Ukraine Import Data of Scrap Rubber | Ukraine Import Statistics of Scrap Rubber

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of scrap rubber collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of scrap rubber imports.

Scrap Rubber Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Scrap Rubber

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of scrap rubber. Get Ukraine trade data of Scrap Rubber imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178422909000"1.poz.1, Guide - spetsdetal steel, complex shape, used exclusively for sending cigarettes in cigarette node forming bonds, commercial name '' plate ''; Pos.2, scraper - spetsdetal complex forms of plastic, used exclusively for removing adhesive residues at the site of cigarette packaging machine equipment; poz.10, Videos - spetsdetal aluminum and rubber, is used exclusively for sending conveyor belt in the transmission node cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment without transmitting power at ertalnym traffic commercial name "" pulley ""; poz.26, Videos - spetsdetal steel, used exclusively for sending traffic to the node conveyor belt forming cigarette packs in the packaging machine syharernoho equipment; poz.28, poz.29 lever - spetsdetal steel, complex shape, used exclusively in the node forming cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment, commercial name "" Crank ""; poz.33 lever - spetsdetal steel, complex shape, used exclusively in the node nadrizannya pull tab at propyl Mr. cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment; "ITALY0UA8060501.6242983.488324 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201796039091001. Products for cleaning in the household: -schitka care windows (GLASS CLEANER SPONGE) -600sht. - with rubber scraper plate for the care of the windows (ECO PLASTICMATERIAL) -500sht. .TURKEY0UA500550130393.7803329
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Partners of copiers: Clearing scraper of a magnetic shaft art.30004-50; Clearing scraper of a drum art.30026-20; Clearing scraper of a magnetic shaft art.32007-10; Clearing shchebok of a magnetic shaft art.330037-300; Clearing scraper of a drum art. 30038-350pcs; Cleaning drum scraper art.30046-20s; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30049-40p; Clearing scraper drum art.30050-20s; Clearing scraper drum art.30052-80p; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30059-50pcs; ; Cleansing drum scraper art.30073-10; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art .20084-20; Cleanser Scrubber of magnetic shaft art.30109-10s; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30128-10p; Clearing scraper drum art.30203-10p; Cleaning shaver of magnetic shaft art.30241-130p; Clearing scraper drum art.30321-40p; Cleansing scraper Magnetic shaft art.30361-150pcs; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30371-80pcs; Clearing scraper drum art.30421-80p; Clearing scraper drum art.30501-40pcs; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30511-20s; Clearing scraper of magnetic Shaft art.30671-10p; Clearing drum scraper art.30761-70p; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaftArt.30781-1050pcs; Clearing scraper of a magnetic shaft art.30841-30; Clearing scraper of a drum art.31161-50pcs; Shell of a magnetic shaft art.60125-50pcs; Sealing scraper of a magnetic shaft 0.05 mm art.60180-100; Shaft of the primary Charge of art: 60354-10pcs; 60375-400pcs; 60407-500pcs; Sheath of a magnetic shaft art.61841-20p; Magnetic shaft bush (2pcs) Art .: 62003-50pcs; 62022-20pcs; Magnetic shaft sealing shaft 0075 mm art. 62043-500s; Cleaning drum scraper art.130001-14 pieces; DC Select brand DC Select manufacturerCare produced by CN "CHINA0UA100010199.1832628.720168
28/Apr/20178438500000"1.Obladnannya for industrial processing pork, shkreb machine: - skrebmashyna - 1 units, equipment rubber scrapers, mounted on shafts that zmontovanni in the case of stainless steel, designed for removing hair from carcasses - Pork spray machine Mascara - band saw - 1 pc - capacity 3.1 hP, cutting length - 18 inches. The new, 2017 RV intended for use in meat. No trademark. The manufacturer "" PPHU NIRO-TECH Krzysztof Szatkowski '.'. "POLAND0UA400030101015812.1452
27/Apr/201784879090001. Spare parts for construction equipment Volvo: - scraper ring loader Volvo, desks number: VOE 11005012 - 12 pieces. It is a duster - sealing compounds dinner movable unit - bracket for attachment loader Volvo. The product consists of a metal ring and a rubber sealing privulkanizirovannoy edge. Protects against dust on the work item node. .CHINA0UA7000400.24347.4753878
27/Apr/201740169300901.Chastyny ​​scrubber machines: GUM Rubber scraper 28 art.56382735-1sht. Country of MYTorhovelna brand NILFISK A / SVyrobnyk NILFISK A / S.MALAYSIA0UA1001100.61446.78422661
27/Apr/20178206000000"1.Instrument universal hand combinations in a set for retail sale - 3 sht.Art.: FOR 908G1 / tool set 8 units ./- 1 piece (set to include: Mechanical head size: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17 mm Treschitka reinforced, shock Amplifier 1/2 '' DR 75mm, stroke Amplifier 1/2 '' DR 75 mm choke BRS M1 / ​​4 ""; Miniature oiler, plastic wallet) / (set to include: clipping adapter, an adapter with a rubber tip adapter 10 * 1 mm adapter 12 * 1.25 mm adapter 14 * 1.25 mm adapter 18 * 1.5 mm plastic case) Ref.: FOR 944M1 / Combined tool kit 7od ./- 1 piece (The set includes: awl for strings - 1pc; string to remove the glass (gilded) - 2 pcs; handle for string - 2 pcs; stripper clips molten glass - 1pc; sucker vkuumna double - 2 pcs; puller molten glass - 1pc, wide scraper - 1am, abrasive timber - 1pc; 457mm knife blade - 1am; scraper - 1pc; puller door terminals - 1pc, standard knife - 1pc blades standard knife - 28sht;) Ref.: FOR 906G4 / toolset fixing RM / - 1 piece (The set includes: instrument to lock the crankshaft; tool for fixing the fuel pump pulley; belt latch tensioner; tool fixing belt tensioner; tool for fixing the crankshaft) Trademark FORCE. Country of origin TW. Producer firm FORCE TAIWAN SHYANG YUN HARDWARE CO., LTD. "TAIWAN0UA1001107.58117.3046954
27/Apr/20179603909900"1.Schitky-scrapers with rubber plate with Vodoshon rezynovыm blade Goodyear WC-0117 * 16 cm 200sht; Vodoshon with sylykonovыm blade Goodyear WC-February 26 * 16 cm 200sht, for manual cleaning snow and ice from avtomobiliv.Vyrobnyk - NINGBO YONGXIN AIDUO AUTO LTD PARTSSO country of the vyrobnytstva- (CN) brand GOODYEAR. "CHINA0UA80717028222.4012779
25/Apr/201796039099001.Tovary Pet: Various finished products: rubber scraper plate (except rubber rollers): art. 69019000 - BLU 9019 Scraper handler in the K-4 ktы nozzles Aquarium 48-56sm -3 shtTorhovelna mark FerplastVyrobnyk Ferplast SpAKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1010700.3313.53843076
25/Apr/201740169997901. Products made of non-hardened vulcanized non-porous, except for solid rubber: Grain elevator scraper, art.H237830-32 piece, Seals, art.R322831-1, Seals, art.R299853-1 piece, Trade mark-John Deere. Production line- US.Producer-John Deere International GmbH. .UNITED STATES0UA1101909.404139.3612591
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Scrap Rubber Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Scrap Rubber Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name """GD spa"""
Product Description
"1.poz.1, Guide - spetsdetal steel, complex shape,.........
HS Code 8422909000Value 2983.488324
Quantity 0Unit UA806050
Net Weight 1.624
Origin Country ITALY

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