Ukraine Import Data of Saffron | Ukraine Import Statistics of Saffron

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of saffron collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of saffron imports.

Saffron Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Saffron

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of saffron. Get Ukraine trade data of Saffron imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173402209000"1.Zasoby laundry, dishwashing, chysche ting packaged for retail sale not in aerosol packaging: LG Conditioner d / laundry Saffron Fragrance Love Ac1,6l Zapaska- 200sht, LG Conditioner d / laundry Saffron Fragrance Sent City 1,6lZapask- 480sht, LG conditioner d / laundry Saffron Flower Lotus 1,3l Zapaska-480sht, Liquid deodorant for clothes "" Saffron Care Mild Scent "" 320 ml Zapaska-200sht, Liquid clothing des odorant "" Saffron Care Fresh Sc ent "" 320 ml Zapaska-300sht, LG Babience liquid vehicle d / 2L washing children's clothes with apaska- 864sht, liquid means for washing soda Tech Natural Baking soda 3 640sh l- t Ridkyyporoshok wool-cashmere wool for Delhi cat s tissues 1.3l Zapaska- 600sht, LG Over sibd / dishwashing Natural Pong 500ml- orange 600sht, Liquid cleaner bathroom "" Home star baking soda for bathroom "" 550 ml- 120sht paste dlyavydal spare and prevent mold " "Homesta r mold-proof" "120 d- 420sht, Zasibdlya toilets or forgiveness" "Home star chlorine bleac h" "1 l- 240sht, Liquid means forWhat yschennya surfaces Multi" "Home star for multi" "00 5 ml- 120sht , production for: LGHousehold and Health Care LTDKrayina production: KR Trading. Brand: LG Household and Health "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10011075349214.360133 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173402209000"1. Means for washing, dishwashing, cleaning, packaged for retail trade, not in aerosol packaging: Promotional items of the goods:" Silk bleach powder "" Tek - superbilizna "" 6 kg Plastic basket - 80 pcs, Powder for washing with oxygen Bleach "" Teck - Superbly "" 4 kgPackage-192pcs, _LG Saffron Flower Jasmine 1,3l-240sht., Lingerie: LG Household and Health Care LTD Production Code: KR Trademark: LG Household and Health. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10011016261636.894222
12/Apr/20175703308800"1.Kylymne flooring, ready, pile made of polyamide synthetic fibers. Basis weaving made of synthetic fibers polipropilenu.Vors - 82.2%, weaving foundation with coverage - 17.8%, not stamped, tufting, maximum area of ​​more than 0.3 m2, in rolls: SOLARIS PREMIUMB VERSN Anthracite 158,400 -20,8m2; SOLARIS PREMIUMB VERSN Bordeaux 445 400 -15m2; CARESSE B SSB VERSN Saffron 751,400 -32m2; BS027 WEAVEBACK CR 400 22003 -810m2.Vsoho - 877.8 meters / 11 ruloniv.Torhivelna mark - "" IDEAL "". Manufacturer: BIG FLOORCOVERINGS NV (BE) .Krayina production - BE, Belgium.. "BELGIUM8778UA50001017459223.147653
11/Apr/20172106909200"1.Diyetychni herbal supplements to the diet that does not contain animal products amounted to:" "Brahma Rasayana" "(200g pack). Ingredients: Quince Bengali, berhaviya spreading, sit sertselystna, rytsynnova oil, asparagus kystevydna, Indian nightshade , teramnus Lobata District, Gangetic desmodium, Gmelin, sterespermum, urariya resinous, beans trylopasna, nightshade, puyeravriya Lobata District, oroksylyum Indian, klerodendron hairy, vitiveriya zizaniyevydna, rice seeds, sugar cane each for 0,006h, long pepper Sit round, embeliya smorovydn , Santali Language white valichi valerian, sweet naked, turmeric long, iron wood, cardamom, Bacopa Monnier, in '' yunok, cinnamon Ceylon, in AIR 0.12 g, Terminalia chebula -0,703h, kunzhutnia oil-0,372h, embiolka drug - 2,178h, honey - 0,465h, sugar 2,905h .Nomer party BRS -12. production date 12/2016. End date 11/2019 consumption. Without content -200sht animal products, herbal dietary supplements to the diet, "" special Chavanprash "" (500g pack). Ingredients: Quince Bengali, arnica, oroksilum Indian, hmeliya, sterespermum cherepahovydnyy, sit sertselystna, desmodium Gangetic, urariya lahopodibna, beans, teramnus spongy, yakirtsi creeping, nightshade Indian, nightshade zhovtoplidnyy, pistachio tree filantus grapes usual, laptadeniya sirchasta, nine "" yasyl, capsicum, Terminalia chebula, tinospora setselystna, dioskoreya, turmeric, Sit round, berhaviya white, asparagus, white sandalwood, lotus, Pueraria, athatoda vascular, vitaniya, pentatropsis dribnolystnyy, black cinnamon, saffron krabovyd second - in 48 mg each, cardamom, cinnamon Ceylon - for each 96 mg, long pepper 168 mg, 192mh bamboo, honey -288mh, 2g sugar, sesame oil 288mh Indian butter melted 288mh .Nomer party CHY-12. Production date 12/2016. Closing date 11/2019 consumption. Free of animal products -512sht, herbal dietary supplements to the diet: TRIPHALA POWDER "" Tryfala powder "" (120 g). Composition 5 g powder: Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) - 1,67 mg Terminalia white (Trminaria belenica) -1,67 mg Terminalia chebula (Trminaria chebula) - 1,67 mg. Inactive ingredients: acacia gum, talc. TRI-lot number 12. Production date 12/2016. Closing date 11/2019 consumption. Free of animal products -240sht; "INDIA0UA125130359.91503.108742
07/Apr/201734022090001.Zasoby laundry put up for trade ozdribnoyi was not in aerosol packaging, advertising product samples: LG Babience Conditioner d / children's clothes 2lZapaska-288sht, LG Conditioner d / laundry Saffron Fragrance Love Ac-1,6lZapaska 480sht, LG conditioner etc. / linen Saffron Fragrance Sent City 1,6lZapask-480sht, LG Babience liquid vehicle d / 2L washing children's clothes Zapaska-1728sht, LG Babience liquid vehicle d / washing children's clothes 1,5l-320sht, LG Over the ISS dlyadelikat.prannya 1,3l Zapaska t-600sh powder for washing Tech Compact Lovely Fresh2,25kh-960sht, LG washing powder I ofwhite. Superbilyzna 4kg Zapaska-576 units, production for: LG Household and Health Care LTDKrayina production: KR Trading. Brand: LG Household and Health.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1001101165512691.2001
03/Apr/201733049900001. Cosmetic Care zashkiroyu (not aerosol packaging), a plastic bottle, 24St Gold & Saffron Massage Crem 100g cream for face massage - 192 sht.Papaya Whitening Cream 60 grams, vidbilyuyuchyyshkiru cream - 288 sht.Under Eye cream 50g cream for eyes shrirypid - 300 sht.Super Black Mud Ultimate Whitening Mask100 December, whitening mask with black clay shkiryoblychchya - 276 pcs. 24St Gold Scrub 80 g scrub oblychchya- 400 pieces. Set: Sunscreen with matte finish SPF 45 + cream + Sunscreen FaceWash 100 ml + 100 ml of sunscreen spf45 matting effect and gel dlyavmyvannya sentsezahysnyy- 786 pieces. Set: Sunscreen with matte finish SPF 45 + cream + Sunscreen Face Wash 50ml + 50 ml of sunscreen spf45 matuyuchymefektom and gel for washing sentsezahysnyy- 1472 pcs. Haldi Chandan Ubtan 200 g, mask Whitening Facial scrub from turmeric powder and sandalohovodereva - 224 sht.Vyrobnyk: Proveda Herbal Pvt. LtdKrayina production: IN. .INDIA0UA100010459.62117.680039
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Saffron Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Saffron Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТД ""МАГНУС ТРЕЙД"""
Importer Address
02660, м. Київ, вул.Магнітогорська, буд. 1
Exporter Name LG Household and Health Care LTD
Product Description
"1.Zasoby laundry, dishwashing, chysche ting packa.........
HS Code 3402209000Value 9214.360133
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 7534

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