol less 40%, oxides of titanium (IV ) less 10%)., gold sealant, art. Z1104672LT- 0,25 kg. (consisting of: cyclohexanol less 36%, 20% less resin, gold sulforezynat less 6% less cyclohexanone 23% less oil 20% re zinaty metals less 5%, 2 nitrotolulol less 10%) are suspenziyumetalevyh organic compounds in solution (cyclohexanol) used inas a component for the manufacture of ceramic Mastic (for decorating keramichnoyiplytky) .Vyrobnyk - "" GLAZURA-TORRECID "", Velikobrit aniyaTorhivelna mark: EFCO GLAZURAKrayina production: GB. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA80717034905.983561 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20174016930090"1. Seals made of vulcanized non-porous rubber, which are installed in dual automatic clipsator SP 18/15 (equipment for closing the ends of sausages with aluminum clips) to provide a sealed connection: - ring, article 731113, in quantity of 1, is a ring of sealing circular cross section , Diameter - 26,65 mm, thickness - 2,62 mm. - rubber sealing ring, article 731126, in quantity - 1 pcs. There is a circular sealant of round cross section, diameter 9,25 mm, thickness - 1,78 mm. - rubber sealing ring , Article 731131, in circles2 pcs. There is a circular sealant of a round cross-section, with a diameter of 20,24 mm, a thickness of -2,62 mm. It is intended for sealing between parts in the knife cutoff knife (provides a sealing compound) Material: vulcanized non-porous rubber. Method of production: stamping. Manufacturer: "" Tipper Tie Alpina. "Brand:" Tipper Tie. "Country of manufacture: (IT) Italy."ITALY0UA1002000.0413.65583862
25/Apr/201740059100901.Strichka nevulkanizova term sealing of rubber compounds based black napaperoviy SEALANT-STRIP-S1061 T3XW40XL3000, designed to protect hermetyzatsiyiantykorrozyynoho and filling voids cable fittings dovzh.3000mm-72rul.Vyrobnyk - Tyco Electronics RaychemKrayina production - DE.Torhivelna mark - TE Connectivity .GERMANY0UA10013044.4749.8139459
25/Apr/201732141010901) Sealant CQ MARIN & TEKNIK WHITE = 60 cans packed 300 ml art. 72600-74061 0,3. A paste containing a white paste consisting of a copolymer containing acrylic and styrenic links with the addition of calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, silicon compounds. The content of the non-volatile component is 98.4% by weight, ash 47.3% by weight. Not in aerosol packaging. .SWEDEN0UA11005028212.7484434
24/Apr/20173044500001. Seal sealing with a non-vulcanised rubber compound of black color on paper basis SEALANT-STRIP-S1061 T3XW40XL3000, designed for sealing anticorrosion protection and filling cavities of cavity fittings, long 3000 mm-72 rub. Producer - Tyco Electronics Raychem Production line - DE.Product brand - TE Connectivity .FRANCE0UA100120142.021486.586879
19/Apr/201739100000101.Sylikonovi oils and emulsions brands: Wacker E 3155 Silicone Fluid Emulsion.Upakovano 4 p / p to 950 containers weighing kh.Zahalnoyu 3800 kh.Silfoam SD 882 Antifoam Self-Dispersing.Upakovano 6 to 25 cans weighing 150 kh.Zahalnoyu kh.V'yazka ridyna.Do consists polidymetylsyloksan.Vykorystovuyetsya for the production of lacquer and paint products, construction sealants, compounds, insulating varnishes and compounds, defoamers, coolants, hydraulic fluids. Not aerosol packaging. Products brand: Wacker. Manufacturer: Wacker Chemie AG. Country of origin: DE. .GERMANY0UA10011039507454.967616
18/Apr/201784879090001.Pos.9 (900), Oil Sealant Sealant - is a steel ring and vulcanised rubber compound connected by vulcanization, without moving parts, designed to prevent the flow of grease and penetration of dust inside the mechanism by sealing adjacent surfaces. Used exclusively in the oil medium on the shafts of units of cigarette equipment. Marking on the package: B1FUD2, Simmerring, Made in CZ. Item 34 (1000), Oil Sealant Sealant - is a steel ring and vulcanised rubber compound, connected by vulcanization, without moving parts, designed to prevent the leakage of grease and dust penetration into the inside Mechanism by compaction of adjacent surfaces. Used exclusively in the oil medium on the shafts of units of cigarette equipment.Marking on the package: B1FUD2, Simmerring, Made in CZ.p.33 (1100), Oil Sealant Sealant - is a steel ring and vulcanised rubber compound bonded by vulcanization without moving parts designed to prevent leakage of grease and dust penetration. Inside the mechanism by sealing the adjacent surfaces. Used exclusively in the oil medium on the shafts of units of cigarette equipment. Labeling on the package: B1FUD2, Simmerring, Made in CZ.CZECH REPUBLIC0UA8060500.0925.79809428
18/Apr/201740169300901. Spare parts for construction equipment Volvo: - sealant for graders Volvo G990, desks number: VOE 17254010 - 2 shtuky.Yavlyayut a rubber seal (ring) compounds moving node - the output shaft rear axle (planetary axle) autograder Volvo G990. Material - huma.- nonporous sealant for graders Volvo G976, desks number: VOE 12743137 - 1 piece. It is a gland seal - a device with vulcanized soft rubber nonporous graders Volvo G976. Situated on the input shaft rear axle Grader helps to protect against dust and dirt from the environment to the working arrangements. .GERMANY0UA7000400.981462.44201
14/Apr/20173907300000"1. The epoxy-resin Dianova nezatverdila brand ED-16 GOST 10587-84 - polymers obtained by condensation of epichlorohydrin with bisphenol A, are v'yazkubez coloring yellowish transparent liquid onaddition nkom no visible traces mehanichnyhvklyuchen and water mass fate epoxide groups, 16.0% - 18.0% used otehnichniy electric, electronic indust those aircraft, sudo- and engineering, bu divnytstvi as part zalyvochnyh and impregnating compounds, adhesives, sealants, z'yednyuyuchyh for reinforcing plastics; you robnyk - PCF "" Plant name Ya.M.Sver dlova "" m. Dzerzhinsk, Russia. SЭDM Resin-6 OST 6-05-5125-82 - is an epoxy-nezatverdilu Dianova QS Lu, modified-element spol ukoyu, exterior resin - high-viscosity fluids from brown to dark -kor ychnevoho color, mass dolyaepoksydnyh groups - not less than 12.0% is used fo making teplostiykyhkleyiv I, which ykorystovuyutsya in various fields industria ovosti, producer - JSC " 's Institute of plastics", "c. Moscow, Russia. Both resin, contain in their composition ivoskiv, oils, bitumen, rubber, dioxo ydu titanium metal powder, brick powder, clay, sand and other silicates s, lime, cement and any inshyhmi eral or other fillers bid Elnya mark - no data krayinavyrobny tstva - RU. "RUSSIA0UA8071703071555.433477
11/Apr/201732141010901. Mastics for sealing double-glazed windows not in aerosol packing, complete with the hardener: - the company name KATPLAST 600 two-component sealant (component A + component B) on the basis of polyurethane packed in a capacity (in the form of barrels) of 200l-12pc Content filler,%: Polyol- 15-20 Plasticiser-15-20 Kalsiym carbonate-50-60Catalyst-0,005-001-KATPLAST 600 Component B packed in containers (buckets) per 20l-12pc Compound additive,%: Modified diisocyanate-25-30 Plasticizer-45-55C Black-10-15Fumed silica-2-3 is used as a hardener (is a catalyst for two-component mastics KATPLAST 600) Brand: KATSANCroat production tstva: TRVyrobnyk: KATSAN KIMYA SANAYI VE TIC. ASTURKEY0UA10013045125414.402225
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Sealant Compound Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Sealant Compound Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПАТ ""Харківський плитковий завод"""
Importer Address
61106, Україна, м.Харків,
Exporter Name """Glazura s.r.o."""
Product Description
"1.Ridki hlyantsyuvalni matter: art.Z1202742LT cha.........
HS Code 3207300000Value 4905.983561
Quantity 0Unit UA807170
Net Weight 3

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