Ukraine Import Data of Screw Shaft | Ukraine Import Statistics of Screw Shaft

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of screw shaft collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of screw shaft imports.

Screw Shaft Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Screw Shaft

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178413607000"1.Nasos for soldering installation" "Pillarhouse" ", screw - 1sht.Pryntsyp work: during the rotational motion of the shaft on Jun" "yachnoho type is feeding molten tin in solder nozzle ustanovky.Habarytni size: 325h154h79mmPryznachenyy olovyanoho for supplying solder to solder nozzle ustanovky.Bude used in own production, namely in vyrobyunytstvi network transformers.. "GERMANY1UA2051404.92528.167856 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20178716909010"1. Spare parts for passenger cars and trucks: Remkomplekt of the seat-coupling device of trucks (metal bushing - 2pcs, screw - 2pcs, splint-2pcs, nut - 2pcs, spring - 2pcs, shaft, bracket polymer), art .95.847 -10pcs; Country of production - TRTag Brand - SampaProducer - Sampa Otomotiv San. Ve Tic.AS. "TURKEY0UA10011018.96260.4950281
27/Apr/20178413910090"1.Zapasni parts for cars and trucks / m: Attractions aqueous (propeller shaft, impeller, bearing 2 pcs., Nut, gasket 2 pcs., Prokladkauschilnyuyucha 4pcs., Rubber sealing ring 4 pcs.) Art.010.854-1sht. ; Remkomplektvodyanoho pump (impeller shaft, impeller, bearing 2 pcs., nut, salnyk2sht. gasket sealing 4pcs., rubber sealing ring 4 pcs.) art.010.854-1sht .; Attractions aqueous (impeller shaft in the collection, seal - 6 pieces, screws - 4 pieces) art.020.647-1sht .; Attractions aqueous (valz impeller in the collection, seal - 6 pieces, screws - 4 pieces) art.0 20.647-7sht., Repair kit water pump (coupling, seal - 6 pieces, screws - 4pcs, washer) art.020.648-1sht .; Attractions aqueous (seal, washer - 4pcs) art.010.834-2sht., Country of origin - TRTorhovelna mark - SampaVyrobnyk - Sampa Otomotiv San. ve Tic.AS. "TURKEY0UA10011039.47588.7665203
26/Apr/20178436100000"1.Zmishuvach-kormorazdavach SOLOMIX 2 1800ZK, art.02005 serial number 27101-09-1sht. (Wheels removed for transport) .Ckladayetsya: with electronic weighing systems, EZ3610V, reduktra 1.7, loose, low drawbar quickly roses" "capacious sleeves, 22 mm pitch screw, manually adjust the chute + magnet driveshaft Russian standard 8-shlitsiv.Vykorystovuyetsya for mixing and moving of feed grade tvaryn.Torhovelna:" "TRIOLIET" ". Producer: Ltd." "TRIOLIT BV . "" - Niderlandy- (NL) .Krayina-production: Niderlandy- (NL). ".NETHERLANDS0UA102150600032566.79901
26/Apr/201773181699901.Zakriplyuvalni elements screw Carbon steel with an internal diameter of over 12mm, 15mm nut d, art.86050279-50 piece, nut d 40mm art.5119147-3 piece, nut d 90mm, art.5141692-2 piece, nut M35, art.5143242-2 piece, nut M75, art.5142020-2 piece, nut shaft promizhutochnoho d 45mm, art.5147930-4 pieces, trademarks, CNH.Krayina vyrobnytstva- IT.Vyrobnyk-CNHI International. .ITALY0UA1101904.09183.5149756
26/Apr/20174016930090"1. linings, gaskets, seals, washers, etc. from vulcanized rubber to not porous agricultural machinery: Seal (AT18387) - 20pcs (number from the seller WN-173133C91), Seal (PEX) - 20pcs (number from vendor WN-194051C1), Seal bearing support wheel 816-012C - 10 pieces (number from the seller WN-816-012C), Seal rod S16102 - 60sht (a number from the seller WN-372756R91), Seal screw domolota 564592R91 - 20pcs, (a number from the seller WN-564592R91), Uschilnennya 816-033C - 20pcs (number from the seller WN-816-033C), shaft seals gear differential lane. bridge - 5pcs (a number from the seller WN-87324559) Seal marker 816-014C - 10 pieces (number from the seller WN-816-014C). Used for agricultural equipment. For own production needs Ltd. CPSU "" Imex Group "" .. "UNITED STATES0UA11015014.12788.1624516
26/Apr/201773181699901.Zakriplyuvalni elements screw Carbon steel with an internal diameter of more than 12mm: Nut front axle shaft gear M16, art.87324520-9 pieces, trademarks, CNH.Krayina vyrobnytstva- US.Vyrobnyk-CNHI International. .UNITED STATES0UA1101901.8159.5136226
26/Apr/20174016995290"1.Zapchastyny ​​for trucks / g. Fenders humometalevyy 3617426-2sht. Vtulkahumometaleva (c / unit) 3639419-6sht. Humometaleva plug 3647086-5sht.Vtulka humometaleva cab cab body 3454766-18sht. Humometalevastabilizatora plug body 3457102-8sht. Reliance suspended cardan shaft (humometaleva) 2799534-1sht. humometalevyy nipple at pump refrigerating engine 3454696-5sht. Podushkahumometaleva 3644811-2sht. Pillow pneumatic tires, hand 3454870-1sht. Prokladkahu mometaleva sealing 3457069-5sht. RMK for ompresora (padding-metal cuffs, bolts) 3456869- 1pc. RMK air compressor supercharger (PROK Ladko-metal cuffs, plugs and screws krepizhy) 3454660-2sht. 3455073-1sht.Krayina production - DETorhovelna mark - "" Diesel Technic "" Brand - "" DT-Diesel Technic AG "". "GERMANY0UA10011078.577716.0971878
26/Apr/20178483109590"1. Transmission shafts (including cam and articulated) and cranks: Val brake drum (shallow slot 33T) (a number from the seller WN-236378A1) - 3pc, Val starred with performances (a number from the seller WN-87642397) - 10pcs , Val starred with performances (a number from the seller WN-87642397) - 5pcs, Val shestyhranyy inclined chamber L = 1756 mm (a number from the seller WN-389071A1) - 10 pieces; shaft hexagonal drive sieve and screw (a number from the seller WN -1322616C1) - 1pc; shaft-gear fan speed control (a number from the seller WN-142848A1) - A 2sht.Vykorystovuyutsya I agricultural equipment. for own production needs Ltd. CPSU "" Imex Group ".". "UNITED STATES0UA110150431.598955.816859
25/Apr/20176110309900"1.Zapasni parts for cars and trucks / m: Clutch sydilno-zchipnohoprystroyu trucks (metal sleeve - 2 pcs screw - 2 pcs, -2sht pin, nut - 2 pcs, spring - 2 pcs, shaft, arm polymer) art.095.847 -10sht., Country of origin - TRTorhovelna mark - SampaVyrobnyk - Sampa Otomotiv San. ve Tic.AS. "CHINA64UA20914011.29273.32994
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Screw Shaft Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Screw Shaft Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""ХАН - Електробау Україна"""
Importer Address
м.Нововолинськ, вул.Шахтарська, 39А, 45400 Україна
Exporter Name """HAHN"" GmbH & Co."
Product Description
"1.Nasos for soldering installation" "Pillarhouse".........
HS Code 8413607000Value 2528.167856
Quantity 1Unit UA205140
Net Weight 4.9
Origin Country GERMANY

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