Ukraine Import Data of Safety Guard | Ukraine Import Statistics of Safety Guard

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Safety Guard Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Safety Guard

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
20/Apr/20178703239031"1.Poshkodzhenyy, passenger car, to transport people, used for personal use - 1pc .: mark - TOYOTA, model - RAV4 2.5L zhidnoVysnovku exp. Avtotovaroz. Dos. №t445 / 17 of 20.04.2017r. Brand - Toyota Rav 42.5i Limited AWD body number / VIN - JTMDFREV3GJ104124 engine room - nemayedannyh engine type - petrol, power - 131kVt, working on the "" volume tsylindrivdvyhuna - 2494sm3, environmental regulations - YEVRO5, the number of seats, including the driver - 5; calendar year - 2016, model rikvyhotovlennya - 2016, color - gray. axle 4x4. body type - uni versal.KTZ damaged. According Opinion exp. avtotovaroz. dos. №t445 / 17 vid20.04.2017r. Damaged and replaced, the front bumper, hood bamperaperednoho, lining the front bumper, front bumper damper, right kronshteynprotytumannoyi lights, air grating bottom right, bamperanyzhnye lining, decorative plate lower front bumper sensors system parkuvannyaperedni buffer front bumper, lower grating bumper, fog light pravav assembly, front right fender, front right fender pidkrylok, dekoratyvnanak Ladko wing right, transverse beam axle front, longeron pravyyperednoyi axis guide plate radiator right, duct pravyyradiatora, air diffuser is right guard radiator bottom tank washer, door front right, decorative strip right door right protective nakladkanyzhnya door front left and right, door rear right, right dverizadnoyi seal, decorative strip interior and exterior doors back right pad frame door rear right, rear bumper, lining the bottom bamperazadnoho pad yzhnya bumper rear, rights bumper rear, sides rear right, mud flaps right, pidkrylok rear left, pidkrylok rear right wing decorative plate wing rear right, side window right, wheel arch rear right internal and external, zamykayuchapanel wheel arch rear right, condenser assembly sensor zadniypravyy side airbags, side airbag upper right, block upravlinnyapodushkamy security system airbags, front left pass safety andlegal, facing roof beams LSI and front, radiator assembly, curtain perednyamotornoho compartment lining right engine compartment, muffler rear balkazadnya axle bracket guide thrust the left and right lever stabilizatorazadniy right, directing the thrust lower rear right, steering knuckle zadniypravyy, hub wheel rear right, shock absorber rear right, datchykklirensu, right rear drive shaft assembly, rear right guide rail traction, longitudinal arm rear right, rear stabilizer lever right, drive left and right kolesazadnoho, Casings Co. Forests rear left and right, broken vent hood and door backward, broken rear door opening pravyh.Poperechyna lower chuck deformed to form a trough. Doors front livavm'yatyna the bottom. Stand right to claim "JAPAN1UA8071901640.196286.320025 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20178703239011"1. The car that was in use - 1am: - Mark - VOLKSWAGEN - Model - JETTA SEL - Body number (VIN) - 3VWL07AJ7FM284940; - engine room - no data - chassis number - no data - Total seats, including the driver - 5 - Purpose - to transport people - from internal combustion engines with spark ignition and with a crank mechanism - cylinder capacity engine - 1798 cm3 - Calendar year - 2015; - Model year - 2015 - body Type - sedan - axle configuration - 4x2 - Complies with Euro 5, -Avtomobil in damaged condition, there is damage to the right front end. Damaged, hood, right headlight, grille, front fender law, mud guards with spars, windshield, spatsovani front (driver's, passenger), the main two airbags - in accordance with applicable regulations and technical requirements of a complex passive safety devices must be replaced schitok. Traces of mold on all surfaces Yahya car interior - seat covers, plastic elements. Multiple LCP damage on the perimeter of the vehicle. No: front bamper.- trade mark - MFD BY VOLKSWAGEN DE MEXICO SA DE CV; - Country of origin - MX, Mexico - unloaded from the container - HLXU8307741. "MEXICO1UA50062014173799.999844
19/Apr/20179401800000"1.Sydinnya security for the transport of infants and children, motornyhtransportnyh means: Car Seat RECARO Optia Shadow art.6136.21209.66-1sht, seat RECARO ZERO.1 Elite R129 Carbon Black art.6301.21502.66-5sht, seat RECARO ZERO. 1 Elite R129 Aluminium Grey art.6301.21503.66-5sht, seat RECARO ZERO.1 Elite R129 Xenon Blue art.6301.21504.66-5sht; AvtokrisloRECARO ZERO.1 Elite R129 Dakar Sand art.6301.21506.66-5sht, seat RECAROZERO.1 Elite R129 Racing Red art.6301.21509.66-5sht, seat RECARO ZERO.1Elite R129 Performance Black art.6301.21534.66-5sht, seat RECARO GuardiaCarbon Black art.5516.21502.66-2sht, seat RECARO Guardia Aluminium Greyart.5516.21503.66- 4 pieces; seat RECARO Guardia Xenon Blueart.5516.21504.66-2sht; Author seat RECARO Guardia Dakar Sandart.5516.21506.66-2sht, seat RECARO Guardia Racing Redart.5516.21509.66-4sht, seat RECARO Guardia Performance Blackart.5516.21534.66-2sht, seat RECARO ZERO.1 R129 Carbon Blackart.6300.2150 2.66-2sht; Car Seat RECARO ZERO.1 R129 Xenon Blueart.6300.21504.66-2sht; Car Seat RECARO ZERO.1 R129 Performance Blackart.6300.21534.66-2sht; Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - RECAROVyrobnyk - RECARO Child Safety GmbH & Co. KG "CHINA0UA125180743.412727.37239
18/Apr/201787032390111.Poshkodzhenyy passenger car for the conditioning, transportation of people and using public orogen pod with engine of internal combustion iskrovymzapal copying, and with crank mechanism IOM (petrol) was uvykorystanni brand HONDA, Model HR-V EX- 1am. VIN 3CZRU6H54GM744605 typdvyhuna - petrol, V-1799sm3, in tuzhnist - 105kW, Euro 5, Number dvyhuna- no data, the total number of seats, including the driver - 5 calendar year - 2016 model year - 2016, the body - wagon, wheel formula 4x4, color - black. Damaged zhidnoekspertnoho MoV WCU, facing bumpers front - P ischeno of mistskriplennya has the destruction of the material in the right corner of, a block headlight law - broken wing front right - shifted from fixing deformed over the entire surface to form the Whig yniv toward the front back spravana left on the surface sklabnoyi f ormy geometric, decorative plate krylaperedn th right (synth ethical not to Painting) - shifted from mistskriplennya has multi zhynni damaging material in the form of surface zchosiv, doors rear right - MR ischeni, sandwiched in the hole, it is difficult throughoutsurface Language not deformed to form the Whig yniv direction from right to left, lights etc. otytumannyypravyy - destroyed the outer sidewall panel right (wing back pra ve) -zmischena difficult deformed by the second surface Su formation of bends in the direction mkusprava left behind forward, lining and right sides (synthetic, not painted) - shifted from fixing, aye multiple of damage to the material surface uvyhl yadi zchosiv, pidkrylok rear right - shifted from mistskriplennya has set no damage to form deformation atsiy material podushkabezpeky lateral Ave Ava - worked at the time of the accident, the back si dinnya perednohopravoho - according to [8], p idlyahaye replacement in case of wear pillows and bezpekybichnyy right, Airbag head right - worked at the time of the accident, remenibezpeky front - according to [8] liable to replace in case of wear podushokbezpeky, sun visor right, at bbyvky racks right sidewall of the right, py chky right roof - according to [8], be on air in case of wear podushkybezpeky head right, upholstery roof panel - ISG ynovana in rezultatispratsovuvannya hearth shki security right head, pillow pocket Safety of the driver frontalna- worked at moments t an accident, the belt drive and the generator shed tion obladnannyaDVZ - destroyed tniy per cent, the upper wings and mudguards amplifier perednohopravoho - displaced, deformed tion to form bends in ch ravanalivo direction, front right door - a claim oshkodzhennya colors in front of the front part or as a result of displacement and contact with the front right wing ohm require color, front right wheel drive - has di SLI contact with hundred Ronnie subject vymah aye color, the car body (rear right door opening) - result of the accidental influences the car body was skewed by opening dverizadnoyi pravoyi.Vyrobnyk HONDA DE MEXICO SA DE CVKrayiUNITED STATES1UA80719014104149.999974
14/Apr/201773182100901. Spare parts for self-propelled beet harvesters ROPA, products made of non-threaded metal, other lock washers: Lock ring J 90 DIN472art.412007000 -10 pcs., Lock ring A 70 D 471art.412040800 -5 pcs., Lock ring J 70 D 472art.412041200 -50 pcs., Locking ring A 85 DIN471 art.412050800 -10 pcs., Spring washer / Restriction ring. D. 20 D 74361 C art.418009900 -50 pcs., Washer safety guard VS 12 pc. Art.418010500 -100 pc., Washer spring / restraining ring d. 16 D 74361 C art.418011500 -100 pc. Trademark ROPA Manufacturer does not have Country of manufacture DE.GERMANY0UA1252704.25183.8702937
13/Apr/20177007212090"1. Glass laminated safety (Triplex), in the range of cars to riznyhmarok. MERCEDES VITO (W638) VAN 1995- (MPV), article - 5428AGNBL1CLFW / X - 100 pieces; SUZUKIEscudo / GRAND / TD56W VITARA SUV 5d 2005-, article - YT4-L LFW / X - 32 units; TOYOTACAMRY / AURION ACV40 4D SEDAN 2006-11, article - FW02627 LFW / X - 18 units; SKODAOCTAVIA (SR5) SEDAN / WAGON 98-04, artykul- 7807AGNGYVW1K LFW / X - 31 pcs ; MERCEDES BENZ ATEGO TRUCK 1998-, article - 5430AGN LFW / X - 29 units; RENAULT RVI PREMIUM / KERAX 96- / VOLVO FE TRUCK 07-, article - 7242AGN LFW / X - 5 units; SKODA ROOMSTER 2006-, article - ROOMSTER -VCP LFW / X - 33 units; FIAT DUCATO / PEU BOXER / CITROEN JUMPER 1994-, article - 2722AGNBL LFW / X - 17 units; DACIA / RENAULT SANDERO HATCHBACK 08-, DACIA DUSTER SUV 2010-, article - SANDERO LFW / X - 17 units; MERCEDES BENZ SPRINTER HIGH ROOF 1994-, article - BENZ314 LFW / X - 108 pieces; DAE WOO (GM) GENTRA (CHEV AVEO) 4D SEDAN 2005 article - GENTRA LFW / X - 65 units; OPEL ASCONA / MONZA 4D SED / 5D HBK 81-88, article - 6244AGNBL LFW - 32 units; MAZDA 3 AXCE LA SEDAN / HATCHBACK 2004-2009, article - 5166AGNW2B LFW / X - 17 units; VW TRANSPORTER T5 VAN 2003-, article - 8579AGSGYAVZ LFW / W / X - 29 units; DAF 95 (PEGASO TRONER) TE47 TRUCK 87-, article - 4624AGN LFW - 37 pieces; GEELY EMGRAND EC718 4D SED / 5D HBK 2009-, article - GEELY-EC718-VP LFW / X - 15 units; HYUNDAI TUCSON 5D SUV 2004-, article - TUCSON-L-VCPH LFW / H / X - 24 units; MERCEDES BENZ L207 / 307 VAN 1974-, Product - LFW 207 - 17 pieces; VW VANAGON / COMBI, BULLY, TRANSPORTER T3 79-91, article - 8527AGNBL LFW - 15 pieces; SKODA FABIA 5D HBK STW 2000-, article - 7808AGNGYVZ LFW / X - 31 units; MERCEDES E CLASS, E200-E300 (W124) SEDAN / WAGON 85-93, article - E300 LFW / X - 33 units; FORD FIESTA MK5 3 / 5D HBK 02-, article - 3562AGNVW LFW / X - 21 units; Chery Amulet / Flagcloud / cowin 4D LIFTBACK 2001-, article - A11 LFW / X - 17 units; HYUNDAI TUCSON 5D SUV 2004-, article - TUCSON-1 LFW / H / X - 11 units; MIT LANCER SEDAN / WAGON 00-07, article - 5670AGNBL LFW / X - 66 units; HYUNDAI RB ACCENT / VERNA SEDAN 2011-, article - HYU-RB-L-VCP LFW / X - 29 units; FORD SIERRA MK1 HBK 1982-, article - SIERRA-82 LFW / X - 22 units; TOYOTA COROLLA KE140 4D SEDAN 2007-, article - KE140-L-VCP LFW / X - 35 units; TOYOTA RAV4 / VANGUARD 5D SUV 2006-, article - AS30-VCP LFW / X - 16 units; DAEWOO KALOS / CHEV AVEO SEDAN / HBK 03-, article - KALOS LFW / X - 62 units; FORD SCORPI 5D 95-98, article - 3541AGNBLV2B LFW / X - 24 units; MITSUBISHI PAJERO / MONTERO 3/5-DOOR JEEP 2000-, article - 5661AGNBL LFW / X - 26 units; DAEWOO MATIZ I / CHEVROLET SPARK 5D HATCHBACK 98-05, article - 3006AGNBL LFW / X - 8 pieces; 2005 HYUNDAI ACCENT (NEW VERNA) 4D SEDAN 2006-, article - ACCENT-06-VCP LFW / X - 30 units; VOLKSWAGON CADDY VAN 04-, article - 8581AGNGYVZ LFW / X - 28 units; SUBARU FORESTER 5D SUV 2008-2012, article - SUB-SH5-L-VCPH LFW / H / X - 17 units; MIT NATIVA / SPORT 5D SUV 2008-, article - L200-06 LFW / X - 12 units; CHEVROLET EPICA 4D SEDAN 2005-, article - EPICA LFW / X - 15 units; DAEWOO LANOS 3 / 5D HB / 4D SED'97-, article - 3003AGNBL LFW / X - 106 pieces; TOY LANDCRUISER FJ200 / LEXUS LX570 JEEP 08--, article - FJ200-L-VCPSH LFW / H / X - 19 units; "CHINA0UA10011020136.7625372.31759
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Safety Guard Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Safety Guard Importer Sample

Date 19/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Автокрісла"""
Importer Address
02139, м.Київ, вул. Курнатовського б.2, кв.60
Exporter Name RECARO Child Safety GmbH & Co. KG
Product Description
"1.Sydinnya security for the transport of infants .........
HS Code 9401800000Value 12727.37239
Quantity 0Unit UA125180
Net Weight 743.4
Origin Country CHINA

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