Ukraine Import Data of Rubber Strip | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rubber Strip

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rubber strip collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rubber strip imports.

Rubber Strip Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rubber Strip

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20174005910090With 1.VYROBY NEVULKANIZOVANOYI rubber in the form of plates, sheets, strips and tapes: - Connection MATERIAL 1400 EP 1000/5 6 + 3 W - 3 KOMPLEKTA.VYKORYSTOVUYUTSYA AS MATERIAL TO HUMOTROSOVYH connecting conveyor belts in HIRNYCHOPEREROBNIY PROMYSLOVOSTI.POSTAVLYAYETSYA for own production needs HZK.NE FOR CENTRAL military. .POLAND0UA11008021257.8796723 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201740169300901.Chastyny ​​cone crushers for Sandvik CH430 / Telsmith SBS44 rubber: uschilnyuyuchekiltse art. 442-7931-01 -1sht, labyrinth seals art. 10P71 -4sht, prokladka0, 8xD1000 / 9 Art. 442-7170-01 -1sht, washer g condition art. 53-469-827-000 -4sht, thin, etc. okladka t = 0,1 mm art. 442-7168-01 -1sht, thin strip t = 0,5 mm 2 art.442-7168-0 -1sht, thin strip t = 0,7 mm art. 44 2-7168-03 -1sht, tonkaprokladka t = 1.0 mm art. 442-7168-04 -1sht. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA20918013.5401.5113598
28/Apr/201739191019001.Vstavky (strip) between the skis self-adhesive, in rolls of a width of 15cm, for protection against scratches during transport skiing, rectangular, flexible, made of foam, without images, not embossed, not polished, coated with rubber nevulkanizovanohosyntetychnoho to ensure own production. .AUSTRIA0UA3052003.8592783.8456148
28/Apr/201740169300901. Spare parts (parts) for cars, gaskets, seals, gaskets, washers nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber nonporous, laying the intake manifold -1sht. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING), timing cover gasket, 1pc. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING), valve cover gasket-116sht. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING), cover gasket (oil filter) -5sht. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING), laying of oil-pallet 12p. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING), strip-cooling radiator 4 pieces. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING), filter gasket (rubber seal) -12sht. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING).GERMANY0UA40003011.184861.3438217
28/Apr/20175906100000"1. Spare parts for motor vehicles" "Mercedes-Benz" ": adhesive strip, textile, rubberized, of a width not exceeding 20cm art.A0009838910-10od.Krayina production - DETorhovelna brand - Mercedes-BenzVyrobnyk - Daimler AG."GERMANY0UA1001100.544.57910458
27/Apr/201740169300901.Zapasni parts for automobiles, gaskets, seals, gaskets, washers nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber nonporous, strip filter oil, art.: 074115 441C-1 sht.Torhovelna VWVyrobnyk brand VOLKSWAGEN AGKrayina production PL.POLAND0UA4000300.033.1710173
27/Apr/201740101200901.Konveyerna strip of vulcanized rubber, reinforced only textile material, width do800 mm., BKNL-65x100x2Px96m 9,6 m (TC-70) CE - 8 bays BKNL-65x125x2Px96m 12kv.m (TC-70) CE - 7 bays BKNL-65x150x2Px96m 14,4kv.m (TC-70) CE - 8 bays BKNL-65x175x2Px96m 16,8kv.m (TC-70) CE - 2 bays BKNL-65x200x2Px96m 19,2kv.m (TC- 70) CE - 2 bays BKNL-65x300x2Px96m 28,8kv.m (TC-70) CE - 3 bays, BKNL-65x500x2Px96m 48kv.m (TC-70) CE - 2 bays BKNL-65x600x2Px96m 57,6kv.m ( TC-70) CE - 2 bays BKNL-65x100x3Px96m 9,6kv.m (TC-70) CE - 8 bays BKNL-65x125x3Px96m 12kv.m (TC-70) CE - 9 bays, BKNL-65x150x3Px96m14,4kv.m (TC-70) CE - 6 bays BKNL-65x175x3Px96m 16,8kv.m (TC-70) CE - 3 bays, BKNL-65x200x3Px96m 19,2kv.m (TC-70) CE - 2 bays BKNL 28-65x300x3Px96m , 8kv.m (TC-70) CE - 2 bays BKNL-65x4 00x3Px96m 38,4kv.m (TC-70) CE - 3 bays, BKNL-65x500x3Px96m 48kv.m (TC-70) CE - 4 bays BKNL-65x600x3Px96m 57,6kv.m (TC-70) CE - 3 bays, BKNL-65x100x4Px96m 9,6kv.m (TC-70) CE - 6 bays BKNL-65x125x4Px96m 12kv.m (TC-70) CE - 6 bays BKNL-65x150x4Px96 m 14,4kv.m (TC-70) CE - 6 bays BKNL-65x175x4Px96m 16,8kv.m (TC-70) CE - 7 bays BKNL-65x200x4Px96m 19,2kv.m (TC-70) CE - 2 bays BKNL-65x300x4Px96m 28,8kv.m (TC- 70) CE - 8 bays BKNL-65x500x4Px96m 48kv.m (TC-70) CE - 4 bays BKNL-65x600x4Px96m 57,6kv.m (TC-70) CE - 1 bays BKNL-65x125x5Px96m 12kv.m (TC- 70) CE - 5 bays BKNL-65x150x5Px96m 14,4kv.m (TC-70) CE - 3 bays, BKNL-65x175x5Px96m 16,8kv.m (TC-70) CE - 15 bays BKNL-65x200x5Px96m19,2kv.m (TC-70) CE - 6 bays BKNL-65x300x5Px96m 28,8kv.m (TC-70) CE - 25 bays BKNL-65x500x5Px96m 48kv.m (TC-70) CE - 1 bays BKNL-65x150x6Px96m 14,4kv .m ( TC-70) CE - 3 bays, BKNL-65x175x6Px96m 16,8kv.m (TC-70) CE - 8 bays BKNL-65x200x6Px96m 19,2kv.m (TC-70) CE - 6 bays BKNL-65x300x6Px96m 28 8kv.m (TC-70) CE - 10 bays BKNL-65x400x6Px96m 38,4kv.m (TC-70) CE - 4 bays BKNL-65x200x8Px96m 19,2kv.m (TC-70) CE - 1 bays BKNL -65x250x8Px96m 24kv.m (TC-70) CE - 1 bays BKNL-65x300x8Px96m 28,8 m (TC-70) CE - 12 bays BKNL-65x400x8Px96m 38,4kv.m (TC-70) CE - 4 bays, BKNL-65x450x8Px96m 43,2kv.m (TC-70) CE - 4 bays BKNL-65x500x8Px96m 48kv.m (TC-70) CE - 1 buht.Shyrshe 1200mm.: BKNL-65x1400x3Px96m 134,4kv.m (TC -70) CE - 1 buht.Pry the manufacture of products used in civil rehenerat.Vykorystovuyetsya industry sector and not for use with potentsiynovybuhonebezpechnomu eredovyschi.Vyrobnyk Yancheng Sunlight Industry Co., Ltd.Torhivelna mark is absent.CHINA0UA12527031577.650428.54613
27/Apr/201784842000001.USCHILNYUVACHI MECHANICAL: Repair HPFP (steel sealing strip STALEVIKILTSYA-38SHT, rubber ring, 4 pieces, ZAHYSNYYKOVPAK-12p, cardboard USCHILNYUYUCHAPLASTYNA-1am). Art.2417010010-1sht. art.2417010010-2sht.REMKOMPLEKT HPFP (rubber sealing ring, brass sealing ring, rubber sealing and metal frame) art.2427010049-1sht.REMKOMPLEKTPNVT (rubber sealing ring 22H2,5MM, 7H1,5 MM MM 17,5H2,4, STALEVIKILTSYA, rubber sealing frame, Plastic protective caps) art.2467010003-2sht.REMKOMPLEKT (protective caps, rubber sealing ring, copper sealing ring) art.2417010001-1sht. art.2417010001-1sht. art.2417010001-3sht.REMKOMPLEKT (STALEVIKILTSYA, rubber sealing ring, plastic cap) art.F00VH35007-2sht.Vyrobnyk ROBERT BOSCH brand BOSCHKrayina production GMBHTorhovelna DE.GERMANY0UA1251101.48375.26982337
27/Apr/201740101200101.Konveyerna strip of vulcanized rubber, reinforced only textile material, width not less than 800 mm., And no more than 1200 mm., BKNL-65x1000x2Px96m 96kv.m (TC-70) CE - 2 bays BKNL-65x1000x3Px96m 96kv.m (TC -70) CE - 4 bays BKNL-65x1000x4Px96m 96kv.m (TC-70) CE - 1 bays BKNL-65x1000x5Px96m 96kv.m (TC-70) CE - 1 bays BKNL-65x1200x5Px96m 115,2kv.m (TC -70) CE - 1 bays BKNL-65x800x6Px96m 76,8kv.m (TC-70) CE - 1 bays BKNL-65x1200x6Px96m 115,2kv.m (TC-70) CE - 1 bays, the manufacture of this product used regenerate .Vykorystovuyetsya in the civil sector and industry is not for use in Yancheng potentsiynovybuhonebezpechnomu seredovyschi.Vyrobnyk Sunlight Industry Co., Ltd.Torhivelna mark is absent. .CHINA0UA1252705322.48494.838217
27/Apr/20178206000000"1.Instrument universal hand combinations in a set for retail sale - 3 sht.Art.: FOR 908G1 / tool set 8 units ./- 1 piece (set to include: Mechanical head size: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17 mm Treschitka reinforced, shock Amplifier 1/2 '' DR 75mm, stroke Amplifier 1/2 '' DR 75 mm choke BRS M1 / ​​4 ""; Miniature oiler, plastic wallet) / (set to include: clipping adapter, an adapter with a rubber tip adapter 10 * 1 mm adapter 12 * 1.25 mm adapter 14 * 1.25 mm adapter 18 * 1.5 mm plastic case) Ref.: FOR 944M1 / Combined tool kit 7od ./- 1 piece (The set includes: awl for strings - 1pc; string to remove the glass (gilded) - 2 pcs; handle for string - 2 pcs; stripper clips molten glass - 1pc; sucker vkuumna double - 2 pcs; puller molten glass - 1pc, wide scraper - 1am, abrasive timber - 1pc; 457mm knife blade - 1am; scraper - 1pc; puller door terminals - 1pc, standard knife - 1pc blades standard knife - 28sht;) Ref.: FOR 906G4 / toolset fixing RM / - 1 piece (The set includes: instrument to lock the crankshaft; tool for fixing the fuel pump pulley; belt latch tensioner; tool fixing belt tensioner; tool for fixing the crankshaft) Trademark FORCE. Country of origin TW. Producer firm FORCE TAIWAN SHYANG YUN HARDWARE CO., LTD. "TAIWAN0UA1001107.58117.3046954
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Rubber Strip Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Rubber Strip Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name ПРАТ 'ЦГЗК'
Importer Address
Product Description
With 1.VYROBY NEVULKANIZOVANOYI rubber in the form.........
HS Code 4005910090Value 257.8796723
Quantity 0Unit UA110080
Net Weight 21
Origin Country POLAND

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