Ukraine Import Data of Screen Printing Ink | Ukraine Import Statistics of Screen Printing Ink

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of screen printing ink collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of screen printing ink imports.

Screen Printing Ink Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Screen Printing Ink

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of screen printing ink. Get Ukraine trade data of Screen Printing Ink imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/20173215190000"1.Farba printing Aquasafe R / S Gloss Extender 80.5026 -" "gloss white", "Screen printing on paper, flisoviy surface shpaler.Ye the production of printing inks without protective properties made of acrylic polymers aqueous dispersion, white which is a suspension of inorganic mineral pigment in water-hlykolevomu environments containing volatile component (pearlescent pigment) -15mas% - 3000,00 kg (3 plastyk.konteyner x 1000 kg). ".NETHERLANDS0UA11015030008961.330258 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
12/Apr/20173215190000"1. For its production potreb.Farby color printing without protective properties for deep and screen printing: Folco-Flex FB 10-134 yellow-red 353kh; Folco-Flex FB 10-259 reddish-yellow 351kh; Folco-Flex FB 10 -333 bluish-green 120kg; Folco-Flex FB 5-351-violet 240kh; Folco-Flex FT 6035 pearl-5981kh; Folco-Flex FT 6070/1 gold-1080kh, Printing inks are aqueous dispersion of acrylic polymers with the addition of pigments and other dobavok.Vykorystovuyetsya the production shpaler.Ne in aerosol upakovtsi.Bez protective vlastyvostey.Vyrobnyk: "" Follmann & Co.Gmbh & Co. KG "". trademark: "" Folco -Flex "". Country of origin: DE.. "GERMANY0UA110110812549686.11967
07/Apr/20176908909300"1. Ceramics - tiles, ceramic wall facing glazed faience or fine ceramics, thickness 8 mm Tile: -model CAPPUCCINO BEIGE 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100145299-73,26 sq.m. - Model BALTIMORE BEIGE 33,3X100 (A) / art. 100161494-73,26 sq.m. - model NEWPORT NATURAL 33,3X100 (A) / art. 100155174-73,26 sq.m. - model NEWPORT WHITE 33, 3X100 (A) / art. 100155773-73,26 sq.m. - model COLISEUM 33,3X100 (A) / art. 100161584-73,26 sq.m. - model COLISEUM BRILLO 33,3X100 (A) / art. 100183143-73,26 sq.m. - model MOSAICO COLISEUM BRILLO 33,3X100 (A) / art. 100183125-73,26 sq.m. - model PRISMA WHITE 33,3X100 (A) / art. 100 179 212 -18.981 sq.m. - model HELSINKY WHITE NP 33,3X100 (A) / art. 100144835-1,332 sq.m. - model BALTIMORE GRAY 33,3X100 (A) / art. 100161478-73,26 sq.m. .; Zra zky tile: -model FLORENCIA BLANCO NP 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100149902-0,333 sq.m. - model FLORENCIA BEIGE NP 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100142903-0,333 sq.m. - model FLORENCIA NATURAL NP 33,3X100 (A) / art. 100149903-0,333 sq.m. - model RHIN NATURAL NP 33,3X100 (A) / art. 100143835-0,333 sq.m. - Model RHIN IVORY NP 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100135431-0,333 sq.m. - Model SUEDE TAUPE 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100135477-0,333 sq.m. - Model RUGGINE NP 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100144839-0,333 sq.m. - Model RUGGINE ALUMINIO NP 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100142906-0,333 sq.m. - Model RUGGINE CALDERA NP 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100149908-0,333 sq.m. - Model RUGGINE LATON NP 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100151493-0,333 sq.m. - Model RUGGINE NIQUEL NP 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100144502-0,333 sq.m. - Model RUGGINE PLATINO NP 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100144503-0,333 sq.m. - Model RUGGINE TITANIO NP 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100142907-0,333 sq.m. - Model CRYSTAL WHITE NP 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100142878-0,333 sq.m. - Model CRYSTAL DARK NP 33,3X100 (A) / Art. 100143816-0,333 m², Characteristics of the goods: porous (high water absorption> 10%) of white clay decor vitryfitsyrovanoyu hlazurryu made with the help of monoobzhyhu. Raw material base: white clay (silica - silicon oxides, alumina - aluminum oxide, iron oxide); kaolin (composition: quartz, alumina); sodium feldspar - zv'yauvalnyy main elements in the base. Raw materials for decoration, enamel and fritta (transparent glass - the basic composition: silica) and other links and matte color elements; slurry (connecting the base with enamel); screen printing (color mix ceramics - metal oxides), Frith (the main component of enamel) polihlikoli.Pryznachennya: wall inside the premises, such as bathrooms, kitchens toscho.TM: "" VENIS "", "". Producer: "" VENIS SA "", ES. "SPAIN611388UA1101509453.043984.997391
07/Apr/20176908909100"1. Ceramics - Facing tiles Flooring ceramic glazed stoneware with thick 10 mm tile: -model CAPPUCCINO BEIGE 59,6X59,6 (A) / Art. 100145215-45,467 sq.m. - Model BALTIMORE BEIGE 59,6X59,6 (A) / art. 100161577-45,467 sq.m. - model NEWPORT WHITE 59,6X59,6 (A) / art. 100155941-45,46 sq.m. - BALTIMORE NATURAL model 59,6X59,6 (A) / art. 100161487-45,467 sq.m. - model CAPPUCCINO BEIGE 59,6X59,6 (A) / art. 100145215-45,467 sq.m. - model BALTIMORE GRAY 59,6X59, 6 (A) / art. 100161588-45,467 square meters, Sample tiles: -model FERROKER PV 45X90 (A) / art. 100103298-0,405 sq.m. - model FERROKER ALUMINIO PV 45X90 (A) / art. 100 106 345 -0.405 sq.m. - model FERROKER NIQUEL PV 45X90 (A) / art. 100106346-0,405 sq.m. - model FERROKER TITANIO PV 45X90 (A) / art. 10010 4642-0,405 m², Characteristics of the goods, made with the help of monoobzhyhu, non-porous base (low water absorption <0.5%), base neutral (white) or color (with the addition of dyes onorodnym profarbuvannyam, Rowan eye. Raw material base: white clay (silica - silicon oxides, alumina - aluminum oxide, iron oxide <3%); sodium feldspar - zv'yauvalnyy main elements in the base; kaolin (composition: quartz, alumina) and limestone, dolomite and providing carbonates. Raw materials for decorations, slurry (connecting the base with enamel); enamel and fritta (transparent glass - the basic composition: silica) and other links and matte color elements; screen printing (color mix ceramics - metal oxides), Frith (the main component of enamel), polyglycol. Purpose: facing the floor inside spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, hallways toscho.TM: "" VENIS "", "". Producer: "" VENIS SA "", ES. "SPAIN274415UA1101506262.012641.544951
03/Apr/20172931909090"1.Dopomizhni materials for use in tampon / screen printing primers - means for adhesion between the ink and paint, glass, metal, ceramic surface, which is a water solution Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (CAS 13822-56-5) 50% + METHANOL ( CAS 67-56-1) 0-1% and relates to organic klasukremniy spoluk- organic silanes, not in aerosol packaging notcontains precursors and drugs: - ILP030.E soil in Line Primer 030.E in met.yemkostyah by 5l - 96sht.; - DP680.E-B1 soil in DigiPrime 680 met. to 5l containers - 8 pieces., Country of origin - BETorhovelna mark - MichelmanVyrobnyk - Michelman INT ' L Belgium SPRL. "BELGIUM0UA1000205206721.965587
03/Apr/201732159000001.Farby not printing (inks and plastisols based compound) of Old poliefirivdysperh in water, not aerozo lnыy packaging in cyst em plastykovyhplyashkah 1 gallon: art.EL907301 PLASTISOL INK RUTLAND NPT SF LB, SERIESEL, COLOR WHITE-40sht. art.EH340301 PLASTISOL INK RUTLAND NPT HO, SERIES EH, COLOR DALLAS GREEN-2 pcs. art.EH258901 Plastisol ink RUTLAND NPT HO, series EH, Color LIGHT BLUE -1 pieces. art.EH461101-Plastisol ink RUTLAND NPT HO, series EH, Color YELLOW -1 pieces. art.EH803301 Plastisol ink RUTLAND NPT HO, series EH, Color SOLID BLACK -5 pieces. art.ES026601 Plastisol ink RUTLAND NPT B ARRIER BASE-4 pcs. It is a plastis ink BMI stu Ethyl alcohol and bezvmistu ftala ing, printing on fabrics in shyrokoforma tnyh printers withthrough Screen mesh. Without content and psychotropic narkot ychnyh rechovyn.Vyrobnyk Rutland Plastic Technologies.Krayina production US.Torhivelna Mark Rutland.UNITED STATES0UA807170302.522292.437813
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Screen Printing Ink Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Screen Printing Ink Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПрАТ ""ЕДЕМ"""
Importer Address
52001,Дніпропетровська обл.,м.Підгороднє,вул.Дачна,24Україна
Product Description
"1.Farba printing Aquasafe R / S Gloss Extender 80.........
HS Code 3215190000Value 8961.330258
Quantity 0Unit UA110150
Net Weight 3000
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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