Ukraine Import Data of Scraper Plate | Ukraine Import Statistics of Scraper Plate

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of scraper plate collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of scraper plate imports.

Scraper Plate Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Scraper Plate

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of scraper plate. Get Ukraine trade data of Scraper Plate imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178422909000"1.poz.1, Guide - spetsdetal steel, complex shape, used exclusively for sending cigarettes in cigarette node forming bonds, commercial name '' plate ''; Pos.2, scraper - spetsdetal complex forms of plastic, used exclusively for removing adhesive residues at the site of cigarette packaging machine equipment; poz.10, Videos - spetsdetal aluminum and rubber, is used exclusively for sending conveyor belt in the transmission node cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment without transmitting power at ertalnym traffic commercial name "" pulley ""; poz.26, Videos - spetsdetal steel, used exclusively for sending traffic to the node conveyor belt forming cigarette packs in the packaging machine syharernoho equipment; poz.28, poz.29 lever - spetsdetal steel, complex shape, used exclusively in the node forming cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment, commercial name "" Crank ""; poz.33 lever - spetsdetal steel, complex shape, used exclusively in the node nadrizannya pull tab at propyl Mr. cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment; "ITALY0UA8060501.6242983.488324 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201796039091001. Products for cleaning in the household: -schitka care windows (GLASS CLEANER SPONGE) -600sht. - with rubber scraper plate for the care of the windows (ECO PLASTICMATERIAL) -500sht. .TURKEY0UA500550130393.7803329
27/Apr/20179603909900"1.Schitky-scrapers with rubber plate with Vodoshon rezynovыm blade Goodyear WC-0117 * 16 cm 200sht; Vodoshon with sylykonovыm blade Goodyear WC-February 26 * 16 cm 200sht, for manual cleaning snow and ice from avtomobiliv.Vyrobnyk - NINGBO YONGXIN AIDUO AUTO LTD PARTSSO country of the vyrobnytstva- (CN) brand GOODYEAR. "CHINA0UA80717028222.4012779
26/Apr/20177326909890"1.Zapasni parts for combines: Production of ferrous metals: shield guides (grain harvesters) art.0007404601-1sht, weighed (threshing element kamerykombayna) art.0007414561-2sht, hose clamp (Systems oholodzhennyadvyhuna) C1-1-76X25art.0007542521 -4sht; leash (Item grain harvesters) D50X53art.0007848920-1sht, shield (elements combine threshing chamber) LW art.0007849603-1sht 1700; PLATE scraper (metal grain harvesters) 2 X 61X 921art.0009877700-8sht, brand: brand CLAASTorhovelna : CLAASKrayina production: CZ. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA12518029.553380.3681249
26/Apr/20178433900000"1.Zapasni parts for combines, parts of machines or mechanisms for harvesting or threshing crops: Set bitters (Molotylnohobarabanu) art.0001747630-1sht; art.0001747640-14sht, bottom drum (beater) art.0004958321-1sht, KIT bitters (elements combine molotylnoyikamery) art.0005088440-4sht, bitters (elements combine threshing chamber) art.0005088480-2sht; art.0005088490-2sht, frame Screens (threshing element kamerykombayna) art.0005535022-1sht, consoles (Part grain harvesters) art.0006614083-1sht, tooth (chaff spreader) art.0007351141-4sht, cover (grain Element ing harvesters) 1,5X177,6X279,1art.0007353390-1sht, shield (elements combine harvesters kukuruznoyi) art.0007355392-2sht, shield (elements combine threshing chamber) art.0007408330-1sht, shield (elements combine threshing chamber) 1, 5X187,1X1659,2art.0007494670-1sht, stepped LP (grain cleaning systems) 328,5 X 1864,4art.0007551333-4sht; DISK (Element combine threshing chamber) 0,8X0210X0210art.0007572420-1sht; L SEGMENT IVYY (grain harvesters ) 6X 103X179art.0009842520-2sht; CONUS left (Element kukuruznoyi harvesters) art.0009905553-1sht; CONUS rights (Item grain harvesters) art.0009905563-1sht, focusing divider (Item grain harvesters) art.0009909930-1sht; SEGMENT Uploaders (elements combine threshing chamber) LINKSart.0009911662-2sht; SEGMENT downloader (elements combine threshing chamber) RECHTSart.0009911672-2sht; divider (Part kukuruznoyi harvesters) art.0009957173-28sht, DISC discharger (kukuruznoyi Header element) D 730X 5art. 0009965390-4sht; PROTYRIZ (threshing chamber) 8X 68X 190art.0009966011-1sht; Rods feeder (elements combine threshing chamber) 5X 110X 565 art.0009966431-4sht, scrapers PLATE (Kukuruznoyi Reaper) 3X 103X 572art.0013132591-18sht; Producer: CLAASTorhovelna brand: CLAASKrayina production: DE "GERMANY0UA125180703.3599477.63113
26/Apr/201773269098901. Spare parts for agricultural machinery Claas, new products from chornyhmetaliv: Cartridges art. 0006687621 -4sht. Bush art. 0007927020 -10sht. Cartridges art.0009071532 -3sht. Bush art. 0002358820-1sht. Bush art. 0006287621 -1sht. Cartridges RASPORNAYA art. 0006442370 -1sht.ZASUVKA art. 0009841090 -2sht. PROTECTION winding art. 0005201690 -1sht.ZAHYST OF winding art. 0005201680 -1sht. PROTECTION winding art.0005201680-1sht. RING art. 0006702060 -1sht. Rings the spring art. 0002351371 -10sht. KILTSEUSTANOVCHE art. 0006751290 -2sht. RING sealing art. 0002604120 -1sht. KULACHOKNOZHOVYY art. 0006267821 -20sht. Directing art. 0013031810 -5sht. Directing art.0013031810 -7sht. Covering metal art. 0009874351 -1sht. Covering METALEVEart. 0000681480 -1sht. Covering metal art. 0000762024 -2sht. OBSHYVANNYAMETALEVE art. 0000763933 -1sht. Covering metal art. 0000763943 -3sht.OBShYVANNYa metal art. 0000766463 -1sht. Covering metal art. 0000684310-2sht. POLE art. 0005450491 -1sht. Finger art. 0006949900-2sht. Finger art. 0009877810 -1sht. Finger art. 0013905570 -2sht. ZDVOYeNYYart finger. 0006262790 -60sht. Rods art. 0009847051 -4sht. Rods scrapers art.0000762473 -1sht. PLATE Supporting art. 0007519331 -1sht. Supporting PLATE art.0000766401 -2sht. PLATE PRYZHYMNA art. 0009846722 -12sht. PLATE STOPPING art.0000135360 -1sht. Adjusting plate art. 0013004830 -2sht. PLASTYNKAREHULYUVALNA art. 0013010270-20sht. PIPE anchors art. 0006509851-5sht. Clamp Art. 0002154762 -2sht. Pins art. 0000403470 -4sht. Trunnion ball art.0007825450 -1sht. TIRE shkribka art. 0006848590 -2sht. Scraper art. 0009961221-6sht. Sealing flap art. 0007569180-1sht. Sealing flap art. 0007569180-1sht. Beam trailed art. 0022384572-1sht.Torhovelna Brand: ClaasKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: CLAAS Service and Parts GmbHGERMANY0UA125250291.3456089.170659
26/Apr/20178433900000"1. Parts dlyasilskohospodarskoyi technology: -4032800954 E-281 video 59/4, -3sht; protyrizhucha plate -4032801088 E-28176/6 -20 pc; -4032808631 Lever E-281 59/26, -2 pieces - cable drum 4032808732 E-281 59 / 41.5 pc; scraper -4034804546 E-281 151/36, -30 pc; scraper -4037798752 E-281 202/24 -6 pieces; scraper -4042403362 E-303 163/54 , -15 pc; -4036805030 pulley KPL. E-281 181/38, -5 pieces; Trademark: no data Manufacturer: Palche sp. z oo, PL.. "POLAND0UA205090211.91725.05932
25/Apr/201796039099001.Tovary Pet: Various finished products: rubber scraper plate (except rubber rollers): art. 69019000 - BLU 9019 Scraper handler in the K-4 ktы nozzles Aquarium 48-56sm -3 shtTorhovelna mark FerplastVyrobnyk Ferplast SpAKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1010700.3313.53843076
25/Apr/201739263000901.Chastyny ​​for machines Agricultural tion, fasteners and fittings zplastmasy: art. 954520 Funnel long black plastic -25sht. Art. 1394700 Vtulkaoporna -2sht spinning shaft. Art. 962186 plastic bushing-500sht. Art. 203781 Nut optical sensor kit -2sht. Art. 923075 Derzhatelzriznoho shtifta -3sht for ED. Art. 923 075 The holder of the shear shtifta for ED. 952151 Drive safety -10sht. Art. 954960 Disc-Depth limiter 45sht. Art. 929861 Arc -1sht. Art. 962594 -8sht protection gear. Art. 968303Katushka Drills orange-70sht. Art. 936310 -20sht sealing ring. Art. 935180 valve body. 929486 Corpus nozzle 3x. predv end. -10sht. Art. 929486 Korpusforsunky 3x. predv end. -10sht. Art. 929,485 Case 3 nozzle kratn.skvoznyy predv. -20sht mounted. Art. 929485 Corpus nozzle 3x. skvoznyypredv. Mounted -20sht. Art. 929485 Corpus nozzle 3x. skvoznyy predv.Zmontovanyy -10sht. Art. 207 283 Fastening optical sensor 16mm -6sht. art.935179 black plastic cap-15sht. Art. 953659 Nasinnyaprovid long length 624 mm -20sht. Art. 953659Nasinnyaprovid long length 624 mm -25sht. Art. 952756 Nasinnyaprovid short length 586 mm -20sht. Art. 952756 Nasinnyaprovid short length 586 mm 942280 limiter naklonu rod-12p. Art. 942280 limiter naklonu rod-20pcs. Art. 942280 limiter naklonu-rod 2 pcs. Art. 924407 -1sht fixing clips. Art. 942279 Reliance -11sht. Art. 942279Opora -7sht. Art. 942279 Reliance -5sht. Art. 926073 Plate stabilizing plastykchorna -4sht. Art. 929791 black plastic Lever tap-10pc. Art. 971862 -2sht distributor. Art. 972533 distributor D8 -1sht. art.922986 black plastic clip -4sht. Art. ZF618 -1sht tap handle. Art. 910789Skrebok -12sht. Art. 973529 scraper black -10sht. Art. 973530 scraper black-10pc. Art. AP582 -1sht pipe. Art. Some 934,914 black-valve overhead 1sht.Torhovelna Brand: AMAZONEKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: AMAZONEN-WERKE H.Dreyer GmbH & Co.KGGERMANY0UA100110108.6715043.242412
24/Apr/201784339000001.Goods for pets: Various finished products: scrapers with a rubber plate (except rubber rollers): art. 69019000 - BLU 9019 Telescopic scraper in k-ket with 4 nozzles for an aquarium 48-56cm -3 pieces Trademark Ferplast Producer Ferplast SpA Made by CN.INDIA0UA100120226514606.41804
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Scraper Plate Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Scraper Plate Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name """GD spa"""
Product Description
"1.poz.1, Guide - spetsdetal steel, complex shape,.........
HS Code 8422909000Value 2983.488324
Quantity 0Unit UA806050
Net Weight 1.624
Origin Country ITALY

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